'Why do you wear a full face of make up for Airsoft?'

Hey everyone, so it's been a while since I've done a post exclusively aimed at women, for this ladies I apologise! But I thought I'd kick my next femme-friendly article off with a comment someone left on one of my Instagram pictures (pictured below!)

'Why do you wear a full face of make up for Airsoft?'

This picture was a pregame selfie taken at a site in Derbyshire, as you can see I'm rocking the winged tip eyeliner, mascara, I have shaded in my eyebrows and I am also wearing a light BB cream and a layer of translucent powder to keep it all in place. Why?

I wear make up every day of my life and I have done since the age of 15, unless I plan on staying home, lounging and watching Netflix! I even wear it to work and the gym (just BB cream and mascara!) and Airsoft is no different. I don't wear make up because I am dissatisfied with the way I look but because I feel that it helps me look my best and I always want to put my best foot forward so to speak, it is also a crucial part of my morning routine - cleanse, tone, moisturise then make up and this makes me feel more prepared to face the day! Now I don't look this polished after a day of airsofting - I usually end up looking a bit rough, eyeliner a tad smudged depending on which eye pro I've worn, hair a mess from being in a helmet, battered from getting shot at for 8 hours and of course smelling like a swamp because I've been running about! I am very fortunate that my face doesn't sweat a lot so my make up will stay in place all day.

This comment led me to think, am I alone in this? Is it odd that I wear make up to Airsoft? How many other women do this? So I took to the UK's Ladies Airsoft group that I'm apart of on Facebook to ask the other ladies in the group if and why they wear make up for Airsoft! I found that their reasons echoed my own - not for reasons I have previously seen women accused of on various social media - such as 'trying to get a guys attention' or for vanity, which is offensive in my opinion. Can't women just wear make up for themselves because we like it? Or do all our actions have to revolve around impressing the opposite sex?

'I usually put some basic makeup on purely because I look absolutely hanging from getting up earlier on a Sunday! Haha it gets rid of the dark circles and all that lol It just makes me feel more ready for the day!' says Laura.

'Depends on how my skin looks, if it's pretty clear then just a touch of powder but if I'm rocking a breakout or dark circles then concealer, foundation and mascara' says Catrin.

'Just a bit of foundation and clear mascara to hide my uneven skin and keep my long eyelashes out my eyes. I don't make it look like I have make up on really' says Lisa

What is clear from these responses is that it is normal for women to wear make up for Airsoft, it makes us feel more prepared for the day and gives us a little more confidence, which is great! But there are also women who choose not to wear make up for skirmishes! Which is totally fine too! One thing I did make note of was that whether a woman wears make up for Airsoft relies heavily on if she wears make up in every day life and that none of the ladies asked treat a skirmish as a 'special event' where they need to doll themselves up like a night out! We aren't there to look pretty, we're there to win. 'Why do you wear a full face of make up for Airsoft?' Why not?

Thoughts? Leave them in the comment box below!

Kelly xo


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    1. Femme Fatale thanks T-REX for his approval haha! :)

  2. Hi Femme Fatale Airsoft! I totally agree with this article. As a fellow female Airsofter, I totally relate to wanting to have my 'battle ready face.' There's really nothing like a fierce feline glare and long lashes to boot, to bolster confidence and achieve the winning objective in the game. When you want to play hard, you want your makeup to work even harder! (Hooray for waterproof eyeliner!) Here in Toronto, Canada, my fiance and I have helped open an Indoor Airsoft facility called Siege Airsoft, where our airsoft skills (as well as my makeup), have been put to the test. So, if you're ever in Toronto, give us a shout and we can sling some 6mm plastic BBs. Pew pew!!


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