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Welcome back to the blog! Today I’m back with another review and in this one, I’ll be taking a look at the VFC VR16 Fighter CQB MK2 from Evike Europe

The VR16 Fighter CQB MK2 from VFC is an M4 platform airsoft replica that has been constructed from full metal (an aluminium alloy), with some steel elements including the flash hider and the shell ejection window cover to name a few. The receiver has MOD VR16 markings. The pistol grip has an anti-slip, rough texture and the adjustable, telescopic stock is made from a durable and lightweight reinforced polymer. 

Starting at the rear of the rifle we can find an adjustable VFC QRS (Quick Response System) stock which is patented. The QRS stock is where we can find the battery compartment and it has a good amount of space, even if you wanted to use chonky Titan batteries. The stock also has tactical sling swivels and a short RIS 22mm rail - I’m not too sure what the need for the rail is, but we move. Moving along the rifle, the VR16 Fighter CQB MK2 features a long, top RIS 22 mm mounting rail (which come with removable backup iron sights) and a modular RIS handguard meaning a huge selection of attachments can be used, including torches, grips etc. At the very front of the replica, there is a birdcage-style flash hider. 

Internally, it has a gearbox that contains reinforced, metal skeleton 8 mm bearings, M120 main spring, CNC steel gears and a durable polycarbonate piston system. It also features a High-Speed motor and the rotary style hop-up can be found by pulling back the charging handle. 

The VFC line of replicas always come neatly presented in great packaging and that’s the first thing you’ll notice when getting your hands on one of these. On removing the VR16 Fighter CQB MK2 from the box you get a feel of the weight of it - it has a good solid weight thanks to its mostly aluminium alloy construction but it isn’t overly heavy. The construction is sound - there are no wobbles, rattles or movement. 

For anyone familiar with M4 platform replicas, this will be super easy to battery up - you simply push the buttons on either side of the stock and the hinged butt plate lifts up. As it doesn’t have a built-in mosfet, a 7.4v mini Tamiya is the recommended battery. 

So when we first chrono'd this AEG, it came out at a spicy 371 FPS which is unsuitable for most airsoft sites in the UK. We chose to downgrade the spring (to a VFC standard spring) and afterwards it chonographed in at a consistent 328 FPS on a 0.20g BB with a pretty average rate of fire. It fires with no issues on both semi-auto and full-auto. I’ve run this for a couple of game days now and it has performed flawlessly so far. I think given its size and weight it would be a great choice of primary for most airsoft environments. It is easy enough to manipulate as it is of relatively compact size and the range out of the box is good. 

Aesthetically, it is quite a plain-looking M4. The QRS stock does add a little bit of spice but in my opinion, this replica isn’t one for a player who wants an eye-catching, unique airsoft gun. The sauce is provided by the construction and quality of materials. If you’re looking for a full metal M4 that out of the box requires no upgrades and will run flawlessly, this is a replica to consider. If I could change ANYTHING about this, it would be to modernise it a little and maybe install an MLOK rail system and install a MOSFET to enable it to run 11.1v LiPos. Overall, I think VFC has done a brilliant job with this replica, even if it is a little plain to look at. 

Included in the box are the VFC VR16 Fighter CQB MK2 AEG, the instruction manual, a cleaning rod and a metal, 120-round mid-cap magazine. From Evike Europe, it retails for €369.90, but you can use the code FEMMEFATALE15 for 15% off your order before shipping.

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Welcome back to the blog! If you’ve been following my Texas adventure on my socials you’ll have seen that I visited the new Evike Outpost Houston at High Ground Airsoft and whilst I was there, I got to play a little more American CQB. 

High Ground Airsoft is now located in Cypress, Texas, after outgrowing its Spring location. The site now exists in what was previously a Walmart and as such, it has a large car park. As you walk up to the doors of HGA you’ll notice right now it doesn’t have a lot of signage but this will be added shortly. As you go through the sliding doors, the aircon hits you like a train making it a welcome retreat from the Texan heat. There are then two doors - one that leads to the new Evike Outpost storefront (I’ll be doing a review of this soon) but it is fully stocked with airsoft and tactical gear and when I say fully stocked, I mean FULLY. The walls are lined with AEGs, GBBRs and bolt action rifles. The shelves and racks are well stocked with tactical gear such as plate carriers, chest rigs and even BDUs. They of course also stock all the game day essentials such as BBs, gas etc. 

The other door leads to the players' lounge, on the way through, there are men's and women's toilets - they also have a disabled toilet and a family bathroom. The sign-in desk is just before the player's lounge and is always staffed by a friendly face. Here you can pay for your arena entry (although you do get a discount if you pre-book online!) And you can also pick up your Skirmesh band - more on this later. The player's lounge has plenty of tables and chairs for airsofters to prep their gear and get ready for the day. It’s air-conditioned so even in the Texas heat it’s a comfortable place to set up. There are 2 party rooms (also airconditioned). The players' lounge also has a full snack bar that sells candy, drinks and even hot food, which I was pretty impressed with! The hot food includes hot dogs, pizza and my fave, hot wings! A new addition to this location is also a bar! As they’d only just opened when I visited this was still being set up but it will be completed soon. 

Now to get an idea of size - the size of the player's lounge and bar is 6,000 sq ft and the play floor is 25,000 sq feet which includes two full-size two-story buildings. By far one of the most notable buildings is the Alamo which is located in the very centre of the play floor with two elevated towers inside. One of my personal favourites was the arcade room which had a load of old, battered arcade machines to fight around. 

All players are given a comprehensive safety brief explaining the rules and regulations of the site before they enter the arena to ensure safe gameplay. The brief covers everything from Chrono limits, what do to when you get hit, emergencies, pyrotechnics and MEDs. One of the things I dislike most about American sites is the MED and bang rules - in the UK we don’t have MEDs and we don’t operate a bang-bang rule so going to a site that implements a MED of if you can reach out and touch them with a rifle you’re too close but otherwise crack on is a breath of fresh air. 

The games played include a variety of deathmatches and objective-based games - most of which are just 7 minutes long which means the games are fast-paced and keep players on their toes. The arena can handle 40 on 40 play but usually, they run at 20 v 20 games which means the play is fast but not overwhelming. The entire field is set up with the system for prop interaction and stat tracking - each player is given a rubberised wrist band that they can scan in respawns to track their in-game ‘deaths’ or in objective areas so points can be collected for areas held or for the time held. There are live video feeds of the play floor in both party rooms and the bar along with Skirmesh live game tracking so spectators can watch the action. There is also a projector in the player's lounge with live game tracking and updates. 

The site itself plays well and isn’t geared towards speedsofters which is pleasantly refreshing. It is a mix of different-sized rooms and open spaces with cover which makes it a varied site to play. 

The Marshalls are a really friendly bunch who do a great job of keeping the games running smoothly and on time. They were super helpful during my visit and nothing was too much trouble - which I greatly appreciated. 

I have always said that HGA is one of my favourite places to play in the States and their new location is no different! The facilities are spot on, from the hot snack bar, to the safe zone and the toilets all make a difference during a gameday! The site itself is fun to play and is varied with tonnes of different game modes to keep the gameplay interesting and players on their toes. I really enjoyed my time at HGA and I would like to extend a huge thank you to the staff and players who made me feel so welcome!

Check out their website here
Check out their Instagram here

Photos thanks to The Airsoft Correspondent

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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have a super exciting announcement - today is the day I launch the pre-orders for the Femme Fatale Edition Quake by Tectonic Innovations!

For the longest time you guys, gals and non-binary pals have been asking me for more merch and I'm so glad it's finally on its way! The first in my new merch line is my collaboration with Tectonic Innovations!

The “QUAKE” series of Blank Firing Grenades from Tectonic Innovations are constructed from stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminium, to bring airsofters a high-quality re-usable airsoft pyrotechnic, now in my signature colour - hot pink! 

At the top of the Quake is the stainless steel plunger, which upon impact forces itself into the firing pin. This then pushes the toughened steel firing pin into your .209 primer, which is held in place by the aircraft-grade alloy multi-shot base. The grenade will activate if any part of the grenade makes contact with a surface.

The beauty of the Tectonic Innovations Quake is that it only needs priming once per base. Simply unscrew the base, drop your primers into the apertures and then re-attach the base. To use the device, twist the base into position and drop or roll the BFG where you want it to detonate. When you are ready to reuse the Quake, twist the base to the next position and repeat!

Choose either a matching hot pink or grey, black or purple base.

 Pre-order your FF Edition QUAKE!



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Welcome back to another blog post! Today I have a review of my newest holster from Deadly Customs - the M81 Cordura wrapped Glock Olight Signature Series Kydex Holster

The Glock Olight Signature Series Kydex Holster is made from genuine 2mm thick Kydex and works with both Olight torches and Olight clones and has 3 adjustable retention points to tailor the fit to your liking. It is RMR cut, meaning you can run an RMR sight on the holstered pistol. It uses your attached torch for retention so if you run the same torch on different pistols as I do, this holster is something to bear in mind. The staff at DC have tested the DC-4 with over 150 different pistols and to date, only 4 do not fit and these are the full-sized Desert Eagle, the ASG USW, the MK23 and the Hudson. It will fit the bigger frame handguns such as the FNX pistols and weapons with wide trigger guards, like the AAP and pistols with taller slides like the 1911. The Glock Signature Series holster does come in other torch variants if you don’t have an Olight such as Surefire X300 (and its clones) and the TLR (and its clones) 

I have mine mounted on a Safariland QLS (Quick Locking System) on a mid-ride so it’s just below my hip and I have a leg strap so it doesn’t go flapping about. DC do other options such as malice clips and combat loops but I think the QLS system works best for me, personally. 

The construction of the holster is sound and the finish on all the edges is smooth. It is easily adjustable thanks to the 3 adjustable retention points - I just inserted my pistol and then adjusted the screws with a screwdriver. On inserting the pistol there is a positive ‘click’ which is what I look for in a good Kydex holster. It hasn’t scratched my pistols when removing and reholstering. 

Although there’s not THAT much to say about Kydex holsters, the main selling point of the Glock Olight Signature DC-4 is its versatility. Buying a bunch of holsters for all your different pistols gets expensive, I like that I can just swap my Olight to a different pistol and just use it straight away. I’ve used this holster with my TM HK45, the RWA X Agency Arms EXA, TM G17 with an aftermarket Agency Arms slide, my custom Nighthawk 1911 and also my M&P Shield. Having just one holster means my kit is also more streamlined. 

Deadly is offering a new service too - Cordura wrapping on new holsters which can be selected from the website and added to your order. The Kydex is wrapped with a layer of Cordura which changes both the colour (camo) and the texture of the holster. It is purely an aesthetic change but one that looks fucking great. 

The holsters start at £49.99 for the Glock Olight Signature Kydex Holster for just the holster but for the full package like my set-up, it would set you back £105.96 (there is free shipping over £50 and you get a free patch and sticker). You can use my code ‘femmefatale’ for 10% off your entire order. Whilst the full package is an investment, it can be used for loads of different pistols so you won’t have to replace it when you get a new sidearm. 

It is worth noting that because of how a light-bearing holster works, you can’t use the holster without the torch as it won’t retain. Deadly Customs makes other holsters for this option, such as the DC-1, DC-2 and the DC-3. The DC-4 Series holsters are all able to attach onto mounting platforms that use a 3-screw system including Safariland (which is what I am using), Blackhawk, FMA, G-Code and G-Code RTI and Blade-Tech.
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