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Welcome back to the blog. Today, we're going to be taking a look at a new airsoft store called HC2 Airsoft.

HC2 Airsoft is a brand new Airsoft store located in Rowley Regis, in the heart of the West Midlands. 
HC2 started it's life as a simple site shop attached to the West Midlands Airsoft CQB site - selling consumables and eye/face protection on game days, it has now grown into a fully fledged retail store with everything an airsofter could need - airsoft replicas, accessories, ammo and more. 

HC2 is around an hours drive from my home in Derby and is located in the Doulton Trading Estate in Rowley Regis. It is well sign posted, simply look for the large black/white branded signs that are dotted around the industrial estate. It has a shared car park which can sometimes get a little busy, especially on a game day but it isn't usually hard to find a spot. On entering the double doors, HC2 is located up the stairs and to the left. On entering the black double doors to both HC2 and West Midlands Airsoft, you'll always be greeted by a smiling face. 

Whilst the store is relatively compact, it is well laid out and all the space is utilised well so it never feels cramped even when its busy. HC2 Airsoft originally started with 6 pistols. Less than 12 months later, their offering has grown to well over 50 AEGs and 30 pistols, from a great mix of well-known brands including G&G, KWA, EMG, Specna Arms, Vorsk, Cyma and Tokyo Marui to name a few. On entering the store, you can see that the walls are lined with replicas, rifle cases, kit and accessories, all neatly arranged to make it easy to find everything you need.

Alongside their collection of replicas, HC2 has a comprehensive range of accessories and tactical kit including tracer units from Acetech, batteries from Rebel Precision, Torches and PEQ boxes from Nuprol, various optics, kit pouches from Nuprol and some Deadly Customs Kydex products. They also stock all the consumables you could need - BBS, gas and a range of pyro.

They also have an onsite tech - Mad Scientist Airsoft, who offers servicing, upgrades and has also added laser engraving to his offerings!

Alongside all of this, the staff are also really helpful— nothing is too much trouble and the customer service is second to none from what I have seen whilst in the store.

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Hi Friends!

Welcome back to the blog. In this one we're going to take a look at The EMG TTI Sand Viper GBB Airsoft Pistol straight out of the box from HC2 Airsoft!

The EMG TTI Sand Viper GBB Airsoft Pistol is a dream for "John Wick 4" fans. It's a fully licensed replica that captures the essence of the movie's pistol. Whilst it looks great, this pistol is really built for speed and competition shooting, with its oversized controls for quick action and an ambidextrous safety for control.

It boasts an alloy construction, featuring a full metal slide with serrations and vents and a polymer faux stippled none-slip grip. The grip is on point, thanks to the stippling that keeps it feeling "sticky" in any condition - with or without gloves, allowing the user to retain full control whilst shooting. Although it doesn't come with iron sights, it is RMR cut and comes with an RMR plate in the box so it's optic ready. Keep in mind, though, you'll need to grab an RMR-style red dot sight to aim this bad boy.

  • Fully Licensed Product by EMG with TTI Logos and Markings
  • Faux Stippled None-slip Grip
  • RMR Cut with RMR Plate
  • Side Optics Mount Ready
  • Extended Magazine

Range test: As this is a GBBP, the FPS will depend on gas used/temperature it's being used in so this can vary. Manufacturers tests say that it is around 250-300FPS. 

I tried the Sand Viper without an optic, and with no Iron sights, that did make it a little difficult to aim so if you're looking at getting these, make sure you have an optic in mind (it also looks a little ugly without anything). That being said, this pistol is really a dream to shoot - all the actions are smooth and the controls are easy to use thanks to their oversized nature. After a little fiddle with the hop-up it was accurate. 

In the box, you get the EMG x TTI Sand Viper GBB Airsoft Pistol (by AW Custom), a 30 Round Gas Magazine and an RMR Plate. From HC2 Airsoft, it retails for £260. To sum it up, the EMG x TTI Sand Viper GBB Airsoft Pistol isn't just a collector's item; it's a high-performing, functional replica that looks great and definitely brings the John Wick vibes to your airsoft game.

Post sponsored by HC2 Airsoft
Photography by Charlie Chatwood
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