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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have a super exciting announcement - today is the day I launch the pre-orders for the Femme Fatale Edition Quake by Tectonic Innovations!

For the longest time you guys, gals and non-binary pals have been asking me for more merch and I'm so glad it's finally on its way! The first in my new merch line is my collaboration with Tectonic Innovations!

The “QUAKE” series of Blank Firing Grenades from Tectonic Innovations are constructed from stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminium, to bring airsofters a high-quality re-usable airsoft pyrotechnic, now in my signature colour - hot pink! 

At the top of the Quake is the stainless steel plunger, which upon impact forces itself into the firing pin. This then pushes the toughened steel firing pin into your .209 primer, which is held in place by the aircraft-grade alloy multi-shot base. The grenade will activate if any part of the grenade makes contact with a surface.

The beauty of the Tectonic Innovations Quake is that it only needs priming once per base. Simply unscrew the base, drop your primers into the apertures and then re-attach the base. To use the device, twist the base into position and drop or roll the BFG where you want it to detonate. When you are ready to reuse the Quake, twist the base to the next position and repeat!

Choose either a matching hot pink or grey, black or purple base.

 Pre-order your FF Edition QUAKE!

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