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Welcome back to the blog! In this one, we’re going to be taking a look at the AR15 Silent Ops 9” from Delta Armory

The AR15 Silent Ops 9" is a part of the BRAVO series of replicas from Delta Armory. It is constructed from a combination of metal and a durable polymer. Delta has utilised metal components such as the handguard, sling swivel, CNC type A trigger, outer barrel and many internal parts. The remaining components are made from an impact-resistant polymer making it lightweight and durable. 

Externally, the rifle is finished with a 14mm CCW and a pre-installed silencer. Moving down, we have a quad Picatinny handguard that has ample room for aftermarket accessories including torches, grips and PEQ boxes. It has a Delta Armory branded lower receiver with a CNC type A trigger and an ergonomic grip. At the back of the rifle, there is a metal sling plate and a six-point adjustable stock. 

  • Quick spring change system Gen. 2 – Changing springs without dismantling the AEG 
  • quick replacement of the QRS AEG engine 
  • Hop-Up rotation chamber 
  • Reinforced V2 gearbox with steel gears and 7 mm bearings that holds M120 to M130 springs for a long time 
  • 6.03mm precision barrel 
  • SHS Piston with 14 metal teeth 
  • SHS Tappet Plate 

Chrono & range test: 

The Delta Armory Silent Ops 9” AEG chrono’d at around 330 FPS with a 2 FPS variant.

In the box: 

Included, you'll find the Delta Armory AR15 Silent Ops 9" Bravo AEG, a hi-cap magazine with a 300 BB capacity, flip-up sights, and a silencer. From Airsoft Direct, this AEG retails for £209.95.

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Welcome back to the blog! 

This weekend, our good friends over at HC2 Airsoft are having a relaunch weekend to celebrate the opening of their expanded retail store. 

The store now has twice the footprint, an attack sense target range and 40 new product lines added! Check out these photos of the new store:

To celebrate the relaunch of HC2 Airsoft, for this weekend only (27th October - 29th October 2023) there are some crazy discounts on G&G and Vorsk replicas, and up to £100 of selected KWA! 

Their fully renovated CQB airsoft gaming area is also now open for play!

Check out these amazing photos of the revamped gaming area, They've listened to players feedback and made significant upgrades to provide us with the ultimate airsoft experience. From multi-story buildings to enhanced lighting, it's all here to take our gaming experience to the next level.

To book onto HC2, click here
Check out the online retail store here


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Welcome back to the blog! I recently had the opportunity to put the Delta Armory AR15 Silent Ops 8" Bravo through its paces, and after using it for a game or two, I’m ready to give my opinion on this budget-friendly AEG. 

The BRAVO series of AEGs from Delta Armory promise high-quality internals at a budget-friendly price point but does it deliver? This series of AEGs aims to strike an excellent balance between metal and polymer construction. Key components such as the handguard, sling swivel, CNC type A trigger, and outer barrel are all constructed from sturdy metal, providing the rifle with a solid feel. The remaining parts are crafted from impact-resistant polymer, ensuring a lightweight build without sacrificing durability. 

Externally, at the front of the rifle, we have a mock suppressor that has been mounted on a 14mm CCW thread (meaning it can be removed to add a tracer unit or a longer aftermarket suppressor), this is recessed into the 8” tan handguard that has picatinny rails on all four sides. This gives the user plenty of attachment points for forgeries, PEQ boxes etc. It has a 22mm RIS rail that spans the length of the rail system and receiver. This rail offers the perfect mount for any optics. Next we have a Delta Armory branded receiver with an ergonomic pistol grip and at the back of the rifle there is a 6 point adjustable stock that is customisable to the shooter.

Internally, the Delta Armory AR15 Silent Ops 8” boasts a lot of great features including a reinforced V2 gearbox with steel gears and 7mm bearings, designed to withstand the stress of M120 to M130 springs for an extended period. An SHS Piston with 14 metal teeth and an SHS Tappet Plate also make an appearance alongside a 6.03mm precision barrel. Another noteworthy feature is the QRS AEG engine and a quick change spring, ensuring easy maintenance and upgrades as you evolve as a player. The inclusion of a Hop-Up rotation chamber allows for fine tuning of shots.

A Delta Armory branded box smartly presents the AR15 Silent Ops 8” with a combination of black and red accents. Upon unboxing, you immediately notice how lightweight the AEG is, there’s no rattling or instability exhibiting great build quality. It is a standard size M4 so it would be perfect for all airsoft environments including CQB. I’m not a fan of tan anything really, but in certain lights this half tan, half black replica is closer to DFE (Dark Flat Earth) than tan. Aesthetically, I like the recessed suppressor.

So, how does it shoot? It was consistent on both semi and full-auto. I tested it using an 7.4v Lipo as I was a little cautious as it doesn’t have a built-in MOSFET, and it was consistent/had no feed issues but it didn’t sound great and it a slow rate of fire however when it was tested in the field, I used an 11.1v Lipo and that rate of fire/sound was much improved. When it was put through chrono, it was achieving 335 FPS on 0.20g BBs which is perfect for any site in the UK.

In the box, you get the Delta Armory AR15 Silent Ops 8 inch Bravo AEG, a Hi-Cap magazine with a capacity of 300 BBs, flip-up iron sights, and a silencer to complete the tactical look of your rifle. As for cost, it retails for £209.95 from Airsoft Direct, I think this is a great price point for what you get.

Post sponsored by Delta Armory UK
Studio photos by Krios Photography


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Welcome back to the blog! Today, I have another AEG review for you, and in this one we’ll be looking at the Delta Armory AR15 MK18 ALPHA

The Delta Armory AR15 MK18 ALPHA is a part of the latest generation of AR15 replicas from Delta Armory. As a part of the ALPHA series, this replica, like the others in the series, is defined by its robust alloy construction. It features a full metal body, including the hand-guard, body, trigger, stock tube, outer barrel, flash hider and other external parts. This construction helps give it a solid and realistic feel. 

Externally, at the front of the rifle we have a bird cage flash hider mounted on a CCW thread, a full-metal classic MK18 one piece Daniel Defense style RIS handguard which features 22 mm RIS rails allowing users to attach various accessories such as foregrips and PEQ boxes, expanding customisation options to suit individual preferences. There is a set of iron-sights included in the box that can be mounted on the top RIS rail. Following on we have the Delta Armory branded metal receiver with its own unique serial number. The AR15 MK18 features a CNC Type A trigger which is a stand out feature - offering the shooter a superior trigger response, a stippled pistol grip to enhance grip in wet and cold environments and at the back of the rifle we have the ALPHA series stock which houses the battery and is adjustable. 

The internal components of the Delta Armory ALPHA series include a SHS Piston with full metal teeth, SHS delayer chip, quick-change spring system (QRS gen. 2), spring guide with bearing, QRS motor quick change, rotary hop-up chamber, reinforced gearbox for 120-130 springs, 6.03mm inner barrel, high-quality 8 mm ball bearings, durable metal gears, and SHS feeder lever. 

The Delta Armory branded box smartly presents the AR15 MK18 with a combination of black and red accents (y’all know I’m a hoe for good packaging). Upon unboxing, you immediately notice the satisfying weight due to its solid metal construction, exhibiting great build quality without any rattling or instability. It looks like a classic MK18, which is a firm favourite amongst airsofters. It is a standard size M4 so it would be perfect for all airsoft environments including CQB. 

So, how does it shoot? It was consistent on both semi and full-auto. I’ve never used a Delta Armory replica so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I tested it using an 11.1v but was a little cautious as it doesn’t have a built-in MOSFET, but it was consistent, had no feed issues and also sounded great. When it was put through chrono, it was achieving 337 FPS on 0.20g BBs which is perfect for any site in the UK. 

In the box, you get the Delta Armory AR15 MK18 AEG, an unjamming rod, a mid-cap Delta Armory branded magazine and the all-important manual. In the UK it retails for around £264.95. 

Post sponsored by Delta Armory UK
Professional photos by Krios Photography


Hi friends! Welcome back to the blog.

In this post, we’re going to answer the age-old airsoft question - ‘What airsoft gun should I get as a beginner?’. We’ll be looking at 5 budget-friendly beginner airsoft guns that have great out-of-the-box performance, can be easily upgraded further down the line and that cater to different budgets. For your first couple of games, I strongly recommend you rent from a site or borrow from friends - just so you don’t spend hundreds on an airsoft gun only to find out you actually don’t enjoy airsoft. Renting equipment from a site is also a great way to get started as you’ll be given a full rundown on how to use them.

The Nuprol Delta Pioneer Defender is a super lightweight and sturdy airsoft M4, that has been mainly constructed from polymer with some metal components. It features a metal flash hider and a quad hand-guard with numerous 20mm RIS/Rails for customisation. The rifle also has an ergonomic pistol grip, an ambidextrous sling plate, and a 6-position adjustable crane stock with a roomy battery compartment.

Internally, the rifle boasts a reinforced V2 gearbox, full steel tooth piston, high-torque flat motor, and micro-switch trigger for improved performance. It has an adjustable hop-up unit and a 6.03mm inner barrel for enhanced accuracy and range. The quick-change spring system allows for easy FPS adjustments.

Though lightweight, the polymer construction gives it a less premium feel compared to full metal AEGs, but it remains solid with no wobbles or rattles. It retails for £139.99. Read my full review here!

A popular choice for starters and commonly used in airsoft rental fleets, the CM16 Raider AEG from G&G is a lightweight and durable airsoft rifle with a polymer receiver, rail, and grip, along with an alloy outer barrel, sling plate, and stock tube. It features a birdcage-style flash hider, fixed front post iron sight, and a 20mm RIS/RAS rail system for accessories. The full-length top rail accommodates red dot sights, and the removable rear iron sight adds versatility. The six-point adjustable crane stock serves as a battery storage area.

Internally, it has a version 2 rear wired gearbox, 8mm brass gear brushing, a 233mm inner barrel, and an adjustable hop-up unit. The replica feels high-quality and well-constructed, typical of G&G's reputation. The retail price is £189.99. Read my full review here!

The Specna Arms AEG SA-C04 features a receiver, stock slide, stock, and pistol grip all made from tough fibre-glass reinforced polymer, while the barrel, RIS handguard, flash hider, charging handle, and sling points are an alloy giving it a sturdy build. The internal features 8 mm slide bearings, shimmed steel gears, four anti-reversal latches, and a polycarbonate polymer piston with a steel strip, type 1 cylinder, and a precise rotary Hop-Up chamber. The CORE™ quick change spring system allows easy FPS adjustments without special tools.

Aesthetically, it resembles a classic M4 with a 22 mm top RIS rail, flip-up rear sight, and fixed front sight. The receiver bears cool markings and a serial number. Priced at €154.61, It's an excellent option for new players due to its affordability, completeness, and durability. Read my full review here!

The KO: EVE-4 AEG is a well-developed M4-style rifle by KWA, competing with its sister AEG, the Ronin T6. Weighing in at 4.6 lbs, it's a pound lighter than the Ronin T6 but shares the same great internals. The rifle features a KWA two-port Muzzle Brake and K.O.R.E 4 MLOK rail for attachments, high-strength polymer upper and lower receiver, and standard M4 controls. The side charging handle allows for easy hop-up adjustment, and the true PDW-style stock adds to its appeal.

Internally, it has the AEG 2.5+ Gearbox, KWA High Torque Motor, adjustable hop-up, and Electronic Trigger compatibility. The Variable Performance System (VPS) allows FPS adjustment using the included tool. Battery insertion might take more time due to the stock's smaller space, but it's manageable. It retails for £239.99 so it is a little more expensive than the others in this list but still great value for money. Read my full review here!

The AR15 Long M-LOK ALPHA is a robust and realistic rifle from Delta Armory's latest generation of AR15-M4 rifles. Its full metal construction, including the hand guard, body, trigger, and outer barrel, provides a solid feel. The rifle features a 13' lightweight M-LOK hand guard with front and body rails for customisation. The CNC Type A trigger enhances the shooting experience, and the 6-point stock allows easy battery installation.

Internally, the rifle boasts quality components, such as an SHS Piston, delayer chip, quick spring change system, mandrel with bearing, QRS motor, rotary hop-up chamber, 6.03mm inner barrel, and durable metal gear. The package comes in a Delta Armory branded box, and the rifle has a modern look with a nice silhouette due to the M-LOK rail. 

The UK retail price is approximately £264.95 so it is the most expensive rifle on this list. Overall, it is a reliable and well-performing rifle, ideal for outdoor/urban environments. Read my full review here!
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