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Today I’m back with another review and in this one, we’ll be looking at the M4 M-LOK 8.5" AEG in ‘Night Desert’ replica by Evike Custom and Cyma available from Evike Europe

This AEG is a custom replica based on the CM.097D that has been cerakoted in Desert Night Camo with an exclusive engraving on the body. 

First, let’s discuss the externals. The M4 M-LOK 8.5" AEG in ‘Night Desert’ replica is constructed mostly from aluminium, with its only polymer parts being the pistol grip and the 6-point adjustable stock. At the front of the rifle, we have a mock suppressor on a 14mm CCW thread that is hidden inside the 8.5” MLOK hand-guard. The hand guard has plenty of space for adding MLOK attachments such as torches/PEQ boxes etc. It also has a QD point for a sling. The replica also features a full-length Picatinny rail that runs the length of the hand guard and the receiver. At the rear of the rifle, we have the 6-point adjustable stock with a QD point. 

Internally, we’re looking at a V2 gearbox, an adjustable rotary style hop-up, a MOSFET/ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit) and a Long Axis Motor. It has safe, semi and full-auto firing modes and the recommended battery is a 7.4v Lipo. 

Let’s chat about the presentation - now, this AEG comes in a standard black Cyma box which admittedly, did disappoint me a little. I think something this cool should have the packaging to reflect that. But, on the other hand, it is just the packaging and it isn’t that deep. On opening the box though, I was so excited. The pictures on the website whilst does capture it well, doesn’t do it justice. It really is a stunning replica - the DNC cerakote is utterly gorgeous. 

On getting the replica out of the box, it has a good weight to it - weighing in at 2.7kg and it feels sturdy. There are no wobbles, or rattles - which is always a good sign. As I’m familiar with the platform, it didn’t take long to battery up - simply press the button on the butt pad of the stock and the hinged door will open. The battery space is spacious enough, but I used a small Nuprol stick battery, which fit well. 

It was consistent on both semi and full-auto - and I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve never really used a Cyma replica so I didn’t know what to expect but I was really happy with how this performed. I tested it using a 7.4v Lipo as recommended. It sounded great and was overall a fun gun to shoot. Out of the box though, it is a little spicy. When I chrono’d this replica it came out at 372 FPS, which of course is too hot for pretty much every UK airsoft site/event so I have had it downgraded by a local store. Be sure if you’re purchasing this that you request it be downgraded. It’s now firing at 338 FPS on 0.2g BBs. Check out my TikTok range test here! 

In the box, you get the M4 M-LOK 8.5" AEG in ‘Night Desert’ replica by Evike Custom and Cyma, an unjamming rod, a 160-round magazine and the all-important instruction manual. From Evike Europe, it retails for €499.90. You can save 15% on your order before shipping using the code FEMMEFATALE15 at

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Hey friends!

Welcome back to the blog! And sorry it's been a while - since returning from Germany at the start of the month I've been plagued with health issues, luckily these are behind me now so we can get back to it. IWA 2023 was a corker of a show with SO many cool new products that we'll be seeing relatively soon, I wish I could share them all with you but there just isn't enough hours in the day so I've compiled a list of my favourites from the show.

G&G Armament

G&G had everyone talking this year with their folding FAR 9 and FAR 556. The FAR name stands for Folding AR, and the number at the end is the 'calibre'. For this, we'll be focusing on the pistol calibre version - the FAR 9. This 9mm style AEG is unique in that it can be folded down from its total size to a third of its size (watch my Instagram reel here of the transformation). Simply remove the magazine, and pull the tab on the rail which will fold the front section and there is a button at the rear to fold the stock. Making this already compact AEG even more compact. I think this would be perfect for someone who doesn't have a lot of room to store their airsoft kit or who wants to slim down what they bring to games.

What I think is crazy about this AEG is that it is rear-wired! My brain simply cannot wrap around it so I'll believe it is witchcraft. Another notable feature is that it has a version 2 gearbox.


Cybergun were absolutely killing it this year with their new FN Herstal releases and the Canik TP9!

First, let's chat about the Canik TP9! This airsoft pistol has a nylon fibre body and a CNC aluminium slide making it lightweight and easily manoeuvrable. It has a flat trigger with safety, an improved adjustable hop-up unit, a cocking indicator, an aluminium magazine heel on the CO2 magazine and dot sights included.

Next up, we have the FN Herstal 509 pistol which will be coming in 4.5mm and 6mm variants - there aren't really any differences between them bar some markings. The airsoft (6mm) variant will be available in green gas and CO2 and as standard, it will come with a threaded barrel. It will be released later in the year with the FN Herstal 509 Tactical version following.

Last but not least from Cybergun - the VFC M249 GBB that you will have most likely seen on social media from MOA 2022. There aren't that many details on this just yet - apart from where the BBs go and the location of the gas tank but we're excited to find out more!

Feel free to watch my YouTube video here

Wolverine Airsoft

It was a pleasant surprise to see Wolverine Airsoft at IWA 2023 as they hail all the way from Tennessee, USA and they did not disappoint. Wolverine announced their new speedsoft range of HPA guns the 'Heretic Labs' range and new gas tank stocks.

Heretic Labs is a whole new brand that Wolverine has launched that is fully dedicated to our speedy bois and gals. Most notable from this range is the 'Article 1' Speedsoft pistol build that features a full CNC aluminium receiver set, a gen 2 inferno engine, custom electronics, and a binary trigger. As it has been built based on the MTW platform all the parts are interchangeable! 

Check out my YouTube here for all the details!


Helikon is one of my favourite brands for women's tactical gear and I saw a few pieces on their booth that caught my eye! 

First up, the Women's Gunfighter jacket - this was shown last year and is available now! It is a tactical jacket designed for female uniformed service officers that has anatomical cuts and does not restrict movement. Used materials ensure the jacket's durability. A 2-way zip opens the jacket from the top and bottom for instant access to gear at the waist or in the pockets. It works well in tactical activities, although at first glance it looks like an ordinary outdoor jacket. It's intentional because that allows you to work in the field without drawing unnecessary attention.

The Gunfighter jacket has a hood hidden in the stand-up collar, which protects against wind and light rain, and zippered vents under the arms provide ventilation. Everyday items can be stored in seven jacket pockets: two on the shoulders, two inside, two side chest pockets, and a zipped pocket on the left forearm.

The MARIGOLD Women’s Shirt is the first shirt from Helikon-Tex dedicated to women.
It’s designed to be light, durable and comfortable during any activity. It is also tailored to fit the female figure perfectly. It was designed so that four pockets will not restrict any movement. Two pockets on the chest have buttons, and two on the hips have YKK zippers. Additionally, two hidden pockets are sewn inside the shirt. Last but not least, the MARIGOLD Women’s Shirt has a piece of a lens cleaning cloth sewn inside the shirt.

Pentagon Tactical

Next up, is Pentagon Tactical with their ARTAXES jacket for women! I actually brought an ARTAXES Mens Jacket all the way back in 2015 and it was one of my favourite jackets for years as it was super warm and water-resistant, and after many requests, Pentagon answered and presented the Female edition of the ARTAXES jacket. It is well-fitting, designed to be shaping, and has all the functionalities the original has.

It is laminated with Storm|Tex™ membrane that offers WP 5000g/m²/24h and MPV 3000m²/24h keeping moisture and wind out. Flexible fabric offers comfort and lines on the inside with Grid|Tech™ waffle fleece keeps you warm and ventilated during activities. The hidden hood in the collar is easily accessible and has 3 points of adjustment. It features large chest pockets with inner compartments and an earphone cable exit port on the right chest pocket. Arm pockets with Hook n Loop patches for your insignia. Underarm ventilation with insect-blocking mesh.

Pentagon also showed a new range of women's tactical pants including the Ranger 2.0 pants!  


It was VORSK's first year at IWA 2023 and they sure made waves. Everyone was talking about the VMP-1! The VMP-1 or the Very Massive Pistol as it was very lovingly dubbed is VORSK's first GBB SMG. It is made from a high-density polymer making it lightweight, compact and easy to manoeuvre, especially when you throw the folding stock which has a butt pad that can tilt 15 degrees into the mix. It has an aggressive compensator that accepts a very chonky suppressor. Check out my YouTube video here!


Acetech came to IWA 2023 with a whole host of new products including an all-new target system however it was these two products that stole the show for me!

First up, we have ‘Genesis’ (I think this is the correct name/spelling, if not please feel free to correct me!) this is a tracer unit, that also has a Chronograph, laser pointer and a torch (with strobe) in it?? Absolutely wild that all of this tech can fit into one attachment. It does make the pistol front heavy, and there aren’t any holsters (yet) that can take this big boi but I really like how they’ve combined EVERYTHING into one compact package.

Secondly, we have the Acetech moscart that fills up with just two twists of this ready-built loader - super convenient! 

Redwolf Airsoft

It was great to catch up with the team at Redwolf Airsoft and get some more information on their Battle Arms Development (B.A.D) AEG. It is a dual-licensed product as it features a number of FORTIS Manufacturing externals including the FORTIS 556 Muzzle Break and the FORTIS Quick Release M-LOK handguard which can be removed to mount all your accessories on and re-installed. Check out my YouTube video here!


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