Femme Fatale Loadout!

So here's a post you guys have been requesting for a while, and now that my load out is finally complete I feel I can really give this post a go!
My Femme Fatale load out has been an entire year in the making and has gone through many adjustments. I started airsofting regularly in August 2014 and since then I've slowly been learning, experimenting and finding what works and looks best on me.
My very first load out was at best, questionable - all black, skin tight leggings, black Karrimor jacket, skull half mesh face mask, mesh goggles, a plain black beanie and walking boots but I was a newb, fresh on the field and didn't know any better. Now at the time, I thought I looked the absolute balls...but clearly not!

 Since then I have been constantly adding, replacing and rearranging kit to create the perfect load out for me. One of my favourite past times is shopping and I admit, in  the last year I've definitely been cheating on fashion with Airsoft! This won't be a review of these pieces as I've already reviewed a few of them already or I will be doing so in the near future!

Let's go from head to toe! Head: For my head pro I wear a Nuprol FAST Helmet in black (available here) which I ran bare with just my GoPro Hero on an NVG mount for almost a year until my first Milsim in August, for this I decided to give my helmet a new look and accessorise it a *little* - the first item I picked up to jazz up my FAST helmet was an Emerson MTP helmet cover to give it a little bit of texture and to break up the solid block colour of the black. Next came my comms set up which I got from Battle Store UK -  I chose the Z-Tactical Comtac IIs and got a helmet rail conversion set too, these are really awesome as I can use them as just ear defenders or hook them up to my PTT and radio to use as comms.

After all the practical elements of the helmet were in place, it was just little aesthetic changes to complete the look I was aiming for. I picked up a few little bits and bobs from www.taiwangun.com - a Modular Personal Lighting System helmet torch in black, a Dummy Strobe Marker Light (back of helmet) and a Purple Distress Strobe (item on top) These, although they are just aesthetic changes to the helmet, they give it the look of functionality. The finishing touches consist of a 'Bullet Proof' Viper patch and a Condor Outdoors blood group patch - which is my actual blood group. The whole look was finished off by giving the whole helmet a light spray with a black spray paint to take away that 'new kit shine' and a quick sanding of the NVG shroud and the rails to make them look worn. In addition to my helmet, I also wear a pair of ASG Strike Systems clear shooting glasses or a pair of black mesh goggles for eye protection and a plain black half face mask to keep my teeth looking pretty.

Torso: On my torso I wear a standard issue MTP UBAC, underneath my Warrior Assault Systems Recon Shooters Cut Plate Carrier in Crye Multicam (available here), and I have accessorised it with a Warrior Triple Open Mag Pouch (here) and also the Warrior Cargo Pack (here) both in Multicam. You can usually see a tactical Hello Kitty on my PC, a black or pink sling filtered through my PC straps and depending on if I'm playing a skirmish or a Milsim, the tell tale blue pipe of a hydration pack.

This Plate Carrier for me is all about practicality, as I'm quite small I needed something lightweight that would fit me well. This fits me snugly whilst still giving me plenty of room to maneuver in game. The shooters cut helps me shoulder my rifle more comfortably than PCs I have worn in the past. The Mag pouches mean quick releases or reloads and I can carry all my essentials in my cargo pack.

Lower half: So on the lower half of my body I run something very new to my loadout that I am really excited about! The Warrior Elite Ops PLB Shooters belt set up from UK Tactical - check it out here! My belt is set up with everything I need for a skirmish - a universal holster, two pistol mags pouches, an M4 mag pouch (the belt originally came with two but I only run one), a medic pouch, dump pouch and extra to the belt, a double 40mm grenade pouch for my two TRMRs. The belt is super useful and looks badass.

On the lower half of my body I also run a pair of Viper Tactical Elite Trousers (here) and to finish off, a pair of Viper Special Ops Boots in Multicam (available here).
For this load out I run my custom G&G Black Rose which many of you will have seen on Instagram, I run this with a T1 red dot sight, a PTS angled foregrip and an ASG Strike Systems torch. My sidearm which has quickly become my favourite is my WE M&P with pink hand grips. I also run in terms of accessories, a pair of Mechanix M-Pact gloves in black and a bright pink shemagh!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me using the comments section below or by dropping me an email! If you'd like to see more photos of this loadout you can visit my Instagram at www.instagram.com/femmefataleairsoft :D

Viper V Cam Mission Pack Review!

Carrying on from my Viper V Cam Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket review, another item included in my care package from the team at Viper Tactical was their V Cam Mission Pack for me to store all of my essentials during the Milsims I have planned this winter. I used this pack during the Spartan CQC Zero One Thirty Milsim last month in Cowbridge, Wales.
So let's start with some facts, the Mission pack has a total capacity of approximately 38.5 litres, is made from durable 600D cordura and comes in V-Cam, Coyote, Green and Black, and is available from the Viper shop here for £76.00.

The Mission pack is definitely not a small piece of kit, as it has dimensions of 52 x 24 x 32cms,. It has a padded Ventex back panel, wide padded shoulder/sternum straps with QR buckles and adjustable hip harness make the pack super comfortable to wear during ops. It has internal compartments that are capable of holding ballistic plates and hydration bladders and therefore can be used on a multitude of operations. It features 2 main compartments and 4 outer pouches/compartments with some nifty little features included such as the MOLLE webbing attachments on the outer compartments and D-Rings. Another cool feature for those of us who run comms at ops is that the pack has a comms outlet. It can be quite a hassle to keep changing your comm setup over from your plate carrier to the pack so I would whole heartedly recommend using two set ups to save some time.

Now, those are the facts of the pack. My first impressions were very good - the cordura material looked strong and durable and the quality of the build/stitching was excellent. As soon as I got the pack out of the box, I was quite surprised at the dimensions - it was a lot larger than I originally expected but that turned out to be a bit of a life saver - it's large dimensions meant the main internal compartment was able to hold my spare clothes, towel, roll mat and my sleeping bag. The main compartment also has a system of straps to keep everything in place which was really helpful! As you can see from the picture to the right, although the pack is sizable, it doesn't look too big for my small frame (because lets' face it, when you rock up to an Op you don't want to look like the new kid on the first day of school with the enormous backpack!). The pack itself is very lightweight but does become quite weighty when at full capacity. Thanks to the wide padded straps and harnesses it doesn't get uncomfortable or rub when you're transporting it from location to location.

One thing I am quite fond of, is pockets (sounds silly but bare with me!) The Mission pack is full of them, and they aren't just standard pockets - the side utility pockets have MOLLE on the front which is perfect for attaching extra pouches, the front pocket has a zipped net compartment and net pockets on the main compartment wall - this is probably the most useful compartment in the pack. All the separate pockets were awesome for keeping all my personal care products and make up organised.

The slightly smaller main compartment has a neat organisational system built in with elastic cord to help keep everything organised. Although I'm not entirely sure what the actual use of this particular set up is used for (still being new to Milsim, camping and survival activities), I used this pocket to organise my cooking utensils, maps, notebooks pens and other essentials that were needed during ops which worked pretty well.

Overall I'm really happy with how the Mission pack performed and will continue to run it at any future Milsims and Ops. Check them out, let me know what you think. If any of my lovely readers have owned one for a while, I'd love to know how they hold up over time so get in touch!

- Kelly xo

Femme Fatale Airsoft Revamp: Same great content, all new artwork!

Hey everyone, as of today, we are just 50 days away from Femme Fatale Airsoft's first birthday! And before we get underway with the birthday celebrations, of which there will be plenty, I wanted to unveil the new artwork which you will see being rolled out in the next couple of weeks! This has been kindly designed by Matt Widdowson of MattTheMusketeer, you can find him on YouTube at: www.youtube.com/mattthemusketeer and on Instagram at: www.instagram.com/mattthemusketeer which are the two to follow for all his Airsoft shenanigans! 

So you'll see this brand spanking new artwork across all of our social medias including YouTube (for which we have a fancy new channel intro, which you can see above! :D) We will however still be using the old design for patches as it translates much better in embroidery. As Femme Fatale Airsoft has grown over the past 10 months, I feel it is crucial we have artwork that reflects that growth. You will also notice that I will be posting more regular updates so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Kelly xo


Viper Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket Review

So everyone, firstly I want to thank all of you who sent me lovely get well soon messages over the last week! I really appreciate them! Now I'm feeling better it's time to get back into the swing of things with this review! As most of you will know I've started attending Milsims, and the team at Viper have kindly sent me some kit to review ready for these! First up is the Viper Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket!

So! The Viper Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket is made from a waterproof laminated soft shell material with a fleece lining, is made in black, olive drab and Vipers answer to Multicam - V Cam and retails at around £69.95. I chose this jacket in particular from their range because I needed a lightweight, warm and waterproof jacket to run at my Milsims for when I wasn't on an active op and this jacket provided exactly that. I wore this soft shell during the Spartan CQC Zero One Thirty, 31 hour Milsim at the end of last month and was very happy with how it performed. The fleece lining was very snug and kept me warm during the night and the waterproof material kept me dry in the wet Welsh countryside! The seams however aren't waterproof but this didn't pose any issues over the weekend.

The jacket is made in sizes small to xxxl and I opted for the small and was pleasantly surprised with the fit. Viper's gear is unisex so it is suitable for both sexes but I have recently found that their clothing range fits me really well and being only 5"4 and around 55kg, this is a welcome change. The jacket, as you can see in the pictures above fits snugly but still has room for movement. The overall cut of the jacket is very good. The length of the body is perfect and the 100% waterproof hood is fully adjustable (crown and peak - with integral bungee adjusters, which you can find in the front breast pocket) which is a great feature for when you're out in the Welsh countryside running patrols and the heavens open! The arm length wasn't too long and they are held at the place nicely using adjustable velcro wrist cuffs, these also help with the jackets overall insulation by creating a windproof seal around the wrist. The V Camo print the jacket features is saturated with colour and matches the other V Cam products in their range perfectly, it also blends well in with MTP and Multicam. I really like that every so often in the pattern you can see a tiny Viper symbol - clever and cute!

Functionality? The jacket has plenty of storage space - featuring 4 integral pockets and 7 external utility pockets perfect for keeping all your bits and bobs during ops. Each pocket has the security of a zip and a thick Viper tag on each which makes them easy to access when wearing gloves. It also has velcro sections on each arm so you can sport all of your favourite patches! (The Viper patch in the picture can be brought separately)

Overall, I'm really happy with this jacket - it fits well, is practical and unlike most practical things, looks good (anyone who has seen my shoe collection will understand the link between impracticality and style haha!) The quality of the materials, cut and manufacturing justify the price tag and it's a very useful piece of clothing to have on the field with all it's features storage possibilities. You can purchase the Viper Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket from the Viper Shop here :)

Kelly xo

6,000 Instagram Followers & my YouTube break is over!

On Tuesday Femme Fatale Airsoft smashed 6,000 followers on Instagram! This post is just to thank each one of you for following and supporting FFA! I am so grateful for all your support :)

With this, I have decided to end my YouTube break! I have a lot of footage to go through (approximately 12 game days worth of footage!) so I decided to start with my footage from the All Wales Event 2015! So after 5 months, a new video is up! Operation Mid Wales: Assault The Bunker.

Enjoy! xo
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