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Welcome back to the blog! A few months back, my friends at Deadly Customs released the Sabre Mount and today we’re going to take a look at this cool accessory now I’ve had the chance to get my hands on one. We will however be using Deadly’s photos because they demonstrate the product better than mine!

The Deadly Customs Sabre mount (or light bar as they’re also known) has been designed as the answer to a problem that many of us will encounter if we choose to run a flashlight and a suppressor simultaneously, especially during low-light games. Whilst running a torch alongside a suppressor, unless your torch is mounted further forward than your rail and suppressor; your torch will cast a shadow and create an area of darkness which is called suppressor shadow. 

A suppressor shadow is usually a long, large oblong shadow which obscures a vast amount of your light and this means that you won’t have full operational awareness. Another by-product of suppressor shadow is light splash. Your torch will project light down your suppressor. This dramatically increases your light signature when seen from the side and gives away your position.

This is where the Sabre mount comes in. It is designed to push your torch further forward to remove suppressor shadow and unwanted light splash. It is CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminium and has an anodised finish (in DC’s signature matte black). It is designed to work with M-LOK rails of different lengths and works with different torches, including Surefire scout lights, Nurpol clones, Moflite, Streamlight rifle lights, Olight Odin, Olight Odin mini and Olight Odin Turbo.

It comes in a silver sealed packet with the Deadly logo adorning the front - simple and functional. Included in the packet is all the required mounting hardware, which is also in Deadly’s signature matte black. Torches are really easy to install on the sabre mount - it’s simply a case of two screws. Once the torch is installed (I install it first as it’s easier), it can then be mounted to any M-LOK rail. It does exactly what it says on the tin - as the torch is further forward than the rail and suppressor it leaves no suppressor shadow - giving us more light to work with and therefore increasing visibility, which is crucial in low-light games. 

The Deadly Customs Sabre Mount is available exclusively from the Deadly website for £31.99. Remember to use code 'femmefatale' for 10% off!

Post sponsored by Deadly Customs

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