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One the 1st of June another issue of 6MM ACTUAL went live! In 6MM ACTUAL you can read the best of the monthly 'Femme Fatale Airsoft' blogs and get bonus content exclusive to our monthly downloadable. Online or offline, you can get your airsoft media fix! In the June issue, we have a Viper VCAM set-up, a review on the Titan Power Batteries, a feature piece on MilSim snacks and a Pencott Greenzone load out.



Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the blog! Whilst I was going through my kit last weekend when moving my office around (the office move around vlog is coming soon!) I came to realise just how many tactical fanny packs and drop pouches I have, so I thought it would be a cool post to compare them all! In this post, we're going to look at drop pouches from brands such as Ferro Concepts, Viper, Haley Strategic Partners and OPS.

First up, is the Ferro Concepts 'The Dangler' pouch, which is one of the OGs (it may be THE OG). I first purchased one of these in Multicam in 2016 and loved it so much that when I started building a Ranger Green kit I got one in RG too! (Although the RG pouch I found on eBay for £20! Barg!)

The Dangler drop pouch was designed by Ferro Concepts as a ‘fanny pack’ add-on to a plate carrier or chest rig. The pouch is designed to be lightweight, durable (made from Genuine Multicam fabric) and flexible tool organiser. It allows important tools/items to be carried in a convenient location. On the inside of the pouch there are a mix of 1.5" elastic and 3" loop lining to keep your tools/items secure when you are on the move. It also features a large Velcro square on the front so for patches.

The Dangler can be mounted either under the front flap and cummerbund or inserted into a plate pocket. I mount mine under the front flap and cummerbund on my plate carrier or between the backing velcro (I'm not sure what that bit is actually called, don't roast me!) on a chest rig.

At $48.50, it is one of the more expensive drop pouches on this list but it is made from genuine Multicam and made in the USA. At the current exchange rate (5/06/2020) that's £38.40 but remember  you will need to pay customs fees when it arrives in the UK. They're well constructed and have a good carrying capacity. This is my favourite drop pouch out of the bunch.

It's available in MC, MCB, RG, Black and Coyote. 

Next up is the Viper SCROTE pouch, a tactical fanny-pack pouch Velcro attachment for plate carriers and chest rigs that has webbing straps on each side and a Velcro ID panel on the front for all of your favourite patches, the SCROTE pouch I have is one of the first version, the latest version of this pouch has been updated slightly (hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on one when the 'Rona is gone). Inside the pouch, it has elasticated internal loop holders and a Velcro front internal pouch to keep all your bits and bobs safe during gameplay. It has a Viper firm draw zip puller to give the user more grip whilst unzipping/zipping the pouch closed especially when wearing gloves or when your hands are wet/cold. 

It is available in a great range of colours including VCam, black, green, coyote and titanium so there is a colour to suit most loadouts. It is stocked at most Viper retailers in the UK and the best part? It retails for around £11! This is fantastic news for those who want the look of Gucci kit on a budget or have multiple loadouts to fill with pouches.

Next up, is the HSP Multi Mission Hanger, which is a drop down pouch to store tools that is lined with loop velcro to secure additional pouch organisers. What makes this pouch different to the previous two is the fact it can be fully opened and lay flat. It was designed to attach to the Velcro rear panel on the D3CR Chest Rig or under the front flap / cummerbund of many plate carriers. As I have this in RG I usually wear it with my MAS Grey LBX 0300S to expand its carrying capacity.

Whilst I do like this pouch, it isn't my favourite on the list. Whilst it has a huge carrying capacity and the fact you can stick organisers in it is really cool, the zip is quite hard to open in a hurry (it takes a few tugs and I've often opened the whole thing and then had to pick everything up) and without the organisers if the pouch opens fully, everything falls out. I think I'm definitely going to have to get some organisers for it.

In the UK the Coyote and Multicam variants are available from Tactical Clothing for £44.99, which is a little cheaper than other online retailers but they do not have all of the camos/colourways. The HSP website does, but again you'll be paying import taxes.

Last in the list is the OPS Modular Fanny Pocket from Hueys MTO. It can either be used as a drop pouch by attaching it under the front flap/cummerbund, it can be mounted on a belt as a fanny pocket or by adding 2 ITW Grimloc D-Rings it can be attached to any MOLLE platform. It has a cord zip puller which is really handy when you're wearing gloves or the weather is poor.

Inside the pouch, like the others it has elastic loops to organise tools and accessories. It has a good capacity and I really like the shape of this one - it sets it apart from the others.

It's available in ATACS iX, Multicam, Multicam Black and Multicam Tropic. It is also very reasonably priced!

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Hey everyone! 

Welcome back to the blog! Over the last few months, I’ve swapped my Lithium Polymer batteries for the Titan Lithium iOn batteries. But, what’s the difference between LiPo and the Titan Power batteries? And are they over-hyped? Now I’ve used them for a few months, I feel I’m ready to give you my thoughts on them. 

Firstly, let’s chat about what makes them different to LiPos. Unlike LiPos, the Titan batteries do not puff and become unsafe even if they’ve been neglected (think accidentally leaving them in your kit bag for weeks on end after game day) or simply when they’ve aged. The Titan Power batteries can also be charged from empty or nearly full without damaging the battery. Even if your battery gets low and your device cannot cycle, the battery is still within safe operating ranges and can be charged safely back to 100%. Their batteries can also store on average 2-5 times the energy of other airsoft batteries, meaning you don’t have to swap out batteries as often to keep you in the game longer.

The Titan website states that ‘beginning in 2020 the Titan Power product line outperforms ALL airsoft batteries, with the same or higher rate of fire, and the same or greater trigger response, when comparing like voltage and similar size’ and boasts that ‘Titan Power batteries can hold a charge for months and still be ready to use on game day. An extreme example is a pack used for testing, charged in 2012, which still holds 88% of its life in 2018. These packs can also be charged over 300 times and still store 80% of its original capacity.’

Titan Power are also the ONLY batteries that come with a 1-year warranty and guarantee that they will beat your old battery, or they’ll offer you your money back as long as the battery hasn’t been tampered with. Which honestly does sound too good to be true but they’ve put it on their website so no going back now!

The Titan Power battery I have is the 3000mAh 11.1v Nunchuck wired to deans. Each battery comes nicely packaged in an individual plastic sleeve, on opening the sleeve, the battery is shrink-wrapped in the distinctive Titan packaging. All the relevant information, including the version, is printed on it. I opted for a deans connector (sometimes called a T-Plug) because it is a more reliable connection. They can be charged on either the Titan Digital Charger (available from their website separately) or on a smart charger which many of us have at home.

It fits in most of the Airsoft AEGs that I own as I’ve pretty much ripped the original stocks off and replaced them with the PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock which gives me plenty of space. The only AEGs this battery isn’t particularly suitable for are my Krytac PDW, custom G&G Black Rose, Ares Amoeba and Scorpion Evo due to them either being front wired or having very small stocks. When I use it with the Specna Arms SA-H20 Edge, it will fit in this model but I need to have the stock fully extended which isn’t comfortable to run, I will more than likely replace it with a PTS stock in the future.

I decided to test my battery to its limit. I received my battery at SHOT Show 2020 and charged it up ready for my first game after SHOT - DesertFox Events: Battle for Lost Angeles 2020 in Victorville, California. This event lasted a total of 2 days and the battery performed flawlessly for the entire event. 

I flew home with the battery in my hand luggage and put it in my kit bag until the next weekend when I would play airsoft again. That weekend I played CQB at West Midlands Airsoft High Command on Saturday and their woodland site the FOB on Sunday. The performance over those two days was also fantastic. That night I decided to forgo charging the pack to see if it would work the next time I played airsoft, in 2 weeks! This was a first for me - I’m usually very particular about my batteries being balance charged if I know they won’t be used for a while so it was pretty nerve-wracking, but those 2 weeks passed pretty quickly and it was soon time to play again - the battery wasn’t puffed up and still had charge left in it! These batteries really do hold a lot of charge for a long time!

Overall, I think the performance of the 3000mAh 11.1v Nunchuck battery from Titan Power over the last few months has been second to none.


Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the blog! Many of you will know that I visited Viper Tactical HQ near Luton, UK and I picked up a few bits and bobs to put together two new plate carrier set-ups - one in VCAM and the other in VCAM Black. In this post, I’m going to give you the details of what Viper products I’ll be using for my VCAM plate carrier set-up. Thanks to the Coronavirus lockdown in the UK, I haven’t had a chance to play in this set-up yet so the review will come when we’re able to play airsoft again!

For the base of the build, I’m using the new VX Buckle Up Carrier Gen2. The Viper VX Buckle Up Carrier Gen2 is the newest version of their modular vest that is designed to be used with the Viper VX System and other MOLLE compatible accessories. It is a one size fits all carrier that is fully adjustable by way of the vented mesh sides and shoulder straps. It has laser-cut MOLLE on the front and back panels, quick-release buckles throughout and multiple hook and loop panels for pouches or patches. The adjustable shoulder pads are padded and feature a bladder/comms retention system. On the front of the carrier there is a zipped admin pouch and hook and loop ID panel - which is the perfect size for my iPhone (screen facing inwards cause no one needs that). It has a removable laser cut MOLLE panel which I’ve removed to use the VX Chest Rig. On the back, there’s another MOLLE panel, which is compatible with the VX Charger Pack. It is also worth noting that the carrier comes with two removable EVA dummy plates - great value for money!

On putting the carrier on, as expected I had to adjust it at the shoulders and the cummerbund to ensure a snug fit, but it was easy to adjust. The MOLLE when it’s new is quite stiff so it did cause some problems when I had my pre-quarantine long nails but I got around this by using a pair of pliers. It was much easier with quarantine short nails! The material feels durable (more than durable for airsoft) and it is comfy to wear (from what I’ve tried on so far). The only thing I don’t like about it is the excess clips that have nowhere to go when you clip a new front panel on.

The Gen 2 Carrier is available in Black, Coyote, Green, Titanium, VCAM and VCAM Black. It retails for around £89.95.

To hold my mags I'm using Viper VX Buckle Up Mag Rig. It holds three rifle mags and three pistol mags. It is attached by two clips and the Velcro attachment panel at the back of the rig. To keep the magazines in place, Viper have added quick release bungee retainers to each magazine pouch. It is worth noting that the bungee cord is quite long, I prefer the cords to be shorter so the set-up looks tidier so I cut the cords and burned the ends with a lighter to clean them up.

It is easy to attach to the Gen 2 plate carrier, but there are a couple of extra clips that you need to tuck away. When the bungee retainers are pulled tight the mags are held firmly in place, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of movement (when jumping up and down). The mags are also easy to get out. One improvement I think could be made on this is to reinforce the pouches a little more - when no mag is inserted they do look quite and feel flimsy. I am keen to see how it holds up to consistent use during a game.

The Mag Rig is available in VCAM, Black, Coyote, Titanium and Green and retails for £26.95 from Military 1st.

Next in the set-up, is the Viper SCROTE pouch, this is a tactical fanny-pack pouch Velcro attachment for plate carriers and chest rigs that has webbing straps on each side and a Velcro ID panel on the front for all of your favourite patches! As well as looking good it’s also super utilitarian - inside the pouch, it has elasticated internal loop holders and a Velcro front internal pouch to keep all your bits and bobs safe during gameplay. I use mine to store my .209 primers and impact grenade accessories during games so they are easy to reach in a hurry. It has a Viper firm draw zip puller to give the user more grip whilst unzipping/zipping the pouch closed especially when wearing gloves or when your hands are wet/cold. 

It is available in a great range of colours including VCam, black, green, coyote and titanium so there is a colour to suit most loadouts. It is stocked at most Viper retailers in the UK and the best part? It retails for around £11.50! This is fantastic news for those who want the look of Gucci kit on a budget or have multiple loadouts to fill with pouches.

Lastly in the set-up is the Phone Utility Pouch which is a MOLLE Compatible multi-purpose pouch that has a fleece lined & elasticated front compartment for a phone etc. Funny story, I actually grabbed this out of my kit box to use in this set-up being unaware of its name, and when I opened the front compartment I thought 'my phone could probably fit here, oh it does, I wonder if they realise' and text one of my friends at Viper to get an ID on the pouch and it was indeed made for a phone haha. I have an iPhone XS and it fits great inside the compartment, and what I really like about it is that the fleece lining protects it from getting all scratched up! It also has a zipped rear compartment with an internal nylon sleeve.

The Phone Utility Pouch also comes in Coyote, Black, Titanium, Green and retails for £11.50.

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Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another loadout post for you and in this post we'll be looking at my Greenzone loadout that I wore for Warzone 6 in 2018 on the Greek island of Crete.

As I was playing the on the UN Team, I wore a UN Blue beret for the weekend so I was easily recognisable to the other teams.

The glasses I'm wearing for this loadout (and the ones I wear for most of my loadouts) are the Wiley X Saber Advanced. They're made from Shatterproof Selenite Polycarbonate lenses that meet the MIL-PRF-32432(GL) ballistic standards: ANSI Z87.1-2010 high velocity and high mass impact standards. I opted for the set with amber, vermillion and tinted lenses but I usually wear the vermillion lenses. They feature a T-Shell Lens coating that prevents scratches. They also offer 100% UVA/UVB protection with distortion-free clarity. I've been using these for around 3 years and they've never let me down. On the Wiley X EMEA website, you can get money off by using the code 'AFAIRSOFT' (affiliate code).

The team over at Military 1st kindly sent over a care package of Pencott Greenzone goodies for my trip to Crete which included a Helikon cap, the Wisport Sparrow 2.0 Pack, the Helikon CPU Shirt and the Helikon CPU Trousers, all in Pencott Greenzone.

First, let’s look at the CPU shirt! The Helikon CPU shirt is a heavy-duty combat shirt made from NyCo (Nylon and Cotton blend) Ripstop that has a two-way front zipper, a pleated back with a slit to enhance the range of movements, 6 pockets for optimum storage, elbow patch reinforcements on each arm for durability and Velcro plates for attachment of patches.

It is a piece of utilitarian clothing that combines functionality with comfort, as it features a mandarin collar with Velcro closure - there is a soft fleece on the inside of the collar which makes it super comfortable to wear, it has a zipped front with Velcro flap closure that makes it easy to put on/take off. As for pockets it has two on the chest with Velcro top closure and zipped side entry, an upper arm pocket on each sleeve with Velcro flap and zipped side entry, it also has two forearm pockets of various sizes on each sleeve with Velcro closures. And my favourite aspect of the shirt? The underarm zippers for ventilation., although these had to go in the alteration.

Next up we have the Helikon CPU Trousers in Pencott Greenzone:

These are a pair of heavy wearing and comfortable Combat Patrol Uniform (CPU) cargo trousers that are also made from NyCo Ripstop that feature 10 pockets and a double layer on the knees and on the backside (yay for butt protection!)

They have a button fastening and fly - for quick and easy fixes on the field should the button fail, durable belt loops to hold those weighty shooters belts, side waist adjusters to personalise the fit and drawstring bottoms on the legs too. As for pockets, the CPU trousers are laden with them including two large front pockets, two small open pockets at the front, two cargo pockets with a Velcro closure, two rear pockets with button flaps and one lower side pocket with Velcro flap on each leg.

What’s the quality like? The fabric is thick, has a nice weight to it and feels sturdy and durable. The features such as the fleece-lined collar and double-layered knees and backside reinforce this!

So how do they both fit? Well, here’s the thing – they didn’t. Even though I was sent the smallest size that was in stock in both products (small in the shirt and 32L in the trousers), it’s clear from the before photos that the uniform drowned my tiny frame – now these would more than likely fit a dude but I’d say for women and younger players they’d probably be a bit of a miss. My wonderful friend Jo at www.purplepongo.com helped me tailor mine just before I flew out, and you can read all about the process and see the finished images here! Once these items were tailored, they were perfect.

How much do they retail for? Both the shirt and trousers are available from Military 1st for £62.40 each. Overall, I love the features and quality. The only thing I was disappointed with is the fit.

My chest rig of choice for War Zone 6 – the Hurricane Hybrid Chest Rig from Direct Action in Pencott Greenzone!

It is a low profile, adjustable rig made from laser-cut laminated, 500D Cordura so you know it’s built to endure tough environments! The softshell interior construction also makes it a comfortable rig to wear for extended periods. The harness is well constructed and feels sturdy even when the rig is loaded up. It has a reinforced drag handle which is more applicable to real-world scenarios rather than airsoft but it’s a handy feature.

Not only is it comfortable and well-constructed in general but it is also full to brim with essential pouches including integrated, adjustable mag pouches with paracord retention that adjust to fit: eight (!) AR mags, four AK mags or even four SR magazines. It also includes several fixed external pouches for other mission essentials: two adjustable pouches, a sealed zipper pouch and a Velcro flap pouch for when you need to access items quickly.

What I like about the Hurricane is that you aren’t just limited to the pouches on the chest rig! As it not only features the integrated and fixed pouches but 9 PALS slots on the sides of the rig which are perfect for radio, medical, utility pockets and horizontal PALS slots under the ammo pouches for items such as tourniquets, pistol mag pouches and 40mm pouches etc. If you choose to run comms, the fixed pouches are a great size for a Baofeng radio and the rig has comms/antenna routing to keep everything tidy and prevent wires getting caught.

Is it easy to adjust to fit? The harness is completely adjustable via the buckles and to keep the excess material tidy it has Velcro wraparound straps – bonus! It has a split front, zipper design as well so you don’t need to adjust it every time you remove it which is handy. After adjusting, I found it fit well and was comfortable to wear even when loaded up with mags and radios. My only gripe was that the laser cut material was quite rough and did rub my inner arms when I was only wearing a t-shirt because of the hot weather. I didn’t have this issue wearing my combat shirt and I suspect it was because it was brand new, out of the packet. I would expect the material to soften over time and this to subside.

The Hurricane comes in a fair few different camouflage options including Adaptive Green, Black, Coyote Brown, Crye MultiCam, Pencott Badlands, Pencott Greenzone and Urban Grey so there is a camo option for. How much does it retail for? €239 which is around £210 at the current exchange rate so it is pretty pricey but the quality warrants the price in my opinion.

My airsoft rifle of choice for Warzone 6 – the AKS-74UN Tactical Mod A from E&L kindly supplied to me by Nuprol! For our loadouts, myself and Bill (my fellow Airsoft Action writer) chose to run tactical AK’s and I needed something compact and had plenty of rail space, and this is where the E&L AKS-74UN Tac Mod came in!

First, let’s talk about the aesthetics, it is a classic AK style that has the tactical goodness of a rail system for accessories. The construction is mostly steel with some reinforced polymer components. I like the aesthetics of the AKS74UN Tac Mod as it combines the classic look of the AK and the utilitarian rail systems of the M4 platform there’s only one thing I would change – it comes with a collapsible skeleton stock which I found to be a little uncomfortable when shouldering the weapon, I think it would look even better with a carbine stock!

Other useful info? As it’s constructed of mostly steel it weighs in at just over 3kg, which is pretty heavy compared to the polymer AEGs I would usually use. The weight is comfortable to carry, but during extended games, I would recommend a sling to prevent your arms from becoming too tired. It has semi and full auto firing modes with the Russian markings (pretty cool). The battery is easy to install – just pop the button near the stock, flip up the compartment and install – stick lipo batteries fit well in this compartment.

FPS and performance? When we got to Warzone 6 I excitedly grabbed my new AK out of the box and headed to the Chrono line – looking at the documents inside the case, it should have been shooting around 330FPS with a +/- 5% (which is around 346 FPS) but when it came time to Chrono, mine was sitting at a steady 353 FPS - 3 FPS over the site limit (and a big difference in what the documents said). As it was a brand new gun I figured the spring just needed to be worn in a little, so I decided to put a couple of mags through and sure enough, the FPS dropped down to around 348 FPS. I expect with time that the FPS will continue to fall as the spring gets worn in.

How does it shoot? I was impressed with its performance! It had pinpoint accuracy once the hop-up was adjusted (which was easy to adjust by the way), groupings were good and overall it was very pleasant to use. I did bring a Vortex SPARC AR to accessorise my AKS-74UN with but didn’t have the right mount for the job but this wasn’t an issue as it was easy to use just by sight.

Let’s talk about internals! It has a CNC’d steel outer barrel, 6 x 9mm steel gear bush bearing, a CNC’s steel gear set, silver wiring, Air Seal nozzle, a one-piece CNC’d steel cylinder, the spring guide is a silver latch with a Rotary Washer, and It has a high torque motor. The internals are of high quality and I feel this is reflected in the performance of the AEG.
Overall, I enjoyed using the AKS-74UN Tac Mod A at Warzone. I’m looking forward to customising it with some badass attachments and a new stock when it finally arrives back in the UK. I think it makes a great tactical AK addition to the armoury.

The E&L AKS74UN is available from a few UK retailers and is on average between £400-£420.


6MM ACTUAL | MAY 2020!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog!

One the 1st of May another issue of 6MM ACTUAL went live! In 6MM ACTUAL you can read the best of the monthly 'Femme Fatale Airsoft' blogs and get bonus content exclusive to our monthly downloadable. Online or offline, you can get your airsoft media fix! In the May issue, we have a review on the Haley Strategic D3CR-X, a review on the Valken Vertical Grip System, a player spotlight on Sniperbuddyfabi and a Viper VCAM Black set-up!



Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the blog. So lockdown measures are slowly easing in the UK and we'll hopefully be back playing in the near future so I want to share with you my favourite snacks to take to weekend and MilSim events just in case. Drop any suggestions you have in the comments and remember to always read the ingredients before purchasing if you have intolerances or allergies.

PC: Poi Apeles

Let's kick off with the OG - beef jerky! For those that don't know what beef jerky is: it's thinly sliced beef seasoned with spices and air-dried until it becomes a chewy snack. It's high in protein, doesn't need to be refrigerated, gives you energy and can be enjoyed on the move. My personal favourite is Jack Links but there are tonnes of different brands and flavours out there. This got me through MSW Objective Stavropol and I've sworn by it ever since.

This Dried Fruit Mix from Amazon contains dried Pears, dried Pineapples, dried Prunes, dried Apricots and dried Apples. These are super tasty, chewy snacks that provide a quick boost of energy. They're high in sugar so are perfect for when you need a little pick me up.

If I want a cheap, quick and easy meal to eat at an event when I don't have time for a big meal, a Potnoodle is my number one choice. It's a carb heavy, hot, brothy snack. Simply boil some water, pour the boiled water into the pot, wait 3 minutes, and you have a hot meal. My favourite flavour is Bombay Badboy because it's a spicy curry flavour. It's even better with sriracha added!

The Nature Valley Crunchy Bars are a sweet, crunchy snack that are great for breakfast on the move. They come in a bunch of different flavours but the Honey and Oats for me are the ones. High in carbs and sugar, they'll definitely give you a boost of energy.

Another breakfast bar favourite of mine! My Mum used to put these in my lunchbox when I was a kid and I still eat them to this day. They're a soft cake/fruit bar that are sweet and high in carbs/sugar. My personal favourite in this pack is the strawberry flavour.

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Hey everyone, and welcome back to the blog!

As many of you will know I have a YouTube channel - www.youtube.com/femmefataleairsoft! Although YouTube isn't my main platform, I do try to upload weekly vids so you guys and girls can get your airsoft fix - my channel is a mix of airsoft content from gameplay, to first impressions, unboxings, reviews and set-ups! If you're looking for gameplay, here's my latest:

If you're looking for something more informative, such as first impressions, unboxings, reviews, and set-ups, check out my latest informational vids here:

If you're looking for gaming streams, check these out:

And if you want to see some light-hearted fun vlogs, check these out:



Hey everyone,

Welcome back to blog! Today I have another review for you, and today we’ll be looking at another garment from my friends over at Viper Tactical - the Armour Hoodie!

The Viper Armour hoodie is made from 300gms polyester bonded Ribtech fleece and has a Polyester brushed lining on the inside. As for design, nothing much stands out as it is a pretty standard hoodie (sorry Viper!) - featuring one large front pocket, elasticated wrist cuffs with thumbholes, a drawstring hood and it has the added feature of heat-treated hook and loop patches on shoulders with the Viper logo.

The Viper Armour Hoodie has been designed for those who are looking for a versatile sweatshirt - for airsoft or everyday wear. What I really like about this hoodie is that it isn’t particularly ‘tactical’ looking so it can be worn in everyday life without looking out of place. I really like to wear this with my 5.11 leggings when I’m training for AIPSC or on a jog. The material that it is made of is quite thin but despite this, it is a cosy hoodie. It shields the wind and raw brushed polyester lining feels soft on the skin which is much welcomed. As it’s lightweight it is great to play in during cold weather, if the weather is particularly bad though I would probably use this an underlayer as it isn’t waterproof or water-resistant to my knowledge. Otherwise, it performs well on its own. The elasticated wrist cuffs definitely help with temperature control and keeping drafts coming through the sleeves to a minimum.

How does it fit? In the Armour Hoodie, I opted for the smallest size (S) and the small fits well - it isn’t too long on the body and the arms cover my wrists when my arms are extended. It isn’t baggy but you have plenty of room to move. I wear a UK size 8/10 and the small is a great fit for me, if you like yours a little baggy, I’d recommend going at least a size up. I would love to see this also in an XS to see what the difference in size would be.

The range of sizes is really inclusive, the Viper Armour Hoodie is available in S - 3XL and it is available in colours black, green, coyote and Titanium. I chose black to be worn with my Cam black loadout and I think the black looks smart enough to wear in everyday life.

The Viper Armour Hoodie retails for around £24.95 depending on the retailer but this seems to be the average. The price point is affordable and nothing to raise an eyebrow at.

Overall, I think Viper has done a great job with the Armour Hoodie - it is lightweight but still made of a cosy and quite durable material. It has features that help keep out drafts in less than forgiving weather. It fits well and the sizing is pretty true to size. It’s also affordable. Whether you purchase this for airsoft or every day, I think it’s a solid purchase.

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Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the blog! And welcome to the last of my loadout posts for a little while, today we'll be looking at my M81 X Flannel loadout that I wore for the Depot in Glasgow for their charity event that was held in 2019.

Let's chat about what I'm wearing on the old noggin'. So to give my head a little protection, I'm wearing the 5.11 2017 Range Cap, to protect my ears I'm wearing the Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff. I use these for both airsoft and also firearms on the range because of their noise-cancelling feature. When you flick the switch and turn on the electronic ear protection, it uses the built-in directional microphones to amplify ambient (background) sounds to 82dB - well within safe hearing limits. This allows you to hear important commands on the range and crucial environment sounds when hunting or playing airsoft. For additional shooting hearing protection, it also actively listens and automatically stops amplification when loud impulsive sounds like firearm discharges exceed 82dB.

The Air Flow Control technology means they utilise a slim earcup design that ensures your stock has clearance while shooting (no bumping your earpro on the stock like with some cheaper options). It has a padded headband which is comfortable and it does adjust. It also has an external audio jack that lets you connect the shooting earmuff to music device or scanner or another audio source which is perfect for airsoft. The battery delivers approximately 350 hours of usage, and the automatic shut-off feature engages after 4 hours to help save battery life.

My Facemask is the licensed T'Farge Comfort Mask from OneTigris. It is a half-face mask that has padded sides and a TPU polymer bridge to protect the nose. The TPU material that covers the bridge of the nose has been tested to 800FPS impact resistance (tested between -10 degrees C and 42 degrees C), it also allows for breathability thanks to the cutouts and it has a rubber seal on the inside of the mask to keep players goggles clear. The fabric used is nylon (for the black and green versions) and 500D Cordura (for the MultiCam version) and this is for durability as it offers great dirt, water and abrasion resistance. On the inside of the fabric is the padded mesh breathability lining for player comfort. It has adjustable double head straps for comfort and to prevent the mask from slipping. It’s also a super light-weight piece of kit, weighing in at only 100g and it folds up small so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The padded sides are super comfortable, but one thing I have noticed with the ladies cut is as it cuts away from the jawline quite sharply it doesn’t completely protect the very bottom of your cheeks - but this isn’t an area that for me gets hit a lot so it’s not too much of an issue as the covers a lot of the face. The mask is built for player comfort. and the only aspect I found uncomfortable about the mask was the fact the double strap has two buckles that can rub on your ears when wearing ear protection, this wouldn’t be an issue if you don’t wear ear protection but I always wear it so it can be a little uncomfortable during prolonged wear.

For my tac vest I'm wearing the ‘Small Modular Plate Carrier’ from LBX, or the 0300S as it is more commonly known in the airsoft community. The 0300S is the compact model of LBX’s popular Modular Plate Carrier. As the name suggests the carrier has 360 modular webbing, on the front panel, back panel, and the cummerbund so players can customise their carrier on all sides to their needs/preferences. The top rows of webbing on the front panel also have hook Velcro so you can show off your favourite patches. 

Although it doesn’t come with plates as stock, the carrier can take 8x10 plates if players want to add a little bit of weight or help keep the shape when it isn’t in use. It features a heavy-duty drag handle which is probably more applicable in real-world application than airsoft but it's there if you need to quickly drag your mates out of a firefight. It also has hydration/comms guides on the front and rear panels to keep hydration system and communication systems organised and of course to prevent any loose cables being snagged during use – after all, no one likes catching their lines on door handles!

The 0300S is fully adjustable - the cummerbund is adjustable between 32" and 46", and as my waist is 29” it fits snuggly but still gives me enough room to wear the carrier over a softshell or hoodie as I would in the winter. As the cummerbund also has Velcro closure it can be securely fastened. The carrier also features adjustable shoulder straps which means the operator can adjust where it sits on the torso. Both shoulder straps have padded strap coverings which makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time even when the carrier is loaded up. So we know it’s adjustable, but how does it fit? This is the main selling point for me! I’ve found very few plate carriers that can comfortably fit my small frame and contour my waist and chest but the 0300S does the job. As I’ve said, the cummerbund fits my waist pretty snug but still leaves me enough room to be worn over a light jacket or hoodie. The overall size looks/feels right on my torso and without plates, it fits the contours of my body.

I've accessorised my 0300S with the Triple HSGI Taco Modular Panel in Ranger Green from the LBX – the RG compliments the MAS Grey really well, it has 3 x M4 mag pouches and 3 x pistol mag pouches. I've also used the HSP SACK pouch to expand the carrying capacity.

The flannel shirt I'm wearing is from the budget high street retailer Primark. There are a lot of outdoor/tactical clothing companies that make flannel shirts but they tend to be quite expensive. This men's green/black shirt was just £10! Bargain! This shirt also came in an XS size which was pretty spot on!

For the trousers, I'm wearing the Viper Tactical Gen 2 Elite Trousers in US Woodland, which make huge improvements on the originals and boast a bunch of new features, including improved removable ABS knee pads! These new Elite trousers are a dupe of a very popular style of trousers/pants but are super affordable.

Besides the style, the first thing that strikes me about these new combat pants is that they are packed with pockets for storage! Featuring: two roomy cargo pockets with inner felt lined utility compartments, two hand-warmer pockets, two rear pockets, and two front thigh pockets. The pockets are placed in convenient locations and easy to reach in-game. The most useful for my own style of gaming is definitely the cargo pockets - they’re really roomy and secure well so I don’t lose any of my bits and bobs on the field.

One feature that was absent from the previous version, and definitely adds to the aesthetics is the V-Stretch material panels that are located around the knees and seat for better movement. The material is an accent colour which gives the trousers a high-end look but they aren’t there to just look good, they make the trousers so much more usable. As the originals didn’t have any stretch fabric, they relied on the little stretch the trouser fabric had, which meant they didn’t have a huge amount of movement. This stretch fabric makes these so comfortable to wear even when I’m crouching and getting into some really uncomfortable positions to get the shot.

The Gen 2 Elite Trousers feature removable ABS knee pads but the design is a major improvement on the originals. Instead of being hard plastic, they are now a flexible almost rubber feel plastic that moulds to your knees much better. They also look better. Like the originals though, they still have knee pad height adjusters in front thigh pockets which means I don’t get ‘thighcaps’!

In regards to the fit of them, as I wear a UK 8/10 (depending on the brand) I opted for a 30” waist. My waist sits at dead on 29” so opting for the 30” gives me. an extra inch for movement. They feature a padded waistline panel for added comfort, so when you’re leaning and there is pressure on the waistline it doesn’t dig in like some other brands and they have velcro retention for knee and cuffs.

As with my MultiCam set-up, the base of my OD set-up is the FRV Tailoring Cobra Shooters belt in OD. A low profile, lightweight and affordable alternative to belts such as the Ronin. It has an inner belt made of one layer of webbing with Velcro hook on the outside which you feed through your trouser belt loops as you would any normal belt, then you place your outer belt with all your pouches, holsters etc attached over the inner belt and fasten it with the cobra buckle. The belt is 50mm/2" wide and has 18 columns of molle. The molle loops run along the top and bottom of the outer belt and they're compatible with any molle pouches and holsters. The outer belt has a double layer of webbing to give it that rigidity and a cobra buckle that is rated up to 4000 lbs. What I love about this belt is it sits quite high up on my hips so it doesn’t bruise me or get uncomfortable even when there’s a fair bit of weight being carried, and I can have all my pouches/holsters etc set up on the belt without needing to take them off when the belt is removed. You can save 10% on the FRV Tailoring website by using the code 'Femmefatale' at the checkout!

For my pistol holster I'm using a standard Glock holster (I hadn't had a custom one made for the Agency Arms Glock at this point) and for my pistol mags I'm using two of the GK Tactical SG 2.0 Pistol Pouches from Redwolf. These affordable polymer pouches fit all pistol series magazines. There are flared surfaces on all sides of the pouch opening which allows smooth, blind insertion of the mag into the pouch. The front torsion plate is engineered to direct pressure down through the pouch forcing its inner friction surface to make positive contact along the length of the magazine. With minimal adjustment to the cord, the holding power of the pouch can be multiplied through the designed leverage in the system.

Next up in my OD set-up we have a new bit of kit – the Viper Covert Dump Pouch in OD! A small addition but one that makes a big difference during a skirmish in terms of stashing used mags in a flash. This tiny pouch folds out into a full-size dump pouch – so it has a good carrying capacity whilst being compact in its folded form and looks tidy. It’s really easy to deploy even whilst wearing my belt and what I really like about it is that it folds away easily too! It has a drawstring to keep everything in the pouch secure and a drainage hole at the bottom of the fold-out pouch to prevent rainwater pooling on wet game days.

I have 2 of the Kydex Holster NLD 40mm Carrier – in my custom pink/grey colourway. It is a Kydex carrying system designed specifically for the TRMR that has a malice clip attachment for use with molle plate carriers and belts. There’s not really much to talk about in terms of features as they are a super simple bit of kit – just moulded thermoplastic with a malice clip but their simplicity means less to go wrong. Once it is attached to your kit, the operation does take a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it, it does offer quick deployment and of course good retention. As it has a moulded lip to secure the TRMR I found the best way to deploy it quickly is to push the TRMR base up through the cut out and it will slide out. On the way back in, the best method I found was to have the TRMR at a 45-degree angle against the back of the TRMR and push down.
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