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Welcome back to the blog! Whilst I was going through my set-up posts last week I realised I’d never done an in-depth write-up on what exactly I have on my MultiCam Black belt setup so here we are! 

The base belt for this build is a MultiCam Black Cobra Belt from the Deadly Customs Belt Builder that is made from 2″ MilSpec webbing which is rated up to 5500lbs. The webbing is doubled up, giving it a dual-layer construction making it one of the strongest in the UK, so it won't roll when you take out a mag. It also features a genuine 50mm AustriaAlpin Cobra Buckle that is rated for 2000lbs! It's super comfortable and has an inner belt with loop Velcro. 

As this is a set-up that is more catered to CQB, I've kept it super slick, simple and lightweight. To hold my sidearm, I have a Deadly Customs Signature Glock Holster in grey. This holster uses the trigger and lower frame for retention. You can adjust the fit of the holster by adjusting the screws on the side of the holster. To attach it to the belt I've mounted it on a Safariland QLS on a mid-ride with a thigh strap. 

Next up, I have a 40mm grenade holster from Deadly Customs to keep my QUAKE 8 and Neutron grenades secure. This fits all of the following: all versions of the Tectonic Innovations Quake Grenades, the Tectonic Innovations Neutron, TRMR, Alphatec Grenades, Pulse Armament B1 Grenades, EG WP40 Smoke Grenades, TAG Rounds and the Oshiboom Grenades (however as the Oshibooms are a little smaller than the other 40mm grenades on this list Deadly Customs recommends a few wraps of tape around the grenade to make it fit more securely). Read my full review here. 

Next, I have a Deadly Customs M4 5.56 Shooters Style Magazine Holster.

The M4 shooter's style mag holsters are also made from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex and have aggressive Shooter styling. They are manufactured to fit all M4 mags. Like the Glock holster, each Mag holster has 2 adjustable retention screws to customise it to the user. These have been designed so they can be stacked on top of each other and mounted either way to suit different players. They are also available in tan, green and black, and retail for £22.99. 

Last but not least, I have 2 Deadly Customs Glock Shooters Style Magazine Holsters

The Glock shooters style mag holsters are constructed from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex and are a redesign of their larger big brother. They're shorter, lighter and have more aggressive styling but still offer the same retention. They fit all Airsoft Glock 17, 18, 19, 22 and 34 magazines - I use mine for my Redwolf Airsoft X Agency Arms EXA. Each mag holster has 2 adjustable retention screws so you can adjust it to your play style and environment. They also can be canted forward or backwards by 10 or 20° using the mounting holes. These are also available in tan, black and green and cost £22.99. 

You can save 10% on your order from Deadly Customs by using the code ‘femmefatale’

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