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Welcome back to the blog. Today I have another AEG review for you, and in this one, we’ll be looking at the Umarex/VFC Heckler & Koch HK MP7 A1 Gen 2 AEG from Evike Europe!


The Umarex/VFC MP7 AEG is a full-sized and accurate 1:1 replica of the MP7 SMG from Heckler and Koch. It is a fully licensed replica so it has all the correct markings and trades just like the real thing. It is manufactured mostly from a high-density polymer with Aluminium Rails, stock bars, sights, controls and a steel flash hider, body pins and screws making this build lightweight but also durable. 

At the front of this compact SMG is the steel CNC MP7 birdcage style flash hider - which is correct to the latest variant and is attached using 12mm CW threads. It is fitted with a folding vertical front grip and has attachment points for additional RIS rails (which aren’t included in the box). It has a full-length 20mm RIS/RAS Rail system that is perfect for adding red dot sights or maybe a PEQ box to store an external battery. There are two sling points at the front of the body - one on either side. On the body, we can find the fully ambidextrous controls making this a great platform for both right and left-handed shooters. At the rear, there is a 4-position retractable sliding stock. 

As this is the Gen 2 model, internally it boasts a full-sized AEG gearbox with a capable high-speed motor, next-generation micro fire control and FET. It does also have empty magazine detection which means that it cuts off on after the last round, this makes it more realistic to operate. 

It comes neatly packaged in an H&K branded box that has a carry handle. On removing the replica from the box you can immediately tell that it is a true 1:1 scale replica - which can be quite surprising if you are used to the smaller TM or KWA models. It is lightweight and has a textured finish which looks and feels great. The construction feels sound - there is no wobble or flex. 

Now we’ve got the features out of the way and got hands-on, it’s time to battery it up and take it on the range. The battery goes in a small compartment at the front of the replica and is accessed by a cap. I used a small 7.4v Lipo - which is what is recommended for the replica. I’ve heard on the grapevine that using an 11.1v Lipo can damage the replica so I didn’t want to chance it on anything more than a 7.4v. It chonographed in at a respectable 323 FPS on a 0.20g BB with a pretty average rate of fire and it was consistent. It fires with no issues on both semi-auto and full-auto. For such a small AEG it also has pretty good range - I probably wouldn’t use it for a woodland skirmish but urban or CQB? It would be a great choice of primary. Its small size and weight mean that it is easy to manipulate and move around corners quickly and it wouldn’t be too heavy to use for an extended period of time say a 24-hour event. Overall, I really like it. It is easy to use and really fun to shoot too. This is probably going to be one of my favourite CQB primaries. 

From Evike Europe, the Umarex/VFC Heckler & Kock HK MP7 A1 Gen 2 AEG retails for €429.90. In the box, you get the Umarex H&K MP7 A1 AEG, a 120-round magazine, folding vertical foregrip, removable iron sights and the user manual. You can save 15% before shipping with the code ‘FEMMEFATALE15’

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