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Welcome back to the blog! Recently I partnered with Tectonic Innovations and their new blank firing grenade - the Quake 8! 

The Quake 8 from Tectonic Innovations is a new 7 shot blank firing grenade that’s made from CNC’d stainless steel that discharges .209 multipurpose primers. It has a safe position (so it doesn’t discharge when it shouldn’t - think when it’s being stored, or transported. No one needs a .209 going off in their kit bag!) And 7 firing positions. The way to prime/arm it is that you unscrew the base, load the primers up into the base, screw back on (pref so the firing pin is in the safe position) and then when you want to use it, twist the base to one of the firing positions and throw. When you retrieve your ‘nade you can simply put it back into safe and store it or move it to another firing position to use again. It’s super simple to operate and can be easily operated with gloves on. If you were wearing gloves and the ‘nade was wet I think the operation might be clumsy (but I would need to test this for sure to say that conclusively though)

What I think is a great feature/selling point of the Quake 8 is that all of the parts are replaceable, so if anything should ever go wrong with your ‘nade instead of replacing the entire unit (for £134.99) you can simply replace the part - this works out much cheaper for the end-user. The customer service at Tectonics is also great.

I tested my Quake 8 25 times at The Department CQB in Croft near Leicester which is a fully enclosed CQB arena, out of the 25 times, it only failed to detonate twice and I am pretty sure this is down to my own error as I didn’t throw it very hard all. By the end of the 25 throws, it was a bit scuffed - a couple of chips on the base and some scratches on the paint but it performed overall really well. It even went off on grass which was surprising! Although it isn’t designed to go off on grass it will go off if the ground is hard.

Now as I’ve said the Quake 8 retails for around £134.99, which a few have said in the comments of my posts/videos is a little expensive but to put it into perspective, the first-gen TRMR was £79.99 and only had one bang and the latest gen TRMR was £84.99 with an X4 base (which still only has one bang, but a tri-shot base could be purchased for an extra £30). I think keeping that in mind, £134.99, whilst a substantial outlay is good value for money. Over 100 throws (including the primers), it works out to just £1.44 per throw which is substantial outlay (I won’t deny that) but it is cheaper than paper pyro. Whilst it isn’t for every airsofters budget if you spend a lot on pyro and play plenty of CQB this is definitely something you should look into! Especially if you loved the TRMR.

It comes in a tonne of colours including red, blue, black, yellow, silver, purple, pink, green, light blue and grey. Tectonic Innovations have also released a new ‘zombie green’, ‘Fuschia pink’ and rose gold. Out of all the colours, the rose gold is my favourite! But it is a limited edition and only limited to 100.

You can watch my full video here:


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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another review for you, and it’s on the Viper VX Buckle Up Mag Rig that I featured in my Viper VCAM VX Buckle Up Plate Carrier Set-Up. 

The VX Buckle Up Mag Rig from Viper is a practical and affordable way of expanding your plate carriers load capacity. It has 3 front single rifle mag pouches and 3 front single pistol mag pouches that are secured with elastic bungee cords with cord locks. It’s fully compatible with the Viper VX Buckle Up system and has a hook-and-loop attachment at the back. The rifle pouches will fit both 7.62 and 5.56mm magazines so it’s also versatile. 

The material quality of the rig is definitely durable enough for airsoft - the clips are fairly strong and the mag rig comes with elastic loops to protect the clips (great for when a BB hits them!). Although I’m not 100% sure, I believe it’s made from Cordura fabric like many of the other pieces in Vipers range. 

I did make a small modification to my Mag Rig - I’ve cut the bungee cords a lot shorter and sealed the ends by burning them, just because when you first get the rig there is a lot of extra bungee. I made sure my mags have enough to be secured with then loosened the bungee cord a little and just cut. This isn’t totally necessary but it does make your kit look a lot tidier. 

It is easy to install on the Viper VX Gen 2 Plate Carrier, all you need to do is take it off the Velcro backing, slap it on and buckle it up. Once it’s on it’s ready to be loaded up and the rifle mag pouches perform their job well - they have good retention when tightened and it is easy to put the mags back in. The pistol mag pouches aren’t bad but they did have one flaw. The back of pistol mag pouches aren’t sewn or secured so when I’ve gone to put a mag back in them in ahurry, the bottom of the mags have caught the material and pushed it down into the pouch - this means the mags aren’t totally secured which isn’t a problem if you aren’t super active but if you’re anything like me and get stuck in, this could result in the loss of mags. It also could just be me being a bit too rough with my mags but it is something to take into consideration. I think if Viper secured the back of the pistol mags they would perform great. 

It’s available in Black, Titanium, Green, Coyote and VCAM (Viper’s version of Multicam) and retails for £26.95. 

This isn’t my favourite piece of kit from Viper, there are improvements that could be made to help it perform better.

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Welcome back to the blog! Sorry it's been a while since my last blog post, during June I took a couple of weeks off to mentally prepare myself for the world somewhat returning back to normal. I think we can all agree that lockdown was a weird and stressful time with a lot of uncertainty for many of us!

Today we're back with a new post that I teased on my Instagram stories on Saturday evening! On Saturday 4th July 2020 COVID19 lockdown restrictions in England lifted and we were able to play airsoft again. Now some of you will know from watching my IG Q&A sessions that I am a massive germaphobe and I also suffer from health anxiety - not really ideal during a global pandemic if I'm honest. I won't lie, after over 100 days in lockdown and barely seeing another human being, the thought of being around a lot of people again did make me very nervous so I chose to stay close to home and attend a site that I trust. The site I visited was West Midlands Airsoft: The FOB which many of you will know I also Marshall for. 

The reason I chose to go to WMA for my first game day back is because the staff are like family and I explicitly trust them to not come to site if they've had symptoms or if they've been in contact with someone that has. I also trust that appropriate measures will be put into place to keep players and staff safe.

A lot has changed since the last time we played airsoft back in March 2020, and a lot has changed in regards to how we marshall games now. All staff at WMA have received extra COVID-19 training and specific team members have taken extra COVID First Aid training.

I was met on the car park by one of our Marshalls, who directed me to a suitable parking space and after having a brief chat I dragged, yes dragged my kit bags and rifle case out of the car and made my way to the safe zone. On the way in, the team put up a 1 way system to minimise contact. Customers wait 2m apart inline until they are at the front of the queue. One side leads into the shop/sign-in area and safe zone, and the other leads to the new entrance to the gaming area and to the exit.

At the shop/sign-in area there is a sign to remind customers to wait until they are called towards the desk and there is a hand sanitiser dispenser on the wall which customers must use before payment (or signing a form if you forget to bring one). PRO TIP: printing out your insurance waiver and filling it out at home means less contact for yourself and staff and also gets the queue down quicker!

At the sign-in desk there is now a perspex screen to protect both staff and customers. WMA is still accepting cash payments but of course, contactless payments are preferred. At the moment, hot food isn't being served at lunch to be safe so it's advisable to bring a packed lunch. There are still drinks and snacks that can be purchased on site if you get peckish during the day!

Before, all players would gather at the podium to hear the safety brief, however as social distancing needs to be maintained, players now stay at their designated kit areas and Paul (the owner of WMA) gives the safety brief from a distance (using the megaphone if required). In the new updated safety brief players are given a thorough run through of what is expected of them during the day. The biggest changes to the rules in the game area are that players must practice social distancing and for the foreseeable future there will be no medic rule but unlimited respawns and the use of respawn flags.

Unfortunately the only thing I didn't get images of is the new table set-ups. WMA have added more tables into the safe zone and they are all taped up and are limited to the amount of players on them. There is also 2m social distancing signs/posters and hand sanitiser stations throughout the safe zone to promote hygiene. As my friend Joe at was away for the day I asked if I could use his shop area to set-up and keep my equipment/myself away from others which helped a lot with my general anxiety.

As it was the first game day back, and everyone is still adjusting to our new 'normal' there were bound to be some learning moments. A group of 3 players decided to also use the space I was using to kit up (despite not asking). My problem wasn't that they were using the space, it was that they were putting their guns on my case, not social distancing and crowding around the space in general which made me feel very uncomfortable and was inconsiderate. After asking them to move their guns off my case which they did, and give me some space which they didn't I spoke to Paul and they were told they had to adhere to the rules which caused some grumbles but the team handled it really well and I appreciated that. I think this shows how seriously the team at WMA are taking this.

The toilets are being cleaned more regularly and are limited to one person in the room at any time. What did surprise me was how many players the staff had to tell to wash their hands after they've used the toilet *facepalm*. The staff were on top of it - Becky made SURE everyone washed their hands, but damn guys how hard is it to wash your hands! What concerns me regarding this is if this is how useless airsofters are at washing their hands after using the toilet during a global pandemic, how shit were they at it before? *shudders*

Overall, I think the team at WMA are taking the Gov guidelines seriously and have put in appropriate measures to keep both the staff and players safe. They were great at policing social distancing in both the safe zone and in the game zone and of course hand washing. With all this in place, it is now down to the players to do their part and maintain good personal hygiene and social distancing.


Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog!

One the 1st of June another issue of 6MM ACTUAL went live! In 6MM ACTUAL you can read the best of the monthly 'Femme Fatale Airsoft' blogs and get bonus content exclusive to our monthly downloadable. Online or offline, you can get your airsoft media fix! In the June issue, we have a Viper VCAM set-up, a review on the Titan Power Batteries, a feature piece on MilSim snacks and a Pencott Greenzone load out.


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Welcome back to the blog! Whilst I was going through my kit last weekend when moving my office around (the office move around vlog is coming soon!) I came to realise just how many tactical fanny packs and drop pouches I have, so I thought it would be a cool post to compare them all! In this post, we're going to look at drop pouches from brands such as Ferro Concepts, Viper, Haley Strategic Partners and OPS.

First up, is the Ferro Concepts 'The Dangler' pouch, which is one of the OGs (it may be THE OG). I first purchased one of these in Multicam in 2016 and loved it so much that when I started building a Ranger Green kit I got one in RG too! (Although the RG pouch I found on eBay for £20! Barg!)

The Dangler drop pouch was designed by Ferro Concepts as a ‘fanny pack’ add-on to a plate carrier or chest rig. The pouch is designed to be lightweight, durable (made from Genuine Multicam fabric) and flexible tool organiser. It allows important tools/items to be carried in a convenient location. On the inside of the pouch there are a mix of 1.5" elastic and 3" loop lining to keep your tools/items secure when you are on the move. It also features a large Velcro square on the front so for patches.

The Dangler can be mounted either under the front flap and cummerbund or inserted into a plate pocket. I mount mine under the front flap and cummerbund on my plate carrier or between the backing velcro (I'm not sure what that bit is actually called, don't roast me!) on a chest rig.

At $48.50, it is one of the more expensive drop pouches on this list but it is made from genuine Multicam and made in the USA. At the current exchange rate (5/06/2020) that's £38.40 but remember  you will need to pay customs fees when it arrives in the UK. They're well constructed and have a good carrying capacity. This is my favourite drop pouch out of the bunch.

It's available in MC, MCB, RG, Black and Coyote. 

Next up is the Viper SCROTE pouch, a tactical fanny-pack pouch Velcro attachment for plate carriers and chest rigs that has webbing straps on each side and a Velcro ID panel on the front for all of your favourite patches, the SCROTE pouch I have is one of the first version, the latest version of this pouch has been updated slightly (hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on one when the 'Rona is gone). Inside the pouch, it has elasticated internal loop holders and a Velcro front internal pouch to keep all your bits and bobs safe during gameplay. It has a Viper firm draw zip puller to give the user more grip whilst unzipping/zipping the pouch closed especially when wearing gloves or when your hands are wet/cold. 

It is available in a great range of colours including VCam, black, green, coyote and titanium so there is a colour to suit most loadouts. It is stocked at most Viper retailers in the UK and the best part? It retails for around £11! This is fantastic news for those who want the look of Gucci kit on a budget or have multiple loadouts to fill with pouches.

Next up, is the HSP Multi Mission Hanger, which is a drop down pouch to store tools that is lined with loop velcro to secure additional pouch organisers. What makes this pouch different to the previous two is the fact it can be fully opened and lay flat. It was designed to attach to the Velcro rear panel on the D3CR Chest Rig or under the front flap / cummerbund of many plate carriers. As I have this in RG I usually wear it with my MAS Grey LBX 0300S to expand its carrying capacity.

Whilst I do like this pouch, it isn't my favourite on the list. Whilst it has a huge carrying capacity and the fact you can stick organisers in it is really cool, the zip is quite hard to open in a hurry (it takes a few tugs and I've often opened the whole thing and then had to pick everything up) and without the organisers if the pouch opens fully, everything falls out. I think I'm definitely going to have to get some organisers for it.

In the UK the Coyote and Multicam variants are available from Tactical Clothing for £44.99, which is a little cheaper than other online retailers but they do not have all of the camos/colourways. The HSP website does, but again you'll be paying import taxes.

Last in the list is the OPS Modular Fanny Pocket from Hueys MTO. It can either be used as a drop pouch by attaching it under the front flap/cummerbund, it can be mounted on a belt as a fanny pocket or by adding 2 ITW Grimloc D-Rings it can be attached to any MOLLE platform. It has a cord zip puller which is really handy when you're wearing gloves or the weather is poor.

Inside the pouch, like the others it has elastic loops to organise tools and accessories. It has a good capacity and I really like the shape of this one - it sets it apart from the others.

It's available in ATACS iX, Multicam, Multicam Black and Multicam Tropic. It is also very reasonably priced!

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