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Welcome back to the blog! Following on from my last favourites post, today I'll be looking at my favourite bits of gear that I used in 2021. Let me clarify though - these are MY personal favourite pieces of gear (yours probably will be different) that I used in 2021 - meaning they may not be new or innovative but they are products that have elevated my kit this year.

Number 5: Deadly Customs DC-4 Olight Retention Bearing Holster

At number 5 we have the Deadly Customs DC4 Kydex Holster. My DC-4 from Deadly Customs is moulded around an Olight Valkyrie PL-2 torch which means most pistols can fit in the holster securely as long as they have a PL-2 torch attached to them. You can adjust the fit of the holster by adjusting the screws on the side of the holster. This piece of kit is really useful to have when I want to swap out my sidearm for the day. To attach it to the belt I've mounted it on a Safariland QLS on a Low Rider with a thigh strap (you can check out my review of the DC4 here). 

Number 4: RevolutionRace GP Trousers

For the last year, I’ve sacked off my regular airsoft trousers for a pair of hiking trousers. When I visited Poland in September 2020 for the Gunfire calendar shoot I met Lisa (@skinnybitch._) who had a pair of hiking trousers that fit amazing so on her recommendation I decided to get some, and now I have 3 pairs!

RVRC GP Trousers are a pair of hybrid trousers that have stretch fabric and reinforcements at the knees, seat and lower legs. They are wind and water repellent, the stretch panels ventilate and add comfort. They also have ventilation zippers along the thighs and the knees are fitted with pockets for knee pads. My favourite thing about these trousers is the fit - I’ve never had a pair of trousers fit better.

Number 3: Deadly Customs Riggers Belt

At number 3, we have the Rigger's Belt from Deadly Customs! The Rigger’s Belt is a weight-bearing belt system with an added D-ring to attach things such as carabiners etc directly to the belt. It’s made from MILSPEC webbing and features a dual-layer construction for strength and durability. At the front of the belt, there is a genuine 45mm AustriaAlpin Cobra Buckle that has the built-in D-Ring previously mentioned which you can use to attach a load of items. The inside of the belt is lined with hook Velcro to attach it to the inner belt (which is included).

Although ropes and carabiners etc aren’t needed for airsoft, I really do think that they add an extra something to the belt and they’re super useful for attaching gloves and face pro so they’re always on this.

Number 2: OneTigris Mag Inserts

At number 2, we have the OneTigris Mag Inserts which I’ve been using to switch up my Spiritus Systems Micro fight MK3 and my Viper VX Buckle Up Chest Rig! They’re made from an elastic material and with a hook Velcro fastener on the outside. They have great retention and are easy to install/swap out - check my TikTok video out here.

They come in a few different options including a single 5.56 insert, a double 5.56 insert and a double SMG and they’re compatible with a lot of chest rig systems.

Number 1: NVM14

At the top of this list, we have Night Vision! 2021 was the year I finally caved and brought Night Vision. Up until now I didn’t see the need for it but hear me out! Over the last 6 years, I’ve played a lot of 24-hour games (sometimes longer) and the night is a very large part of this time, by sleeping and also having reduced natural Night Vision (thanks to a neurological condition called Visual Snow) I was losing out on so many hours of gameplay so I took the plunge and brought a monocular.

I had a unit built custom for me, by my friend Adriano at RDX_Tactical on Instagram and chose an NVM14 Housing (which is a little smaller and lighter than the well-known PVS14) and a Photonis BASIC WP tube. I chose WP over the traditional green as it is a little easier on the eyes (at least for me) when I wear it for extended periods and I also think it looks the tits.

Although it’s not essential, owning NV has allowed me to play for longer during 24-hour events and has given me so much enjoyment.


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Welcome back to the blog! In this blog post, we’re going to look at my top 5 sites of 2021! Now, this post causes outrage every year, so let me clarify something straight off the bat - these are MY personal favourite sites (yours probably will be different) that I have played in 2021 - meaning I have not played every site in the UK and nor am I proclaiming that they are the best sites in the country, but simply saying that these are the ones I have most enjoyed playing.

What I look at when deciding on where sites rank for me is: how well the site is laid out, quality of the games played, friendliness of staff, price, and facilities including lunch! The only thing that doesn’t come into it, is distance.

Number 5: Camp Sparta (Gangsta City)

Coming in at number 5 we have Camp Sparta! Whilst I haven’t played this on a normal game day (that is on my list for 2022), I have played this site 4 times for the Gangsta City events that are held here twice per year so we’ll look at the gaming area and facilities. It is a 31 Acre FIBUA site (formerly RAF Kirton in Lindsey) that has over 500 playable rooms, in-game vehicles and trucks.

Camp Sparta is an absolutely enormous airsoft site and offers varied gameplay from long-range engagements to absolutely savage CQB gameplay. The buildings are super fun to fight through and the staircases offer a challenge for even the keenest CQB player. My favourite area of the site is the truck yard which has a collection of HGVs and cars that you can fight around, it always offers some intense gameplay!

It has a full safe room, a cinema briefing room and toilets.

Check out their website for pricing/game days.
Check out the Gangsta City website for their events!

At number 4 for 2021, is a woodland site in Newbury in Berkshire, England called Red Alert Paintball and Airsoft.

Red Alert Paintball & Airsoft Newbury is a 35 Acre dual-purpose airsoft and paintball site that I first visited during its infancy. It has been awesome to see this site develop over the last couple of years! What I love the most about this site is that it has so many structures/points of interest that break up the woodland. There is plenty for players to battle on, around, and over including a bridge, a bomb dump, a fortress, the embassy which offers a taste of CQB and it even has cars all set in a challenging woodland environment.

The facilities on site are good - including an onsite shop, male and female toilets, and a great lunch menu. The staff were exceptionally welcoming, friendly and ran the games well. The games played were fun, engaging and we had a great day shooting with/at our friends!

A standard walk-on costs £27.50, which includes a freshly cooked lunch. Games are run every Sunday.

At number 3, we have none other than UCAP Vendetta. This site is located in the former HMP Gloucester, right in the centre of Gloucester. It gives players the chance to play in a genuine Victorian prison, with the cells and landings as the backdrop. It has hundreds of rooms, corridors, cells, landings, outdoor streets, and compounds.

The site goes from dark and light and spans over multiple levels so it is hard to get bored here - there’s always a firefight around the corner.

It has a secure car park, a dedicated safe zone, proper toilets, and an onsite shop selling game day essentials and drinks/snacks. There is also usually a food van outside that sells burgers, chips, hot dogs, and slush puppies.

A standard walk-on costs £35 (does not include lunch) Games are run every fortnight on a Sunday.

The all-new High Command (HC2) from West Midlands Airsoft is such an improvement on the old High Command which I’ve always enjoyed (so much so I marshaled there for over 2 years!)

The gaming area has been completely rebuilt and is a mix of open and light areas, small dark spaces, and tight corridors, tunnels have been added and it has new lighting and smoke effects. Rather than being a space full of brown plywood structures, a lot of time and thought has gone into the aesthetics - from faux bricks to old wartime posters.

It also now has a huge safe zone that is comfortable and light/airy, has a new coffee shop that sells Tactical Coffee blends, and some wonderfully clean, working toilets!

There are midweek and weekend games at HC2 (check the website), starting at £20 walk-on for the midweek and £35 for the weekend shoot. On the weekends, lunch can be purchased for an extra £3. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of me in-game at HC2 but I have pulled some from their website to show you elements of the site.

At number 1 on my favourites list this year I have Warzone Paintball and Airsoft in Coventry! This site is a huge, outdoor site that is set on an old Delta Force Paintball site, so it has all of the old-themed Delta structures. There is so much to fight on, through, and over at Warzone including the fortress, the hospital, the castle, the saloon, the depot, embassy, the infamous Stargate, sniper towers, and tonnes more. It offers varied gameplay, from CQB in the structures and longer-range engagements.

My favourite area of the site is the depot, which is a two-story structure made from containers - no matter where you are on this structure, there’s always BBs ricocheting off every surface so it makes it an intense, fun, and slight pant-shitting experience.

As for facilities, it has a large outdoor safe zone that has covered benches/tables, fully working toilets, and an onsite shop that sells all the gameday essentials, drinks, and snacks. There is also an onsite tech who has saved my airsoft day from disaster a couple of times! The staff are really friendly and helpful and run their games with enthusiasm. 

A standard walk-on is £30 (does not include lunch), and games are run every Sunday.


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Happy New Year! 

Welcome back to the blog. Today I'm looking back on the airsoft replicas I've enjoyed using the most over the last year. Disclaimer: these are just my personal favourites (yours probably will be different) that I have used in 2021 - meaning they more than likely aren't groundbreaking or the newest releases, simply the ones I've enjoyed using the most. Let me know your faves in the comments! 

Number 5: KWA RONIN TK45C 

Taking the number 5 spot this year is the KWA RONIN TK45C! The TK45C has a full metal modular upper receiver, an integrated 6” keymod handguard, a PDW style stock, and included in the box is a set of PTS Enhanced Flip-up Front and Rear Polymer Sights, all of which gives this AEG a futuristic look. It has the KWA VPS system which allows you to change the FPS easily and whilst it doesn't have a MOSFET as standard, it does have a cool cut-off feature that means the gun won't fire if the mag is empty, which makes it more realistic to play with and prevents dry fire damage. This AEG has now been discontinued, but I am really looking forward to using the TK45C2 2022 version! 

Read my full review here

At number 4, we have the Krytac KRISS Vector AEG. The Krytac KRISS Vector has been a firm favourite of mine since it was released in 2017. I just love the look of the Vector – it’s so different from any other weapon on the market and its performance out of the box is pretty hard to match. It is accurate, has great range, and has consistent groupings which for me what makes it such a great choice if you’re looking for an all-rounder weapon. It has a polymer receiver, a 20mm Picatinny rail that spans the length of the receiver and a collapsable stock. 

Internally, it has a polymer piston of which the first 5 teeth are metal. It also features a polymer cylinder head, an Aluminium mech box, 8mm steel bushings, a similar motor to the motor found in the trident series and an electronic control system that is powered by microswitches. This gal has it all in my eyes. 

Read my full review here 

At number 3, we have the KWA RONIN 47! Now I’ve used a few AKs in my time airsofting but you guys and gals know that I’m an M4 gal at heart. Could this be the AK to change that though?! 

It has a 7″ MLOK handguard, a Gen. 2 PDW ‘Tanker’ stock, the new “Cutter” muzzle brake, and a paddle-style magazine release. The rail and upper receiver are metal, and the lower receiver is an Aluminium mix. It also has the PTS Enhanced Polymer Grip and the Enhanced Back-Up Ironsights. It looks sleek in all black. As for the internals, it also has the AEG 2.5 gearbox that many of the other KWA range have, the VPS system - the Variable Performance System - that enables the player to adjust the FPS with the use of a tool (which is included in the box), a reinforced radiused mechbox and it is ready for a MOSFET to be dropped in (but doesn’t have one as standard). 

I love how it’s a mash-up of an M4 and an AK - KWA has done a really good job on the aesthetics for this, and it’s easy to use and shoots great. What’s not to love? 

Read my full review here 

At number 2, we have the Golden Eagle M870 M-LOK Tri-Shot Gas Pump Action Shotgun - a shotty? I know, unexpected! This is a replica of the shorter M870, which has an added AR pistol grip, buffer tube, and a sliding six-position stock. It has been manufactured mostly from alloy and only uses Polymer for the pistol grip and stock to be as close to the real thing as possible. It’s gas-powered and features a 20mm rail on the receiver, a ghost ring rear iron sight already installed, an M-LOK style pump handle, and the six-position stock conceals the internal gas tank in the buffer tube. 

From the sound of racking it, to how it shoots, to how it looks - there’s nothing I don’t enjoy about it. The stock makes it super comfy to shoulder and it’s compact/lightweight - perfect for CQB junkies! 

Read my full review here 

The number 1 spot for my favourite airsoft gun of 2021 is, the Redwolf X Agency Arms EXA! I’ve been running this as pretty much my only secondary solidly for the last year and honestly, this gal has been through a LOT (including literally a piece of plasterboard but we’ll skip that story!). 

The EXA features a full metal slide with all the serrations and signature Agency 'A's we see on their slides, a fibre optic front sight, a metal blackout barrel, and a fully licensed Timberwolf lower that has a faux shark stipple and an adjustable trigger. This pistol really is a thing of beauty! 

I haven’t done an in-depth review of this pistol yet, so what do we think? Shall we get it reviewed? Let me know in the comments!


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Welcome back to the blog! I’m back with another review in partnership with Extreme Airsoft and in this one, we’ll be looking at the Double Bell SCR-L AEG!

Let’s first dive into who Double Bell actually is as some Airsofters new to the sport might not know their background. Double Bell is a name we’ve seen seeing popping up in online stores for a little while now. They used to be known by just ‘Bell’. They’ve always been a relatively small manufacturer but a few years back they purchased the entire factory known for years as DBoys together with a complete production line and equipment. So now some of the DBoys replicas have reappeared under a new name Double Bell.

The Double bell SCR-L (or Scar Light) has been constructed from nylon polymer with a metal upper receiver. Its RIS Rails, barrel, iron-sights, and magazine are also made of metal. It has a 20mm Picatinny rail that follows the length of the receiver and hand-guard and a folding stock (or the ugg boot as it is affectionately known) that has a rubber cap for comfortable shouldering and the stock also houses the battery along with a textured pistol grip. On the receiver, we can find the ambidextrous fire selectors and magazine release.

Internally, we have a metal reinforced gearbox with steel gears, 7 mm precision ball bearings, a metal spring guide with the bearing, reinforced cylinder head, vacuum piston head, and an adjustable hop-up.  

Aesthetically there isn’t much to report on for the SCR-L bar the distinctive UGG bootie stock - if you haven’t seen the memes I implore you to google them, they’re pretty good! The UGG boot stock is definitely a love-it-or-hate-it kind of stock but as an avid UGG wearer during the early 2000s, it’s my vibe. It does have a lot of rail space to add accessories and the folding stock does help reduce the size for CQB and urban environments.

In terms of usability, the battery is surprisingly easy to install - you simply press the button on the riser on the stock and lift, this then allows you to install the battery. I would advise using a small stick battery as the battery storage compartment is pretty small. The Double Bell SCR-L accepts standard M4 AEG magazines so if you already have an AR platform there’s no need to get any new magazines. Its fire controls and mag release are also in similar places to the AR platform so it is a smooth transition although the fire selector is slightly different.

It chronos pretty consistently at 337 FPS which is more than enough for any CQB site in the UK. It fires with no issues on both semi-auto and full-auto (and has a good rate of fire too). You can check out my fire test on TikTok here!

In the box you get the Double Bell SCR-L AEG, a High Capacity Magazine. From Extreme Airsoft it retails for just £179.99 which is such a good price point for an airsoft AEG and you can use code ‘femmefatale21’ for 5% off!

Post sponsored by Extreme Airsoft


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Welcome back to the blog! Following on from the Stocking Fillers for Airsofters post I published last week, this week I'm looking at Christmas gifts for the airsofters in your life! Whether you have no idea about airsoft but your lady, fella, relative or teammate is into it and you need some guidance or if you're an airsofter yourself and you just need some ideas for a gift they'd love, there's something on this list for every budget!

The Bifrost Tracer Unit from ACETECH has been a hot topic in the airsoft community over the last couple of weeks - it is the first airsoft tracer that gives us rainbow BB trails! I'm not kidding - search this badboy on YouTube and see what I mean! It has 11 modes: 7 x Mono color (so you can have pink or blue or orange BB trails etc), RGB multilayer, Bifrost, Dynamic and Demo. The Bifrost also simulates muzzle flash - a flame effect when a BB passes through to add a hint of realism and it supports standard BBs, Green tracer BBs, Gel BBs (for our gelsofter friends in NZ)

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen me wearing this chest rig and using these inserts - the Chest Rig has 1 x admin pouch for IFAK kit or tools, 4 x built-in pistol mag pouches for most pistol mags with adjustable flaps plus an open-top customisable main compartment for hook-&-loop mag inserts of which 2 double mag inserts included for AR rifle or 5.56 NATO mags are included. The chest rig has loads of space and even some extra protection on the front of the rig (which is removable too) - making this a great option for using both indoors and outdoors. It's worth noting that the inserts can be used in any rig that has a customisable compartment with hook & loop such as the Spiritus MK3 and the Viper VX Chest Rig.

Slings are a great addition to any airsoft kit and the Viper VX sling is an affordable solution to a gucci looking sling - it has a quick-adjust pull system for a fast transition, 2 x Removable snap clips, is fully adjustable and attaches to the weapon via 2 points.

The QUAKE 8 is the 7-shot impact grenade from Tectonic Innovations! It has a simple bobblehead design and is constructed from stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum so that the device can be reused reliably. It has a built-in safety mechanism and features a twist to activate safety.

It fits in a standard 40mm holster and is the perfect fit for the Deadly Customs 40mm holster. This reusable airsoft grenade is perfect for the airsofter in your life that plays CQB! You can save 5% on the Extreme Airsoft website with my code 'femmefatale21'. Read my full review of the QUAKE 8 here

The Large Rifle Case from Nuprol is a hard rifle case that features 4 latches to keep the case shut, a carry handle, wheels on one end and a handle on the other for easy transportation and 2 padlock holes on front edge for when you need to securely lock the case for international travel. This version has pick and pluck foam which means you can customise the case to your loadout for added security. This link is for the black case but it's available in 3 other colours (some are cheaper too!) You can read my review from when these were released here! You can save 5% on the Extreme Airsoft website with my code 'femmefatale21'

The ONETIGRIS PLPC is constructed from 500D Nylon with polymer buckles making it durable equipment carrying option for airsoft, paintball, wargame, hunting, shooting, training, or other outdoor activities.
It comes with a front magazine pouch with upper pockets for three pistol mags and a lower pouch for three M4 magazines with top bungee to secure them. It has 360 MOLLE webbing so it's easy to expand the carrying capacity of the vest. It also has detachable EVA padding inside for double protection that can be replaced.

 The Vortex Crossfire is super-light, ultra-compact, insanely-fast-on-target, incredibly durable and has Vortex's lifetime VIP warranty! The daylight-bright, 2-MOA dot, is easy to acquire and promotes rapid engagement of targets, yet is fine enough to more precisely engage targets at distance. It has 11 intensity levels of brightness let shooters cater the dot intensity to the situation at hand. Skeletonised mount offers two height options – lending its functionality to AR-15’s, shotguns, and pistols.

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