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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another player spotlight for you, and this time it's on one of my favourite airsoft snipers - Sniperbuddy Fabi! I first discovered Fabi's channel through Novritsch's content a few years ago and have followed his journey via social media ever since.

Hey Fabi! Thanks for taking part in the FFA player spotlights! How long have you been playing Airsoft? What originally got you into it?

I started playing in April 2009, when a friend of mine found this local shop by accident and thought it would be a great idea to shoot each other with little plastic balls.

What’s your playing style?

Aggressive – I like to run around a lot and continuously push into the enemy, rather than sitting behind a cover and don’t contribute anything to the game.

In my opinion, it depends a lot on the field where you play to make this tactic work – for my home field (Airsoftpark Tirol) it works perfectly fine whereas at bigger events and in large woodland areas I play a lot slower, more cautious and sneaky.

But I definitely enjoy a faster-paced game a lot more!

Are you a woodland player? CQB fan? Or do you like to mix it up?

Airsoft in Austria is not that big, and when it comes to fields I don’t have the luxury to choose from a lot of options. Especially in Tirol the next good game area beside my home field is around 5 hours away and the other options are in Germany, where you have some stupid regulations on airsoft guns where you’re only allowed to play with 1 Joule guns.

However, to answer the question I prefer outdoor fields with a good mix of vegetation and structures to make things interesting.

What can we see you running on the field? (Favourite pieces of kit)

I mostly run a sniper rifle in my games – it’s just so satisfying to see that one BB flying towards your target and hitting the enemy.

But I also like to mix up things to keep the game interesting.

When it comes to combat gear I don’t change a lot anymore, over the years I have always tried to make my gear as minimalistic as possible and as functional as possible. I know exactly how everything works and where everything is on my gear so I can fully focus on the game itself and don’t need to fight against my gear.

What’s your most memorable event?

Borderwar 10 – Borderwar is one of the biggest MilSims in Europe and takes place in the Czech Republic every year.

It features a huge game area, several factions and a big amount of vehicles.

But the best thing was the possibility to fly into combat via a Helicopter – that was by far the coolest thing I have had happen in airsoft to date.

Is there any advice you can give to other players out there?

Get comfortable with your gear and think about it - on how to improve your game after the game. What worked well and what didn’t – also what parts of your gear have you not used at all and why. I see so many people struggling with their own stuff on the field every time that they can’t focus on the game, get hit a lot and leave frustrated at the end of the day.

If you just started don’t make the mistake to buy a lot straight away, add new stuff only bit by bit after you know what you want and what you need.

Tell us about your YouTube channel! What got you into doing YouTube?

It all started 3 years ago when I first met Novritsch at my game area. We had a small chat about my rifle, which was a true relic of airsoft history – a Maruzen L96. Maruzen was one of the original Japanese airsoft brands, next to Tokyo Marui. He was somewhat surprised to see such an old rifle on the field.

The next time we met, Christoph has planned a video where he didn’t need his rifle-camera-gear and was asking if I would want to record my Gameplay for his channel. And that was the first time one of my gameplays hit the Internet

Since then I had regular appearances on Christoph’s Channel and at the end of 2017, I decided to start my own YouTube Project.

I really enjoy the creating of Gameplay videos and it has changed my style of playing a lot.

Nevertheless, I still do it mostly for fun and not fulltime.

Where can my readers find you on social media?




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