Slaydies Series Spotlight: Aleeia Marcelo/ p90_girl

Hey everyone! Carrying on in my series of Slaydies Spotlights, here is a feature on the lovely p90_girl. I have been a follower of hers since I joined Instagram last year and she is one of the women pushing our sport forward for more female players, her views on women in Airsoft closely match those of Femme Fatale Airsoft and it has been a pleasure interviewing her!

Thank you for taking part in my Slaydies Series Aleeia! How long have you been Airsofting? What got you into Airsoft and what do you love about the sport? Where is your home site? What are the most memorable sites you’ve played?

I’ve been airsofting for about three years now. It all started when a boy I had dated was really into it. He eventually got my dad and brothers into it as well, sadly, he didn’t think I was right for it and refused to take me. Quite frankly, he was a bit right. I ended up tagging along with him and my dad and brothers for a game. I hated it the very first time I played. It was at the local outdoor field on one of Georgia’s hottest summers, I was sweaty, I had thorns in my hair, and I kept putting the mag in upside down. Not to mention I forgot to put the gun off safety for half the day. It was frustrating and I was pretty much on my own while my boyfriend at the time played for the objective. My K/D ratio was like 25/0. But I couldn’t let my boyfriend be right about this not being my thing. So I hung around till game two, where I wondered on to an objective and shot the player guarding it. Luckily there was only one guy guarding it and I had the advantage. That play took zero to no skill and that guy had been my first kill. I grabbed this box and took it back to the spawn, and it ended up being the winning objective. I felt so cool. I wanted to play again, and actually try a bit harder this time. I felt like this super cool gun wielding person from a movie or something. I got in the zone. Airsoft became so much fun!
I ended up playing it every weekend and I’d like to think I’m not that bad at it. The field I first started at back in 2011, has long since closed, and my new home field is Elite Ops Airsoft, a CQB field in Canton Georgia. I’m also the Head Ref there and spend every free weekend I get going back into the Airsoft Zone that I had tapped into during my second game of airsoft. No matter where I play at, I’ve always had a lot of fun. I visited California last summer, and got to play on some really cool fields that are so different from my home state. I played at HSP, Forge, Both Tac Cities, and SC Vipe. I’m going to remember all of those places.
Describe your playing style to my readers!

I describe the way I play airsoft in one word, MilSpeed. I’ve played my fair share of Milsim and Semi-Milsim Ops, and I’ve played a good bout of CQB, which is much faster. When I’m in that airsoft zone, I tend to play the objective and play it like I have unlimited respawns. Which sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t. Ha.
What’s your weapon of choice? And what loadout do you normally run?

My weapon of choice is most brands of P90s. My Dad works a lot with the airsoft teching community and has pretty much built me guns that are prefect for each environment. The good thing about airsoft guns is that they can internally be built for different uses than their real steel counterparts. P90s are classified as Sub Machine Guns, and I have a P90 build that is a DMR for distance shooting. I just like the way P90s feel and I’m so use to it that I hold M4s awkwardly wrong. My load outs are different depending on what type of game I’m going to. My CQB Load out mostly consists of Black Camo patterns. I generally don’t run a vest for mobility and to be light weight. I have a Valken Sly profit mask with the amber lense, and when I use my secondary, I have a drop leg. My Load out is AOR 1 clone, gen 3. My vest is a TMC 6094.

Being a women in Airsoft: Do you feel you are treated differently because of your gender? If so, how do you deal with this?

When I first started Airsofting, the only difference I really found was that a lot of players tried to low ball me during trades. Girls are generally looked at as inexperienced players, and sometimes girls are very inexperienced. But this low expectation of skill that is handed to most girls, keeps them from ever thinking they should keep getting better at the game. I’m the captain of an All Girls Airsoft team in Georgia called Black Sunset, and our main goal is to encourage these women who want to get started, to give them a higher standard to reach. But as I started to experience Airsoft in more places and with more people, and on the internet, I’ve noticed that girls are harshly judged. They are judged worse than their male counterparts. They become victims of the rumour mill without doing much of anything to warrant it. Their motives for even playing the game are questioned and they can easily become the butt of a joke, just because of their gender. I feel with more women picking up a gun and genuinely liking the game, we will push out a lot of the disrespect that girls get. Which is why I fully support females playing this sport.

Is there anything you would like to say to other players out there?

The famous Attack on Airsoft, is very real out there. Our government is getting more and more pressure to start making our Airsoft guns neon colors. I believe to help in the fight to save Airsoft, players should do more than sign a petition. Practice gun safety, and teach it to everyone you can. Keep Barrel socks on your Airsoft guns. Don’t let your friends play back yard Airsoft when they are close to their neighbour’s houses. Make Airsoft a common place thing! The more people that understand it, the less likely certain laws are to be passed. Talk to your local field owners and have events where new or first time players can get discounts or half priced rental guns. Join up with C3, a website that promotes Airsoft across the states and helps people find Airsoft fields. All these things can help. So I urge everyone who plays Airsoft to get the sport out there. Start a league, have an op, help advertise local games. You don’t have to be an adult, a senator, or even have 10k followers to make a difference. 

Leave us the links to your social media! Where can my readers find you?


Why do we play Airsoft?

I get asked this question fairly often by people who are outside of our community - those who haven't heard of Airsoft, nor played it can't quite wrap their heads around why you would willing put yourself in a position where you could get shot with an Airsoft gun - after all we've all seen the pictures of what damage those dodgy Seaside market BB guns are capable of! In all fairness to them, when I first heard of Airsoft I immediately thought 'doesn't that hurt?! Why would anyone put themselves through that willingly?!' and thought you'd have to be pretty crazy to play such a sport! Then I played Airsoft and everything changed.
In this article I will tell you exactly why I play Airsoft and what I love most about the sport! I also asked my fabulous Instagram Followers for the reasons they love Airsoft so much and those will be featured in here.
Now at first glance I am an unlikely candidate for an Airsofter, and my sporting history is not something I would shout from the roof tops. I'm relatively small - 5"4 and weighing around 8st, I'm very girly - opting for dresses and heels at every opportunity and I am not that fond of the outdoors (mud and bugs are just not my thing!) My sporting history has never been that impressive, at school I would choose the 'easy choice' and always got my Mum and Dad to write me a 'sicknote' so I didn't need to do swimming or Javelin throwing haha! There is something different about Airsoft that you just don't get with other sports, the camaraderie, the gear, everything!

The first reason I would say definitely keeps me coming back to Airsoft is the people. I have made some, what I hope to be, lifelong friends through Airsoft, both in my team and also the UKAC. You can meet so many people and make many new friends. Airsoft brings people together in a way I haven't observed much in other sports! The banter flows and everyone is really welcoming whether you are a new player or an experienced one. This reason is echoed throughout my following base with @outfoxedairsoft, @aliciapasaye, @4evapanda, @theairsoftprincess, @doomcrewairsoft also giving this as the thing they love most about Airsoft, it's well known that a day of skirmishing is 60% social and 40% actual Airsofting.

Reason number two - The adrenaline! One of the things I love about Airsoft is that surge of adrenaline you get when you are the last one left on your team in a defender game and you're holding everyone off knowing at any minute you could be taken out, or when you are taking point, leading your squad through a tight building knowing an enemy could be right around the corner. Terrifying stuff! I love getting so pumped that when you get back to the safe zone to bomb up your mags and your hands are shaking so much from the Adrenaline your beebs are dropping everywhere. I love that feeling, the hunt, the 'kill' and everything about.

Reason number 3 - The kit! There is so much to choose from and your gear is never complete, there is always something to add to make it even more perfect. @2265tactical, @hans198313 said this was their favourite thing about Airsoft - including things such as getting a stock weapon and making it completely unique to you.

Then there are other reasons, that are so funny I have to share with you! From @kieran_tonge: 'Playing dress up', @remf_tacticool: Writhing around in piles of multicam gear like a pig in a cool muddy puddle on a hot summers day. @griffdogactual: raining plastic and my personal favourite from @paw_jr_airsoft: Shooting family when they are on opposite teams!
Such camaraderie!

What is the biggest threat to the Airsoft Community?

Hey everyone, in light of recent trends I have noticed within the Airsoft community, I feel this is the perfect time to write this article as I have been thinking about it for a while! I want to explore, what I think are the biggest threats to our sport in the UK. Of course there are a lot of things that could negatively impact Airsoft, but here are, the big ones:

Government Policy: With the General Election just around the corner, who our next Government will be determines our future. As a lot of you will know, The Green Party, if they are elected (which I know a lot of people think is a ridiculous notion but what is more ridiculous is underestimating a Political Party that has garnered so much support in such a short space of time) want the sale and manufacture of Realistic Imitation Firearms to be banned which means we would have to swap our beloved guns for clear plastic replicas or brightly coloured ones (check their manifesto!) You would have to prise my Black Rose from my cold dead hands before I handed it over haha! This would have an exponential impact on our sport. I have emailed The Green Party myself to ask if an accommodation would be made for our sport and got the answer 'if you join our party as a member you will have a say on this policy', obviously I cannot support a party that proposes such a policy, so their suggestion is a no. Would this really stop us airsofting though? Would criminalising the ownership of RIFs stop us? The loss of businesses, jobs etc would be vast and would more than likely push airsoft underground.

The misuse of RIFS: One thing that has been prevalent in the media is the misuse of Realistic Imitation Firearms, and this is also something that fuels the policy above. You see it in the news, minors playing with RIFs in public, adults walking around in full gear in town centres with an airsoft weapon and scaring the general public. To anyone off the skirmish field, it is a live firearm. It goes without saying, using them for anything other than their intended use at dedicated sites or on private property is a incredibly dangerous practice and has a huge impact on how the media and those outside of our sport view us. Here is the link to the article in the Mirror regarding the man dressed in full combat clothing carrying a rifle - although it was later found out that he was raising money for charity, walking around a town centre with a RIF on display without informing the Police or having any evidence to support that story, is an incredibly risky move.
Also in February this year, a 17 year old boy was sentenced to community service for shooting an Airsoft Sniper out of his window at Pupils in a Primary School (, according to the article the young lad was blowing off steam but shooting Primary school children? Incredibly mean and stupid in my opinion. Go to the range, shoot some paper targets, not live people and animals! It goes without saying, please do not do this!

Airsofters: This one may come as a surprise to many of you, but one of the biggest threats to our sport is Airsofters themselves. Now I'm talking about a specific type of Airsofter, you will have seen them - the ones that troll public forums and drag our sport through the dirt by using racial and homophobic slurs, the sexists, those who insist on being obnoxious to newcomers etc. As a niche sport, that is often misunderstood, we need to look after each other - by helping new players, practicing proper gun safety etc. Banter is all well and good, memes have their place but being abusive and purposely obnoxious to other players over the internet is a sure fire way to ensure people see us as immature and irresponsible. In my opinion, this is the biggest threat to us. You hear stories of people illegally purchasing RIFs, carrying RIFs to sites uncovered and in view of the public, fights breaking out at skirmish sites, calling each other names, starting hate campaigns against members of our community and it needs to stop.

One of these we don't have much control over, Political parties will always have policies in their manifesto that rain on someone's parade but the other two threats can be prevented by us! This article isn't meant to sound preachy, I just love this sport and I want to protect it as best as I can. The friends I have made and opportunities that have arisen from this sport are incredible and I am loathe to see them go. Be kind to each other, treat others how you would like to be treated, be a decent human being! If what you have to say isn't necessary, positive, constructive or kind, just think, is it worth it? We need to look after each other if we want our sport to become as big and as great as it can be! Thoughts? Leave them in the comment section below!

- Kelly xo


Black Hawk Down Filmsim Bloopers Upload!

My new video is live! Black Hawk Down Filmsim Bloopers! Enjoy :)

- Kelly xo

'Why do you wear a full face of make up for Airsoft?'

Hey everyone, so it's been a while since I've done a post exclusively aimed at women, for this ladies I apologise! But I thought I'd kick my next femme-friendly article off with a comment someone left on one of my Instagram pictures (pictured below!)

'Why do you wear a full face of make up for Airsoft?'

This picture was a pregame selfie taken at a site in Derbyshire, as you can see I'm rocking the winged tip eyeliner, mascara, I have shaded in my eyebrows and I am also wearing a light BB cream and a layer of translucent powder to keep it all in place. Why?

I wear make up every day of my life and I have done since the age of 15, unless I plan on staying home, lounging and watching Netflix! I even wear it to work and the gym (just BB cream and mascara!) and Airsoft is no different. I don't wear make up because I am dissatisfied with the way I look but because I feel that it helps me look my best and I always want to put my best foot forward so to speak, it is also a crucial part of my morning routine - cleanse, tone, moisturise then make up and this makes me feel more prepared to face the day! Now I don't look this polished after a day of airsofting - I usually end up looking a bit rough, eyeliner a tad smudged depending on which eye pro I've worn, hair a mess from being in a helmet, battered from getting shot at for 8 hours and of course smelling like a swamp because I've been running about! I am very fortunate that my face doesn't sweat a lot so my make up will stay in place all day.

This comment led me to think, am I alone in this? Is it odd that I wear make up to Airsoft? How many other women do this? So I took to the UK's Ladies Airsoft group that I'm apart of on Facebook to ask the other ladies in the group if and why they wear make up for Airsoft! I found that their reasons echoed my own - not for reasons I have previously seen women accused of on various social media - such as 'trying to get a guys attention' or for vanity, which is offensive in my opinion. Can't women just wear make up for themselves because we like it? Or do all our actions have to revolve around impressing the opposite sex?

'I usually put some basic makeup on purely because I look absolutely hanging from getting up earlier on a Sunday! Haha it gets rid of the dark circles and all that lol It just makes me feel more ready for the day!' says Laura.

'Depends on how my skin looks, if it's pretty clear then just a touch of powder but if I'm rocking a breakout or dark circles then concealer, foundation and mascara' says Catrin.

'Just a bit of foundation and clear mascara to hide my uneven skin and keep my long eyelashes out my eyes. I don't make it look like I have make up on really' says Lisa

What is clear from these responses is that it is normal for women to wear make up for Airsoft, it makes us feel more prepared for the day and gives us a little more confidence, which is great! But there are also women who choose not to wear make up for skirmishes! Which is totally fine too! One thing I did make note of was that whether a woman wears make up for Airsoft relies heavily on if she wears make up in every day life and that none of the ladies asked treat a skirmish as a 'special event' where they need to doll themselves up like a night out! We aren't there to look pretty, we're there to win. 'Why do you wear a full face of make up for Airsoft?' Why not?

Thoughts? Leave them in the comment box below!

Kelly xo

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