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Welcome back to the blog! Last year I reviewed the new and improved Tectonic Innovations single-shot impact grenade - the Neutron. Today we’ll be looking at the newest version of the Neutron - the Neutron Charger

The Neutron Charger from Tectonic Innovations is a single-shot impact grenade designed for airsoft. It is crafted from Stainless steel and aircraft-grade Aluminium for longevity and durability. Instead of the .209 primers we usually see airsoft pyrotechnics use, the Charger utilises HILTI m10 nail gun charges (now I know that sounds crazy but, hear me out!). It has a ‘twist to safe’ mechanism and locking pins for the fire and safe positions. The Neutron Charger can be holstered in any 40mm pouch or a Deadly Customs holster. It is available in black, red, orange, blue and purple with a matching base like its .209 counterpart. 

The main reason for the change of munitions is for use in countries that have limited availability/usage on .209 charges due to local laws. This m10 nail gun charge can usually be found in most hardware stores and is an unrestricted item, however, users are still encouraged to check their local laws for use of grenades. 

As we have noted previously one of the most notable features on the Neutron range of grenades is the 2 windows that are on the base of the grenade - that take 40mm glow sticks to make it easy to find in dark places. These have been kept on the Charger. Once you have cracked the glow sticks, they can be inserted into the window spaces and they’ll glow for a good few hours. There is one window on each side, which means wherever it falls you should be able to see the glow and locate your device. The glow sticks are easy to remove as well - you simply tip the bottom of the grenade upside down and they both fall out with ease. When reloading the Chargers munitions, these will also come out when you tip it upside down so be prepared to catch them if you want to use them again! 

As those of us who are familiar with impact grenades well know, with a lot of use, the firing pins in these devices can become blunt which impacts their performance, to combat this, the 2022 Neutron and Charger variation have a new and improved firing pin, meaning it lasts longer and you get more bangs from the original firing pin. 

Like the Quake 8 and the rest, all of the internal parts of the Charger are replaceable, so if anything should ever go wrong, instead of replacing the entire unit (for £79.99) you can simply replace the part - this works out much cheaper for the end-user. Most parts are available from dealers but if they’re out of stock they are available direct from Tectonic Innovations. The customer service at Tectonic is fantastic. The Neutron Charger is manufactured in the UK as well so no long waiting times for parts. 

It looks very similar to the Neutron - the only thing that differentiates them on the outside is the addition of ‘Charger’ underneath the Neutron logo. I think out of all of the colours, purple is the one that stands out the most to me. The writing on the Neutron Charger is easy to see and read in low light too. After the test throws, my tester Neutron Charger does have a few scuffs and chips but the anodising has held up well. 

So how does it function? Loading the m10 nail gun charges is easy enough but due to the swelling of the round getting them out after they’ve gone off, often needs a little help (I use a hairpin as it’s thin and flexible). Putting the two metal pieces back in after is also a little fiddly but, the new firing pin definitely adds some extra sensitivity to the 2022 Neutron and the Neutron Charger. The M10 rounds are also a little louder than the .209 primers so they add a little extra fun. 

If you’re familiar with my reviews, for all of my grenade tests, I do 25 throws on hard ground and then a few throws on the softer ground at different heights etc to test the sensitivity. During my tests, it went off on all of the hard ground throws and it off on 55% of the softer ground throws. This number is less than the 2022 Neutron but I think this is because the M10 nail charge might need a little extra oomph to detonate. Now it is worth noting that BFGs (Blank Firing Grenades) such as the Neutron and the Neutron Charger are designed to be used on hard ground. So it going off on softer ground is simply a bonus. If the ground is really soft and muddy it does struggle but if the ground is dry it will pretty much go off every time. I wouldn’t recommend using this in a woodland game though as they are expensive bits of kit and you don’t want to lose them in a bush. The glow stick windows are a nice touch and do really help when the site is dark. I did find if it lands funny in a corner that the glow sticks aren’t very visible but there’s generally a faint glow so it worked as it should. 

The Neutron Charger retails for £79.99 and is available from all Tectonic Innovations dealers, including Extreme Airsoft! You can also use my 'femmefatale23' code for 5% off at! 

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Welcome back to the blog! I have another review for you and in this one, we’ll be looking at the Black Rain Ordnance BRO SPEC15 M-LOK AEG from Evike Europe

The Black Rain Ordnance BRO SPEC15 M-LOK AEG is a licensed M4 airsoft replica that has been OEM’d by EMG and King Arms. Let’s start the review with the externals. At the front of the rifle, we can see a two-port muzzle break on a 14mm CCW thread, followed by a CNC machined aluminium alloy partial M-LOK handguard with laser etched trademarks and a one-piece fluted outer barrel, following on from the handguard we have a Cast aluminium alloy receiver with CNC finishing and stamped trademarks and electrophoretic finish. It has an integral trigger guard that lines up with the Strike Industries Grip smoothly, eliminating any trigger guard bite. On the receiver, we can also find the enlarged and enhanced charging handle and locking bolt plate. At the rear of the rifle, we have a 6-point adjustable stock with a rubberised butt pad making it comfortable to shoulder. The hand guard and the receiver are both finished off in a carbon fibre style finish. 

Internally, we are looking at an In-line MOSFET, an 8mm bearing gearbox with a quick-change spring guide that is fully compatible with most Version 2 gearbox upgrades, Neodymium High Torque Motor, CNC high strength gears, full steel rack piston and a one-piece metal hop-up. It has safe, semi and full auto-firing modes. EMG/King Arms recommend a 7.4v lipo for this replica. 

The Black Rain Ordnance BRO SPEC15 M-LOK AEG comes nicely presented in a branded box alongside an instruction manual, an unjamming rod and a 300 rnd high capacity magazine. On getting it out of the box, it feels sturdy - it weighs in at just over 3.1kg so it does have a fair weight to it. There’s no rattle or any wobble either which gives you confidence that it will last. The stock makes it pretty easy to battery up and it does have space for a stick battery - I probably wouldn’t use a split/nunchuck battery as I think it would be quite a snug fit. 

Although the rail focuses on aesthetics, there are a few M-LOK attachment points including both sides and underneath so you can attach rail sections to enable you to add more attachments like a torch, laser etc. I found adding my PEQ box was a no go without removing the flip-up iron sight as the Picatinny rail is somewhat split in half with an empty section. 

So how does it shoot? It was consistent on both semi and full-auto. It sounds pretty snappy on a 7.4v lipo and the rate of fire was pretty decent. It chrono’d at 3 FPS (you can check out my TikTok range test here!). It is comfortable to shoulder and easy to manipulate because of its compact size and I think it would be comfortable to use all day as it’s not unreasonably heavy. Slap a sling on there and you’re good to go for an all-day event. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature ambidextrous controls - that would’ve been something I would’ve loved to have seen on this replica! 

From Evike Europe, the Black Rain Ordnance BRO SPEC15 M-LOK AEG retails for €419.90. You can save 15% on your order before shipping using the code FEMMEFATALE15 at

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Welcome back to the blog! Carrying on with my 2022 Airsoft Wrapped series today we’re going to be looking at my top 5 events of 2022! I usually do a top 5 airsoft sites however in 2022 I took a long break from airsoft for medical reasons and only managed to play 9 sites so I figured events would be a better round-up for last year! Now as always here’s the disclaimer: these are just my personal favourites (yours probably will be different) that I attended in 2022. Let’s get into it!

At number 5, we have the last instalment of the Gangsta City games: A Christmas with Klaus. Over 6 hours, 2 teams battled over the streets of Buedeventura (Swynnerton MOD Camp) to capture the presents Santa’s sleigh dropped when the real Santa Claus was shot out of the sky by the Los Lobons and the fake Santa Klaus. Santa’s Helpers (the green team) took home the win, securing the presents and capturing the fake Santa Klaus with fairy lights in their FOB. The Gangsta City games are always very tongue in cheek and we all had a lot of fun completing the varying missions that were set during the day. Most players were in fancy dress and there was a huge raffle at the end. I had a blast, but the weather was less than ideal on the day. It was minus 1 degree Celsius for most of the day with a bitter wind chill however the cold temp did mean that the snow that fell earlier in the week was still on the ground so it did feel truly Christmassy.

At number 4, we have Brews and Pews. Whilst I was in Texas for the grand opening of Evike Outpost Houston, I decided to stay the extra day and attend ‘Brews and Pews’ which is the adults-only (21+) evening game at High Ground Airsoft. You can read my full review of High Ground Airsoft and its facilities here! Brews and Pews start at 6.30pm on Wednesday and ends at 10.30pm so it’s a great way to kick back after work with your airsoft buddies and have a couple of beers/seltzers/wines from the onsite bar at HGA (or alternatively you can bring your own). It is important to note, you are only allowed to consume 3 alcoholic beverages and continue playing, you are of course allowed to drink more and hang out but you won’t be allowed back on the field. 

Taking the number 3 spot this year is Gangsta City: Lockdown. This was the first Gangsta City game at former HMP Gloucester (otherwise known as UCAP Vendetta) and honestly, I thought 24 hours of pure CQB was going to f*cking suck but it’s been one of my favourite Gangsta City games to date. 120 players were fighting over the cell blocks of Buedeventura Prison - 60 Los Cuervos and 60 Los Rojas. Each player was given an orange or blue shirt with their prison number on before the game started which was their prison uniform for the game (I was orange prisoner 21). We started the game unarmed, and had to fight our way to our weapons and gear that had been confiscated on incarceration then take control of the prison by obtaining the merchandise and getting it out. It was a really good event and the site itself was a fantastic backdrop. Fighting through prison cells, abandoned workshops and prison yards was a really cool experience and I even got to do a shoot-out from the prison van. The accommodation for the event was in the cell blocks themselves, adding to the experience (I however did not sleep in the cells as Gloucester prison is notoriously haunted and I do not claim that negative energy!) There was a small shop onsite and caterers. 

At number 2, we have the Grand Opening of Evike Outpost Houston at High Ground Airsoft. In July, I flew from London to Houston, Texas to attend the Grand Opening of the new location of the Houston Evike Outpost. One thing knows how to do is throw an event, let me tell you! On the day of the opening, as well as attendees being able to shop in the new store, there was all-day play at HGA, vendors including Krytac, Haley Strategic, G&G Armament and Body Armour Vent showcasing their products on the forecourt outside, a Q&A with well-known airsofters including Jet Desertfox, Unicorn Leah, US Airsoft, Airsoft Alfonse and myself and a huuuuuge raffle where we saw attendees win thousands of dollars of prizes. It was a really fun event for the community and I would love to attend another soon!

My favourite event of 2022 was none other, than The National Airsoft Festival, at Ground Zero Airsoft in Ringwood, UK. The NAF (or NAE if you’re old-school) has been running since 2007, when the team at Ground Zero/Zero One made history by hosting what was the largest airsoft event ever held in the history of UK airsoft, bringing in players from all over the UK and Europe. I’ve been attending since 2016 and it’s an event I look forward to every year, even if I choose not to play. It is a weekend (normally held on the bank holiday weekend in August) of camping, airsoft and friends. There are airsoft games that are played all weekend - a night game on Friday evening and all-day games on Saturday and Sunday at Ground Zero which is set on the private grounds of Somerley Estate in Ringwood, Hampshire. 

Adjacent to the site is the festival area which is filled with vendors such as EG, Viper, Attack Sense etc for players to shop and check out new kit, the GZ beer tent which has cheap beer and live entertainment at night and of course the Zero One shop is also onsite, although it has been scaled back in recent years - they used to bring the entire showroom to GZ but this, of course, was costly and time-consuming so it has been scaled down and now you can buy consumables for the games and collect any online purchases as the staff will bring them from the showroom to the festival. There are always plenty of food options too - greek kebabs, burgers, pizzas and there were even roast dinner wraps - how awesome is that! Even if your loved ones/friends don’t play airsoft they can also camp for the weekend too. I absolutely love attending this event, 3 days of camping with my airsoft friends at what is essentially airsoft Glastonbury is always a great vibe!



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Welcome back to the blog. Today I'm looking back on the airsoft replicas I've enjoyed using the most over the last year. Disclaimer: these are just my personal favourites (yours probably will be different) that I have used in 2022 - meaning they more than likely aren't groundbreaking or the newest releases, simply the ones I've enjoyed using the most. Let me know your faves in the comments!

Number 5 - The BOLT AKM 

Taking the number 5 spot this year we have BOLT’s newest AKM, which has been designed to have the strongest recoil simulation system in the world - their patent-pending BOLT Recoil Shock System or the B.R.S.S for short. This AEG is mostly constructed from stamped Steel, Aluminium, and Zinc, with a real wood handguard and fixed stock, and a bakelite grip to make it more realistic and give it a good weight. It weighs in at around 3.4KG so she is a hefty gal! As for length, she’s also packing - she measures in at 91cm! There still isn’t that much information available on the internet for this AEG so I can’t give you a full rundown of the internals, but we know it has the B.R.S.S system to give a realistic blowback, and it has an adjustable hop-up to aid in accuracy. You can check out my full review here, and check out my range test here

Next up, we have the ARES M4 X-Class Model 9. It is constructed from Aluminium Alloy, Nylon Fibre and metal. At the front of this premium AEG we can see a steel Flash Hider (14mm CW) that leads onto an M-LOK Geissele style rail system and a Radian arms-style receiver. It has a full-length Picatinny top rail so players can accessorise their rifles with sights, scopes and other accessories such as a PEQ box. It features the Ares slim pistol grip which is designed for comfort and grip. At the rear of the rifle, we have an Amoeba Pro stock that houses the battery compartment and has multiple sling points. This rifle is available in either black or bronze and multiple barrel lengths. You can check out my full review here and my range test here

Coming in at number 3, we have the Umarex/VFC MP7 AEG. Controversial, I know considering the issues with the Gen 1 MP7s. It’s a full-sized and accurate 1:1 replica of the MP7 SMG from Heckler and Koch. It is a fully licensed replica so it has all the correct markings and trades just like the real thing. It is manufactured mostly from a high-density polymer with Aluminium Rails, stock bars, sights, controls and a steel flash hider, body pins and screws making this build lightweight but also durable. As this is the Gen 2 model, internally it boasts a full-sized AEG gearbox with a capable high-speed motor, next-generation micro fire control and FET. It does also have empty magazine detection which means that it cuts off on after the last round, this makes it more realistic to operate. Luckily the Gen 2 model has improved internals so mine is still going strong and has escaped the curse of the MP7. I will of course keep you guys updated if the changes. You can check out my full review here, and my range test here


The SECUTOR ASTRA III SHADOW is a dual-tone AEG from Secutor Arms, that is matte black and features the SHADOW handguard and stock tube in a very dark grey which compliments the black perfectly. At the front of the replica, there is a steel flash hider that can be removed to allow for the attachment of accessories such as a tracer unit or mock suppressor. Following on from the steel flash hider we have the SHADOW handguard which uses M-LOK as its attachment system and despite its relatively short length, it has plenty of space to attach say a PEQ box or a laser. On the body, we can see the secutor markings and there is a functional and ambidextrous bolt catch, and a magazine release on both sides making this a great option for box right and left-handed shooters. At the back of the rifle, there is a telescopic stock that boasts 5 positions to customise the length to the shooter. In the box, there is a set of metal flip-up ironsights and an adjustable M-LOK grip that are easy to install. 

Internally, it features a programmable electronic trigger, a quick spring change, a 6.03mm precision barrel, an integrated electric trigger unit, an 8mm bushing and bearing combination, a reinforced polymer piston with all metal teeth, silver wiring, a Hi-Torque Engine, CNC steel cylinder and cylinder head made in a single piece to improve compression, Metal spring guide with bearings to prevent spring twisting and is rearward to DEANS (or T connector). It is also worth mentioning that it has a 60ยบ maple leaf installed with a fixed cam to enable it to always exert the same pressure on the rubber which helps to avoid displacement or incorrect placement of the cam and its nub. This means that the FPS of the replica is more consistent. She’s pretty tasty. You can check out my full review here, and my range test here

Number 1 - KWA Originals EVE-9

Taking the top spot this year we have the KO: EVE-9 AEG! The longest variant in the KO EVE line of replicas, was intended to rival the KWA T10 but without the kickback of KWA’s recoil system. Externally, at the front of the rifle, we have a KWA SOCOM Muzzle Brake and a K.O.R.E 9 MLOK rail that has plenty of space for attachments such as torches, lasers, the upper and lower receiver are both polymer and have all the controls we would expect to see on a typical M4 system including the mag release and the ambidextrous fire selector that has safe, semi and full-auto modes. It also has the new KO’s slimline pistol grip. At the back of the rifle, we have a PTS EPS (Enhanced Polymer Stock) that houses the battery (and it has plenty of space which we love to see!) 

Internally, it features the AEG 2.5+ Gearbox (that we have seen in the TK45C, the Ronin T6, the Ronin 47 and the QRF Mod series), the KWA High Torque Motor and an adjustable hop-up. It is Electronic Trigger ready and is wired to Deans or T-Plug. It also features the Variable Performance System (or VPS for short) which lets the user adjust the FPS using a tool that’s included in the box. This polymer AEG from KWA really pleasantly surprised me. 

You can check out my full review here and, my range test here


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Welcome back to the blog! Today we're starting our 2022 round-up posts and in this one, I'll be looking at my favourite bits of gear that I used in 2022. Let me clarify though - these are MY personal favourite pieces of gear (yours probably will be different) that I used in 2022 - meaning they may not be new or innovative but they are products that have elevated my kit this year.

First, up on my 2022 gear favourites list is the Spec-Ops Bravo mask from Lonestar Tactical. I started using this in the summer when I was looking for a lower profile face protection than the traditional mesh masks. Simply put this is an adjustable snood with a piece of mesh to protect your teeth - super simple but so effective. The Spec-Ops Bravo Mask is made from 160 GSM finely perforated, quick-drying polyester meaning that whilst it does help keep your face warm during cold weather, it also allows your skin to breathe during warm weather and the vapour-wicking properties of the fabric make it quick-drying. I wear this for all events now - from woodland to urban to CQB. It keeps my teeth protected whilst giving me a great cheek weld.

A favourite from 2021! In 2021, I sacked off my regular airsoft trousers for a pair of hiking trousers. When I visited Poland in September 2020 for the Gunfire calendar shoot I met Lisa (@skinnybitch._) who had a pair of hiking trousers that fit amazing so on her recommendation I decided to get some, and now I have 3 pairs and they're still going strong! 

The RVRC GP Trousers are a pair of hybrid trousers that have stretch fabric and reinforcements at the knees, seat and lower legs. They are wind and water-repellent, and the stretch panels ventilate and add comfort. They also have ventilation zippers along the thighs and the knees are fitted with pockets for knee pads. My favourite thing about these trousers is the fit - I’ve never had a pair of trousers fit better.

At number 3, we have the Rigger's Belt from Deadly Customs! This also appeared in my gear favourites for 2021 as well!  The Rigger’s Belt is a weight-bearing belt system with an added D-ring to attach things such as carabiners etc directly to the belt. It’s made from MILSPEC webbing and features a dual-layer construction for strength and durability. At the front of the belt, there is a genuine 45mm AustriaAlpin Cobra Buckle that has the built-in D-Ring previously mentioned which you can use to attach a load of items. The inside of the belt is lined with hook Velcro to attach it to the inner belt (which is included). 

Although ropes and carabiners etc aren’t needed for airsoft, I really do think that they add an extra something to the belt and they’re super useful for attaching gloves and face pro so they’re always on this.

Taking the number 2 spot for this year is the Glock Olight Signature Series Kydex Holster from Deadly Customs. It's made from genuine 2mm thick Kydex and works with both Olight torches and Olight clones and has 3 adjustable retention points to tailor the fit to your liking. It is RMR cut, meaning you can run an RMR sight on the holstered pistol. It uses your attached torch for retention so if you run the same torch on different pistols as I do, this holster is something to bear in mind. The staff at DC have tested the DC-4 with over 150 different pistols and to date, only 4 do not fit and these are the full-sized Desert Eagle, the ASG USW, the MK23 and the Hudson. It will fit the bigger frame handguns such as the FNX pistols and weapons with wide trigger guards, like the AAP and pistols with taller slides like 1911. The Glock Signature Series holster does come in other torch variants if you don’t have an Olight such as the Surefire X300 (and its clones) and the TLR (and its clones) 

I have mine mounted on a Safariland QLS (Quick Locking System) on a mid-ride so it’s just below my hip and I have a leg strap so it doesn’t go flapping about. DC do other options such as malice clips and combat loops but I think the QLS system works best for me, personally. You can read my full review here!

Taking the top spot for my favourite piece of gear of 2022 is the Phantom Gear "Wraith" T3 Plate Carrier from! Whilst I was at Evike Outpost Houston at High Ground Airsoft in Texas last summer, I noticed a lot of the staff wearing this carrier and honestly, I liked it so much that I had to bring one home! 

The Phantom Gear “Wraith” T3 is made with 500D Cordura Nylon fabric making it a durable, water-resistant and lightweight carrier for airsoft. It has been designed to be low-profile and lightweight whilst also being able to integrate your existing MOLLE-compatible gear. Although it doesn’t come with a placard included, the removable front flap can be swapped out with a placard or a buckled chest rig that you choose and it has a detachable and adjustable elastic cummerbund that has built-in pouches for magazines and radios. You can read my full review here!



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Happy new year! I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season with your nearest and dearest! We’re back and kicking off January 2023 with a review of the FN Herstal SPR A2 from Evike Europe

The FN Herstal SPR A2 bolt action airsoft Sniper Rifle is a fully licensed replica brought to us by Cybergun. Not to be confused with the previous Cybergun SPR, as this one is an improvement on the original. The FN Herstal SPR A2 is made from mostly ABS plastic with the exception of the barrel, bolt assembly, Picatinny rails and some internals which are metal. The materials used feel durable and the construction is sound - there’s no wobble, rattling or give. On the top of the barrel, it has a small Picatinny section ready to mount a telescopic sight. On the lower, there is also a Picatinny rail so that accessories such as lasers or bipods can be mounted. Moving to the back of the rifle it has a chunky stock with a rubberised butt pad and an adjustable cheek support. 

I couldn’t find that much information on the internals, but as the name suggests, it is spring powered, has a bolt-action firing method, and features an adjustable hop-up. It is compatible with most VSR parts too which makes this replica a great base for a sniper build if you want to upgrade in the future.

The FN Herstal SPR A2 comes in an FN Herstal branded blue/white box and at first glance, I did think the box was a little too small to contain a sniper rifle, however, on opening the box, the rifle is in two parts ready to be put together. Now I’m no tech - I stay far away from the internals of airsoft replicas and the closest you’ll see me get to any teching is cleaning and lubing my pistols, but this was easy to put together. The two pieces just slot together and are secured using together using bolts that can be tightened with Allen keys.

Once fully assembled, it doesn’t feel very heavy in hand - weighing in just shy of 3kg, it is relatively lightweight but it is a long boi. From stock to the end of the barrel is it 1.14m which as you can see from the pictures, is almost 3/4 of my height (I am 5”3 for context). The length isn’t an issue though, it is ergonomic enough for me to use without feeling awkward. Visually - the Olive Drab/Black colourway looks great. The pops of black help break up the colour and give it interest. It does come in tan too, but as I wear mostly green, the OD is my colour of choice.

So, the question we all want to know the answer to, is how does it perform? What puts and has put me off using sniper rifles (the reason I haven’t reviewed many over the years) is the fact that the bolt can sometimes be tough to pull back, but with the FN Herstal SPR A2 I didn’t have that issue - the bolt is easy to pull back but it does still have resistance so it is fun to use. On the specifications it says that the SPR A2 has an FPS of 428 FPS (on 0.20g BBs), when I chrono’d it at home I got a consistent 422 FPS which for an entry-level sniper is pretty good! This equates to around 1.7J. The recommended BB weight is 0.20g, however, it had no problems lifting 0.30gs and 0.32gs after a little tweak of the hop-up. I shot 4 mags through FN Herstal SPR A2 during my range test and I didn't have any jams, misfeeds or issues. I haven't yet had the chance to test this in a game yet (hence why this is just a first impression rather than a review) but I am excited about how it will perform.

From Evike Europe, it retails for €119.99 which I think for an entry-level bolt action sniper rifle that is fully licensed is a very fair price. In the box, you get the FN Herstal SPR A2 in Olive Drab, a 30-round magazine, a spare spring and a branded instruction book. You can save 15% on your order before shipping using the code FEMMEFATALE15 at
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