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Welcome back to the blog! With Christmas just around the corner (my tree has been up since November 1st - fight me), it's time to once again start about buying gifts for our nearest and dearest and I've compiled a list of perfect stocking stuffers for the airsofters in your life - whether it's your lady, fella, secret Santa co-worker or teammate, there's something on this list for every budget!

So, with the new tiered system in the UK we're going to be spending a lot of time indoors over the winter and with a lot of airsoft sites closed for the meantime we won't be getting a lot of pew pew time in but, we can of course get some virtual pew pew in with the new Call of Duty! (Xbox link here)

Face protection is pretty important in airsoft, especially if the airsofter in your life plays CQB (we don't want to lose any teeth!) and the T'FARGE Comfort Mask from OneTigris is an affordable, licensed version of the Division S.I.X T'FARGE Comfort Mask. It's breathable, has a TPU portion protecting the nose/teeth and has padded sides to take the sting out of any shots to the grid.

Read my full review of the OneTigris T'FARGE Comfort Mask here

The Quake 8 from Tectonic Innovations is a new 7 shot blank firing grenade that’s made from CNC’d stainless steel that discharges .209 multipurpose primers. It has a safe position and 7 firing positions. At the moment it's on sale for £99.99 - a great saving. If the airsofter in your life plays a lot of urban/CQB games this is sure to up their play experience.

Read my full review on the QUAKE 8 here

The Wiley X SABER ADV. Shooting Glasses have been my go-to shooting glasses for the last 4 years, as they not only look good but are highly rated. They have Shatterproof Selenite Polycarbonate lenses that meet the MIL-PRF-32432(GL) ballistic standards: ANSI Z87.1 high velocity and high mass impact standards. T-Shell Lens coating that prevents scratches and 100% UVA/UVB protection with distortion-free clarity. They rarely fog and are super comfortable to wear. They're available with clear, smoke grey, pale yellow and vermillion lenses on their own or as a bundle with multiple lenses. You only get one pair of eyes - don't buy cheap eye pro off the internet ladies and gents!

The FRV Tailoring CQB sling is an affordable handmade weapon sling made from milspec materials from a Veteran owned brand. It's available in 11 different colours and with 3 different thread ends. The end detaches quickly via a clip.

Another bit of kit that's in my go-to kit bag - the Honeywell Howard Leight Impact Sport Ear Defenders! These are great value for money and look the part. These ear defenders, like many twice their price amplify ambient sound to avoid isolation and enhances the wearer's awareness of their environment by doing this. The sound amplification volume does not exceed 82 dB - the responsive technology reverts to passive hearing protection when noise reaches 82 dB so these are perfect if you're around a lot of pyrotechnics etc

The Xcortech tracer unit is perfect for the softer in your life that loves to play dark and sneaky CQB. Using tracer units in CQB definitely enhances the experience in my opinion as the glow in the dark BBs look cool AF and you can more accurately identify when you've hit someone. With the adapter it can be used on both a pistol or rifle.

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