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Welcome back to the blog! It's been a hot minute since we've done a belt set-up blog and since the last, I've of course added to the collection! M81 is one of my favourite camo patterns of all time so it seemed only right that, for my Rigger's belt build, it should be in God's plaid.

The base of my belt setup is the Rigger's Belt from Deadly Customs! It is made from MILSPEC webbing and features a dual-layer construction for strength and durability. At the front of the belt, there is a genuine 45mm AustriaAlpin Cobra Buckle that has a built-in D-Ring which you can use to attach a load of items. The inside of the belt is lined with an extra-strong hook Velcro to attach it to the inner belt. The inner goes through your trouser loops just like a normal belt and has an extra ridged construction so that when the two are paired together it creates a solid platform that airsofters and kit enthusiats can rely on. The inner belt has been designed intentionally with loop Velcro so it can be worn alone and won’t damage clothes or car seats. On the buckle, the DC logo has been laser etched which is a great touch. The Rigger's Belt is available in 7 different colours/camouflages so no matter what your loadout/syle is, you're covered. From the DC website, it retails for £114.99.

Now we've discussed the base of the build, let's chat about what I've fleshed it out with. First up, we have 2   Deadly Customs Glock Shooters Style Magazine Holsters!

The Glock shooters style mag holsters are constructed from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex and are a redesign of their larger big brother. They're shorter, lighter and have more aggressive styling but still offer the same retention. They fit all Airsoft Glock 17, 18, 19, 22 and 34 magazines - I use mine for my Redwolf Airsoft X Agency Arms EXA. Each mag holster has 2 adjustable retention screws so you can adjust it to your play style and environment. They also have the ability to be canted forward or backwards by 10 or 20° using the mounting holes.

As my belt is M81 I've accessorised it with green holsters but they are available in tan and black too, and cost £19.99 each.

The M4 shooter's style mag holsters are also made from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex and have the aggressive Shooters styling. They are manufactured to fit all M4 mags. Like the Glock holster, each Mag holster has 2 adjustable retention screws to customise it to the user. These have been designed so they can be stacked on top of each other and mounted either way to suit different players. They are also available in tan and black, and retail for £19.99.

Made from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex this radio holster for the Baofeng UV5R has been designed with players like myself in mind. I am a nightmare for pressing buttons by mistake but as this encompasses the whole radio, all buttons are safe from this mishap. This holster is made using a one-piece construction method, so it is also durable. Like the other holsters in the DC range it has 2 adjustable retention screws.

They are also available in black and tan, and retail for £24.99.

The 40mm Grenade Holster from Deadly Customs is a Kydex carrying system made from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex that is compatible with any MOLLE system. Designed primarily to carry a variety of airsoft impact grenades, these holsters can also accomodate moscart shells and EG WP40 smoke grenades. There’s not really a great deal to talk about in terms of features as they are a super simple bit of kit – just moulded thermoplastic with an attachment system, this simply means there’s less to go wrong. One of the main selling points of Kydex carriers is that they are really lightweight so are perfect for low drag loadouts. You can check out my full review here.

They are avaiable in a multitude of colours and retail from £16.99.

My newest holster from the DC range is the new signature Glock DC1! Like the others it is made from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex and is confirmed to fit all standard airsoft Glock 17, 18, 19, 22 and 34 on the market. In the photo I am using my EXA! It is worth noting this is a right hand only holster.

It has 3 points of adjustment to enable you to set your draw. The Holster uses the trigger and lower frame for retention, this enables it to fit a variety of Glocks! This holster is avialable in different colours and starts at £39.99 and goes up to £80.96 (which is the variation I have).

For this set-up, the cost is £244.98 from the Rigger's Belt Building service at Deadly Customs, so she is a pricey gal but buying it through the belt building service saves a huge chunk of change as opposed to buying it separately. You can also save 10% on your order using my code 'femmefatale' - this isn't an affiliate, just saving you money.

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