Glock Makeover, Femme Fatale style!

Hey everyone, so I've had my WE Airsoft Europe Glock 18C for around a year now and due to skirmishes and milsims she's looking a bit worse for wear so I decided to give her some TLC and a makeover! I've ran her with suppressors, sound hogs and a variety of flash hiders but I wanted to make a more permanent change. 

After disassembling the Glock and giving the internals a good clean, I set about giving her a new look and I decided on continuing the colour scheme in my Femme Fatale loadout so I used the Kobra Fuschia spray paint that makes my Custom Krytac PDW so recognisable! Here are the results!


'Airsofters go to Prison' A site review of UCAP D-Wing by Laura AKA Crofty.

Hey everyone! This is a really special post - a guest review of the new UCAP D-Wing site at the Old Shepton Mallet prison written by one of my fellow Slaydies, Laura!

"Airsofters go to Prison"
A Site review by Laura a.k.a Crofty.

Well it's not as bad as it sounds! My team and I wanted to try out some other sites from our local which is situated in Warminster, Wiltshire so after a bit of research we came across an ad for a new site: Shepton Mallet Prison D-Wing!

Shepton Mallet Prison opened in 1610 and housed notorious criminals such as the Kray Brothers in 1950. It was one of the oldest operating prisons in the country until its closure in 2013. So, what better location to open up as an Airsoft CQB site? UCAP Airsoft decided to take residence in the D-Wing (the newer block set aside from the historic main body of the prison). The first game took place on the 10th January 2016 but we were unable to make this game as it books up very quickly and we found out why when we played at the site on the 24th January.

We arrived on site at 8.30am and received a warm welcome from the UCAP marshals. The signing in process was quick and easy as the bookings were made online in advance, walk on price was £30. The Safe Zone was located in the old prison clothing and safety boot storage area, and not only was there plenty of room to store all your kit and prepare for the day, it was complete with an on site shop selling a good variety of items from batteries to RIFS. Perfect if you happened to forget anything on the day or just fancied adding something extra to your kit!

After a quick chrono we were given our first game brief, which was light-hearted but still covered all necessary rules and regulations; one being no ignition based pyro was allowed so we didn't get chance to use our flash-bangs. There were a total of 70 Airsofters and we were split into two teams. The first attacking team were to start at the top (the 5th floor!) of the building and gradually make their way down to take each floor one by one! The teams then switched over once the last floor had been taken.

Some of the rooms were couple of rooms that were completely dark and others were completely lit or lit by strobe lighting - this made for some adrenaline-filled game play especially on the stairwells which sometimes felt nearly impossible to get down due to the amount of grenades being used! Bringing a torch is definitely a good idea!

The second game involved collecting three flashing beacons from three different floors to then eventually return them to a specified room in the building. (Flashing beacon pictured left by Chris Malton Southampton Uni Airsoft Society)

Between switching this game around, we were provided with a lunch of hot dogs, beans, cheese and tortilla chips, not forgetting the supply of tea and coffee that kept us going all day.

We returned to the previous game which was followed shortly by the final game of the day which involved retrieving a key from one of the marshals. The key opened up a safe which contained a £20 note, and yes, the person that managed to open up the safe was allowed to keep it! The particular game involved using all of the floors which was hard work considering the size of the building and the amount of stairs we had to climb; it certainly provided a day of good exercise. (Dark corridor pictured right by Chris Malton)

Each game was well structured and fast-paced but it would have been nice to play an objective where
there were no BFG's involved, I believe it would have hopefully minimised the hold ups on the stairwells. Aside from this, my team and I had a great day thanks to everyone involved and we will certainly be returning. I would definitely recommend it to the CQB regulars and first timers so get in contact to book your place - FAST!

More information can be found at

Thanks for the insight Laura! I can't wait to visit the UCAP D-Wing myself!


Player Spotlight: Tim Selby aka RedWolf Tim!

Here's a player spotlight I've been looking forward to for a while, a player that is a great ambassador for the sport - you'll have seen him as the face of RedWolf TV, RedWolf Tim!

So Tim, thank you for taking part in the FFA player spotlights! How long have you been playing Airsoft? What originally got you into it? And what do you love most about the sport?

I’d like to say around 11 years, even if 3 of those years were spent in Australia. Ever since I was 10, I’ve had an interest in toy guns. I used to buy cheap springers and had a whole collection of them but unfortunately, it was Paintball that eventually got me interested in Airsoft, not the way one would assume. When I was 14, in my first ever Paintball game, I had an unfortunate incident that involved a high velocity Paintball pellet from up close, colliding with my crown jewels. This painful memory made me believe that smaller pellets would do less damage but I didn’t know Airsoft games existed. So, at the age of 16, my friend Yonathan, one of the previous presenters of RedWolf TV, invited me to an Airsoft game and I loved it. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of going to Australia for College thus completely removing Airsoft from my existence, until I finished my course. I flew back to Hong Kong and was fortunate enough to find that RedWolf had an opening. Being around Airsoft all day, nearly every day, and having the opportunity to show them to the world is what I truly love about it.

Where is your home site?

There were a few CQB sites in Hong Kong before I travelled to the UK and America. I don’t know anymore. I love diversity and changing it up.

What are the most memorable sites you’ve played?

My favourite game, by far, was American Milsim’s Iron Clad II. There was always plenty of action, fireworks, explosions as well as a lot of running. There was always something to do, a mission to complete and the Kaiju to keep safe.

What's your playing style?

I change it up depending on the field. I tend to take the aggressive approach but I’ve learned that patience tends to be the better option. It’s hard to say. It really depends on the scenario.

What is your weapon of choice? And what load out do you normally run?

There are moments where I use my TM P90 at Hong Kong CQB games but they’re so small, that I would much rather use my G17 instead. At the American Milsim games, I would run my G&P M4 RIS that Oppenheimer Airsoft did some custom work to and the TM 226 as my side arm. Since I’ve played in a few American Milsim events, I would wear my Emerson Gen 3 Multicam Pants and Shirt so I don’t have to worry about wearing additional knee or elbow padding. The Ops Core Base Jump helmet protects my scalp and the Smith Optics Boogie Sport is light enough to make it feel as if it’s not there. I’ve recently adopted the RWA Mission Spec EOC and the Haley Strategic D3CR for my M4 and 226 magazines with the Flatpack at the back. Good boots are very important as you’re walking or running most of the time and the Merrell Moabs have been amazing. My load out is incredibly light which allows be to be quick and agile.

Is there anything you would like to say to other players out there?

Airsoft is continuously growing and maturing yet it is far from what it could be! I’ve spent many years promoting Airsoft in a positive light but I cannot do it alone. The great thing is, I know I am not alone. There are folks out there willing to teach beginners what Airsoft is all about, promoting safety, pushing Airsoft into a competitive direction and making sure you’re having fun. Think of Airsoft as a brand that wants to bring good to the world but had a rough start. All of you are its brand ambassador. Let’s show the world how useful it can be for training purposes, how competitive it can be in IPCS and 3 Gun Nation, how fun and thrilling it can be at large events. Most importantly, let’s show them how safe it is. If you see someone doing something wrong, teach them rather than scolding them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We’re all here for each other.

Where can my readers find you on social media?

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


Warrior Assault Systems Recon Plate Carrier Shooters Cut Review!

Hey everyone! Here is a review you've been asking for, for a while - the Warrior Assault Systems Recon Plate Carrier in the Shooters Cut! You've seen it in my photos for the last few months of 2015 and have asked endless questions - I now feel like I know the product well enough to give you an indepth review!

I purchased the Warrior Recon Plate Carrier SC when my previous PCs fell short - a cheap eBay Job and then another cheap £20 jobby from Taiwan Gun (I know a lot of people rave about TG but that's just my experience!) After running with a new team for a fair few weeks who swore by this brand, I thought I'd check it out! My first thought was the expense, and their gear was a hell of a lot more expensive than what I was used to but after trying one of the lads Recon PCs and seeing how well it fitted, I decided to take the plunge and ordered the new Warrior Recon PC in the Shooters cut from UK Tactical, luckily they had a discount code of 20% so I ordered the Warrior Triple Open Mag Pouch and the Warrior Cargo Pack both in MultiCam to accessorize it. The order came to a total of £166.89 with next day delivery.

There were 3 things that I wanted from my new Plate Carrier: for it to be lightweight, low profile and completely adjustable to fit my small frame and the Recon delivered. The Recon Plate Carrier in the Shooters Cut is one of the latest evolutions of Plate Carriers from Warrior and is a lightweight, versatile and low profile alternative to some of their more classic styles such as the DCS. The PC has been designed to keep a ballistics plate in the front plate pocket and a SAPI plate in the back pocket. Both plate pockets however feature a backing of 3D mesh to help with the dispersal of body heat from the shooter and also improve ballistic performance. The PC comes standard with a non ballistic foam insert - perfect for Airsoft, it's a good thickness and gives a distinctive sound when a BB strikes it. The RPC features a ladder style cummerbund that still has MOLLE compatability. The PC itself is covered back and front with a MOLLE system and has a front velcro panel so you can easily swap pre configured weapon specific pouch set ups. As I said I chose to accessorize it with the Triple Open M4 Mag pouch set up and the Cargo pack on the back.

Before we get down to anything else, let's talk about the fit as that was the most important aspect of the carrier for me! The Recon PC is completely adjustable, from its cummerbund to its padded shoulder straps (with wrap arounds for comms and hydration channeling) it can be adjusted to any body shape - I ordered the medium which fits up to a 45" chest. The most important aspect for me is the adjustable waist, with previous plate carriers I have found they just don't tighten up enough for my small frame.

The ladder style cummerbund is attached to the RPCs front via two removable ITW SR clips and back via a velcro panel - this makes it super easy to adjust and it pulls in tight enough for my 26" waist. The shoulder straps allow for adjustment and although I'm not overly booby, it is nice to have a little extra wiggle room in the top with a tight waist. The fit gets a big thumbs up from me! I also love the shooters cut at the shoulders which makes it easier to shoulder your weapon. It's low profile design means it is slim, compact and lightweight, which is perfect for those like me who have a smaller frame.

What's the quality like? It's made from genuine Mil Spec materials and hardware making it durable, hard wearing and great value for money. I have owned this PC for around 6 months now and the foam inserts have held their shape incredibly well! I've fell in it, crawled in it, skidded along concrete floors in this, had pyro land on it and it has no scuffs, tears or any damage - it is filthy from the numerous skirmishes and MilSims it has had to endure but this takes away that new kit shine. I am seriously impressed with this particular PC.

For my Femme Fatale loadout, I run the RPC with the pre configured Warrior Assault Systems Triple
Open M4 Mag pouch, my FFA patch front and centre, a one point sling channeled through the straps alongside my Z-Tac PTT and my hydration system during MilSims and hot summer days. You will also see a tactical sharpie clipped onto the MOLLE of my mag pouches! My Warrior Cargo pack holds all the essentials I need on field from primers for my impact grenades, beebs, gas and disposable pyro. It has a pouch for my water bladder which keeps it separate to protect it. I also have a plastic Warrior Mag pouch on the back for team mates on MilSim ops. My RPC is minimal on accessories but it has everything I need on the field.

Any questions? Post them in the comments section below! :)

My first look and first impressions of the ASG CZ Shadow SP-01!

Hey everyone! This is a really exciting blog post and this is the ASG CZ Shadow SP-01 roadshow and this is the very first blog review on the pistol!

So let's look at the Shadow's background, it is the Airsoft version of the Real Steel CZ Shadow SP-01 that was designed by Angus Hobdell, a champion British shooter who moved to the U.S and the genius behind CZ Customs, and also by Adam Tyc, a double world shooting champion from the Czech Republic. Their aim was to create a pistol that focused on accuracy and speed, which the Shadow delivers. Now they have brought out the Airsoft version, how does it stack up?

The first thing I noticed immediately is the aesthetics - I love the details on the slide and the optics. It also has a great weight to it and the grip isn't uncomfortable in my small hands - something that I have encountered with pistols in the past!

The ASG CZ Shadow SP-01 comes standard with a black rubberized grip, but as you will see in my photos the post production Shadow I tested at JD Airsoft features the metallic grips. These are part of the Shadow accessories range that are sold separately. The grips come in 3 colour ways - the CZ Orange, red and blue. Not only do they look awesome and are a great way to personalise the pistol, the metallic grips allow more palm contact with the pistol itself, creating a more secure grip for the shooter. It also features a 'beaver tail' style grip which allows your palm to sit snug in the curve - creating a more positive feel for the pistol.

The Shadow also features an oversized safety switch so you can rest your thumb on it and also an oversized mag release as seen in the picture to the right. One of my favourite features of the Shadow is the short stroke competition trigger! It's a two stage short stroke trigger designed for speed so when you cock it back, the internal mechanism shortens the stroke so when the second shot is taken, you rack it back and it's there, ready to go! The chrome finish of the trigger is also a nice touch.

The slide is embossed with all the markings of it's real steel counterpart and as it has a front end slide, it can also be disassembled in the same way, it's definitely worth mentioning that it is a 1.1 scale replica of it's counterpart! The Shadow comes with back and front optics, the front being fibre. The back optics blades are at angles and let more light into the sight and then deflects it at the rear so you get a clearer view down sight. Although I was a little skeptical of the back sight at first as it's not a sight system I'm familiar with, I was pleasantly surprised! It has attachment capabilities, so attaching a pistol torch or laser is really easy!

Now you know all the awesome features of the pistol, let's talk about price, accessories, whether its Co2 or Green Gas. There is no recommended retail price (RRP), so it is entirely down to the individual retailers however it will be around the same price point as the CZ P-09 which ranges between £110-£150, which is a pretty competitive price in my opinion! Out of the box the Shadow comes with a Green Gas mag but Co2 mags are available to purchase separately. ASG are bringing out an accessories range which includes the metal coloured grips, a fluted magwell, rubberized footbeds, a compensator and a suppressor to give shooters loads of options to dress it up and really make it their own! Something us Airsofters love! In fact, a lot of you will have seen from my Instagram feed that I've become a bit obsessed with customization lately and this would be no exception!

My first impressions? and how does it shoot? Like I've said further up in the review, I think the Shadow is really pretty piece of kit! I'm all about details and the markings on the slide, the optics and the metallic grips really hit the spot - although it is a shame the metallic grips don't come in the box.

The pistol has a nice weight to it and feels secure in my hand although it may not be something I'd run for a MilSim due to the weight, it would definitely be a strong contender for Airsoft Surgeon and such like where accuracy and speed are king. I was really impressed with how the Shadow shoots, its super accurate and has a lovely kick to it. Honestly it was hard to find things I don't like about this pistol! That being said I'd love to see the metallic grips made in pink, or come in a few more colour ways and to be included in the box as standard.

If you wanna check out the ASG CZ Shadow SP-01 for yourself ahead of its release this year, here are dates/locations for this month: 9th ASPUK, 11th Halo Mill/Patrol Base, 14th First and Only Retail, 16th RedWolf/Double Tap, 17th Watford Practical Pistol Club, 20th Smokey's Airsoft and finally on the 24th Jan at StrikeForce CQB! If you want to get in touch with ASG UK, feel free to contact Paul Wignell at!


Femme Fatale Airsoft is nominated for Best Airsoft Blog in the Players Choice Awards!

Hey everyone! So this is the first blog post of 2016 and I'm really happy that is one full of good news! I'm so pleased to announce that FFA has been nominated and made it to the voting stages in Popular Airsoft's 6th Player Choice Awards! Thank you to everyone who has nominated the blog, it is so awesome and I'm really glad that you enjoy the content!

Now I would love to take this title home, so I would be super grateful if all my lovely followers, friends and family would once again vote for the Blog! To cast your votes, simply visit, select your language, enter your details and answer the multiple choice voting form - Best Airsoft Blog is question 7 and I'm 'Femme Fatale' 

Thank you! xo

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