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Welcome back to the blog. This week we're being absolutely bombarded by Black Friday deals. Honestly, it can be super overwhelming looking through the pages and pages of sales, so, to help those of you out there who are looking for Kydex products for your airsoft kit, I thought I'd put together an updated list of my favourite Deadly Customs products! Deadly is currently having its biggest-ever sale - up to 20% off on everything by using code BF2022 at the checkout. The sale runs from now until 01/12 ​​​​/22​​ ​​so there's plenty of time to grab a bargain but if you're reading this after that date, feel free to use my code 'femmefatale' for 10% off.

The Glock Olight Signature Series Kydex Holster is made from genuine 2mm thick Kydex and works with both Olight torches and Olight clones and has 3 adjustable retention points to tailor the fit to your liking. It is RMR cut, meaning you can run an RMR sight on the holstered pistol. It uses your attached torch for retention so if you run the same torch on different pistols as I do, this holster is something to bear in mind. The staff at DC have tested the DC-4 with over 150 different pistols and to date, only 4 do not fit and these are the full-sized Desert Eagle, the ASG USW, the MK23 and the Hudson. It will fit the bigger frame handguns such as the FNX pistols and weapons with wide trigger guards, like the AAP and pistols with taller slides like 1911. The Glock Signature Series holster does come in other torch variants if you don’t have an Olight such as the Surefire X300 (and its clones) and the TLR (and its clones) 

I have mine mounted on a Safariland QLS (Quick Locking System) on a mid-ride so it’s just below my hip and I have a leg strap so it doesn’t go flapping about. DC do other options such as malice clips and combat loops but I think the QLS system works best for me, personally.

Second, on my list of favourites is the Deadly Customs Glock Shooters Style Magazine Holsters!
The Glock shooters style mag holsters are constructed from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex and are a redesign of their larger big brother. They're shorter, lighter, and have more aggressive styling but still offer the same retention. They fit all Airsoft Glock 17, 18, 19, 22, and 34 magazines - I use mine for my Redwolf Airsoft X Agency Arms EXA. Each mag holster has 2 adjustable retention screws so you can adjust it to your play style and environment. They also have the ability to be canted forward or backwards by 10 or 20° using the mounting holes.

I use these on my Ranger Green belt and M81 belt, so I opted for a green set and a black set but they are available in tan as well and cost £22.99 each.

Another firm fave is the Deadly Customs Shooters Style 40mm Grenade Holster.

This holster has been 2 years in the making with numerous versions using different manufacturing techniques. Also made from genuine 2mm Kydex this uniquely designed holster will accept lots of different 40mm devices.

The shooters' style features aggressive styling that serves two purposes: the cut-out design means you can re-index your grenades far easier and quicker. The cut-out design also means you can deploy your 40mm faster - winner winner, chicken dinner.

Next up, I really like the Deadly Customs M4 5.56 Shooters Style Magazine Holster.

The M4 shooter's style mag holsters are also made from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex and have aggressive Shooters styling. They are manufactured to fit all M4 mags. Like the Glock holster, each mag holster has 1 adjustable retention screw to customise it to the user. These have been designed so they can be stacked on top of each other and mounted either way to suit different players. They are also available in tan and black, and retail for £22.99.

Made from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex this radio holster for the Baofeng UV5R has been designed with players like myself in mind. I am a nightmare for pressing buttons by mistake but as this encompasses the whole radio, all buttons are safe from this mishap. This holster is made using a one-piece construction method, so it is also durable. Like the other holsters in the DC range, it has 2 adjustable retention screws.

They are also available in black and tan, and retail for £29.99.

The Deadly Customs R.A.S was designed in-house at DC HQ from the ground up to work with chest rigs and it allows the user to easily add additional gear to an otherwise restricted platform. Made from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex, it conveniently slots in behind your rig in between the velcro layers. It's really easy to install and means you can easily add smoke grenades/tag inn grenades with the pre-installed retentions bungees. Alternatively, the R.A.S comes with fixing screws included that can be used to attach any of the Deadly Custom pistol mag carriers or 40mm carriers. It doesn't just work with chest rigs - it also works with any plate carrier that uses velcro as its method of fastening and they can be used on the left or right side or both.

They start at £12.50 each (it is worth mentioning that they are sold individually)

Thanks for reading! And remember to use the code BF2022 at the checkout until 01/12 ​​​​/22​​ ​​to take advantage of the up to 20% off Black Friday offer or use 'femmefatale' for 10% off after this date to still save!



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Welcome back to the blog. As many of you will have seen on my socials, I have teamed up with Sam Seeley - the co-founder of the SUNRAY series, alongside Names Nicco and fpsmagda to exec produce 'OKAMI' - a drama with tactical integrity via Kickstarter. Alongside exec producing OKAMI, I'll also be starring in it as 'Nova' - the pack leader of the Luna Group (a group of all female operators).

Let's chat about OKAMI first of all and find out what it's all about. Well, OKAMI is a drama unlike anything else. The story follows Ajani, a former counter-terrorism firearms officer. After a transfer to an undercover Met Police unit, AJ must use his skills as an agent handler to deliver results, all whilst remaining within his perception of the fine line of the law. But how do you act with integrity, when that line isn't quite as straight as it once was? When the line is contoured and bent by the same governments and organisations tasked to ensure that line remains linear. 

Moments after a highly traumatic incident; the death of one of his undercover operatives, the story tracks Ajani's decline into darkness, as he tries to understand the world and people around him.

In this world of elevated corruption, AJ has to realise that in his darkest moments, in order to do any good, he must become the worst version of himself; to submit to the shadow. Guided by the dark spirit, Ajani discovers more than the path of righteousness, but a legacy. A legacy of which he is obligated to fulfil; A suit of armour, a katana, a destiny.

The inspiration for OKAMI initially came from the story of Yasuke. The mystery behind the life of the first Black Samurai had always fascinated Director Sam Seeley. How he was accepted into the Japanese/Samurai culture and bravely went on to rise the Samurai ranks serving under the formidable Oda Nobunaga. This was the basis of his idea, that Yasuke, after serving Nobunaga ventured throughout the land, looking for landscapes of great unbalanced energy; good vs evil, a deliverer of justice.

The Katana and elements of the armour travel through time and are adapted/modified to the environment in which they are found. They are destined to a chosen few each century, who then must carry the weight of that century's title. For every Samurai that wields the Katana and the armour, the tools grow in power. A progressive element, with the new user not knowing the wealth of the powers inherited, let alone the one they will eventually contribute. 

Much like Yasuke, Ajani is a lone wolf in a foreign land. He must find his pack or be forced to fight alone. 

OKAMI's USP is the crew and the pre-production process. All of the primary cast will be trained by former British Special Forces and British Royal Marine Commandos. This means real-life hand-to-hand combat, weapon drills, tactics and gun-fu action based on real-life warfighting and police operations. They recently had the pleasure, with the thanks of their international network, to take some of the Okami cast and crew to the USA to undertake a 5-day intensive tactical operator and trauma medical programme. The programme consisted of Day 1 - firearm handling and safety through a very steep learning curve to Day 5 - Confined shooting, breaking contact from cars, moving in pairs, Kali knife defence and offence, treating and managing catastrophic bleeding and much, much more.

Even though OKAMI is a fantasy action - an adventure with Samurai, Yakuza, Eastern Bloc Mobsters and Corrupt Counter Terror police; the foundations of all the 'Tactical' elements have to be correct. The chemistry has to be right, The cast will not only have to look and move like operators, but they also have to think like them too.

The conventional routes of filmmaking come with some real legacy limitations. Third-party financing always requires a greater return on the part of the investor, something that is simply not possible with online films like these, which we want to distribute to as many people as possible. Kickstarter will not only provide us with the ability to make these films as true to our vision as possible with NO COMPROMISE but also allows backers to take part in the process of making these films. No studio or investor means no blocking. We can make Okami as dark and as violent as we wish. 

The money raised in this campaign will go towards all areas of making OKAMI including time. The funds we receive from this Kickstarter will enable us to add more days to the shoot, which means we can film more setups and spend more time enlivening each scene with as much coverage, character, and attention to detail as possible.

Cast & Crew - A successful campaign will help us bring on the highly-skilled cast & crew we need. Additionally, although we normally edit our own work, we’d like to bring on an Editor to support and work alongside us.
Equipment - Investing in hiring the right kit for each scene without compromise.
Locations - The funds we raise will help us invest in the best possible locations. Hourly rates for some locations can run high, making it prohibitive to film there or meaning we have to limit our time and shots.
Music - Licensing of some songs to use in the film alongside our score. We would also like to commission an exclusive OKAMI soundtrack from a collaboration of local artists.

We will be producing an exclusive series of behind-the-scenes videos for those who back the requisite reward tiers. This will be a complete look into how we as independent filmmakers handle pre-production, shooting, and post-production. This will show the whole procedure from elements of the writing room to pre-production, production and then post-production.

Our goal with this content is to provide both viewers and prospective filmmakers alike with as much insight as we can into how movies are really made. This will include production diaries from both crew and cast as well as videos breaking down in detail our process and choices throughout production.

We would like OKAMI to cover a full spectrum of colours, subject to the environment of the scene. We want it dark, dirty and dusty with lots of grain. The world of OKAMI is far from sanitary and the cinematography has to convey that.

Having studied film, media and drama from a young age Sam took the next natural step and joined the Royal Marines aged 19 (pretty sure he got lost on the way to film school). Deploying to Afghanistan, he found himself in an alien place, in a land of extremes. This inspired him to pick the camera back up and hasn't put it down since.

After specialising as a Recce Operator Sam continued to grow his military knowledge and was privileged to experience some truly amazing events; that money could never buy. Leaving the Marines and reintegrating himself into the ‘norm’ he, like many others, began to struggle with his mental health, on the cusp of losing everything, he took pen to paper, pouring out his thoughts. A means of therapy to vocalise the demons niggling within, writing saved him. It gave him an outlet and enabled Sam to cross paths and collaborate with some of the best people he has ever known. He craves and pursues tales of hardship, by adapting his own experiences and those of his comrades, friends and any victim of circumstance; he create their stories.

Vince Knight has worked internationally as a Director of Photography on productions spanning from feature films and commercials to fashion films and music videos. With a number of awards from leading cinematography societies including the Guild of Television Camera Professionals and the Golden Eye International Festival of Cameramen, Vince's work has screened at over 30 film festivals worldwide including SCI-FI-LONDON and Raindance. His career has seen him work on projects alongside names such as Daisy Ridley (Star Wars), Kevin Smith (Clerks), Lewis Hamilton (F1 World Champion), Dean Cain (Superman), Vinnie Jones (Snatch), Luke Goss (Blade II), Winnie Harlow (Supermodel, ANTM), Stan Lee (Marvel), Danny Trejo (Machete), Gina Carano (Haywire, The Mandalorian), Walter Murch (Apocalypse Now), Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy), Lee Majors (The Six Million Dollar Man).

With a background in car commercials and motorsports, Vince is the Managing Director of the International Motor Film Awards, the leading awarding body for the automotive film and television industry with a jury of Oscar, Emmy and BAFTA-winning professionals. Vince is also a university guest lecturer and a member of the jury for the Royal Navy Photographic Awards for the Ministry of Defence.

Jamie Clark, the founder of No Excuse Films, a TV Police Advisor, Producer, Author & Filmmaker is a proud father and husband who was born and raised on the South Coast of England. As a former UK Police Officer, Jamie was one of the youngest officers in the country to qualify and become authorised as a Police Firearms Officer.

Having qualified as an Armed Response Officer and Level 1 Advanced Tactical Pursuit Driver, Jamie went on to qualify as a UK Police Specialist Firearms Officer, achieving the coveted status of ‘Police SFO’. During his service, Jamie received specialist training and experience within specialist areas such as National Dynamic Entry and Intervention, Conflict Management, National Method of Entry and Glass Entry, Exposure to EMOE, Personal Defence, SFIC/Mobile Armed Support to Surveillance, Foot and Mobile Surveillance, Covert Investigations, Counter Assault and Ambush Team and Advanced Trauma Care. Following his Police service, Jamie has gone on to build a number of multi-award-winning successful businesses. As a Risk Reduction and Security Consultant, Jamie provides Risk Consultancy, Covert Intelligence and Protective Services through his businesses to global brands and clients in countries around the world. In 2018, Jamie founded No Excuse Films, an Independent UK-based production company specialising in the creation of raw, gripping and thought-provoking documentaries, content and reality TV. Expanding the No Excuse Brand Further in 2020, Jamie created the No Excuse Podcast, and No Excuse Events and announced the creation of his first book, 'OSCAR ZULU' through No Excuse Media.

With demand growing, and as a proven and trusted Police TV Advisor, Jamie has continued to provide TV consultancy, specialist advice and creative input for a number of current shows and future productions; consulting and contributing both on and off-screen for new shows such as Channel 5’s ‘Armed and Deadly’, 5Spike TV’s ‘Under Attack’, Sky One's 'The Heist' and ITV1's 'Caught on Camera'.

Check out the Kickstarter here


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Welcome back to the blog! Today I’ll be giving you my thoughts on my newest plate carrier - the Phantom Gear “Wraith” T3 Plater Carrier in Desert Night Camo from

Whilst I was at Evike Outpost Houston at High Ground Airsoft in Texas this summer, I noticed a lot of the staff wearing this carrier and honestly, I liked it so much that I had to bring one home! 

The Phantom Gear “Wraith” T3 is made with 500D Cordura Nylon fabric making it durable, water-resistant and lightweight. It has been designed to be low-profile and lightweight whilst also being able to integrate your existing MOLLE-compatible gear. Although it doesn’t come with a placard included, the removable front flap can be swapped out with a placard or a buckled chest rig that you choose and it has a detachable and adjustable elastic cummerbund that has built-in pouches for magazines and radios. It also features an upper pocket which is secured with velcro which is big enough to fit my iPhone 13 Pro Max - whilst I probably wouldn’t use it to store my phone during a game, it would be handy for storing intel, keys etc. And like many other carriers on the market, it has a section of loop velcro to enable you to wear your favourite patches. 

On the inside of the carrier, there is interior air mesh padding giving you protection and added ventilation. The front and back armour pockets can hold standard S/M & M/L size plates, although I have yet to add any - the thin layer of foam inside the pocket has been perfectly adequate so far. On the back of the carrier, there is also a drag handle.

Although the DNC print looks quite different to my DNC jacket that I’ve been wearing with it, I don’t mind the contrast and I think the black accents on the carrier - such as the buckles and the cummerbund break up the pattern quite nicely. 

So, it looks great but how does it fit? Honestly, as the shoulder straps and the cummerbund are both adjustable it fits my small frame well - better than I had hoped for. At the moment I’ve got it set up for my winter load outs which usually includes a jacket as I get quite cold so it is a little looser than I would wear it in the summer but I don’t think I’ll have any issues adjusting it for when I get the summer loadouts back out of the gear wardrobe. The cummerbund does extend to a waist size of 55” so the size range is really inclusive. 

Now let’s talk about price! Y’all know I love my Gucci kit so when I saw that the Phantom Gear "Wraith" T3 Plate Carrier had a price of just $79.00 - I was sold! For those of us in the UK, this is around £66 - a great price point for such a comfy piece of gear. It looks and feels way more expensive than it actually is and whilst the price point is definitely in the budget range, the carrier itself is anything from budget in my opinion. The construction is sound and it integrates with my other gear seamlessly. I think this is one of the best pieces of gear I’ve purchased in a long time. It is definitely FF-approved! 

Check it out at


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Welcome back to the blog! In this review, we’ll be looking at one of the new polymer range of rifles from none other than KWA - the KWA Originals EVE-9 from Extreme Airsoft

The KO: EVE-9 AEG, the longest variant in the KO EVE line of replicas, was intended to rival the KWA T10 but without the kickback of KWA’s recoil system. Externally, at the front of the rifle, we have a KWA SOCOM Muzzle Brake and a K.O.R.E 9 MLOK rail that has plenty of space for attachments such as torches, lasers, the upper and lower receiver are both polymer and have all the controls we would expect to see on a typical M4 system including the mag release and the ambidextrous fire selector that has safe, semi and full-auto modes. It also has the new KO’s slimline pistol grip. At the back of the rifle, we have a PTS EPS (Enhanced Polymer Stock) that houses the battery (and it has plenty of space which we love to see!) 

Internally, it features the AEG 2.5+ Gearbox (that we have seen in the TK45C, the Ronin T6, the Ronin 47 and the QRF Mod series), the KWA High Torque Motor and an adjustable hop-up. It is Electronic Trigger ready and is wired to Deans or T-Plug. It also features the Variable Performance System (or VPS for short) which lets the user adjust the FPS using a tool that’s included in the box. In the specs, it states that the FPS can range from 330-380 FPS with a ROF of 18+ and it is recommended that you use an 11.1v Lipo. 

Now you know I’m a hoe for nice packaging and the KWA Originals range come in a sleek, black branded box. On removing the replica from the box you get a feel for just how lightweight it is thanks to its polymer construction but the material doesn’t feel cheap and it feels sturdy - no wobbles, or rattles - always a good sign! It is easy to battery up thanks to the PTS EPS and there is plenty of room for even Titan batteries. It works just like any other M4 so if you are familiar with the platform anyway it is a seamless transition. I think aesthetically it is a little plain looking, but with the pop of blue on the included mag, it’s far from boring. 

So how does it shoot? It was consistent on both semi and full-auto - and I was pleasantly surprised. It sounds great and is really fun to shoot. It chrono’d at 342 FPS (but this of course can be adjusted) with a decent rate of fire (you can check out my TikTok range test here!). It is comfortable to shoulder and easy to manipulate because of its compact size and I think it would be comfortable to use all day as it’s really lightweight. 

Included in the box, you get the KO: EVE-9 AEG replica, a set of PTS Flip-Up Iron Sights, a KWA Front Grip, a VPS Tool and a KWA MS120 Midcap magazine. The KO: EVE-9 retails for £254.99 from Extreme Airsoft and you can use my code ‘femmefatale21’ for 5% off!

Post sponsored by Extreme Airsoft.
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