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Instagram Q&A!

This week I asked my Instagram followers to help me with a blog article that was a little different to what I usually do! Their task was to ask me some questions to answer. Here they are!

@houseofwolvesairsoft asked: 'How do you find it playing in a predominantly male sport?'

When I first started out although I wasn't treated that much different to my male counterparts, I did get a few mocking and condescending comments such as 'Go easy on the girl', 'Don't hurt yourself princess' and 'Who helped you with your loadout?' from some of the older or very young players, presumably because I am young, blonde and small with manicured nails but they quickly stop once they see you out on the field,  giving it all you've got and massacring their team mates with a pink gun haha! Now I am more well known in the community through playing different sites and my Instagram, YouTube vids and being an admin to the UKAC I am treated with a lot of respect both on and off the field. I shouldn't have had to prove my validity as a player, but I have and as a result I am now treated as an equal regardless of what site I am at.

@t_rextactical asked: 'How does the UK community view aggressive player types? I myself play aggressively and do more abstract things to win. However I've drawn a lot of hate for how I play as well as portray myself as a player. Is the UK community very diverse in player types?'

The UK community has an abundance of different player types which is what makes our community so diverse and eclectic. I think it really depends on what you mean by 'abstract'. I, like a lot of female players have an aggressive playing style - I love taking point, pushing forward and getting up close and personal with the enemy but I abide by the rules because it is the only way to improve yourself as a player. 'Abstract' to me (I could be wrong!) sounds like playing dirty and taking advantage of the rules, I personally think it is better to play fair and honest to command respect than to win at all costs. But again, it really depends on what you meant by abstract!

@Kieran_tonge asked: 'Who's the most operator on team Grey Fox 348?'

Although I hate the word 'Operator' I would say the most 'Operator' member of Grey Fox 348 is probably Paul because of his epic tactical beard! Sorry Kieran :P Haha!

@bowtie_drummer asked: 'What's your opinion on younger players in the sport? Some people really don't get along with us sometimes :P (not always though)'

Younger players are the future of our sport, so it's really important that we encourage them and help them on their way to being good players. I have met some great young players who are really passionate about the sport and take the rules seriously but also some that want to win at all costs, so will resort to non hit taking which is annoying. But I think if you are honest and fair players, you will do well, but there will always be players that dislike anyone who is different to them, just ignore them and carry on!

@remf_tacticool asked: 'If you could have any firearm and get an airsoft version in pink, which would it be?'

If I could have any firearm in a pink Airsoft version it would be the M249 LMG with a hot glittery pink box mag. SO MUCH KILLING :D

@mattparky98 asked: 'Would you ever consider coming up to the north east of England to play airsoft?'

Absolutely! I am really interested in checking loads of new sites this year! I'm hoping to play a game at the Fortress in Liverpool with Mattthemusketeer!

@emmaaler asked: 'How did you get started in airsoft?'

My very first airsoft skirmish was in 2011 for one of my best friend's 19th birthday, I didn't really get into it then but then in August 2014 we organised a private birthday skirmish for my boyfriend and his best mates birthday at a local site and he brought me my own G&G FF26 so I didn't have to use a rental gun. I fell in love with my gun and the sport. I love the adrenaline rush you get when you're taking point and feeling the fear of knowing any second you could encounter an enemy and get taken out, it makes me push myself to play harder.

@airsoft_duck asked: 'What would be the most awesome Airsoft gun/piece of equipment to have?'

I think the most awesome piece of equipment I could have for airsoft apart from a pink M249 LMG would definitely be some Night Vision Goggles! It would be great to walk into a pitch black room and see everything, then take everyone out. I'm a big fan of spy movies, so these would be really cool!

Thank you for the questions! I've really enjoyed answering them and hope to do another in the future!
Kelly xo

Black Hawk Down Filmsim By Femme Fatale Airsoft Upload!

My new video 'Black Hawk Down Filmsim Part One at Tac House Spartan by Femme Fatale Airsoft' is up to view on my YouTube channel at:
Enjoy! xo

Player Spotlight: Henry Nicholson/henry_ukac

In my previous player spotlight, I featured one of my fellow UKAC admin that made the drive to Derbyshire, this next spotlight is of Henry Nicholson, the final co-founding member of the UKAC. Thank you for taking the time to travel to us and play a game with Grey Fox H! It was great to have you with us for the day! 

Can you tell us a bit about you? Where you’re from etc! My name is Henry but most people call me H. Better than them calling me Harry I suppose! I’m from down south, in Basingstoke! Airsoft is my main hobby, alongside music.

Tell us about your Airsoft background? How long have you been playin? What originally got you into Airsoft? I have only been playing airsoft for about 2 years now actually! My good friend Sim Jones got me in to it. I used to work with him and it was all he talked about! Thought I should probably give it a go… Best decision ever.
 My home site, I would say is Iron Sight Airsoft, just outside Andover. Lovely little CQB site! Never had a bad game there.

What are the most memorable sites you’ve played?
Most memorable? I’d have to say places like The Malls and Tac House Spartan. Those just have something nice and different to add to the sport. There are ‘other’ sites firm in my memory but not necessarily for good reasons… We won’t go into that!

Describe to us your playing style?
I enjoy playing in all kinds of styles, sometimes it is nice to sit back, and wait for the opposition to walk into your perfectly placed ambush however, can you really beat that aggressive, breach and clear feeling?

What is your weapon of choice? And what load out do you normally run?
Weapon of choice for me, strangely these days is my TM M3 Super 90 Tri-shot shotgun. I usually run that with my WE XDM. People keep their heads down!

Tac House & FFA - Was the drive worth it? Did you enjoy the day?
I thought a 3 hour drive was going to be a little much, just for a game day but I have never been so wrong! It was an awesome day. I felt very welcomed and the game play was amazing. It is a great site! We were there for the duration of the ‘Black Hawk Down’ event, which was a very good twist on a normal game day, however I would like to go back for a normal game day and see how game play can differ.

What was the best/worst parts?
I mean, shooting a man in the balls made me cringe a little bit, but my god it was funny! That was the part where me and you, Kelly, snuck through the ground floor of the factory and flanked a few of the ‘Somali’ and ‘Delta’ team. Very, very fun!

How did you feel about travelling to a new site with people you’d never met?
It was an odd concept… I’ll give you that! We didn’t really know what we were letting ourselves in to in all honesty! It was well worth it. Meeting all of you, fellow UKAC members and Admins was a great experience and I’d like to travel to people more often after that!

Did the day live up to your expectations?
Better. A lot better! Marshals were hilarious and very fair. Other than shooting each other, there were no conflicts between teams and players. It was a brilliant, relaxed day.

How was it shooting with FFA and Grey Fox?
Awesome! Bloody brilliant! I will certainly campaign to do it again soon! You guys can come down this time though yeh? Petrol can be pricey!

Instagram: henry_ukac
Twitter: @benrybicholson
Facebook Group: of course!


Player Spotlight: Sim Jones/Simisdim

Hey everyone! So on the 15th of March, two of the UKAC co-founding admins made the 3 hour mammoth journey to Derbyshire to meet me and play a game with my team and I at Tac House Spartan! Needless to say we had a great day full of banter and it was awesome to meet them! And to thank them for making the long journey, they will be my next player spotlights, first up is Sim Jones, the YouTuber behind Simisdim - an up and coming airsoft and gaming channel!

Thank you for coming down to Tac House to play a game with us Sim! Can you tell my followers a bit about you?

Sim: Yeah sure, my name is Sim and I am from Basingstoke. I love airsofting, Martial arts, skateboarding etc.

Tell us about your Airsoft background! How long have you been airsofting? What originally got you into Airsoft and what do you love about it? Where is your home site?

Sim: Been playing airsoft for about 11-12 years since I was around 13ish. I started off playing airsoft with my dad and brother, but now they both don't play anymore. But I do play airsoft with a good close group of mates at my local site, Iron Sight and a few others!

How would you describe your playing style? 

Sim: Depends on the area we are playing in really, I like running and gunning but mainly picking those nice longer range shots where you float your bb a long way to get that kill, that's my favourite! Also depends what I bring on the day, I've got quite a few different choices! lol

What is your favourite weapon? And what load out can we usually see you in?

Sim: At the moment? Well I'd have to say my weapon of choice is my G&G Top Tech M16, it's a beast! As you saw when we played Tac house, it's got some range! As for my load out, at the moment it is M81 Woodland camo with a Tan MICH 2000, with a olive battle belt and Condor sentry plate in tan.

Tac House & FFA - Was the drive worth it? Did you enjoy the day? What were the best/worst parts? How did you feel about travelling to a new site with people you’d never met? Did the day live up to your expectations? How was it shooting with FFA and Grey Fox?

Sim: Oh hell yeah, and I'm coming back too! Great game day and great site too! To be honest there were no bad parts, it was great all round! and my best bit was sneaking up behind most of the enemy team and taking them out, and meeting new, amazing people. I'd defo come back and shoot with you and your group any day of the week!

Where can my followers find you on social media?

Sim: I have a youtube page I am trying to grow so yeah! Here's the link:
I also have Facebook: and Instagram: and don't forget to check out the UKAC which I co-founded with Chris and Henry! (You can access the UKAC by clicking the UKAC logo on the left hand side of the screen!)
Thanks for having me! and yeah check out my S**t! Thanks!

You can view Sims Black Hawk Down Filmsim video here:

WE Europe Nuprol FAST Railed Helmet in Pink Review!

Hey everyone! Those of you that follow me on Instagram and Facebook will know that Nuprol kindly sent me a Pink FAST helmet, and on Sunday the 15th I finally got chance to wear it in a skirmish so I thought I'd do a quick review of it! I wore it to Black Hawk Down Filmsim at Tac House.

I've been a fan of the Nuprol FAST helmets since an Airsoft shop 'ordered' me a Viper tactical helmet and when it arrived it turned out to be the Nuprol FAST helmet in black, as this particular helmet was a lot more reasonable in price I decided to take it anyway, and I'm really glad I did. I've had the black Tactical helmet since around November last year and have been really impressed with it, so having it in pink to match my pink accessories is pretty cool.

Let's talk about the features and pros! It's shell is made of polymer so is perfect for protecting your head against BB impacts and if you were unlucky enough to bang your head against a wall or the floor if you fell!

It has 20mm rails on each side to attach cameras, torches and other accessories - on mine I have a personal lighting system which I use for map/list reading in dark rooms. It is completely adjustable with removable padding, an adjustable neck strap and adjustable back of head restraint so it is perfect for people who have quite small heads like myself. It has a load of Velcro points for you to put all your favourite patches, I usually rock my R2D2 'They see me rollin'' patch haha! And my favourite feature is the mock NVG/accessory plate which I mount my GoPro on. It's priced at £54.99 which is really reasonable, and it does come in other colours if you don't fancy pink one! Yesterday mine protected my head from headbutting a few water boxes and getting pinged by BBs! It's really easy to adjust, comfortable to wear and attach all my bits and bobs!

The only downside to having this helmet in pink I would say is that it makes you stand out like a sore thumb. But let's be honest, sometimes it's a little more fun to give them something to shoot at! Haha! I personally love it, it's reasonably priced, tacticute and provides all the protection of its more sombre coloured counterparts just with an added fun twist.

Kelly xo

Slaydies Series Spotlight: Airsoft_Hasmeen/Hasmeen Marable

Next in my Slaydies Series spotlights is awesome Airsoft_Hasmeen! Hasmeen is a Slaydie from the U.S currently living in Bakersfield, California. She's widely known throughout the YouTube and IG Airsoft Communities, and has even collaborated with Wicked Wear Co.

Thank you so much for taking part in my Slaydies Series Hasmeen! Can you tell my readers about your Airsoft background? How long have you been in the sport? What originally got you into Airsoft and what do you love about it? Where is your home site? What are the most memorable sites you’ve played?

I have been playing Airsoft since 2010. I first started playing in the woods with a small group of people. We used to build our own fields, using branches and pallets. Then I moved to California and I was amazed by not just how many people play Airsoft but how many fields there are! I love to travel and play at different fields, I love the challenge of not knowing the layout and how to work it. My favourite thing about Airsoft would have to be all the different ways it can be played.  I can’t say that there is one particular field that stands out above all others. They all have their pros and cons. The most memorable game I have ever gone to was a few weeks ago. I went to Road to Rostov a game put together by Milsim West. It was an experience unlike any other.

What's your playing style?

I would say I'm a pretty diverse player, and it really depends on the game being played. I am known to work best alone, lone wolf style. I am very sneaky and have been able to capture objectives alone. I’m also known for being a very aggressive player, I can think on my feet and I can change my path without the opponent even realising that I have moved.

We know you're known as the AK Assassin, is the AK your weapon of choice? And what loadout do you normally run?

My weapon of choice would have to be my stockless AK47, it performs very well and has been very reliable. I run an m4 style chest rig, it has double m4 mag pouches so my AK mags fit perfectly.

You are definitely one of the Slaydies that are pushing this fantastic sport forward, but do you feel you are treated differently because of your gender? If so, how do you deal with this?

As a female in airsoft, I would say my gender has definitely played a role on how people treat me at first.  The first time I ever played at a Local field, I was picked last for teams. People just figured that since I was a girl I didn't know how to play. It's also very hard to share your ideas because people just seem to brush them off. However once people get a chance to play with me, they respect me fairly quickly. So I guess to deal with it I just play. I let them underestimate me and then I get on the field and they realise that I do know what I'm doing and that I love the sport as much as they do. After that I am usually seen and treated as an equal. But you sometimes find that guy on the field that refuses to be killed by a girl but that's a whole different story.

Is there anything you would like to say to other players out there?

What I would say to other players out there, especially female players would have to be: just keep doing what you are doing! Don't let the fact that this is a male dominated sport intimidate you. You can and will be respected a player as long as you play with passion and integrity.


You can find Hasmeen on her Instagram at:


Eye Protection: Mesh or Goggles?

For me, when I started out in Airsoft one of the big questions was 'What eye protection should I use?' and as there are an abundance of different materials, shapes and sizes to choose from it can be confusing, and horror stories from seasoned airsofters definitely do not help! This article is going to look at the types of eye protection I have personally tested, but eye protection is a very personal choice and I encourage you to experiment and find what works best for you!

When I first started airsoft, I picked up a pair of wire mesh goggles for £6.99 on eBay (pictured on either side!) Not the cheapest of the cheap but still cheap enough for it not to matter if I didn't like Airsoft and I didn't use them ever again. I still have these and use them occasionally because I like them so much.
They have passed the safety test of being shot with a 450 FPS Sniper Rifle at Point Blank range which is good enough for me.

They're lightweight with an adjustable elastic strap and fit nicely with my half mesh face mask. I've had these since August 2014 and wore them to every skirmish except one and they have lasted fantastically. I've seen a fair few people on the field with great big dents in their mesh but I have taken these to both Woodland and CQB and they are yet to receive any marks or dents. One of the big advantages these give you is that they will never fog! The only downside is that they aren't as safe as Perspex goggles. The holes in the wire mesh mean that if a BB hits your goggle and shatters, the pieces of polymer could pass through the mesh and collide with your eye, which could potentially leave you blind. The other, less serious danger is that if a BB hits your googles, dents them and chips some of the metallic paint on the inside of the goggle, that could go into your eye. I am very fortunate that this has never happened to me so I have no qualms about using these sorts of goggles. The only thing I have experienced that comes close is a BB shattered on my half mesh face mask (pictured above) and pieces of polymer broke the skin, ouch! I have been told that for some people mesh gives them a headache, so it's really an individual choice!

At the start of this year, I saw this picture circulating the Airsoft community of a gentleman who had been wearing some cheap shooting glasses for a skirmish and the BB passed straight through the Perspex and very nearly blinded him. Luckily, and thankfully enough he wasn't seriously injured! (Thank you to Ambush Adventures for letting me use this picture!) This just goes to show that when it comes to eye pro, it really is worth investing a good pair of googles.

After this, I felt a little concerned about the mesh goggles I was wearing so I brought a pair of X400 goggles at £9.99 from an online Airsoft store (I can't remember which site but you can pick these up on eBay for around £5) but I can honestly say, that hand on heart they are the worst goggles I have ever used and I do not rate them at all (But I have heard of people using them with no issues so they may simply not be for me). They have passed safety tests of being fired at point blank range with a high FPS AEG (that's the line I got from the seller) but although they are lightweight, have an adjustable strap, they're clear and they come in 3 different colours. They, no matter how much I adjust them are too tight around my cheeks, so I end up with red pressure marks and they make my cheeks look puffy, the goggle lenses fog up like crazy even though they have vents (This could be solved with anti fog spray so I am told). They also just look horrendous on my face. The X800 shape though, is much improved and I would be really interested to give these a try!

Eventually, I decided to give in and invest in what I currently use which is the FMA vented goggles in Pink from which set me back around £35 including postage (You can buy them here:
 Firstly, they are gorgeous! Please excuse the reflection of me in the goggles haha The colour is great and goes well with the other pink items I have on my loadout! They are made from polymer and rubber and they make a sturdy set! They are a very large pair of goggles so protect a lot of my face and it overlaps my mesh face mask so there's no exposed space on my nose like I get with other goggles - I do not ever want to be shot on the nose after seeing so many Airsoters get their noses split open!

What I really love about these goggles is that they have a fan inside above the right eye to prevent them fogging, I used them for the whole day on my last skirmish and didn't have any fogged lenses, good stuff! The fan runs on 1 AA battery that sits in a chamber on the elastic strap. It does make a slight buzzing noise when on, but you can't hear this in normal game play. The goggles do drain batteries very quickly as well, which is annoying but 1 battery lasted the whole day. The battery chamber is seriously bulky, so if you run a helmet like me you'll need to wear the goggle strap over your helmet as it won't fit inside. The goggles come with a tinted set of lenses already installed (pictured above) and a clear lens as well. One thing I was really, really impressed with was the packaging the goggles came in! Sounds weird I know, but it came in a lovely case with a slip for them to keep them safe during transportation! Fabulous!

The only thing about these goggles I am unhappy about is something I read on the website:
The product does not offer ballistic eye protection and using it for such purposes is not in accordance with its purpose! Stress trials have proven that lenses show visible dents, scratches and even cracks (also of frames) after being shot with a BB bullet.
The manufacturer and vendor do not bear any responsibility for the usage of this product as eye protection during games with Airsoft replicas and possible damage to the User’s health or property, thus the product cannot be advertised on this account", surely if you're selling a pair of goggles on an Airsoft website, they should be safe to use in Airsoft?! Well you would think so but apparently not! I however used them in my last skirmish and had a few BBs hit the goggles and they have caused no damage, there isn't even a mark. So take from that what you will! Haha! I think they're a really sound pair to use.

In conclusion, eye protection is very much dependant on the wearer. I fully encourage you to go out, try what you can afford and see what is best for you. I personally love the look and feel of mesh but due to the dangers mentioned and my love of CQB I will rock the FMAs until I find something better :) I hope this was useful for you all! If you have any thoughts or suggestions on goggles that I should try, leave them in the comment section below!

Kelly xo


Slaydies Series Spotlight: xo_nazzykins_ox / Natalie Bradshaw

Second in my Slaydies Series is one of up and coming female members of the United Kingdom Airsoft Community; Natalie Bradshaw. Natalie is 25 and is originally from Loughborough, UK. I have been following Natalie since I joined the UKAC in December of 2014. What caught my eye was of course our fabulous matching FF26's and her taste in stylish headgear (The fur headband! haha)

Thank you for offering to take part in my Slaydies Series Natalie! Can you tell us a bit about your Airsoft background? How long have you been airsofting? What got you into Airsoft and what do you love about the sport? Where is your home site? What are the most memorable sites you’ve played?

I've been airsofting for nearly 11 years now. I started airsoft at the age of 15 when my Step Dad took me for my 15th birthday. I mostly love the banter, getting stuck in and getting down and dirty! My home site is Frontier Airsoft in Penkridge, Staffordshire, where I also Marshal and do the mornings sign in. The most memorable sites I have played at are Frontier Airsoft obviously and the National Airsoft Event at Ground Zero

Can you describe to us your playing style?
My playing style actually depends on my mood and how busy a week I have had at work. Sometimes I like the hard and fast approach, other times I like to just mess around and have a giggle. Sometimes I will just access the situation and game play then get stuck in. I do prefer the hard and fast approach, call out enemy sightings, move as a team and move quick. My playing style also depends on who I play with as some people I work better with. The person I work best with is my fiancé, we call out to each other and move quickly.
I've seen you rocking the FF26 Pink Storm in your Instagram photos, what would you say is your weapon of choice? And what loadout do you normally run?

My weapon of choice is usually my G&G FF26 Combat Machine, electric blow back, also known as one of the Pink Storms. I also run a GHK G5 GBB. I have an M&P compact that has been custom sprayed baby pink with glitter (well I am a girl), that I keep in a serpa. I run MTP and CADPAT loadouts but mostly wear Coyote Tan trousers with my Frontier Marshals top with either a black hoodie or OD soft shell and my brown Haix boots. I use a basic chest rig, mostly use mesh goggles and when playing CQB or an upclose game I will also use a mesh half face protector. I also wear Mechanix gloves that are in pink, grey and black.

What's it like being a woman in Airsoft to you? Do you feel you are treated differently because of your gender? If so, how do you deal with this?

Yes I think I am treated differently sometimes. Some people have said they won't shoot at me as I am a woman, some have said don't swear as there are women about (I can cuss with the best of them) but I do think that compared to when I first started women are more accepted. At Frontier there are 3 regular female players, and two of these, myself included, are marshals. The regulars will happily laugh and joke with us and treat us no different to the lads, if anything they make a big fuss in a good way of us. If a person has a problem though or makes any bad comments then we just tend to show them that yes we are just as good or take them to one side and tell them how it is. If a male airsofter makes a comment about me or other girls it just makes me want to do better and prove that women are just as good.
Can you tell us a bit about your social media? When did you set them up? What platforms can my readers find you on?
I have had Facebook for several years and Instagram for like the last few months. It's mostly people I have met through airsoft and Frontier that I am friends with but I am more then happy to talk to anyone about airsoft. Find me on Instagram xo_nazzykins_ox or follow Frontier Airsoft on Facebook.
Is there anything you would like to say to other players out there?
Yes. Give us girls a chance! You can be any sort of girl and enjoy airsoft! I like pink things, I like my nails to be done and I wear make-up to every airsoft event I go to as I like to look and feel good, doesn't mean I wont get down and dirty and covered in mud just as much as what you will. I will happily get into the middle of a fire fight, as a player and as a marshal. I try to encourage more women to get into airsoft and think that men should also encourage it more too. Airsoft is still seen as a mostly male dominated sport and yes it is. But where I airsoft there are 3 of us girls that are regular players, with one or two more becoming regular and I would love to see more girls there, maybe even set up my own all girls team. So before writing us off, give us a chance, watch how we work and how we move, we aren't just a bit of eye candy at Frontier, if anything we can be worse (or better) then the lads!
You can find Natalie on Instagram at:

Slaydies Series Spotlight: Lady Lynn Airsoft/Lynn Wojcik

Hey everyone! Over the next few weeks I am rolling out a series of player spotlights called the Slaydies Series. These are to celebrate the awesome women in airsoft that are really pushing the sport and the Instagram community forward. I'm going to feature the Slaydies you will most definitely have heard of and the Slaydies that are on the rise! The first in my Slaydies Series is a US player from Southern California that I have been following since her new Airsoft Instagram showed up in my feed last week- Lynn Wojcik of Lady Lynn Airsoft!
Firstly Lynn, thank you for choosing to be apart of my Slaydies Series! Tell us a bit about your airsoft background! How long have you been airsofting? What got you into Airsoft and what do you love about the sport? Where is your home site? What are the most memorable sites you’ve played?

I've been playing for about seven years.  I started in airsoft as a volunteer for a one day Op called Masterkey in 2008.  It was being put on at Mr. Paintball USA in Escondido CA and they were looking for volunteers to play hostages.  I volunteered but spent the whole day jealous of all of the players and their toy guns.  Haha.  So my husband (boyfriend at the time) helped me choose a gun and gear to get started with and it just blew up from there.  My home field is Mr. Paintball but the most memorable site I've played at was Rock-A-Hula Water Park near Barstow CA.  It's an abandoned water park and Lion Claws held a post-apocalyptic themed Op there called Route 66.  I played on the side of "The California Republic" and the setting reminded me a lot of the video game Fallout: New Vegas.
How would you describe your playing style?

Aggressive.  I'm always in the thick of it.  I prefer to run with a group- I'm definitely not a "lone wolf" type and I'm loud so stealth is not my strong suit.  I'm not afraid to get hit so I really put myself out there in fire fights.  I'd rather be out there getting shot than sitting around.  That's just my style.  Nothing frustrates me more than airsofters that sit back or are unwilling to get shot.  The beauty of airsoft is: you won't die.  Get into it and have fun. 
What’s your weapon of choice? And what loadout do you normally run?

My primary, currently, is a G&P MK23 (Stoner 63) LMG  and I LOVE BOX MAGS.  Haha.  This gun has been so reliable.  I absolutely love it.  I had an R-hop unit put into it and its just an amazing gun now.  Shoots about 400 fps and reaches out to about 250 ft give or take.  It sure hurts to get hit by it though (I know because I've let people use it and OUCH that was a mistake ;) ).  Because I have a box mag I run a pretty light load out and its VERY un-tacticool.  I usually run a battle belt with a triple AK pouch and I'll fill that with a bottle or two of bb's and an extra battery.  I wear a camelback and a Dye i4 mask as well.
With Airsoft being a male dominated sport do you feel you are treated differently because of your gender? If so, how do you deal with this?

Oh yes ma'am I do.  It's a strange thing to be a woman in a male dominated sport (as I would assume it would be in the reverse as well) and of course, my personal experiences in airsoft may not be the same as everyone else's.  It's not all bad. I get a lot of compliments when I go out because women are so rare that they are often noticed more.  So I get approached by players who want to tell me I did a great job or that they like my style etc because they remember me specifically.  The down side, though, is that people often remember everything I do wrong as well.  I used to be kind of a hot head and so for a while I know a lot of people thought of me as a "bitch".  I've learned to brush it off and keep a positive attitude but it wasn't always like that.  When men in this sport lose their tempers its often just shrugged off "what a jerk" or "he's having a rough game" but if a woman is like that she gets a label and its very hard to come back from it.  In addition I've found that you're rejected if you're too "girly" but also if you are not "girly" enough.  To be honest: you have to just decide that you love the sport and stick close to your support system.  I have a great community of airsofters in San Diego CA and the number of women involved is growing every time I go out (thanks to women like Leah , Adella,  Hasmeen, etc).  Its becoming more normal to see diversity and I'm very happy about that.  With that diversity will come acceptance and I think it will just get easier and easier for women to gain respect in the sport of airsoft.
Tell us about your social media – when you set them up, following base.

I honestly set up an airsoft specific Instagram @ladylynnairsoft about at the beginning of March in order to connect to the wider airsoft community.  I have not set up much else (no facebook, twitter, whatever else people use. lol).  I have more personal pages but as far as aisoft specific pages go, my instagram is what I'm starting with.  I may expand.  We'll see how things go.
Your thoughts: Is there anything you would like to say to other players out there?

Call your hits!  Just kidding :)  But seriously: Airsoft is a really fantastic sport for a lot of different reasons and for it to grow into something even more fantastic there needs to be diversity within the community.  Different genders and age groups and racial backgrounds are things the community can only benefit from so be respectful, be honourable, and get out and play.
You can view Lynn's Airsoft Instagram at

Out with the old and in with the new.

Hey everyone, this post is an update on, well everything! I've got a couple of announcements, some good and some a little sad but they are just steps on my airsoft journey.
Firstly the great news! Thanks to my lovely followers, Femme Fatale Airsoft has over 1.7k Instagram followers and 122 YouTube followers! In the short 4 months Femme Fatale Airsoft has been live it has opened up so many doors for me which I am really thankful for! This blog as some of you know was started shortly after I lost my job and had a car accident, it was originally something to pour my spare time into however it has become so much more than that. I have met some wonderful people through FFA and look forward to continuing this.
I have also completed my first month as an admin to the UKAC! And I am pleased to announce that I will be staying on as part of the admin team which I am super excited about. I love being part of the community and I am really looking forward to helping the other admins to develop the community in a positive way. On Sunday the 15th two of the admin - Sim and Henry, are travelling the mammoth 3 hour journey to play a game with me at Tac House Spartan, it's Black Hawk Down Filmsim day and we're on the Rangers team, in true blogger style I will be doing an interview with them whilst they are here :)
I have started a new job, which has given me a lot more freedom in regards to playing time - I am now able to play weeknight games! And of course, the extra dollar will be going towards some Gucci kit ;)
Now for the BIG news! I am now a 'sponsored' player for Swindon Airsoft and Strike Force CQB! Big thanks to Mr Paul Bibby for the opportunity to work with them. We are however using the term supported player, this wont be a partnership where I am a walking, talking advert. My blog/Insta/YouTube/Facebook will still be 100% me and honest. One of the things I pride myself on is honesty. I see great things in the future for us and I'm really looking forward to meeting the team and playing the site when it opens next month! (You can check them out here: and at
Now for the sad news, due to the popularity of my blog and YouTube I have stepped down from my position as a reporter for Airsoft Awareness. Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to dedicate to it and I don't want to do a half job of it, but I wish the lads best of luck for the future :) Secondly, due to various reasons, I have decided that I will no longer be playing at my local airsoft site.
Next week you can look forward to an article on different eye pro, a new airsoft video on my YouTube and a lot of mail calls! Have a great weekend!
Kelly xo


'Landrover Snatch' Part 2 Bloopers at Tac House Spartan Upload

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