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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another review for you and we'll be looking at my new side-arm: the new RAVEN EU 18 pistol from Nuprol! The RAVEN EU Series 18 pistol is one of the new gas blowback airsoft pistols manufactured and built by NUPROL as part of their RAVEN EU G-Series pistol range.

Before we get into how it performs, let’s first chat about the construction! The pistol features a polymer frame and an alloy slide, meaning it's super lightweight but also durable. On the grip, there is a stipple-like texture, a fire selector and also an extended magazine release.

Like the WE G18C, the EU 18 features a selectable fire GBB system, meaning that it is capable of both single shot and full auto. Out of the box, the pistol has square sights already fitted which allows the player to acquire their target quickly by simply lining up the pistol with their field of view and still maintain accuracy.

What about size? The EU 18 has a Gen 4 frame which allows the grip to fit snuggly in the player’s hand and because it also comes with interchangeable backstraps the fit can be modified for players with even tiny hands – which is really handy for younger players and female players. The grip also features a stipple-like texture which gives it a little more grip and definitely helps when wearing gloves. The frame also features an extended mag release which is super helpful when finding it under fire and makes it easier to release the magazine quickly.

What’s the performance like? I tested mine in almost freezing conditions during an outdoor skirmish and it performed well. It didn’t vent, which can be an issue during cold weather which I was pretty impressed with. I didn't warm the mags before the first test but did afterwards to prevent any possible issues. There were no misfeeds or jams. It fit snuggly in my hand with the small backstrap. What I would like to see, would be a rougher stippling texture and for the stippling to be consistent all over the grip and cover where the trades would be.

The pistol comes with a magazine so you’re ready for the field and extra back straps for different hand sizes. In the box, you also get a spare nozzle and O-ring seals kit, which means you can replace parts of the weapon if they wear down over time. One thing I really like about the EU 18 is that it is also compatible with the WE Europe G-Series parts and accessories so I can use my WE Europe G18C mags with this pistol too – although they do fit a little snugger than the Raven mags.

What’s the cost? The cost of the Raven EU 18 is around £89.99 and the spare magazines retail anywhere from £18 - £25 depending on which airsoft retailer you buy from. The pistol definitely has a great price point, which makes it, in my opinion, a great choice for beginners or players on a budget.



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Welcome back to the blog! So here is the last instalment of the America Diaries for now! This covers the last leg of my USA trip in February 2018. Rather than flying back to London from Los Angeles, Unicorn Leah and I decided to have a girls weekend on the East Coast to visit a couple of Slaydies we seldom get to see before I flew back to good ol' Blighty, breaking up my flight home with a well-deserved mini-break!

Somersworth, New Hampshire

 We flew into Boston, MA from Los Angeles, CA on the 6th of February ready for a girls weekend! On our first couple of nights, we enjoyed drinks and Cards against Humanity (the best way to learn about your friends) with our East Coast boo Sisumilsim until we collected Becca (callsign_harpy on IG). On the day we picked Becca up from the train station we were due to have a MASSIVE snow storm so we decided to have a snow day! Wine, 18th-century dresses and board games galore!

Salem, Massachusetts 

The next day after the snow had started to melt, we took a drive to Salem - the town where the infamous witch trials took place.

As we walked around Witch City taking in the culture and the history, the monuments, etchings and plaques serve as a stark reminder of the effect that fear of difference can have on our communities if we let it. It is a fascinating place and leads all 4 of us to start reading a book on the history of the trials.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Chilly coastal drive in Portsmouth!

Boston, Massachusetts

Rye, New Hampshire

On our last day on the East Coast, Sisu took us to Rye in New Hampshire for a little lesson in shooting muskets and canons! Her family are really into their 18th Century reenactment, and they have a working replica of an 18th Century English canon and a fair few muskets. We had a full history lesson from Grandpa Sandy and learned how to load and fire a canon and a musket! What really surprised me about the canon is just how quick it deploys its munitions after the wick is lit, it's almost instantaneous! Epic!

Thank you to Sisu and her family for hosting us! Our trip to Boston definitely won't be our last (although we'll probably go when the weather is a little warmer next time!)


Hey everyone!

I'm back with another instalment of the America Diaries and this time it's documenting my trip to the Mojave Desert National Preserve and Zzyzx. Jet Desert Fox, Unicorn Leah, MSW Josh and myself took the Tundra to the Mojave Desert to enjoy a day of good ol' fashion shooting and off-roading.

Before heading into the preserve, we drove out into the desert to find a spot to set-up camp for the day and do some shootin'. Dressed in our absolutely American loadouts, we got to shoot a .45 ACP Rock Island 1911, a 12 gauge shotgun and a 5.56 AR15.

Always time for a selfie! 

After a lunch of sandwiches, we packed up camp and I drove the Tundra into the preserve. Whilst in the preserve we got to see the salt plains, which was a pretty awesome sight! On the way back to the freeway, we drove through Zzyzx, a small town in the preserve. 

For the full 'absolutely American' experience, you can check out Unicorn Leah's YouTube VLOG of our trip to the Mojave Desert and Zzyzx here:

* No Firearms were discharged within the Mojave National Preserve


Hey everyone!

Well welcome back to another instalment of the America Diaries! After SHOT Show 2018, we needed a bit of R&R so the crew decided to visit Red Rock Canyon and explore. Red Rock Canyon is a national conservation area in Las Vegas, Nevada that gets its name from the distinctive red rock of the canyon. It has a one-way 13-mile scenic drive and 26 hiking trails. 

Here are the adventures of: Dead Eye Maggie (Unicorn Leah), Lil' Pokey (MSW Josh), Red Feather (Jet DesertFox), The Maple Syrup Kid (House Gamers Dayton), Duchess Complainy Trousers (yours truly), Lucy Juicy (Jaycee), Slim Gitum (Daniel Castro MilSim Media), Brambles (MSW Brian) and Flat LanderMcHalf (Matt Hafley).

We decided to drive the trail and explore some of the shorter trails along the way, as well as some impromptu off-roading on the rockier trails. The canyon is absolutely beautiful.


Not sure what was happening here...

Bramble Scramble with Bae

Trails, trails, trails

'Just enough crossover SUV'





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So once a year, the firearms community makes their way to the firearms Mecca that is SHOT Show, and through social media you guys get to see what the show has to offer the community, but what you don't see is behind the scenes of SHOT Show and what happens after show hours. There is SO much going on throughout the week and despite my best efforts I learned very quickly, it is absolutely impossible to squeeze every event in, but here's a small insight on what the industry gets up to after dark.

Las Vegas Strip

High Roller, Las Vegas
Salient Arms International Nacho Libre Party

This year, Salient Arms hosted their annual SHOT Show after party in their warehouse in central Las Vegas with the theme 'Nacho Libre'. Myself and the team from Enola Gaye arrived shortly after 9pm and the party was already in full flow. In between drinks and dancing, wrestlers in full costumes took to the ring in the middle of the warehouse to put on a show for the guests. Being from a small town in England, I've never seen anything quite like this, so it was quite a sight to see (and it was only day 2 of SHOT!)

At 11pm, we were ushered outside for the main event of the evening, the Mission Volant Skydive! The party attendees lined up on both sides of the car park behind barriers waiting for the team of talented skydivers to jump from an altitude of 10,000 feet onto a tiny runway only indicated by spray-painted markings. As we looked into the night sky, we could see the tell-tale lights from the plane, and shapes darker than the night falling through the air at speed. As they came closer to the ground, the skydivers deployed their EG branded parachutes and Enola Gaye smoke was deployed for the landing. It was honestly, epic!  

Mission Volant

ASG Media Appreciation Dinner at The Grand Luxe Cafe, The Venetian

On Wednesday, the airsoft media were invited by ASG to attend an appreciation dinner at the Grand Luxe Cafe in The Venetian as a thank you for our work throughout the year! I attended on behalf of Airsoft Action alongside some of the biggest names in airsoft media. It was a fantastic evening of  American food and good wine.

*Note to self - the floors of the Grand Luxe are polished to the nines, must wear shoes with more grip next time!

Unicorn Leah and I being all fancy!

 A huge thank you to Action Sport Games for hosting us!

101 Tech USA Media Appreciation Evening at Top Golf, Las Vegas

On the same evening (I told you the schedule was packed!) the airsoft media was invited by 101 Tech USA to attend an event at Top Golf Las Vegas, Top Gold is a driving range in the middle of the city that is lit up with swanky florescent lighting. Whilst at Top Golf we got to enjoy an evening of great company, drinks and have a crack at the driving range ourselves.

What I learned from the evening is, do not attempt to stand on astroturf in 6 inch high heels *facepalm*, and that I am absolutely terrible at any golfing activity that isn't crazy golf!

Thank you to 101 Tech USA for hosting such a great evening!

Top Golf, Las Vegas

AMS Bo showing us how it's done!

Crye Precision LLC Roller Boogie Nights Party, Orleans Arena

Next up, is the Crye Precision party. The Crye parties are always legendary and always have super elaborate themes - this years theme was a roller derby/70s theme which meant the entire New Orleans arena was decorated in shagpile 70s print carpet with a roller rink on the outside. 

Quite honestly, I'm not entirely too sure where the party bus came from, whether it appeared out of nowhere or it actually came to pick us up specifically is a mystery to me (weird things happen in Vegas) but it picked us up from Top Golf at around 10am, and we arrived at the New Orleans Arena shortly before 11pm. 

The party was winding down by the time we arrived, but the attendees were still dancing on the retro florescent dance floor and spilling onto the shagpile carpet, on poles and of course whizzing around the roller rink. It was a pretty incredible sight. 

Crye Precision Party Bus

Boys from MilSim Media

Crew was lit AF

Thanks to Crye for hosting a hilariously awesome evening.
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