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Welcome back to the blog! You may have seen from my social media that I’ve once again teamed up with OneTigris to bring you some more content on their gear. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the brand, OTG was established in 2014 and they are a China-based gear manufacturer who manufactures outdoor, airsoft, EDC and K9 kit that’s great quality and is affordable. 

I first became aware of OTG in 2017 when they released the 4.5” Tactical Foldable Half Face Mask - they were one of the first companies to manufacture face protection specifically for women, teenagers and Asian players. The original design for this mask was 6” from the bridge of the nose to the tip of the chin - for the women’s version they shaved 1.5” off to make the mask more comfortable for players with a smaller face. This mask became my ‘go-to’ face protection purely because it was so comfortable and fit well. 

Then they released the Small T’Farge Comfort Mask with the gas seal in 2019 as OTG secured the license to make their version of the T’Farge Comfort Mask by Division SIX. Division SIX is a one-man band from the UK who designs and makes face protection for airsoft. Nikira’s designs are unique and developed through his own experiences with face protection. Each of his masks are made by hand but with this comes a higher price tag. This is where OTG come in, by taking on the license for this mask they have made the mask more accessible for the player. The OTG licensed Division SIX T’Farge Comfort Mask is a half-face mask that has padded sides and a TPU polymer bridge to protect the nose. It isn’t exactly the same as the Division SIX mask as it has slight modifications including thicker padding on the sides and it’s also smaller to cater to Asian, female and teenage players. OTG claim it offers a better fit and an excellent fog-free airsoft. 

Fast forward to 2020 (what a year it’s been) and they’ve released the 6.2” T’Farge Comfort Mask which is also licensed by Division SIX and is closer to the original mask! Over the last month or so I’ve been wearing this mask for my post-lockdown airsoft games and here’s my review! 

The fabric it’s made of is the same as the 2019 version of the mask and is 1000D nylon (for the black and green versions) and 500D Cordura (for the MultiCam version) and this is for durability as it offers great dirt, water and abrasion resistance. On the inside of the fabric is the padded mesh breathability lining for player comfort. What makes it different however to the 2019 mask is that this layer of padded mesh is much thinner and more akin to the original Division SIX mask. 

The TPU material that covers the bridge of the nose has been tested to 380 FPS which is more than enough for UK limits. The cut-outs allow for breathability. It has adjustable double head straps for comfort and to prevent the mask from slipping while in use. It’s also a super light-weight piece of kit, weighing in at only 90g and it folds up small so it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your gear bag and is easy to carry around. 

So, how does it fit? This is the standard size which means it is the 6” version of the mask. The mask is easy to adjust to your face using the straps and also comes with helmet attachments. The 6” version isn’t as good a fit for me as the 4.5” inch mask but it’s not uncomfortable - it’s just a bit longer on the chin for me so when I lower my head it does press against my neck enough for me to be aware of it. If you’re a male player, this would definitely be a great fit for you. If you’re a teenager or female player, this mask here will be a more snug fit for you as the 2019 version is no longer available. 

In terms of fogging, because this isn’t a perfect fit for MY face and doesn’t have the seal like the 2019 mask I did have some fogging issues whilst I was playing. These were quickly solved with some Revision anti-fog, I think if the mask fit your face more snugly, this would be less of an issue but it isn’t one that anti-fog can’t fix. 

The 6.2" T'Farge Comfort Mask is available from the OTG website in Multicam, Multicam Black, Black, OD and Tan. Prices start at $23.98 (which is around £19 at the current exchange rate). 

Overall, I think 6" T'Farge Comfort Mask from One Tigris is an affordable, well-made and comfortable face mask that has a great look to it but it’s not quite the right fit if you are a female player that’s on the smaller side. This design of the mask, in particular, would be really well suited to male players. 

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Post sponsored by OneTigris.

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