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Welcome back to the blog! Today we’re looking at another new AEG that has landed at Extreme Airsoft! The SECUTOR ASTRA III SHADOW in black! 

The SECUTOR ASTRA III SHADOW is a dual-tone AEG from Secutor Arms, that is matte black and features the SHADOW handguard and stock tube in a very dark grey which compliments the black perfectly. At the front of the replica, there is a steel flash hider that can be removed to allow for the attachment of accessories such as a tracer unit or mock suppressor. Following on from the steel flash hider we have the SHADOW handguard which uses M-LOK as its attachment system and despite its relatively short length, it has plenty of space to attach say a PEQ box or a laser. On the body, we can see the secutor markings and there is a functional and ambidextrous bolt catch, and a magazine release on both sides making this a great option for box right and left-handed shooters. At the back of the rifle, there is a telescopic stock that boasts 5 positions to customise the length to the shooter. In the box, there is a set of metal flip-up ironsights and an adjustable M-LOK grip that are easy to install. 

Internally, it features a programmable electronic trigger, a quick spring change, a 6.03mm precision barrel, an integrated electric trigger unit, an 8mm bushing and bearing combination, a reinforced polymer piston with all metal teeth, silver wiring, a Hi-Torque Engine, CNC steel cylinder and cylinder head made in a single piece to improve compression, Metal spring guide with bearings to prevent spring twisting and is rearward to DEANS (or T connector). It is also worth mentioning that it has a 60ยบ maple leaf installed with a fixed cam to enable it to always exert the same pressure on the rubber which helps to avoid displacement or incorrect placement of the cam and its nub. This means that the FPS of the replica is more consistent. 

Aesthetically, I think it looks great - the dual tone is a really nice touch and makes it look more expensive than it is. I also really like how the mag has the same design as the body so when it’s used there is a continuation of the design. We all know I’m a huge fan of M-LOK (despite being really reluctant to embrace it, I was a key-mod fangirl at one point!). 

So how does it shoot? It was consistent on both semi and full auto, chroming at 336 FPS with a decent rate of fire (you can check out my TikTok range test here!). It is comfortable to shoulder and easy to manipulate because of its compact size. 

It has a good weight to it without being too heavy so this is something you could comfortably use for a skirmish or a battlesim/milsim event where you’re on the field for prolonged periods. 

In the box, you get the SECUTOR ASTRA III SHADOW in black, a 120-round mid-capacity magazine, an adjustable M-LOK grip, a cleaning rod and the all-important user manual. From Extreme, it retails for £359.99 (but you can save 5% by using my code ‘femmefatale21’ at the checkout). 

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Hi friends!

It's been a while (just over a year infact) since I uploaded to YouTube but I'm back! Over the last few months, I've been experimenting uploading to YouTube Shorts and you guys have given me some really lovely feedback so I've decided to return to long form video. I'm starting off with a compilation of my TikToks from my recent trip to Texas, USA for the grand opening of's Evike Outpost Houston at High Ground Airsoft but more content will be coming soon, including reviews, unboxings, gameplay and loadouts!

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Hey friends! 

Welcome to the blog! In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at the new EMG x TTI 34 Series Custom Combat Master Slide with the OMEGA Frame in Black from Extreme Airsoft

The EMG x TTI 34 Series Combat Master is the new fully licensed G34 style airsoft pistol by EMG and TTI that has been manufactured by APS. It is a Green Gas airsoft pistol (although there is also a CO2 model for those that like a bit of extra punch) that has a Combat Master G34 slide with accurate markings. It also features an EMG Omega frame that has an aggressive stippling job for added grip when using gloves or in wet weather. The Omega frame has a small Picatinny rail that allows for the attachment of accessories like a torch or laser. Another feature worth mentioning is that it also has an external safety button that is located in between the rails and the trigger guard. In the box, it comes with a + 2 round base as standard that is an extended mag that can hold 34 rounds. 

Internally, it has a 6.03 tight bore inner barrel giving it an optimum range of 15 meters and a maximum effective range of 30 meters (according to the product information) making it a great choice for both CQB and urban environments. Aesthetically, there’s no denying that it looks great, especially the duel tone model that has a mirrored finish. From the cutouts that reveal the rose gold inner barrel (which is a gorgeous shade of rose gold) to the serrations, the Combat Master G34 slide is good-looking. The stippling on the EMG Omega frame is in just the right place and adds texture to the replica. I love how it looks with the extended mag - this adds an extra something. I think adding a torch to the set-up gives it a bit more beef. 

How does it shoot? One thing I have noticed is that it doesn’t lock back on empty - for what reason, I’m not sure, but it does take away some element of realism. That aside, it shoots consistently and has a good kick to it. It is comfortable to wield, and easy to operate and manipulate too. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it does have a bit of a slide wobble, which ironically helps prevent the slide from sticking like some of the unofficial models used to. It doesn’t affect the use of the pistol but I think this is something EMG should have rectified before it was released. 

From Extreme Airsoft, it retails for £249.99 for the black and ‘duel’ tone models so it is on the expensive side for a pistol but it is a fully licensed product and these usually carry a higher price tag.

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