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Today we have another review for you, one that has appeared in this months 6MM ACTUAL (if you haven't read it already, what are you waiting for?!) from one of our contributors Tallin. Here's Tallin's review on the MTEKUSA FLUX CARBON S.

MTEK is a small company mainly comprised of veterans that have used their experience in the field to help drive them for over 10 years to create the new revolutionary FLUX helmet design. MTEK currently offers two types of FLUX at this current point, namely the Flux ballistic and Flux carbon though both variants are identical aesthetically and only differ in the material they are constructed from and both models come with a Wilcox L4 shroud for all your night vision goodies.

The flux ballistic as the name suggests their ballistic model rated at level 3A meaning it is designed to stop up to a .44 magnum round though the chances of you encountering a .44 at an airsoft game/milsim are quite unlikely so this is a model more suited for the real steel/law enforcement market. The Flux carbon, on the other hand, is again as the name suggests their carbon fibre model giving you all the perks of their innovative design with the lightweight bonuses of a full carbon fibre outer shell.

Both of these models sport a boltless design meaning nothing is drilled into the shell even the Wilcox shroud and Flux M-LOK rails are simply mounted using an incredibly robust locking system that simply locks them to the shell, don’t let this dishearten you as this mounting system is very strong allowing you to mount extremely heavy points onto these areas without the worry of things suddenly breaking off. Over the top of the helmet, you will find a very well laid out Velcro system allowing you to mount any kind or IR strobes or counterweight pouches to your helmet. The helmets side profile is rather high in comparison to other similar helmets this coupled with the M-LOK side mounts allows you to comfortably mount a multitude of ear defenders/coms to your Flux and with the addition of the multi-layered inner padding system they include with your Flux it is very easy to make the helmet fit your head comfortably.

When ordering my Flux carbon from MTEK I was surprised at the amount of sizing options available allowing me to personalise my helmet to my head shape and I also knew once receiving the item the double layered pad system would help the lid fit tightly and comfortably onto my head.

Upon arrival at my home after an unfortunate 6 weeks waiting period and opening the parcel I found assembling the extra parts of the helmet like the Wilcox shroud and mlock side mounts extremely easy and only required a Allan key and flat screwdriver to complete the build, overall I found the build quality to be very similar to the RS OPS CORE bump helmet but felt the weight was slightly better distributed even when I started adding things to my helmet I didn’t feel as if there was an aggressive amount of weight on any part of my head which was a nice surprise, my first day running this helmet involved a lot of aggressive sprinting and jumping from spot to spot meaning I was able to give the helmet a good opportunity to test how comfortable this helmet would be in a simulated combat scenario and thankfully it passed with flying colours, the retention system was extremely easy to adjust on the fly and was comfortable on my face not causing any rubbing or scratching even with my beard, the padding proved to not only be very comfortable but very absorbent as well due to how hot that day was I was worried I would have sweat running down my forehead nonstop but this was not the case and I ended up finishing the day with a head that was fairly cool and had 0 complaints of aching on any areas around my head unlike other models I have used in the past.

Overall this item is phenomenal and well worth the price tag IF you are looking for an actual bump helmet that can protect your head and also help you look extra good on the field then I wholeheartedly recommend the MTEK Flux carbon, if however your budget is lower but you still like the aesthetic of MTEKUSA’s design then you will be happy to hear that they have also partnered with PTS to bring the average consumer a replica of their design at a more realistic price point so perhaps consider waiting for this if you just plan on using the helmet for Sunday skirmishes.

Hogan, T. (2019). MTEKUSA FLUX CARBON S. 6MM ACTUAL. 4 (July), 6-9.


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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another site review for you, this time on Southcoast CQB in Lee-on-Solent!

On the 23rd of June 2019, I was invited to Southcoast CQB to play at one of their open days. The site is located in Lee-on-Solent on the South coast of England, and as I live in Derby it took me just under 3 hours to get to the site (I left my house at 5.15am!). As the site is on a main-ish road, it is easy to find and signposted. On arrival, there was a friendly Marshall to greet incoming cars. The car park is pretty small so arrive early if you want a decent space.

Southcoast CQB is an urban/CQB site that has a lot of buildings to fight in, around and through, that mixes quite well with the challenging outdoor spaces. Some of the buildings are two stories which are accessible to players. In its early days, the site was used by the Royal Marines Arms Corps between 1922-1959, the South East District Small Arms Corp as a minor training facility in 1961 and a weekend training centre up to the mid-1970s for army cadets. Now it hosts airsofters every Thursday evening and two Sundays a month.

The facilities on site are good - the safe zone is spacious as it is a two-story building - we had a double room upstairs which was big enough for seven of us and our kit. You have to go to another room to fill in an insurance waiver and you pay in the main foyer - it is worth noting that payments are cash or PayPal, I think it would be a great idea for the site to invest in a PayPal card reader so players can pay on card as well! The sign in desk is also the shop that sells snacks/beverages and all the game day essentials such as BBs, pyro and gas. The site also has portaloos that are unisex - this is one of the only aspects that let the site down. Although they were well stocked with loo roll and anti bac, I would describe them as clean-ish. On Sundays there is a hot food wagon that is on site for lunch - I paid £6 for a cheeseburger, fries and a can of coke which was reasonable. The safety brief was comprehensive and the staff were welcoming.

We played a variety of games throughout the day, including team deathmatches and lots of objective based games. One of my personal favourites was the game where the teams had to collect the pegs from a basket in the centre of the site and take them back to their respawn - this game made for some REALLY intense gameplay and I had a great time slotting players from the showers with Names Nicco. The gameplay was quite evenly spread out around the site as the games utilised all areas. The site also has some cool props such as the bomb which also made for a great game.

Throughout the course of the day, I did notice some questionable hit taking - which I let the staff know about at the time and will be sending them the footage, and the staff got on the case pretty quickly. Unfortunately, none-hit taking is apart of airsoft, and reflects more on the player rather than the site and its staff.

Overall, I had a really good day at Southcoast CQB - the games were fun, engaging and run well by the staff - although the game where teams need to get a certain amount of players in the range needs a few tweaks. The playing area itself is a great mix of indoor and outdoor spaces that play really well, the variety it offers is great! The facilities available were good, but the loos could use some work. Food was great, staff were friendly and most importantly we had a great day of shooting. Looking forward to the next visit!

Photography thanks to Ioan Roberts.


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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another gear review for you and we’ll be looking at the LBX Banger Back Panel that many of you will have seen adorning my LBX Armatus II in MAS Grey! Whilst I was in the US last year the awesome team over at LBX Tactical hooked me up with some sweet gear before I returned to Blighty and this is one of the pieces that I’ve finally given it enough outings to give an accurate review on its functionality and aesthetics.

So the Banger Back Panel from LBX Tactical is a specific back panel for the Armatus carriers that secures with heavy duty Velcro and 2 fast clip release closures. It features a centre section for a hydration bladder that is made from a 3-way stretch material that secures with a hook and loop tab, a zipped pocket that has an area of loop velcro for identification patches an it has four smoke/flashbang pouches with elastic webbing and a retention cap for quick access/retention.

The BBP is easy to install on the Armatus II - just unclip the clips and remove the velcro/molle panel and stick the new one on, clip in the clips and you’re good to go. It’s lightweight so it doesn’t weigh the carrier down but obviously when it’s loaded up, it can depending on how much weight you put in it. The centre section that is designed for a hydration bladder is expandable and is quite large so a 2L water bladder would fit comfortably on those hot game days - this could be used for other items. The front pocket is deceivingly large so it can stow a fair bit of stuff - when I’m playing short CQB games I’ll pack this pocket with a shemagh to give it a little more shape.

My only complaint about the panel is that because I have pretty short arms I can’t reach the zips on the zippered pocket easily - this to me is definitely a ‘buddy pocket’ as anything I stow in there needs to be grabbed by a team mate but the 40mm pouches at the bottom are much easier to reach. The 40mm pouches fit TRMRs, EG WP40 and the flash grenades easy and the retention on the pouches is good.

It is available in a few different colour-ways including Wolf Grey, Ranger Green, MultiCam, MAS Grey, Coyote Brown and Black so there’s one to suit any loadout. I would LOVE to see this panel in MultiCam Black to pair with my MCB Armatus II! I chose this in the MAS Grey as its a really nice combination of grey and green which looks great with my Ranger Green loadout.

The Banger Back Panel retails for $99.95 from the LBX Tactical website which is around £79 in GBP for the product alone, but as it’s coming from the States, remember to add on shipping AND customs charges, it is available from their UK stockists Tactical Kit for £99.99 which may be the cheaper option depending on the exchange rate etc. Taking that into account it’s not the cheapest back panel on the market but it does look gucci, which is what we all want right?

Photography by @1legion.uk_patriot


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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another gear review for you, and this time we’re looking at the Viper Tactical VX Buckle Up Charger Pack that I’ve been using with my VX Buckle Up Utility Rig lately!

The new Viper VX Buckle Up Charger Pack is apart of the new VX range and what drew me to this product is its similarity to the HSP FlatPack, but for a fraction of the price. The pack itself consists of one main compartment and one front compartment - both of which have the capability of expanding. It has adjustable/removable shoulder straps and also MOLLE attachment which mens it can be used with the VX range (and similar systems) and most plate carriers that have a MOLLE back. It is made of 700D Polytech material and is really lightweight - weighing in at just 0.54kg but has a huge carrying capacity of approximately 4-14ltr!

As for other features, it has D-ring attachment for chest rig compatibility, a bladder/comms outlet, a huge Velcro id panel and a grab handle.

I’ve been using the VX Charger Pack in place of the straps for the VX Buckle Up Chest rig (you can read my review here) to give my back more protection from BBs especially when playing indoors and the straps on the pack seem to be a little shorter than those on the CR as well so it gives me a closer fit. The pack also gives me the option to carry essentials onto the field - including BBs, speed loaders, a water bladder on hot game days etc which in turn can help balance out the weight of the CR when it’s fully loaded up! Although I don’t run HPA anymore, I reckon this pack is a good size to carry a small HPA tank. Thanks to the Buckle Up system, the straps are really easy to swap out for the charger pack - just unclip the straps and clip in the pack and you're good to go! It can be used on other brands gear as it also has the MOLLE back.

The VX charger pack is available in Green, Titanium, Coyote, V-Cam and Black and retails for £38.50 from retailers such as Military 1st. This means there is a pack that will certainly suit any loadout (I currently run one in green to go with my VX Chest Rig), and it’s pretty affordable so they are really budget friendly (especially if you want more than one for different load outs!)

What are my final thoughts? It’s affordable, gives you more protection than the original straps, allows you to carry essentials onto the field, is expandable and it looks like a higher end product than its price point! I really like that it is functional AND looks great. It’s a great lightweight backpack to add to any loadout, I just wish it came in more colours - MultiCam Black, AM I RIGHT?! Overall, I think Viper is killing it with their new VX range!

Photos thanks to @1legion.uk_patriot
Sponsored by Viper Tactical


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Welcome back to the blog! Today I'm featuring a review from the June issue of 6MM ACTUAL by my good friend Tallin on the Spiritus Systems Micro Fight MK3 Chest Rig! I enjoyed T's review so much that I picked up a Spiritus MK3 when I visited Land Warrior in May - check out his review and see what you think!

"Spiritus systems, are a gear company based out of Washington, USA, that have been making big waves in the combat gear scene. Their focus is on lightweight, versatile gear and that is used by branches of the police, military and private sector. As an airsofter that enjoys using the more realistic gear, I found myself very interested with this company’s products and have been following them for some time. I recently took the plunge and order myself one of their modular chest rigs the “Micro Fight” in ranger green.

My main reason for selecting the micro fight over its competition was because the Micro Fight was designed from the ground up to be as light-weight and modular as possible, this means it has the ability to hold magazines of all kinds and calibres including 9mm, 5.56mm and 7.62mm in multiple configurations and allows me to use it with both my scar H and M4 with a simple swap of a magazine insert! 

With the addition of a removable cover on the back of the chassis, that when removed reveals a Velcro backing, which, in turn, allows you to mount the chassis as a placard to any plate carrier that has a Velcro front panel and space for swift clips. You will also be glad to read that the quality of this item is second to none as the Micro Fight chest rig MK 3 is built from 500D Cordura material; so, there is little chance of tearing during ops. Though like most materials, it is not indestructible, with nylon stitching and high-quality Velcro sections used to cover the interior and exterior of the chassis, it all comes together to create a very well-built chest rig that will last. 

It is available in a multitude of colours including the full Multicam range of camos and colours such as wolf grey or ranger green; allowing you to fit it seamlessly into any loadout. This is the perfect item for somebody that enjoys running an extremely streamlined loadout that carries only the essentials.

But before you even consider purchasing a Spiritus systems micro fight I must warn you that this rig is a fully modular platform that is sold in parts and not as a complete unit. Although this is by no means a bad thing. It allows you to build the chassis to your own specifications. 

After toying with how I wanted to set mine up I decided to wear my micro fight MK3 as a front panel on my JPC and built the MK3 up to allow me to carry exactly what I need during a game day. Currently, it holds 3 standard AR magazines in the rear compartment with the micro fight triple 5.56 insert that holds 2 pistol magazines in its front compartment, with the micro fight double pistol magazine insert. Though this area is also sharing space with my dead rag and Alan key set in case of a malfunction midgame. To help hold in these extra pieces of gear I have utilized the micro fight half flap.

Unfortunately, all this modularity comes at a price. Building even a simple chest rig loadout will set you back around £150+. Though this is slightly higher than its competitors. I personally believe that the modularity and lightweight design of the micro fight justify this slight price increase over similar products.

Hogan, T. (2019). SPIRITUS SYSTEMS MICROFIGHT MK3. 6MM ACTUAL. 3 (June), 8-9.
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