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I’m back with another review for Valken and this time we’re looking at the Valken Tango Combat Pants!

The tango combat pants are a pair of adjustable, padded combat trousers that are designed for our paintball counterparts but can also be used for airsoft thanks to the mainstream camo options they’re available in. They have the baggy look that is signature of paintball uniforms but they have a tonne of features which make them adjustable, functional and most of all comfy! From the drawstring inner waist for adjustment, stretchy areas above knees and also the lower back, adjustable knee pad placement straps and adjustable velcro ankle closure with boot zippers the trousers can be adjusted to fit most frames. The bagginess of the pant also means they are really comfortable to move around in and there’s plenty of room around knees, hips etc for movement.

One of my favourite features of the Tango combat pants is the integrated knee padding which makes them extra durable - the knee pads are larger and cover a greater area than the ones we usually see on airsoft BDUs so they're comfier when taking a knee or being prone. The size and thickness of the knee pads mean they also offer protection for the players who spend a lot of time diving and sliding around! I found when kneeling in the pants, that thanks to the knee straps the padding was wrapped around my whole knee so it was really well protected.

Another thing I like about the Tango combat pants is that they are also FULL to the brim with pockets! From the low profile cargo pockets, deep front hand pockets, dual concealed zippered front pockets, utility rear pockets, zippered ankle and calf pockets to the front thigh velcro pockets it’s clear that these pants are designed to be useful on the field – the utility rear pockets are great for storing extra mags and are easy to access in a hurry when you’re wearing gloves which is a crucial aspect of a trouser pocket for me personally – they have to be easy to reach and access in a hurry!

The pants are available in 3 different camo options - US Woodland, Tiger Stripe and V-CAM, I opted for the V-CAM pair to go with my MultiCam tactical gear (I’m a sucker for full Multiglam!). I like that they’re available in a couple of mainstream camouflage options because this makes them more usable for airsofters. They’re available in sizes S to 4XL so the size range is really inclusive! I have the size S and they were a good fit and adjusted easily to fit my body but due to the baggy design gave me a lot of room for movement. Finally, what about price? The trousers retail for $99.95 from Valken themselves (which at the current exchange rate is around £76) which honestly? I feel is a little bit pricey for the average airsofter but it is important to remember that these pants are primarily designed as paintball uniforms so because of the extra level of protection they will be a little more expensive.

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