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Welcome back to the blog! Following on from the Stocking Fillers for Airsofters post I published last week, this week I'm looking at Christmas gifts for the airsofters in your life! Whether you have no idea about airsoft but your lady, fella, relative or teammate is into it and you need some guidance or if you're an airsofter yourself and you just need some ideas for a gift they'd love, there's something on this list for every budget!

The Large Rifle Case from Nuprol is a hard rifle case that features 4 latches to keep the case shut, a carry handle, wheels on one end and a handle on the other for easy transportation and 
2 padlock holes on front edge for when you need to securely lock the case for international travel. This version has pick and pluck foam which means you can customise the case to your load out for added security. This link is for the black case but it's available in 3 other colours (some are cheaper too!) You can  read my review from when these were released here!

Is the airsofter in your life a budding airsoft YouTuber? The GoPro Hero 9 is the newest Hero in the GoPro range and boasts a bunch of features including enhanced stabilisation to capture your gameplay!

If the airsofter in your life plays a lot of CQB, a good tracer unit is essential (and tracer BBs look cool AF). The ACETECH Lighter BT tracer is compatible with both red and green tracer BBs, is rechargeable (with a fully charged battery lasting for over 22,000 rounds) and even has an app available on the App Store/Android store. Bundle this with the Nuprol RZR Tracer BBs 0.2g for a great gift!

Airsofters always need ammo, so the Specna Arms EDGE Precision BBs made by BLS are a great choice for any airsofter. Available in different weights (I use 0.25g for indoor CQB and 0.28g for outdoors/urban) and they come in bags of 1kg. The only thing I don't like about the Specna BBs is that they come in a bag rather than a bottle so make sure to seal the bag when you've loaded up!

One of my favourite AEGs that I've used during 2020 is the KWA RONIN TK45C from Extreme Airsoft. It is currently on sale for £279.99 down from £349.99 so now is definitely time to grab a bargain. Check out my full review on the TK45C here

The PTS EPMs have been go-to magazines since 2018. They hold 150 rounds, have an orange follower so you can tell when the mag is empty and are made of a tough, durable polymer - check out my full review here!

This is a product I've been using since its release in 2015 but dang does it keep giving! The Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speedloader for M4 magazines allows players to load midcap magazines in a matter of seconds - no more tired hands from regular speedloaders! It holds up to 1600 rounds of ammo and can fit in a double M4 mag pouch so can be easily carried on the field. It's easily the best speed loader on the market but is currently out of stock at most retailers in black/dark earth but if you aren't too picky regarding colour, they are in stock in blue.

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Hey friends!

Welcome back to the blog! With Christmas just around the corner (my tree has been up since November 1st - fight me), it's time to once again start about buying gifts for our nearest and dearest and I've compiled a list of perfect stocking stuffers for the airsofters in your life - whether it's your lady, fella, secret Santa co-worker or teammate, there's something on this list for every budget!

So, with the new tiered system in the UK we're going to be spending a lot of time indoors over the winter and with a lot of airsoft sites closed for the meantime we won't be getting a lot of pew pew time in but, we can of course get some virtual pew pew in with the new Call of Duty! (Xbox link here)

Face protection is pretty important in airsoft, especially if the airsofter in your life plays CQB (we don't want to lose any teeth!) and the T'FARGE Comfort Mask from OneTigris is an affordable, licensed version of the Division S.I.X T'FARGE Comfort Mask. It's breathable, has a TPU portion protecting the nose/teeth and has padded sides to take the sting out of any shots to the grid.

Read my full review of the OneTigris T'FARGE Comfort Mask here

The Quake 8 from Tectonic Innovations is a new 7 shot blank firing grenade that’s made from CNC’d stainless steel that discharges .209 multipurpose primers. It has a safe position and 7 firing positions. At the moment it's on sale for £99.99 - a great saving. If the airsofter in your life plays a lot of urban/CQB games this is sure to up their play experience.

Read my full review on the QUAKE 8 here

The Wiley X SABER ADV. Shooting Glasses have been my go-to shooting glasses for the last 4 years, as they not only look good but are highly rated. They have Shatterproof Selenite Polycarbonate lenses that meet the MIL-PRF-32432(GL) ballistic standards: ANSI Z87.1 high velocity and high mass impact standards. T-Shell Lens coating that prevents scratches and 100% UVA/UVB protection with distortion-free clarity. They rarely fog and are super comfortable to wear. They're available with clear, smoke grey, pale yellow and vermillion lenses on their own or as a bundle with multiple lenses. You only get one pair of eyes - don't buy cheap eye pro off the internet ladies and gents!

The FRV Tailoring CQB sling is an affordable handmade weapon sling made from milspec materials from a Veteran owned brand. It's available in 11 different colours and with 3 different thread ends. The end detaches quickly via a clip.

Another bit of kit that's in my go-to kit bag - the Honeywell Howard Leight Impact Sport Ear Defenders! These are great value for money and look the part. These ear defenders, like many twice their price amplify ambient sound to avoid isolation and enhances the wearer's awareness of their environment by doing this. The sound amplification volume does not exceed 82 dB - the responsive technology reverts to passive hearing protection when noise reaches 82 dB so these are perfect if you're around a lot of pyrotechnics etc

The Xcortech tracer unit is perfect for the softer in your life that loves to play dark and sneaky CQB. Using tracer units in CQB definitely enhances the experience in my opinion as the glow in the dark BBs look cool AF and you can more accurately identify when you've hit someone. With the adapter it can be used on both a pistol or rifle.

This post contains affiliate links, as I am a member of the Amazon Associates Program - an affiliate advertising program that provides a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com to products I have used, tested, trust and recommend.


Hey friends! 

Welcome back to the blog! I hope you’re all safe and well! Today I have another airsoft gun review for you, and in this post, we’ll be looking at the KWA RONIN TK45C from Extreme Airsoft. 

The KWA RONIN TK45C is one of the latest models in KWA’s RONIN range of rifles that has been likened to the Krytac KRISS Vector. Since it’s release, it has proven itself to be a popular SMG platform. But is it worth the hype? And is it worth the price? 

First up, let’s talk about the externals! Like the other RONIN models, the TK45C has a full metal modular upper receiver, an integrated 6” keymod handguard and a Picatinny rail on top to add accessories such as red dot sights, included in the box is a set of PTS Enhanced Flip-up Front and Rear Polymer Sights. It also has a PDW style adjustable stock and a stippled polymer pistol grip (which is a nice touch!) 

As for the internals, the main feature worth talking about is the new Variable Performance System from KWA. This system makes it easy to adjust the FPS, which is controlled by the VPS System, with tools that are included. It has a 217mm 6.05mm tight bore inner barrel, a rotary style hop-up, safe/semi/full-auto firing modes with an ambidextrous fire selector. It doesn’t have a MOSFET as standard but one can be dropped in pretty easily if you have the tech skills. The magazine. included has a Switch Cutoff feature that makes this rifle more realistic to use and is an easy indicator when you are out of ammo, it also prevents damage caused by dry fire. 

I used the TK45C during a night game at The Department CQB (you can read my full review here) and accessorised it with my Vortex SPARC AR and an X-cortech tracer unit - it’s worth mentioning you can put a tracer unit on a TK45C - there is a little grub screw that needs to be removed. I chrono’d it on 0.2g BBs and it came out at a cheeky 345FPS consistently - perfect for most airsoft sites in the UK. It is a super compact airsoft gun, which means it’s easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces such as corridors and kill houses (a massive help at the Department for sure). The cut-off feature is a nice addition because it lets you know when to reload but the mag release did seem a little stiff. It was reliable throughout the game with no feeding or mechanical issues. Even though I’m pretty small I did need to have the stock fully extended because of how small it is. It is pretty weighty though (which makes it feel more durable and ‘hardy’) so my arms would be a little tired if I ran this for a full game day with no sling. 

What did I like about the TK45C? I love how compact it is - it was really easy to get around a CQB site with, it was fun to shoot and I like the way it looks - it’s pretty futuristic. Personal opinion: it’s one of the better-looking SMGs out there. 

Was there anything about it that I didn’t like? I enjoyed using the TK45C but there are a few things that I believe could be improved on. First up: its’ weight. At 5.9lbs it is quite heavy for the size of it - I don’t think this would be a huge problem for a lot of airsofters out there but I just prefer lighter guns. The mag release was a little sticky so reloading wasn’t as smooth as I would’ve liked it to be but I feel this may improve with time and use. The original battery compartment is also quite small but to combat this I used the Airtech Studios KWA battery extension which gave me enough room to use one of my trusty Titan batteries. This fixed the issue but it is an extra expense so there is that to take into account. 

Right now the TK45C is on sale at just £279.99 down from £349.99. The accessories I used included the Airtech Studios TBE KWA TK45 Ronin Tanker Battery Extension which retails for £24.99 and I also used a pack of the KWA Ronin TK45 120 round Midcap Magazines which are £49.99. I think at the current price the TK45C is an absolute bargain, especially considering you can get the gun, battery extension and a pack of 3 magazines for just £5 more than the usual price of the gun. You can also use the code ‘femmefatale’ for an additional 5% off! 

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Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog! 

I know, I know - it’s been a while since I’ve posted on the blog - on my return from Poland in October I decided to take a couple of weeks off blogging to readjust and refocus. I’m now back and ready to hit the ground running. As many of you know, England is now back in lockdown but I did manage to get one last cheeky game in before! On Wednesday 4th November I returned to a site that I haven’t played since their opening day in 2017 - the Department CQB

The Department CQB is a 13,000 sq ft CQB site attached to Extreme Airsoft, an airsoft retailer in Croft, Leicestershire (you can read my full review here). The Department CQB is a large warehouse that has plywood corridors, rooms and structures built to give players a fast-paced, hard-hitting CQB experience. There are light and dark areas giving varied gameplay. From my home in Derbyshire, it takes around 40-45 minutes to get to the Department via the M1. The only problem I had the first couple of times I visited is that postcode on the website takes you to the Quarry just before the site, but if you carry on past the Quarry and take the turning for Thurlaston and Croft this road will take you to Winston Ave. and the site is at the end of Winston Ave. There is a car park on-site and a car park just opposite the site (that has a little more room, but it does close at 9pm). 

On arrival, because of COVID19 measures only one player is allowed in the reception area where you are asked to wash/sanitise your hands, sign an insurance waiver, pay your game fee (and rental package if you have one) and collect your coloured armband. Once you have your armband you can go through to the safe-zone. At the moment the safe-zone is split into two - red and blue, and players are asked to stay within their designated safe-zone, this is to minimise contact between players. The red safe-zone is indoors and the blue safe-zone is outside under the shelter. I was in the indoor safe-zone - it’s pretty spacious and has perspex screens between the tables. In regards to the facilities onsite the site has a vending machine with a selection of snacks and cold drinks in the safe-zone (atm due to COVID the hot drinks facilities aren’t in use), a new kitchen has just been fitted for when they reopen after lockdown to provide hot food options for players (this I highly rate - any of you that have played airsoft with me will know that I am always thinking about lunch!). there are female and male toilets that are kept clean and tidy and the site has disabled access (as well as the game zone being over one level really helps disabled/less mobile players).

When we got into the game-zone we were given a quick safety brief which included the new COVID19 rules. The site rules are very much similar to other CQB sites in the UK - it’s single shot, has an FPS limit of 350, allows both strikeable pyro such as the Enola Gaye MK5s and BFGs - thunder snaps (but they have to be in a device), .209, 8mm and 9mm. They also allow smoke grenades but it is limited to one smoke per game. The rest of the rules are pretty standard. 

The games played on the night were a mix of team deathmatches and objective games. To start the evening off and get everyone warmed up we played a team deathmatch, followed by Dodgeball and a domination game with an explosive prop. The only game I wasn’t particularly keen on was ‘Dodgeball’ which is an elimination-style game where when you get shot you need to stand still where you are until a member of your team medics you back in by touching your foot with their foot for a 5-second count. If you get hit early on in the game you can be stood around for a while. Whilst the game itself I think flowed well, when I stood still waiting for a medic, the blue team were running past dead players and shooting them again every time they passed - which is pretty frustrating, it definitely would’ve been appreciated if they checked their targets before engaging dead players (this, of course, isn’t the staff's fault). My favourite game overall was the good ol’ fashioned deathmatch because we got to use and explore the whole site and got a lot of kills - the site layout is easy to learn quickly and flows well, it’s easy to get around if you’re an aggressive player but you also don’t need to be a door kicker to have a good time. The staff were helpful on the night and explained the rules quickly and clearly. I had a slight fogging issue with my glasses and the Marshalls helped get me to the safe-zone so I could get them off, reapply my anti-fog and get back in the game. 

The Department runs games on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 6pm – 9pm, two game sessions on Saturday between 10am – 1pm and 2.30pm – 5.30pm and also on Sundays 10am – 2pm and this is one of the aspects of the site that makes it so successful - there is a game session for everyone (especially helpful if you work weekends!). The prices are also pretty reasonable at £20 for a 3hr session and £23 for a Sunday 3.5hr session. Members do get discounts and there are unlimited memberships available too. 

If you’re new to the sport, The Department has a selection of rental M4s and pistols at a reasonable price, they also offer Quake 8 rentals (the new impact grenade from Tectonic Innovations - read my review here) which is great if you’ve never used a BFG before and want to see what they would add to your gameplay experience or if you’re on the fence about buying one it gives you the chance to try one before you buy. It’s also worth mentioning if you’re a female you can grab a free rental vest for your games if you choose to. Prices for rentals start at £10. 

Overall, I had a great time at The Department CQB and can’t wait to return after lockdown 2.0 is over!

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Hey friends!

Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another review for you, and this time it’s on the new Atom grenade from Tectonic Innovations - the smallest impact grenade known to airsofters and the little brother to the Quake 8!

So what exactly is it? The Atom is a tough aluminium case grenade that resembles a mini Quake 8. Instead of using .209 primers like it’s big brother, the Atom utilises a thunder snap charge - you know those little fireworks we used to throw at each other in the ’90s? Yeap! Those! Despite their small size, they kick out a mighty 119 decibels. They’re easy to use, you simply twist off the top and insert a thunder snap charge and then twist the top back on, then you throw. Even though they’re so small, there are a couple of ways to carry them during a game - they fit in shotgun shell holders or Deadly Customs make custom holsters for them out of Kydex.

Do they go off reliably? Unlike the Quake 8/.209, BFG’s the results you get may vary depending on what charges you use as there are so many different ones. “Snap Bangers” are the most reliable to produce a consistent detonation whilst “Thunder Snaps” tend to require a bit more force behind the deployment but are generally consistent. The “Big Bang Snaps” is by far the loudest but do need a fairly good throw which is not ideal. I’ve so far tested all 3, and “Snap Bangers” have been the most reliable for me but I have managed with the other snaps. I’d advise against carrying snaps into the game-zone just in case - leave them in the box they came in (with the sawdust) until you’re ready to prime and use.

Are these allowed at every site? So, here’s the thing, I’ve seen some airsoft sites on Facebook stating they will not be allowing the Atom’s on their sites - with the reasoning that their small size will make them easy to lose (which surely, the owner of the grenade is aware of the risk before deploying them and accepts that risk?) and that their low price point will turn airsoft into grenade-soft. Airsoft site owners are of course well within their rights to say a product cannot be used on their premises but I can’t help but feel that this rule is pricing out airsofters with a smaller budget, as they don’t (to my knowledge) have any rules against a player turning up with 10 of the Quake 8’s (which is 70 bangs) which cost £135 each but they do have rules against me turning up with 10 Atoms (which is 10 bangs) - although these do have to be reloaded, but what would stop me deploying 10 of them and then fighting to them and reloading/using again? This may not be the case, but that’s certainly the way I and others have perceived it.

Another burning question I’ve seen is, can under 18’s use them? And the answer is yes (although do double-check with your local site as they may have their restrictions). The snaps themselves have an age restriction of 12 years, so as long as you are over the age of 12 and have parents permission the consensus is yes. As long as players, of course, use them safely.

They cost just £13.99, which is incredible for a reusable pyro device, it’s low price point opens up the BFG world to airsofters who can’t or simply don’t want to spend £100+ on a grenade. It also means that they are so affordable that you can have more than one. I have one in each colour. They come in red, orange, purple, blue, silver and black so not the full colour-range but there’s a colour for everyone.

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Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another review for you and this time it’s a site review - I know, it’s been a while! A couple of weekends ago I revisited Anzio Camp ran by First & Only in Leek, Staffordshire. Anzio Camp is a FIBUA site that I last played back in 2015! I can’t remember much about the site except that I struggled to climb through the windows and the Embassy was a cool part of the site to play through. Unfortunately I didn't get many photos from the day that show the site, so I've added a couple that I did get.

From my home in Derbyshire, the site is almost 40 miles away and it takes an hour and 10 minutes via the A515 - it is in the sticks but as you drive down the A523 you will see a lay-by that has orange high-vis Marshalls waiting to direct you into the site. You have to pull into the lay-by guys so the team at F&O can manage the traffic into the site, once you’ve been directed by a Marshall to enter the site, another Marshall is waiting to take your temperature before being allowed to park up. 

Once you’ve been temperature checked there are two safe zones to choose from - one is the ‘hangar’ - which is exactly what it sounds like, it has enough room for a fair few cars and the shop area/rentals. The other safe zone is a group of buildings that are at the entrance to the game zone. I parked up in the hangar and made my way to sign-in. Due to COVID, at the moment all players are being asked to print out and fill in the insurance waivers at home which means less time spent in the queue. Once you’ve handed your waiver in you can grab a ‘ration pack’ from the box and get ready for the games. A lot of sites aren’t providing lunch at the moment because of the pandemic so I had already brought lunch with me but I was pretty happy with the ration pack provided by the site - I had a packet of Worcester sauce crisps, a bottle of water, a protein drink, a pain au chocolat and a Frosties breakfast bar which made for great little snacks throughout the day.

The onsite shop in the Hangar was pretty well stocked with all the game day consumables you would need - BBs, gas, pyro, snacks etc and also had a selection of accessories that F&O retail. I didn’t pay too much attention to the shop (sorry!) because I had everything I needed except tracer BBs which were reasonably priced. There are rental guns available in the hangar too but these need to be booked beforehand via the website. 

The safety brief was extensive and covered everything from site safety, use of pyro, site limits etc. including new COVID procedures. The game brief followed shortly after the safety brief. It did take longer than I remembered but that was due to the extra COVID procedures and there was a group of players that were constantly talking throughout the brief - they were identified and asked to be quiet by marshalls. This of course isn’t the sites fault by any means. It is so disrespectful towards the site staff and the other players to act this way as it just wastes everyone’s time having to wait for people to be quiet (these individuals were also kicked off site less than 2 hours later for having a hot gun though so, make you own conclusions about the kind of players they are).

Onto the site, Anzio camp is a huge disused M.O.D. barracks and training facility that has a massive amount of buildings. The site’s buildings range from small stores to two-storey accommodation blocks full of rooms to fight through. Areas of the site include road networks, mixed woodland, an assault course and firing range so it offers varied gameplay and no matter whether you’re a sniper or a door kicker, you will be able to play in a style you enjoy. During the day all areas of the site are in play and accessible, providing true FIBUA combat for players. The buildings have plenty of entrances, so if you can’t fight your way through the front door there will be a good amount of windows you can climb through. This is one of my favourite aspects of Anzio - there’s rarely a stalemate because there are so many ways to access the buildings, but I will say because I’m so short, getting into the windows is not an easy task.

What were the games like? The games played the day I visited Anzio were mostly objective-based games which included getting in-game props such as ammo tins from our respawn and taking it to the other teams respawn and assaulting and controlling the Embassy (the main building on-site and the best part of the site to fight over IMO). My favourite game was assaulting the Embassy. The games suited the terrain and gave players the option to be sneaky or be door kickers. I think if the teams on the day had been better balanced they would've been more fun for the blue team.

Were there any problems onsite? There were a couple - the teams weren’t evenly balanced and the marshalls’ showed little interest in sorting it out, merely stating to me ‘the teams had even numbers’. Whilst the teams did have even numbers, they weren’t balanced. It’s really important on game days to have relatively even teams so it keeps gameplay competitive for everyone - no one wants to be smashed all day as it lowers morale and on the other side of the coin if you’re smashing the other team with barely any effort, it doesn’t provide a challenge.

The other issue I encountered was concerning the F&O rule of not shooting anyone under 1m if you don’t NEED to (no problem with the rule and I have no problem with people shooting me under 1m btw!) but a player took it upon himself to approach our teams respawn whilst I was sat on ground reloading, get as close to me as possible, ask if I was dead and before I had a chance to even look at him/answer him he shot me. This again isn’t the site’s fault and as far as I’m aware he isn’t a regular player. It may seem irrelevant to some, but I like to be fully transparent about what happens when I attend game days.

How much does it cost to play at Anzio Camp? A walk-on at Anzio will set you back £35, and rental kit starts at £15 (which is extra to the game fee). It’s definitely on the more pricey side for a walk-on but, if you consider the calibre of the site you’re playing on, it’s a fair price. I enjoyed my day at Anzio, the games were engaging (although would've been more fun with more evenly balanced teams) and offered gameplay for all players. The staff were friendly and pleasant to be around. The lunch provided was also pretty good. 


Hey everyone! 

Welcome back to the blog! Back in 2017, I reviewed the highly anticipated KRISS Vector AEG shortly before its release and now, 3 years on, I’m reviewing the limited edition Alpine KRISS Vector which is the latest variant of the popular airsoft gun. Although there are a lot of similarities between the Alpine KV and the original KV, there are some stark differences - let’s get down to the review! 

First, let’s talk through the externals, so the Alpine Vector has a polymer one-piece upper with an integrated stock adapter that has all the KRISS/Krytac/Vector markings. It has a full-length metal top rail suitable for any sights/scopes and a Vector MK5 Modular Rail that has 5 rail slot segments, an extended battery cap (one of the things I like so much about this KV) and an Extended outer barrel. The Alpine comes with the Defiance style 14mm CCW flash hider that is found on the Krytac Trident series and the Defiance flip-up sights, which have a dual aperture on the rear sight which makes them perfect for long-range and CQB shooting. Moving along to the stock, the Alpine has a full 6-point polymer stock that has 3 sling points including a QD. 

The bolt release, like the other KV’s is cosmetic but it does have a functioning bolt that opens the hop-up chamber, although there’s no need to use the bolt as you can just open the door yourself and it stays open which makes changing the numbered, rotary style hop-up super quick and easy. It has semi, two-round burst and full auto firing modes on an ambidextrous selector and an ambidextrous safety switch – the safety switch prevents the trigger being pulled and also disconnects the battery and releases the spring to take the stress off the internals when on safe. 

Moving onto the internals. We’ll start with the pistol grip where the battery is housed – this has been updated from a Mini Tamiya connection to a T-plug or Deans connector (which offers a much more reliable connection). The metal plate on the bottom near the pistol grip reveals the spring guide for a quick change spring (no tools are needed). It has a KRISS Vector Gen II pivoting trigger, an 8mm VECTOR gearbox, and an integrated KRYTAC FET system as well as an electronic trigger. 

When I chrono’d the Alpine it was pretty consistent at 337 FPS on 0.2g BBs with a ROF of 24. It chrono’s within legal limits but how does it perform and is it any different to the original KVs? Once the hop-up is set the range is on par with the original KV (which I was pleasantly surprised with, in 2017 with it being such a compact gun). The trigger response is improved and the ROF is higher so this is even more fun on full-auto. 

In regards to aesthetics, I am absolutely in love with how the Alpine - I think it’s a huge improvement on the original KV thanks to the 6-point stock and the MK5 Modular Rail. The extended battery cap adds an extra little something-something and I’m here for it! 

Is there anything I think could be improved? Honestly? No. I think all the things I wanted to be improved on the original Vector have been implemented on this model. The new stock makes it easier to shoulder, and the new modular rail means you can add more attachments. I would love to see this shape of Vector in the black and black/tan colourways because whilst the colour is cool AF - it is hard to keep clean and stands out like a sore thumb but is great for a Princess Leia or Stormtrooper cosplay!

The Le Alpine Vector retails for £579.99 from Extreme Airsoft which is pricier than the original KRISS Vector but it is a limited edition. Use code 'femmefatale' for 5% off!

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Hey friends! 

Welcome back to the blog! You may have seen from my social media that I’ve once again teamed up with OneTigris to bring you some more content on their gear. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the brand, OTG was established in 2014 and they are a China-based gear manufacturer who manufactures outdoor, airsoft, EDC and K9 kit that’s great quality and is affordable. 

I first became aware of OTG in 2017 when they released the 4.5” Tactical Foldable Half Face Mask - they were one of the first companies to manufacture face protection specifically for women, teenagers and Asian players. The original design for this mask was 6” from the bridge of the nose to the tip of the chin - for the women’s version they shaved 1.5” off to make the mask more comfortable for players with a smaller face. This mask became my ‘go-to’ face protection purely because it was so comfortable and fit well. 

Then they released the Small T’Farge Comfort Mask with the gas seal in 2019 as OTG secured the license to make their version of the T’Farge Comfort Mask by Division SIX. Division SIX is a one-man band from the UK who designs and makes face protection for airsoft. Nikira’s designs are unique and developed through his own experiences with face protection. Each of his masks are made by hand but with this comes a higher price tag. This is where OTG come in, by taking on the license for this mask they have made the mask more accessible for the player. The OTG licensed Division SIX T’Farge Comfort Mask is a half-face mask that has padded sides and a TPU polymer bridge to protect the nose. It isn’t exactly the same as the Division SIX mask as it has slight modifications including thicker padding on the sides and it’s also smaller to cater to Asian, female and teenage players. OTG claim it offers a better fit and an excellent fog-free airsoft. 

Fast forward to 2020 (what a year it’s been) and they’ve released the 6.2” T’Farge Comfort Mask which is also licensed by Division SIX and is closer to the original mask! Over the last month or so I’ve been wearing this mask for my post-lockdown airsoft games and here’s my review! 

The fabric it’s made of is the same as the 2019 version of the mask and is 1000D nylon (for the black and green versions) and 500D Cordura (for the MultiCam version) and this is for durability as it offers great dirt, water and abrasion resistance. On the inside of the fabric is the padded mesh breathability lining for player comfort. What makes it different however to the 2019 mask is that this layer of padded mesh is much thinner and more akin to the original Division SIX mask. 

The TPU material that covers the bridge of the nose has been tested to 380 FPS which is more than enough for UK limits. The cut-outs allow for breathability. It has adjustable double head straps for comfort and to prevent the mask from slipping while in use. It’s also a super light-weight piece of kit, weighing in at only 90g and it folds up small so it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your gear bag and is easy to carry around. 

So, how does it fit? This is the standard size which means it is the 6” version of the mask. The mask is easy to adjust to your face using the straps and also comes with helmet attachments. The 6” version isn’t as good a fit for me as the 4.5” inch mask but it’s not uncomfortable - it’s just a bit longer on the chin for me so when I lower my head it does press against my neck enough for me to be aware of it. If you’re a male player, this would definitely be a great fit for you. If you’re a teenager or female player, this mask here will be a more snug fit for you as the 2019 version is no longer available. 

In terms of fogging, because this isn’t a perfect fit for MY face and doesn’t have the seal like the 2019 mask I did have some fogging issues whilst I was playing. These were quickly solved with some Revision anti-fog, I think if the mask fit your face more snugly, this would be less of an issue but it isn’t one that anti-fog can’t fix. 

The 6.2" T'Farge Comfort Mask is available from the OTG website in Multicam, Multicam Black, Black, OD and Tan. Prices start at $23.98 (which is around £19 at the current exchange rate). 

Overall, I think 6" T'Farge Comfort Mask from One Tigris is an affordable, well-made and comfortable face mask that has a great look to it but it’s not quite the right fit if you are a female player that’s on the smaller side. This design of the mask, in particular, would be really well suited to male players. 

Use code ‘femmefatale’ at onetigris.com to save 10%!

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Hey guys!

Welcome back to the blog, today I have another review for you and in this one, we’ll be looking at the GLOCK 42 replica - the licensed replica by Umarex/VFC from Extreme Airsoft.

The GLOCK 42, also known as the ‘baby GLOCK’ is a pocket-sized pistol - this is a licensed replica (we all know the story behind that being a prominent word in the review ha) manufactured by VFC. It’s a replica of the smallest model currently made by GLOCK. When I first saw this pistol, one thing came to my mind - conceal carry. This tiny pocket rocket is a perfect back up pistol that can be stored pretty much anywhere from a custom Kydex CC holster, to your pocket or even your sock. I got this from Extreme Airsoft ready for Gangsta City in September.

The lower is made from polymer and has the signature GLOCK trade, the slide is made from metal and has all the trades from the GLOCK logo to the calibre. The box that it comes in has all the GLOCK branding (which looks good!), inside it has the 42 itself wrapped in plastic, a couple of instruction manuals (in various languages) and if you lift the flap, the mag is hiding just underneath. Without the mag inserted the pistol weighs just a tiny 387g so it is dinky when the mag is inserted however the pistol has a really good weight to it, the mag is super small though as expected so it does only hold 13 rounds. It’s worth recognising that this pistol wasn’t designed for long engagements but as a ‘last resort’ defence. 

As it is a small pistol it fits nicely into my hands. I can get a comfortable, secure grip - the textured surface also compliments this. As odd as it sounds, the size is a massive ‘cute’ factor for me! It’s super dinky and can fit anywhere which would be great if you were to get captured at a Milsim or battles event!

When I chrono’d the 42, it was quite consistent and was averaging around 320 FPS (which is almost 1 Joule). 320 is a perfect FPS to be used at CQB sites up and down the UK as our limits are 350FPS at almost all sites. It’s powered by gas so has a nice bit of blowback, as it’s really hot in the UK at the moment I’ve been using Nuprol green gas which has been working well, during the winter because of the metal slide I’ll swap to red gas to give it a bit more of a kick and to ensure the slide cycles properly. It does have an adjustable hop-up which can be found when the slide is removed. Like it’s real-life counterpart, it dissembles pretty easily which is a plus for adjusting the hop but also for maintenance.

From Extreme Airsoft the Umarex/VFC GLOCK 42 is £145.

Post sponsored by Extreme Airsoft.
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