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It's been a while since I posted any gameplay I know - I do read your comments! Last week I released some new gameplay footage from Desertfox Events: Battle for Lost Angeles 2 in Victorville, CA! In this video, I'm playing alongside Unicorn Leah, Undeadfred, House Gamers and GMR Ronin on Eastern Royal Trading. Our mission is to clear and control buildings around the objectives to control the game zone and take the objectives, the team with the most points on the Blue Fox Tracker App at the end of the event wins! Unfortunately, I wasn't running a zoom cam so it is pretty difficult to see what I'm shooting at but I hope you enjoy the video anyway!

In this video, I'm using the PTS Syndicate X Centurion Arms CM4 ERG - check out my video on the CM4 here: 


Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog!

Today I have some more news for you, this time from Pentagon Tactical! Those of you that follow my Instagram will know that I'm a big fan of Pentagon Tactical jackets - with the Artaxes jacket making a regular appearance in my cold weather loadouts and they've just released a new cold weather jacket:

The LCJ has been designed as a coat liner that can also be worn as a light jacket. A compression sack is included with the jacket, so it can be easily carried to every destination or job. In addition, fleece lined pockets and neck give wearing comfort in cool temperatures. 

  • 100% Polyester Out-shell
  • 100% Nylon Inner-shell
  • Storm|Tex™ Wind resistant coating
  • YKK® main zipper
  • Padding weight 120gr.
  • Compression sac included
Available sizes: S-M- L-XL-2XL-3XL-4XL
Available colors: Black -01, Coyote -03, RAL7013 -06E, Gr. Camo -56. 


Hey everyone!

Welcome to the blog! Today I have some more airsoft news for you and this time from G&G Armament! G&G are releasing their new Dark Earth Bio BBs.

"Different environments require different ammunition. We are happy to introduce our newest bio-degradable dark earth BB's in our vacuum sealed bag.

G&G Armament BBs are consistently manufactured to be 5.95±.01mm in diameter and are guaranteed to be jam-free, providing a perfect projectile to maximize the potential of your weapon system" - G&G.


Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the blog - today I have some more news from PTS Syndicate! The release of their PTS ZEV Fulcrum Adjustable Trigger & Dragonfly Slide Kit for the G17!

PTS Zev slides are precision machined from 6000 series alluminium and designed for the Tokyo Marui G17 platform. It may also fit WE and KJ G17s with some slight modification (please consult a professional airsoft technician for installation). There is a choice of 2 different red dot sight configurations – one for the Trijicon RMR and one for the Leupold DP-PRO). 


  • Trijicon RMR/ Leupold DP-PRO optics mount without slide modification. 
  • Dragonfly slide kit includes: 
  • PTS ZEV Dragonfly G17 Slide
  • PTS ZEV G17 steel standard barrel
  • PTS ZEV combat sight (front & rear)
  • PTS ZEV pro magwell
  • PTS ZEV fulcrum adjustable trigger
  • PTS ZEV extended magazine release (Gen-3)
  • PTS ZEV red dot adapter plate
  • PTS ZEV backplate
  • Housing for the TM G17
  • Nozzle return spring guide
  • Reinforced Nozzle Set
  • Piston Head
  • Steel Zero Hammers Set
  • Available on 23 May 2019

The PTS ZEV Fulcrum Adjustable Trigger is a machined billet alluminium trigger system that features a wider trigger pad and safety for better user engagement and offer drop-in functionality with improved ergonomics and a clean, crisp creep free trigger pull. The trigger pull is fully adjustable via set screws to accommodate a wide variety of shooters to maximize their performance and comfort. It may also fit Umarex, WE and KJ G17s with some slight modification (please consult a professional airsoft technician for installation).

  • Adjustable trigger pull
  • Drop-in installation
  • An ergonomically correct trigger pad
  • Compatible with Tokyo Marui G17


Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the blog! If you follow me on social media you will have seen that last week I released the May issue of 6MM ACTUAL!

6MM ACTUAL is all about giving you - the readers of FFA - more value from Femme Fatale Airsoft. I've designed 6MM ACTUAL so you can read the best of the monthly blogs and also get bonus content exclusive to our monthly downloadable. Online or offline, and for free! Whilst I love writing the blog, creating IG & YouTube content and writing for publications, I felt like something was missing and this is where our monthly downloadable bridges the gap. Truly International airsoft, from guns to gear, to events, it’s in 6MM ACTUAL.

In this issue we have - a review on the LBX Armatus II, a review on the G&G Armament ARP9, a write up of West Midlands Airsoft: Operation Breakpoint, a site review on Red Alert Paintball and Airsoft and for our bonus content, there is a review on the Viper Tactical Buckle Up VX Utility Chest Rig! Check it out here!

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