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Welcome back to the blog. I’ve recently started reviewing the Golden Eagle gas shotgun range from Extreme Airsoft and in this blog post, we’ll be looking at the kind of compatible accessories that are available for airsoft shotguns.

First up, we have the Salamander Kit from Air Systems Plus, which is a 3D printed gadget that allows you to run M4 mags in an airsoft shotgun to expand its ammo capacity and is perfect if you don’t want to reload shells. It has a shotgun shell shaped piece that inserts into where you load the shotgun leaving the breech door open) and the M4 mag just inserts into the bottom of the Salamander kit. It’s super easy to install as it’s just a plug and play adapter so can be utilised by players of all levels for uninterrupted gameplay. It retails for £69.99, here at Extreme Airsoft.

Another cool accessory to expand your ammo carrying capacity is the Battle-axe Shotgun Electric Drum Magazine. It is a battery-powered drum mag that is capable of carrying 1,200 rounds. It’s compatible with shotguns where the pump handle does not travel over the Breech Door when it is pumped (so do check your shotty before purchasing to make sure it’ll fit!). Like the Salamander kit above, it has a shotgun shell piece that inserts where you load the shotgun. To get rocking and rolling all you need are 3 X AAA batteries and some BBs! From Extreme it retails, here for £42.99.

Last on this shortlist is something to carry your ammo - the Deadly Customs Kydex Shot Gun Shell Holsters. Constructed from Kydex with a malice clip, these holsters hold 3 x shotgun shells. Available in Black, ODG (Green) and Coyote Brown (Tan). They’re available from Deadly Customs and Extreme Airsoft, they retail for £16.99 on the DC website but are on sale at the time of writing from £7.99 at Extreme.

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Hey friends! 

Welcome back to the blog! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Life has been manic lately but I’m back on it. Last week I visited Extreme Airsoft and they’d just had a delivery of Golden Eagle Gas Shotguns. I’ve not had a lot of experience with Golden Eagle guns so naturally, it was time to test them! First up in the series is the Golden Eagle M870 M-LOK Tri-Shot Gas Pump Action Shotgun

The Golden Eagle M870 M-LOK Tri-Shot Gas Pump Action Shotgun is a replica of the shorter M870, that has an added AR pistol grip, buffer tube and a sliding six-position stock. It has been manufactured mostly from alloy and only uses Polymer for the pistol grip and stock to be as close to the real thing as possible. It’s gas-powered and features a 20mm rail on the receiver, a ghost ring rear iron sight already installed, an M-LOK style pump handle, an AR-style pistol grip, a six-position stock that conceals the internal gas tank in the buffer tube. The magazine tube for the shotgun can be used as a shell holder by unscrewing the front cover. There is a thumb-through safety near the trigger, which prevents the shotgun from firing and at the rear of the receiver, there is a QD sling socket ready to accept a QD sling loop. 

Aesthetically, I think it looks fab - I really like the stock and the M-LOK style pump handle, these features make it stand out and make it look more expensive than it is. As it is full metal it has a good weight to it, but it isn’t too heavy. It definitely feels sturdy in the hand. It’s really compact, so super easy to move around corners and through doorways. 

Just like the TM series of gas shotguns, the Golden Eagle range accept standard airsoft shotgun shells so you can use any existing shells you already have. It can be set to fire either 3rnd or 6rnd burst (or spicy mode as I like to call it). It also accepts shotgun drum mags if you need to do some serious breaching. 

So now we know about its features, let us chat about its usability. It’s been years since I’ve used an airsoft shotgun but the user manual is really easy to understand, and in turn, this makes it easy to get rocking and rolling. To fill the internal gas tank all you need to do is slide the stock out and it will reveal the gas fill valve. To load the Shotgun you need to press the release lever for the breech door that is located near the trigger and push the shotgun shell into place until it clicks and close the breech door! To set the shotgun to either 3rnd or 6rnd burst, you can pull back on the pump and move the slider behind the mock bolt. 

What I was pleasantly surprised with was the range! I didn’t expect much for such an affordable, compact gun but it took me by complete surprise. With a full gas tank, it was ranging approximately 30 metres - which is more than enough for any CQB site in the UK. It has that distinctive shotgun racking sound which gives you a hint of realism and the stock makes it easy and comfortable to shoulder.

In the box, you get the Golden Eagle M870 M-LOK Tri-Shot Gas Pump Action Shotgun, 3 Airsoft Shotgun Shells and a speedloader (very handy)! It retails from Extreme Airsoft for £179.99 which is a fantastic price point for an alloy gas shotgun.

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Welcome back to Femme Fatale Airsoft! Today I’m back at it again, in this post we’ll be looking at an AEP by Tokyo Marui that is based on the TM Vz61! The TM Scorpion Mod M from Extreme Airsoft!

Let’s first chat about the build! The Scorpion Mod M is made from mostly polymer like a lot of Tokyo Marui products, featuring a polymer stock, pistol grip (which houses the battery), magazine, receiver, hand-guard and rails, but it has an alloy outer barrel, flash hider and internals. It has a unique colour scheme - mostly black with gold accents on the outer barrel, trigger and mock bolt cover. At the top of the Scorpion Mod M, there are two rails, both a front and rear 20mm rail to attach iron sights and optics, and there is an additional lower 20mm rail for attaching a variety of grips AND if that wasn’t enough for customisation options, the handguard also features side M-LOK points for attaching more rails for attachments such as torches, PEQ boxes. Other notable features include the 14mm CCW Threaded Outer Barrel for attaching suppressors and flash hiders and a side folding stock that locks into place.

In terms of usability features, it has an enlarged charging, an enlarged trigger guard and a textured magazine to give you more grip. The magazine release button is also larger than you would expect on an AEP. I can’t find much information regarding the internals of the Scorpion Mod M but it does have an adjustable hop-up. 

It is worth noting that as it is based on the Vz61 from Tokyo Marui, the parts and accessories for that system are compatible with the Mod M including the magazines!

How easy is it to use? The battery is inserted by twisting the nub on the bottom of the pistol grip which then opens to reveal the compartment where the battery is housed, The battery slides into the battery adapter and then goes into the compartment, it is quite a tight fit so be sure to get it just right. The battery is stored in the stock which means there’s no chunky handguard or stock which keeps the Scorpion Mod M super compact but it can be a little tricky to battery up until you get used to it. No tools are needed to do this!

I used this AEP whilst playing at The Department CQB in Croft, Leicester and it was a great little gun for CQB! As it is so small and compact it was a dream to go around corners with. It’s lightweight so can be comfortably used for extended periods of time as well (although it does have a sling mount on the rear of the gun) I used a 7.4 small LiPo battery and 0.25g tracer rounds - the tracer unit was easy to install and gave the Scorpion Mod M an extra little something something! Once the hop was set, it was ranging most areas of the site. I think this is a great CQB weapon or a backup for a sniper. The only thing I didn’t particularly like about it, is how it sounds. As it uses a 7.4 LiPo or a 7.2V Micro 500 NIMH it sounds a bit flat but this doesn’t affect the performance, it’s just not something I’m used to. The gold accents give this gun a custom look as well and I really like the flash hider as it looks like a little crown. Overall, I think this is a great CQB weapon if you want something lightweight and compact.

In the box, you get the Tokyo Marui Scorpion Mod M AEP, a 260 round waffle hi-cap magazine and an AEP Battery Adaptor (it doesn’t include the battery so take that into account!). From Extreme Airsoft, the Tokyo Marui Scorpion Mod M retails for £229.99.

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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another review for you, and in this one, we’ll be looking at the new light machine gun by Secutor Arms - the Aquila VII LMG from Extreme Airsoft!

The Secutor Arms Aquila VII LMG is the new light machine gun from Secutor Arms that was released earlier this year. The body is full metal, with a short M-LOK handguard that has attachment points on all four sides to enable you to add rails so you can attach torches, lasers, PEQ boxes, bipods - whatever you fancy! It comes with a mock suppressor in the box that has a MultiCam Black cover, to match the MultiCam Black on the box mag (that is also included) and it has a polymer, telescopic stock that is adjustable for user comfort.

Internally, we’re looking at a 6.03mm precision barrel, a Maple Leaf Macaron hop bucking, quick change spring system, 8mm bush and bearing combination, full metal teeth piston, silver wiring and a high torque motor. I am surprised for the price that it doesn’t have a MOSFET already installed straight out of the box, but it is worth noting that not many LMGs have MOSFETs as standard.

The Aquila VII has a new drum magazine type that has magnetic contacts, which is designed to eliminate problems with cables and so that you can regulate the feeding speed, depending on the battery used.

In regards to size, it is quite a compact LMG and it weighs in at just over 3kg which is a good weight for an LMG - it’s not too heavy but still substantial and it feels sturdy whilst in use.

As for aesthetics - it is a really good looking gun! The M-LOK handguard paired with the MultiCam Black is a great combination and reflects the trends we’re seeing in the community right now - I think we can all agree that MCB is a vibe! There are some dummy rounds included in the box which also adds a touch of realism.

When I first tested the Aquila, I did have some issues regarding feeding - it only fired on setting number 2 and every 10 BBs it would fire 3 at the same time and they would shatter as they exited the barrel (this was on a 7.4 LiPo). At first, I thought it might be the BB weight so I played around with different weights ranging from .2s to .28s but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. As it didn’t have a MOSFET I didn’t want to risk using an 11.1 LiPo. I decided to postpone the review for a few weeks until Extreme got in a couple more Aquilas to test in case this was a one-off faulty gun. This week though another 2 came in and I was straight to testing. I’m pleased to say that this test went much smoother. I used the same battery as the test before and the same weight of BBs and both of the Aquila’s tested performed as expected, they fired on all 3 settings and there were no jams or BBs shattering on leaving the barrel which gave me more confidence in the Aquila. Once the hop-up was adjusted, it produced accurate groupings and covered a pretty good distance. The drum mag was easy to install. 

In the box, you get the Secutor Aquila VII LMG AEG, a 1200 round box mag with fake rounds and a MultiCam Black suppressor cover and magazine cover. The Sector Aquila VII LMG AEG from Extreme Airsoft is £519.99 (you can save 5% using my code ‘femmefatale’) which is slightly more expensive than some of the other airsoft LMGs on the market but it is a REALLY good looking LMG - the MultiCam Black suppressor cover and magazine cover gives it a ‘custom’ look straight out of the box.

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Welcome back to the blog! In my last post, I gave you the lowdown on my latest MultiCam plate carrier set-up and today I’m going to give you my thoughts on the base carrier - the Rush 2.0 Plate Carrier Tactical Vest from

The Rush Plate Carrier 2.0 by Primal Gear is a lightweight and durable plate carrier designed for airsofters that is constructed from 500D Cordura. It has 2 plate pockets that are ready to take medium SAPI inserts (ballistic or training, your choice!). The front and back vest panels, along with the cummerbund, are covered in MOLLE / PALS webbing that allows the wearer to expand its carrying capacity with various pouches and panels. There is a flat pocket with an organiser on the chest which is perfect for keeping intel and important items on you, and this also has a large area of loop Velcro so you can attach your favourite patches. The shoulders are completely adjustable and are padded to improve the comfort of wearing even when the carrier is loaded up with magazines and equipment. On the back of the carrier, it has a large zipper for the attachment of a dedicated Rush 2.0 panel and backpack. Another notable feature is the drag handle. 

The plates aren’t included with the carrier but you can get some affordable ones like these from GF themselves which is what I’m running or you can make them yourself from thick yoga mats - this really helps fill out the plate carrier and gives you a little extra protection (it also gives it a really distinctive sound when you’re hit too!). Whilst the plates aren’t completely essential to its use, they do make it look filled out. 

Is it easy to set up? This carrier set-up was a learning experience for me as I’ve not had one of this type before. On each side of the loop velcro patch, there is a small hole in the fabric that conceals two tabs with which you can attach panels. The panels that you use with the Rush 2.0 will need to have hook velcro on the back and have small clips that can attach to the tabs. For mine, I chose the OneTigris Placard 01 that has 3 x 5.56 pouches, an admin pouch and 2 pistol mag pouches. It was easy to install but I did have to employ the help of a pair of tweezers to help me get the clips on as the tabs are malleable but still firm. Putting the plates in took barely any time and it was quick to adjust. I spent the longest amount of time getting the clips on the panels. 

It has a large range of adjustment in regards to the torso however the shoulders didn’t adjust to as small as I needed them to be so I had to fold some of the shoulder tab fabric over, it still fits in the padded shoulder covers so when they’re on you can’t see the folded fabric so it isn’t an issue. More of just a gripe about the fact I would like it to just adjust without making any ‘compromises’ if you get what I’m saying. Whilst the carrier is on, it is comfortable to wear and the weight is evenly distributed when it is fully loaded. The construction of the carrier is sound - the stitching is straight and everything lines up nicely! The MultiCam fabric also matches my other Multicam pieces nicely! 

At full price, the Rush 2.0 carrier is €67,85 but at the time of writing it is on sale for €43,94 which is a great price point for a base plate carrier! 

It is available in a variety of colourways including Grey, Coyote/Tan, Olive, Black and MultiCam. I would love to see this available in more camo patterns but there is still a great selection of colourways that would work with any loadout. 

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