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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another player spotlight for you, and this time it's on one of my favourite airsoft snipers - Sniperbuddy Fabi! I first discovered Fabi's channel through Novritsch's content a few years ago and have followed his journey via social media ever since.

Hey Fabi! Thanks for taking part in the FFA player spotlights! How long have you been playing Airsoft? What originally got you into it?

I started playing in April 2009, when a friend of mine found this local shop by accident and thought it would be a great idea to shoot each other with little plastic balls.

What’s your playing style?

Aggressive – I like to run around a lot and continuously push into the enemy, rather than sitting behind a cover and don’t contribute anything to the game.

In my opinion, it depends a lot on the field where you play to make this tactic work – for my home field (Airsoftpark Tirol) it works perfectly fine whereas at bigger events and in large woodland areas I play a lot slower, more cautious and sneaky.

But I definitely enjoy a faster-paced game a lot more!

Are you a woodland player? CQB fan? Or do you like to mix it up?

Airsoft in Austria is not that big, and when it comes to fields I don’t have the luxury to choose from a lot of options. Especially in Tirol the next good game area beside my home field is around 5 hours away and the other options are in Germany, where you have some stupid regulations on airsoft guns where you’re only allowed to play with 1 Joule guns.

However, to answer the question I prefer outdoor fields with a good mix of vegetation and structures to make things interesting.

What can we see you running on the field? (Favourite pieces of kit)

I mostly run a sniper rifle in my games – it’s just so satisfying to see that one BB flying towards your target and hitting the enemy.

But I also like to mix up things to keep the game interesting.

When it comes to combat gear I don’t change a lot anymore, over the years I have always tried to make my gear as minimalistic as possible and as functional as possible. I know exactly how everything works and where everything is on my gear so I can fully focus on the game itself and don’t need to fight against my gear.

What’s your most memorable event?

Borderwar 10 – Borderwar is one of the biggest MilSims in Europe and takes place in the Czech Republic every year.

It features a huge game area, several factions and a big amount of vehicles.

But the best thing was the possibility to fly into combat via a Helicopter – that was by far the coolest thing I have had happen in airsoft to date.

Is there any advice you can give to other players out there?

Get comfortable with your gear and think about it - on how to improve your game after the game. What worked well and what didn’t – also what parts of your gear have you not used at all and why. I see so many people struggling with their own stuff on the field every time that they can’t focus on the game, get hit a lot and leave frustrated at the end of the day.

If you just started don’t make the mistake to buy a lot straight away, add new stuff only bit by bit after you know what you want and what you need.

Tell us about your YouTube channel! What got you into doing YouTube?

It all started 3 years ago when I first met Novritsch at my game area. We had a small chat about my rifle, which was a true relic of airsoft history – a Maruzen L96. Maruzen was one of the original Japanese airsoft brands, next to Tokyo Marui. He was somewhat surprised to see such an old rifle on the field.

The next time we met, Christoph has planned a video where he didn’t need his rifle-camera-gear and was asking if I would want to record my Gameplay for his channel. And that was the first time one of my gameplays hit the Internet

Since then I had regular appearances on Christoph’s Channel and at the end of 2017, I decided to start my own YouTube Project.

I really enjoy the creating of Gameplay videos and it has changed my style of playing a lot.

Nevertheless, I still do it mostly for fun and not fulltime.

Where can my readers find you on social media?






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Welcome back to the blog! If you’ve been following myself and Unicorn Leah on socials recently you will have seen that on the weekend of 5-6th October we flew out to Houston Texas to visit our friends over at Evike Outpost: Highground Airsoft! Now Leah has spoken highly of her previous visits to HGA so I was really excited to visit one of the biggest purpose-built Airsoft arenas in Texas, but CQB in the US is very different to how it is in the UK so I had some questions: would I enjoy it? Or is it just another American Airsoft arena built for speedsoft?

HGA is located in Spring, Texas, and opened their doors in 2015 after outgrowing their original premises. Walking up to the doors of HGA you’ll notice the signature gun handles that are typical of the Evike brand. The storefront is fully stocked with airsoft and tactical gear and when I say fully stocked, I mean FULLY. The walls are lined with AEGs, GBBR’s and bolt action rifles. The shelves and racks are well stocked with tactical gear such as plate carriers, chest rigs and even BDU’s. They of course also stock all the game day essentials such as BBs, gas etc.

Beyond the storefront is a door that leads to the players' lounge - which has plenty of tables and chairs for airsofters to prep their gear on and get ready for the day. It’s air-conditioned so even in the Texas heat it’s a comfortable place to set-up. It has a party room, a spectators room and both male/female toilets. The players' lounge also has a snack bar that sells candy, drinks and even hot food, which I was pretty impressed with! The hot food includes hot dogs, pizza and my fave, hot wings!

Onto the arena: the arena has a total playable area size of 27,000 sq ft that is purpose-built for CQB carnage. At the heart of the arena is ‘Main Street’ which has a high street theme and close interconnected rooms and hallways that go approximately 90 feet back on both sides. All the walls are decorated so it isn’t just a plywood warehouse, each room also has its own theme and vary wildly - from ‘Grandma’s House’ to a skate park, a bar, a jail etc. The arena is really aesthetically exciting. The ‘dead zones’ or respawns are dedicated areas that are separated from the rest of the arena by plastic curtains and have red/green LED lights that are controlled by the staff so players know when game on/endex has been called - a feature that I haven’t seen at any other site but is SO helpful especially when it’s hard to hear the marshalls when they are wearing paintball masks and are quite far from the dead zones.

All players are given a comprehensive safety brief explaining the rules and regulations of the site before they enter the arena to ensure safe gameplay. The brief covers everything from Chrono limits, what do to when you get hit, emergencies, pyrotechnics and MEDs. One of the things I dislike most about American sites is the MED and bang rules - in the UK we don’t have MEDs and we don’t operate a bang-bang rule so going to a site that implements a MED of ‘if you can reach out and touch them with a rifle you’re too close’ but otherwise crack on was a really pleasant surprise.

The games played include a variety of deathmatches and objective-based games - most of which is just 10 minutes long which means the games are fast-paced and keep players on their toes. The objective-based games included rescuing mannequins and relocating them or defending them from the other team. There are various props the team use which all enhance gameplay as well. The site itself plays well and isn’t geared towards speedsofters which is pleasantly refreshing. It is a mix of close corridors and open spaces with cover which makes it a varied site to play. The Marshalls do a good job of keeping the games running smoothly and explaining the rules to players but a couple of them are a little shouty, which in one respect I understand - airsofters can be loud and don’t listen to briefs but in another respect sometimes it’s unnecessary. My gut feeling tells me these were new members of staff who are just trying to find their voice as a Marshall and this will more than likely settle over time as they find their feet as a Marshall and get the support they need. The storefront staff are helpful and nothing is too much trouble for them!

HGA is to date my favourite CQB arena that I’ve played in the US. The facilities are spot on - the hot snack bar and sex-specific toilets were a particular hit with me! The site itself is fun to play and varied with tonnes of different game modes to keep the gameplay interesting and players on their toes. I really enjoyed my time at HGA and I would like to extend a huge thank you to the staff and players who made me feel so welcome!

Photos courtesy of @theairsoftcorrespondent


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As many of you will know I have a YouTube channel -! Although YouTube isn't my main platform, I do try to upload weekly vids so you guys and girls can get your airsoft fix - my channel is a mix of airsoft content from gameplay, to first impressions, unboxings, reviews and set-ups! If you're looking for gameplay, I have some more on the way very soon, but check out my latest:

If you're looking for something more informative, such as first impressions, unboxings, reviews, and set-ups, check out my latest informational vids here:

And if you want to see some light-hearted fun vlogs, check these out:



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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another player spotlight for you, and this time we'll be learning more about @polishairsoftgirl, Magda! I first became aware of Magda in 2017 when my friends at sent me an email about one of their friends moving from Poland to the UK, unfortunately, because I and Magda live so far apart we didn't get the chance to play together until 2018 at DFE: BFLAR. Since then we have played together at multiple events around the UK! Introducing @polishairsoftgirl:

Hi Magda, thank you for taking part in the player spotlights! Can you tell us how long you have been playing Airsoft and what originally got you into it?

I’ve been playing airsoft for 7.5 years thanks to my little brother who has done research and bought his first airsoft gun. Straight away I decided to get one for me as well so we could start playing 1vs1 😄

What’s your playing style?

I’m the type of player that you are gonna see entering the game zone first and leaving last. It’s never enough for me! 😄

Are you a woodland player? CQB fan? Or do you like to mix it up?

I’m definitely a woodland player. I don’t mind elements of CQB but I prefer sneaking around in the woods 😄

What can we see you running on the field?

At the moment my favourite primary guns are my Krytac Trident MKII CRB and Specna Arms RRA SA-E03 Edge series. My secondary is my lovely Glock 18C from Tokyo Marui.

My most used camouflage at the moment is M81 but very soon I’m gonna come back to my Polish wz2010 😉 Most of my gear like belts and plate carriers and other pieces of equipment are mainly made in Poland 😄🇵🇱 

What’s your most memorable event?

It’s a very difficult question because I’ve been to so many events in last 7 years but definitely, I remember my first time ever in the USA at Desert Fox Airsoft Event's Battle for Lost Angeles 2. I very much enjoy role-play events in a climate of a post-apocalyptic world. I’ve been on a few very good ones in Poland (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Nysa). My first Mission of Afghanistan event in 2015 was definitely something that I will always remember (it’s well-known role play event in Poland). “Fedrunek v2” (Silesia Poland) was my first 24 hours game, it was a big challenge but I loved it ❤️

Is there any advice you can give to other players out there?

Airsoft is an amazing hobby that will keep you active and will give you an opportunity to meet many friends! It’s like a video game in real life!

Where can my readers find you on social media?

My Instagram is @polishairsoftgirl 😊



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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another review for you, and in this post, we'll be looking at the Viper Tactical Gen 2 Elite Trousers!

After the success of their affordable Elite Trousers, Viper Tactical has released their Gen 2 Elite Trousers which make huge improvements on the originals and boast a bunch of new features, including improved removable ABS knee pads! These new Elite trousers are a dupe of a very popular style of trousers/pants but are super affordable.

Besides the style, the first thing that strikes me about these new combat pants is that they are packed with pockets for storage! Featuring: two roomy cargo pockets with inner felt lined utility compartments, two hand-warmer pockets, two rear pockets, and two front thigh pockets. The pockets are placed in convenient locations and easy to reach in-game. The most useful for my own style of gaming is definitely the cargo pockets - they’re really roomy and secure well so I don’t lose any of my bits and bobs on the field.

One feature that was absent from the previous version, and definitely adds to the aesthetics is the V-Stretch material panels that are located around the knees and seat for better movement. The material is an accent colour which gives the trousers a high-end look but they aren’t there to just look good, they make the trousers so much more usable. As the originals didn’t have any stretch fabric, they relied on the little stretch the trouser fabric had, which meant they didn’t have a huge amount of movement. This stretch fabric makes these so comfortable to wear even when I’m crouching and getting into some really uncomfortable positions to get the shot.

The Gen 2 Elite Trousers feature removable ABS knee pads but the design is a major improvement on the originals. Instead of being hard plastic, they are now a flexible almost rubber feel plastic that molds to your knees much better. They also look better. Like the originals though, they still have knee pad height adjusters in front thigh pockets which means I don’t get ‘thighcaps’!

In regards to the fit of them, as I wear a UK 8/10 (depending on the brand) I opted for a 30” waist. My waist sits at dead on 29” so opting for the 30” gives me. an extra inch for movement. They feature a padded waistline panel for added comfort, so when you’re leaning and there is pressure on the waistline it doesn’t dig in like some other brands and they have velcro retention for knee and cuffs.

PC: Acarius Photography
The ripstop poly-cotton blend fabric feels really durable and has performed well in both indoor environments and outdoor skirmishes - from being caught on branches, dragged through the mud etc the material has held up really well. The stretch areas are all rip-resistant which definitely gives players peace of mind. The material also dries quite quickly which is much appreciated in the dreary British weather.

They are currently available in waist sizes 28”- 43” so the size range is really inclusive. At the moment, there are 3 camouflage patterns: Woodland, V-Cam and MultiCam Black (convenient for me) but I would love to see them in Tropic and solid ranger green! Prices vary wildly online, but the cheapest I found them was £54.99 from Patrol Base.

Overall, Viper has done an awesome job with these trousers. They fit well, are comfortable even in uncomfortable positions thanks to the stretch fabric, have ample storage, made of good quality material and have that high-end look at a fraction of the cost - they’re definitely Femme Fatale Approved.

PC: @piszczyk_dd4
PC: @piszczyk_dd4

Post sponsored by Viper Tactical


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Welcome back to the blog! If you follow me on social media you will have seen that today I released the October issue of 6MM ACTUAL!

6MM ACTUAL is all about giving you - the readers of FFA - more value from Femme Fatale Airsoft. I've designed 6MM ACTUAL so you can read the best of the monthly blogs and also get bonus content exclusive to our monthly downloadable. Online or offline, and for free! Whilst I love writing the blog, creating IG & YouTube content and writing for publications, I felt like something was missing and this is where our monthly downloadable bridges the gap. Truly International airsoft, from guns to gear, to events, it’s in 6MM ACTUAL.

In this issue we have - a review on the Direct Action Hurricane Chest Rig, a review on the Umarex MP7 AEG by Hiu, unfortunately there's no milsim content this month, an event report on The National Airsoft Festival 2019, and for our bonus content, there is a review on the Viper Tactical Gen2 Elite Trousers!


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