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Welcome back to the blog, today I have another review for you and in this one, we’ll be looking at the GLOCK 42 replica - the licensed replica by Umarex/VFC from Extreme Airsoft.

The GLOCK 42, also known as the ‘baby GLOCK’ is a pocket-sized pistol - this is a licensed replica (we all know the story behind that being a prominent word in the review ha) manufactured by VFC. It’s a replica of the smallest model currently made by GLOCK. When I first saw this pistol, one thing came to my mind - conceal carry. This tiny pocket rocket is a perfect back up pistol that can be stored pretty much anywhere from a custom Kydex CC holster, to your pocket or even your sock. I got this from Extreme Airsoft ready for Gangsta City in September.

The lower is made from polymer and has the signature GLOCK trade, the slide is made from metal and has all the trades from the GLOCK logo to the calibre. The box that it comes in has all the GLOCK branding (which looks good!), inside it has the 42 itself wrapped in plastic, a couple of instruction manuals (in various languages) and if you lift the flap, the mag is hiding just underneath. Without the mag inserted the pistol weighs just a tiny 387g so it is dinky when the mag is inserted however the pistol has a really good weight to it, the mag is super small though as expected so it does only hold 13 rounds. It’s worth recognising that this pistol wasn’t designed for long engagements but as a ‘last resort’ defence. 

As it is a small pistol it fits nicely into my hands. I can get a comfortable, secure grip - the textured surface also compliments this. As odd as it sounds, the size is a massive ‘cute’ factor for me! It’s super dinky and can fit anywhere which would be great if you were to get captured at a Milsim or battles event!

When I chrono’d the 42, it was quite consistent and was averaging around 320 FPS (which is almost 1 Joule). 320 is a perfect FPS to be used at CQB sites up and down the UK as our limits are 350FPS at almost all sites. It’s powered by gas so has a nice bit of blowback, as it’s really hot in the UK at the moment I’ve been using Nuprol green gas which has been working well, during the winter because of the metal slide I’ll swap to red gas to give it a bit more of a kick and to ensure the slide cycles properly. It does have an adjustable hop-up which can be found when the slide is removed. Like it’s real-life counterpart, it dissembles pretty easily which is a plus for adjusting the hop but also for maintenance.

From Extreme Airsoft the Umarex/VFC GLOCK 42 is £145.

Post sponsored by Extreme Airsoft.


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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have something a little different for you, and it's a post we've not done in a while - a shop walk around. Last week I visited Extreme Airsoft in Croft, near Leicester to catch up with the team and see how the shop/site has developed since I last visited in 2017!

From my home in Derbyshire, it takes me around 35-40 minutes to get to Extreme Airsoft. The first time I visited the postcode on the website did take me to a nearby Quarry but if you carry on going past the Quarry and take the next right you will go down a street with houses and eventually the entrance to Winston Avenue, Extreme is at the end. There is a small carpark onsite but if that is full there is a bigger car park 100m away (this car park now closes at 9pm so be sure not to be in there after!). There are signs for both Extreme and the Department on the building so it is well signposted.

Upon arrival, there is a small reception (atm only one person can be in here at a time due to social distancing) where you will be asked to sanitise/wash your hands and wear a mask (it's required in England to wear face coverings in stores) and then you'll be allowed into the store. Currently only 2 customers and one member of staff are allowed in the shop area.

Once you're through the reception door, straight on leads you into the safe zone/game zone of the Department CQB (the onsite CQB arena) and if you go left you'll see the entrance to the shop. As you walk in there is a table with hand sanitiser. 

On the left hand wall and the back wall are full of pistols from brands such as Tokyo Marui, Armourer Works, WE Airsoft, Raven, VFC and many more. Due to the current situation it is really important you ask Staff before handling any of the display guns and sanitise/wear gloves to keep other customers and the staff safe.

VFC Glock 17

Extreme also stocks the full colour range of the Tectonic Innovation Blank Firing Grenades (you can watch my first impressions video here and my written review here) and also stocks a range of the Airsoft Innovations products including the Cyclone grenade.

The store also stocks all the consumables you'd need on a game day including gas, BBs and pyro.

And they stock a range of eye protection and face protection from brands such as Nuprol and Dye.

Past the gun bags on the wall you walk into what can only be described as an airsofters version to a 'pleasure room' (I actually laughed at my own joke so I hope you enjoyed it as much as me). On every surface there are airsoft guns! From snipers from Ares, AEGs from brands such as KWA, Krytac, Ares, BOLT, Valken, VFC, Tokyo Marui, G&G Armament, Nuprol, Specna Arms, LCT, E&L and many more. This room has pretty much everything you could ask for, and if it doesn't they can probably get it in for you. The variety of airsoft guns Extreme has is comprehensive.

The staff at Extreme Airsoft are also really helpful — nothing is too much trouble and the customer service is second to none from what I have seen whilst in the store.


Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the blog! Recently I partnered with Tectonic Innovations and their new blank firing grenade - the Quake 8

The Quake 8 from Tectonic Innovations is a new 7 shot blank firing grenade that’s made from CNC’d stainless steel that discharges .209 multipurpose primers. It has a safe position (so it doesn’t discharge when it shouldn’t - think when it’s being stored, or transported. No one needs a .209 going off in their kit bag!) And 7 firing positions. The way to prime/arm it is that you unscrew the base, load the primers up into the base, screw back on (pref so the firing pin is in the safe position) and then when you want to use it, twist the base to one of the firing positions and throw. When you retrieve your ‘nade you can simply put it back into safe and store it or move it to another firing position to use again. It’s super simple to operate and can be easily operated with gloves on. If you were wearing gloves and the ‘nade was wet I think the operation might be clumsy (but I would need to test this for sure to say that conclusively though)

What I think is a great feature/selling point of the Quake 8 is that all of the parts are replaceable, so if anything should ever go wrong with your ‘nade instead of replacing the entire unit (for £134.99) you can simply replace the part - this works out much cheaper for the end-user. The customer service at Tectonics is also great.

I tested my Quake 8 25 times at The Department CQB in Croft near Leicester which is a fully enclosed CQB arena, out of the 25 times, it only failed to detonate twice and I am pretty sure this is down to my own error as I didn’t throw it very hard all. By the end of the 25 throws, it was a bit scuffed - a couple of chips on the base and some scratches on the paint but it performed overall really well. It even went off on grass which was surprising! Although it isn’t designed to go off on grass it will go off if the ground is hard.

Now as I’ve said the Quake 8 retails for around £134.99, which a few have said in the comments of my posts/videos is a little expensive but to put it into perspective, the first-gen TRMR was £79.99 and only had one bang and the latest gen TRMR was £84.99 with an X4 base (which still only has one bang, but a tri-shot base could be purchased for an extra £30). I think keeping that in mind, £134.99, whilst a substantial outlay is good value for money. Over 100 throws (including the primers), it works out to just £1.44 per throw which is substantial outlay (I won’t deny that) but it is cheaper than paper pyro. Whilst it isn’t for every airsofters budget if you spend a lot on pyro and play plenty of CQB this is definitely something you should look into! Especially if you loved the TRMR.

It comes in a tonne of colours including red, blue, black, yellow, silver, purple, pink, green, light blue and grey. Tectonic Innovations have also released a new ‘zombie green’, ‘Fuschia pink’ and rose gold. Out of all the colours, the rose gold is my favourite! But it is a limited edition and only limited to 100.

You can watch my full video here:

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