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Welcome back to the blog! Back in 2017, I reviewed the highly anticipated KRISS Vector AEG shortly before its release and now, 3 years on, I’m reviewing the limited edition Alpine KRISS Vector which is the latest variant of the popular airsoft gun. Although there are a lot of similarities between the Alpine KV and the original KV, there are some stark differences - let’s get down to the review! 

First, let’s talk through the externals, so the Alpine Vector has a polymer one-piece upper with an integrated stock adapter that has all the KRISS/Krytac/Vector markings. It has a full-length metal top rail suitable for any sights/scopes and a Vector MK5 Modular Rail that has 5 rail slot segments, an extended battery cap (one of the things I like so much about this KV) and an Extended outer barrel. The Alpine comes with the Defiance style 14mm CCW flash hider that is found on the Krytac Trident series and the Defiance flip-up sights, which have a dual aperture on the rear sight which makes them perfect for long-range and CQB shooting. Moving along to the stock, the Alpine has a full 6-point polymer stock that has 3 sling points including a QD. 

The bolt release, like the other KV’s is cosmetic but it does have a functioning bolt that opens the hop-up chamber, although there’s no need to use the bolt as you can just open the door yourself and it stays open which makes changing the numbered, rotary style hop-up super quick and easy. It has semi, two-round burst and full auto firing modes on an ambidextrous selector and an ambidextrous safety switch – the safety switch prevents the trigger being pulled and also disconnects the battery and releases the spring to take the stress off the internals when on safe. 

Moving onto the internals. We’ll start with the pistol grip where the battery is housed – this has been updated from a Mini Tamiya connection to a T-plug or Deans connector (which offers a much more reliable connection). The metal plate on the bottom near the pistol grip reveals the spring guide for a quick change spring (no tools are needed). It has a KRISS Vector Gen II pivoting trigger, an 8mm VECTOR gearbox, and an integrated KRYTAC FET system as well as an electronic trigger. 

When I chrono’d the Alpine it was pretty consistent at 337 FPS on 0.2g BBs with a ROF of 24. It chrono’s within legal limits but how does it perform and is it any different to the original KVs? Once the hop-up is set the range is on par with the original KV (which I was pleasantly surprised with, in 2017 with it being such a compact gun). The trigger response is improved and the ROF is higher so this is even more fun on full-auto. 

In regards to aesthetics, I am absolutely in love with how the Alpine - I think it’s a huge improvement on the original KV thanks to the 6-point stock and the MK5 Modular Rail. The extended battery cap adds an extra little something-something and I’m here for it! 

Is there anything I think could be improved? Honestly? No. I think all the things I wanted to be improved on the original Vector have been implemented on this model. The new stock makes it easier to shoulder, and the new modular rail means you can add more attachments. I would love to see this shape of Vector in the black and black/tan colourways because whilst the colour is cool AF - it is hard to keep clean and stands out like a sore thumb but is great for a Princess Leia or Stormtrooper cosplay!

The Le Alpine Vector retails for £579.99 from Extreme Airsoft which is pricier than the original KRISS Vector but it is a limited edition. Use code 'femmefatale' for 5% off!

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