Hi everyone and welcome to another instalment of the FFA Slaydies Series Spotlights! In this spotlight I talk to a Slaydie from New York USA who can hold her own and has a positive message for new Slaydies!

Hi Rebecca! Thank you for taking part in the Femme Fatale Airsoft Slaydies Series Spotlights! Please can you tell my readers some information about yourself?

My name is Becca. Callsign Glitterbomb. I'm 26 and from Western New York USA. I'm a registered nurse working in a level IV NICU. I'm also a lover of cats, playing video games, and crocheting like an old lady. 
How long have you been Airsofting? 

I've been Airsofting for a little over 8 years. 
What got you into Airsoft? 

I was first introduced to Airsoft when I met my boyfriend (now husband)  in the summer of 2008. Before that I never knew such a thing existed. I grew up around real steel firearms and I'd played paintball before but was oblivious to the world of Airsoft. I went to my first game in summer 2008 in borrowed gear with a beat up old  MP5 and I loved every second of it. I've since become an active member of a MilSim team and now play regularly. 
What do you love about Airsoft?
My favourite aspects of Airsoft are the teamwork, camaraderie, the physical challenges, and the feeling of accomplishment when I get a great kill or when I secure an objective. Though I'm part of a MilSim team, I play for the fun of it all.

Where is your home site?
I play most often at River City Airsoft in Hamlin NY. Other local fields I very much enjoy are Hunter's Creek Airsoft and Buffalo Battleground.

What are the most memorable sites you’ve played?
My most memorable sites are Ransomeville National Guard training site and Fort Drum NY. This October I'm thrilled to be attending my first MilSim West game at the Guardian Centres in Georgia which looks like the most incredible AO I may ever play at.
How would you describe your playing style?

I am typically in the rifle Woman role and occasionally a medic. My team play themed games in which I will get much more into character. For example this past year I've played the part of "drug lord's daughter" in a Cartel themed game (complete with leopard print pants and gold bling) and I was played a raider in a Fallout game. I enjoy outdoor games more than CQB but we get harsh winters here so I do a lot of indoor CQB from October to May.
Let's talk weapons and loadouts! What do you usually run?

Depending on the type of event I'm playing at, I'll either be using my GHK G5 (my favourite!) My Echo 1 Scar H, or my GK 95. I'll wear either my Emerson JPC or a condor chest rig with my Emerson G3 combat set. I've got an IMI defence holster for my USP compact. I'll wear either my Emerson PJ Fast helmet or just a plain old baseball hat with some cheap full seal 3M safety glasses (somehow they're the best I've ever used at preventing fog). For gloves, I use SKD FDT pig charlies and I wear Rothco deployment boots. For comms, I've got a Baofeng radio.
Being a women in Airsoft, what are you thoughts?
Women in Airsoft are on the rise.  I wish the industry would recognise this and start making more gear and equipment that will accommodation our needs. Examples being lack of well fitting mesh face protection and adequately sized plate carriers/chest rigs. Even just finding gloves that are both protective and small enough for my hands has been a challenge.
In regards to how other players respond to my presence, I personally feel I've been very fortunate as a woman in Airsoft. I've never experienced any discrimination from the group I play with. I hold my own. If players who don't know me underestimate me because of my gender, I am happy to prove them wrong.
Where can my readers find you on social media?

I'm on Instagram at:
Do you have anything you'd like to say to other players out there?
To other players out there: Have fun and be safe. Treat other players respectfully. At the end of the day, this is a game. 
To women who are new to the sport or who are nervous because you're in the minority: Be confident. If you act like you know what you're doing, you'll instantly gain respect from those around you. Do not tolerate harassment. You have just as much a right to be there and enjoy yourself as anyone else there. 



Hey everyone! The team at RDX Tactical were kind enough to send me the new Zoxna Mini Moscart Launcher for review and after running it in a fair few CQB games and putting it through its paces, it's time to get this review underway!

Let's take a look at the technical specs first, this tiny piece of kit from a European brand named Zoxna, measures just 95mm long, 28mm wide, 30mm high and weighs a teeny 93g! It is designed to shoot 40 BBs at betwen 170 - 190 FPS in one shot whilst taking up as little space as possible.

It is made from sturdy aluminium, can be attached to any system railweaver/standard picatinny rail from pistols to primaries and is powered by green gas.

After trying my Zoxna out on my WE M&P pistol and discovering that it wouldn't fit in the Warrior Assault Systems Universal Holster, I tried it on both my ASG Scorpion Evo 3A1 and my G&G Armament CM16 SRL and eventually settled on mounting it to a rail attachment on my CM16 because of the colour of the launcher, the team at RDX Tactical sprayed up a black launcher with a pink snakeskin pattern but upon receiving it we had a good chat and decided I would spray it to match the other attachments on the rifle. It attaches really easily, as it has two little grub screws which you undo, slide the launcher onto the rail and then tighten the grub screws back up. I have been using Nuprol's 3.0 and ASG 0.2g Blaster BBs as the chosen ammo and to load it, I have been using the Nuprol XL Speedloader.

So like I said earlier, the launcher itself holds 40 BBS and although it can be loaded by hand if you don't have a speedloader but a speedloader does make filling the launcher a lot easier and quicker. The Launcher is gassed through a little valve on the side that Airsofters will recognise as the same that we see on gas pistol mags. When I first started using the launcher I did have difficulty filling it with BBs as some of the BBs did get stuck but with a good forceful pump of the speedloader this is rectified, my best guess is that this is because the unit was brand new as I've not noticed it for a while.

It is pretty much a 'plug and play unit', attach the unit, load it with gas and BBs and pull the trigger when the opportunity presents itself! Then reset the trigger, gas it back up and refill the BBs and you're good to go again! I have found that the trigger can be a little tough to reset with gloves on but is much easier without. They can be a little stiff when you first use the unit but with use it does loosen up. I love how easy the unit is to install and use! This means even beginners can use them with ease. They are also really, really fun! The spread on them is awesome and they're super effective at under 10-15m, not to mention they scare the living daylights out of the player on the receiving end! As you can see from the picture below, they do pack a little bit of a punch! One thing I have found is, whilst they are really fun for the operator of the unit, and most players will take it in good humour, some players don't really like getting swiss cheesed by a Zoxna! Even though they are such a low FPS they don't hurt and are more surprising than anything else!

Overall, I am really impressed with the Zoxna Mini Moscart Launcher and think it's a fun piece of kit to use! The units retail at £39.99 from RDX and come in both Red and Black, and honestly? It's probably the best 40 quid you could spend on an attachment for your primary. The unit is relatively cheap to purchase and fill with gas/beebs but is super fun!

My friend Den at Hench Airsoft also has a Zoxna Mini Moscart Launcher and this is what he has to say: 'It's nigh on impossible to aim when moving at speed, luckily with a Zoxna, you don't need to aim very well! At under 10m the spread is amazing, surpassed only by the look of terror on the player on the receiving end! Possibly the most fun bit of Airsoft kit you can buy for £40'  You can check out some of Den's kills with the Zoxna here

*It shouldn't have to be said but the Zoxna Launchers shouldn't be loaded in the safe zone, always be sure to gas and load them on the field! Safety first!


Hey everyone! So its not often that I'm the interviewee rather than the interviewer but last week I sat down with Abbas Ali from Pellpax, one of the UK's leading Air Rifles retailers to answer some questions about Femme Fatale Airsoft, how we started and became the worldwide leading Female Airsoft Blog, where we've been and where we're going next! Thanks for speaking with me Pellpax!



Hi everyone and welcome to the next instalment of the FFA Slaydies Series Spotlights! This spotlight is of an Oregon Slaydie who has a positive message! 

Hi Sam! Thank you for taking part in the Femme Fatale Airsoft Slaydies Series Spotlights! Please can you give my readers some information about yourself?

Hi, I’m Sam, I am 19, living in Ashland, Oregon. I am a nursing student pursuing a specialized degree in the newborn ICU, as well as getting my doctorate in otolaryngology, speech pathology, and speech therapy to assist families in the decision and actions of receiving cochlear implants. I really want to help those that are hearing impaired whether it be cochlear implants or learning about/integrating oneself into deaf culture.

How long have you been Airsofting? 

I have been Airsofting for almost three years and I absolutely love it.

What got you into Airsoft? And what do you love about the sport?

My former teammate, Aldina, got me into airsoft. I love the sense of community that I have seen and felt whilst playing. I have met so many beautifully unique people that do not judge me based on my gender and I love it.

Where is your home site? 

My home site was Gamepod Combat Zone in Antioch, California. However, since I have moved I have been looking to play at Rogue Tactical Airsoft.

What are the most memorable sites you’ve played? 

The most memorable fields that I have played at are: Fort Ord in Marina, California, run by Roundhouse Productions; ARC Airsoft in Hollister, California (now AO-13) ; and Gamepod Combat Zone in Antioch, California.

How would you describe your playing style? 

I prefer CQB but I absolutely love weekend-long MilSim games.

Let's talk about weapons and loadouts, what is your go to loadout? 

I run a full-metal M4 that I named Smaug and a Colt 1911 sidearm. Usually I wear all black (black shirt, black 5.11’s and black boots) with a black chest rig, holding about 8 midcaps.

Being a woman in Airsoft, what are your thoughts? 

I haven’t received any backlash for being a woman in airsoft. However, I do receive a lot of sexist comments, usually the ones telling me to be eye candy for the people I come across. It’s never okay to make someone uncomfortable and objectifying someone is never okay. However, I do get a lot of younger female players that come up to me to ask for pointers and they usually hang around me because seeing females on the field is uncommon. I love being able to connect other females with each other.

Social Media, where can my readers find you on social media? 

My Instagram is

Is there anything you would like to say other players out there?

Don’t give up on Airsoft just because you feel like you wont be accepted. Be gracious and call your hits; if you think you got shot, call it anyway. Be polite, have good sportsmanship, and make someone smile. Being a good, genuine person is always the way to go.



Hey everyone, following on from the ever popular Slaydies Series Spotlights, I give you the next instalment: Brianna Hill otherwise known as suby_grl4, an Airsofter straight outta West Virginia!

Hi Brianna, thank you for offering to take part in the Femme Fatale Airsoft Slaydies Series Spotlights! Can you tell my readers a little more about yourself?

My name is Brianna Hill, call sign suby_grl4. I am 23 years old, and I am from Buckhannon, WV. I graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan College last year with Bachelor degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and Gender Studies. I am currently a full time manager at Advance Auto Parts. I have taken a break from furthering my education, so I can travel, have new experiences, and hit up some airsoft fields along the way. Plus I love cars, so I like my current occupation.

How long have you been into Airsoft?

I have been airsofting since February of 2015, and I have fallen in love with the sport.

How did you get into Airsoft and what do you love about it?

My boyfriend is the manager of my local Airsoft field, and he introduced me to the sport.

I like the sense of community that comes with Airsoft.  Everyone at my local field is like a giant family where we all come down to play Airsoft, but our friendship has extended to other things such as going on trips, to the movies, dinner, etc. I also love travelling to other fields to play. Going to a new field is exciting! The adrenaline is rushing because you are somewhere new and do not know the layout of the field, you get to see different play styles, and get to interact with other players.

Where is your home site?

My home site is M2 Bravo Tactical and Hobby, L.L.C in Buckhannon, WV. They also have another field that use to be a middle school in Lumberport, WV.

What is the most memorable site you've played?

The most memorable sites for me were Ballahack in Virginia and Tactical Airsoft Arena in Maryland. Ballahack was the first real outdoor field that I have gone to, and it was the total opposite to what I am use to. Playing outside in the swamps plus having medic rules was something to get used to. Tactical Airsoft Arena is an indoor field that is very tight at around 3,000 square feet. I love indoor, but I was not use to quarters that close. It takes some courage to pop around the corner of the buildings. It is definitely not a place to camp, you do better moving around the field.

How would you describe your playing style?

I am an indoor CQB, kind of speed soft player. I am not a fan of Milsim-style game play.  I like the fast-pace of indoor and being able to quickly find an opponent. Getting to run around the field and flank people on the other team is a lot of fun. I would honestly be happy with playing team death match every game, but I like some objective games such as King of the Hill, capture the flag, crossfire, etc. 

What is your weapon of choice and your favourite loadout?

My weapon of choice is my H&K 416 with a G&G rechargeable tracer unit (I have a hood wrap with my gun in the decal!). It is a very long, heavy full metal gun, but I love it. I have adapted my play style to being able to run my gun. I wear a bright green Valken paintball mask with a shemagh. I have a black Condor vest that carries my four midcap twinkie mags, a holster for my Wildberry Walther PPQ, and pouches for four pistol mags, and a pouch for my Goblin Solo with two shells. I also wear some form of long sleeve shirt with shin guards to protect my arms and Valken Impact two-finger gloves. And my last, must have gear is my Woodland camo Valken Zulu pants.

What does being a woman in Airsoft mean to you?

Being a woman in Airsoft is tough at times, but I like the challenge of breaking down the negative stereotypes.  It is still a male dominated sport, but more and more women are becoming involved. Every few months or so, the guys let me run a free women’s night, where women and girls come down to play for free. Many of the new women players said that they felt less intimidated and more willing to try airsoft on the all-girls nights.Then shortly after that we have an all-women’s event where we play games, do drawings for prizes, and overall have a really good time.  

Where can my readers find you on social media?


Lastly, is there anything you wish to say to my readers?

I am so happy that there are sites, such as Women of Airsoft where we can all have a safe place to talk and share our experiences.  


Hi everyone! So after my livestream I got loads of questions about how I'm getting on with the additions I recently made to my Plate Carrier so I've put together a 'First Impressions' blog post for you to let you know my thoughts, I will of course do a full review when I have run this kit for a good few skirmishes.

So the first addition is very minor but it is a really handy item, as you can see from the image above I have hooked a small caribiner through the molle on my PC to hang my gloves from when I'm not using them. This is a little trick I picked up from some of the accounts I follow on Instagram and it is really handy - having this little caribiner on my kit means that when I'm finished playing, my gloves and PC stay together (no more rooting around in the plano case!)

The next addition is the Warrior Assault Systems QRS Fastex Weapon sling in MultiCam from UK Tactical. It is a one point sling that is fed through the molle on the back of my PC and through the shoulder strap - I really like the aesthetics of it and the build quality is as always with Warrior gear, excellent. It is priced at £19.96 so it is one of the cheaper Warrior Slings but for my style of play it is certainly the most functional. What I love about this sling is that when I need to get my weapon out of the way to gain access to buildings through windows or to climb over walls/up embankments I can throw my weapon over my shoulder so it is resting on my back meaning I don't have to detach the weapon and leave it outside whilst I gain entry, so first impressions are very good!

The final addition is the Ferro Concepts THE DANGLER Drop Pouch in MultiCam from Tactical Kit, now admittedly I was hesitant about this piece of kit and refused to join the Dangler Pouch bandwagon hype for a while seeing this as a tactical bumbag (or fannypack for my American friends) but when one was brought for me as a present, I could hardly say no and I'm glad I didn't! These pouches retail at £39.99 so are on the expensive side as pouches go but they are pretty useful. I asked my friends who run these pouches what they use theirs for etc and the general consensus was for reusable grenade accessories and tools so I loaded mine up with my multitool, some primers and a Nuprol XL speedloader and away I went. The pouches are exceptionally useful and allow easy access to essentials without having to get a team mate to fetch them from my pack so it gets a thumbs up from me!

Look out for the full review soon!

Photos thanks to my good friend Andy Snook of Snook Snaps.



A question I get asked a tonne on my social media is 'How do they feed?' regarding the Dytac 120 Hex Mags! So here's the review!

These mags were kindly supplied to me by the awesome team at my sponsor Land Warrior Airsoft - you can check them out here. Ready for the all the MilSim's I have planned for 2016.

Firstly, let's take a look at the facts - The mags are fully licensed by Dytac in Japan and are a scale replica of the original Hex Mags, they have a capacity of 120 rounds, are light and impact resistant as they are made of a durable polymer which makes them perfect for MilSim Ops. They also come in two colours - Black or Dark Earth. But how do they look? Feel? Perform?

I LOVE how the Hex Mags look. The trademark repeated hexagon pattern that adorns the mag looks awesome and breaks up the boring look of a mag without being too out there. I have these in the Dark Earth to break up the black in my loadout and the colour is a creamy earth colour which looks awesome with the white gripe tape, but more about that later...

One of the reasons I spent a long time researching Mid Caps is because I've heard a lot about the various brands/designs not feeding very well, and this isn't something I wanted to take a chance on, the market is flooded with Mid Cap magazines that all vary in shape, colour, but ultimately it is how they feed that makes or breaks the product. I have tested these in 4 different RIFS - my custom Krytac PDW, my custom G&G Black Rose Version two, a G&P Sentry and the Krytac War Sport LVOA and so far I haven't encountered a problem. The springs are a little tight at first but this is to be expected. They feed exceptionally well in all the RIFs I road tested them in, I did have a slight BB jam in the PDW but I am 99% sure that this was a BB quality issue rather than the mag itself as it was an isolated incident. I have field tested these mags for around 3 months now, and they've gotten a pretty good beating in CQB and in woodland games that I've played (I play every weekend) but they still look in great shape - they've been covered in mud, scraped along the ground and dropped and the polymer has barely scratched, and more importantly they still work flawlessly.

At first I was very skeptical on whether I could convert to using Mid Cap magazines during Skirmish games but after using them for a few months I seriously doubt I would go back to using a Hi Cap mag - gone are the days of the Tactical Bitch Maraca! Haha! I carry 5 of these mags on a regular skirmish day which equates to 600 rounds which is more than enough for the semi auto CQB sites that I usually play and the lack of rattle is much better!

What really excites me about these mags is the accessory possibilities! Dytac have also created a range of HexMag Airsoft HexID followers just like the real steel HexMag HexID systems - they come in a range of 6 colours including: Panther Pink, Zombie Green, Lava Red, Blackout (Black), Hazard Yellow and Nimbus Blue so personalising your mags is easy and the likelihood of getting them mixed up with other Hex Mag users is minimised unless of course you both choose the same colour, which will be hella awkward as one of you will have to go home to change! :P And as the Dytac HexMag is a 1:1 scale replica of the real steel version, the HexMag Grip Tape and Design Hex wraps  - which come in a variety of colours and designs to really make the mags your own!

Honestly, I have found it very difficult to find anything about these mags that I dislike or feel could be improved. The only improvement I would like to see is that they are produced in a wider variety of colours such as grey and perhaps an olive. Overall, I am really impressed with the Dytac HexMags - from the reliability of their feed, to how tough they are and the possibilities for customisation are a huge plus for me!

Stock photos courtesy of Land Warrior Airsoft.


Hey everyone! So my friends over at Military 1st were kind enough to send me a couple of products from the fitted ladies tactical clothing line from Helikon Tex. After seeing the ladies line at IWA 2016 I was keen to see how these products performed as we all know, there isn't a great deal of tactical clothing out there for women.

So the products in my care package were the Ladies Urban Tactical Pants in Shadow, the women's Helikon Chameleon Skeleton T shirt, and the women's T Shirt in Coyote.

First things first, with these trousers it is really important to measure your body and check the sizing, In mens/unisex combat trousers I usually wear a 28" waist, 32" leg and they do the trick but as these are an extremely fitted pair of trousers I had to measure my waist and hips to make sure I had the correct size. I'm a size 8/10 in most jeans/trousers etc and worked out my size to be a 30" waist. When the package arrived at my house (very speedy delivery) I opened it up excitedly and immediately started inspecting the stitch quality and materials - not many of you will know this but I have a degree with honours in Fashion and Textiles so build quality and materials of garments is one of the key things I look out for in any clothing I wear.

I was very impressed with the feel of the material, it doesn't feel or look cheap - has a little stretch to it and is a durable 2 way rip stop blend fabric - perfect for the field. Looking at the overall construction of the garment it was solid and with this I threw them on so let's check out the fit. So these are designed specifically to fit the anatomy of the female form and have a classic jean neck shape to prevent the trousers from slipping down. I am very happy with the fit, they are comfy and not too restrictive. After putting these through their paces off the field with squats, running during my daily fitness routine for most activities, especially for range days the size is perfect however if I were to wear these for an Airsoft game I would probably opt for a size bigger because I like my trousers to be a little looser to enable a better range of movement especially when I'm crawling under/climbing over or through obstacles to get those kills on the field. The trousers are very fitted around the waist, hips, buttocks and thigh areas and loosen up around the knees. The length of the trousers is 34" no matter what size you opt for and this is to give the user greater freedom in choosing their leg length - just fold them up and you're good to go. I for one quite like the long leg.

 They feature a elasticated waist and zip/velcro fastening which gives them a little movement around the waist and keeps them securely fastened. There are 7 wide belt loops which are perfect for loadout belts for holsters, mags etc. I feel pretty confident when I say that it is unlikely that you would need a belt to keep them up. They also come equipped with 12 pockets - two front pockets with strengthened edges, two wide back pockets, two slim back pockets for accessories, two angled internal waistband pockets, two zipped thigh cargo pockets and two velcro thigh pockets. 
Although I think the amount of pockets is exceptionally useful and they do enhance the overall aesthetics of the trousers, I only really used the zipped/velcro and the waistband pockets. I liked the security of the fastened pockets and my iPhone fitted well in the waistband pockets.

They come in 4 colours - shadow, black, khaki and olive drab, I opted for the shadow grey colour as I'm really loving that shade at the minute. It is somewhere in between the Mechanix Wolf Grey and Viper Titanium, a nice, dark grey/blue colour that goes perfect with a black loadout.

Lastly, let's talk prices. From Military 1st the shadow colourway is £53.00 with free shipping which is a little more pricey than the unisex trouser options but cheaper than other brands who also offer ladies cuts such as 5.11 Tactical. For the quality of the construction, material and fit, I feel the price is justified. Overall, I found it very hard to dislike anything about these trousers.

Next on the list is the Helikon Chameleon Skeleton T Shirt in black, this part will be short and sweet. I chose a size small which is the size I usually wear in tops and as you can see from the photo, it fits very well. I especially like how long line the shirt is, reaching the top of the pockets. The design is pretty cool and I have worn it out casually not just on the field. The material is soft and comfy and at a price of £10.50, is there really anything to dislike? Not in my books!

It is great to see companies recognising the growth in numbers of women in shooting sports and catering for us so Helikon Tex get a thumbs up from me and thank you to Military 1st for the opportunity to test out this great line of gear.

Photography thanks to Silent Kitty Photography 💖

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