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One the 1st of June another issue of 6MM ACTUAL went live! In 6MM ACTUAL you can read the best of the monthly 'Femme Fatale Airsoft' blogs and get bonus content exclusive to our monthly downloadable. Online or offline, you can get your airsoft media fix! In the June issue, we have a Viper VCAM set-up, a review on the Titan Power Batteries, a feature piece on MilSim snacks and a Pencott Greenzone load out.



Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the blog! Whilst I was going through my kit last weekend when moving my office around (the office move around vlog is coming soon!) I came to realise just how many tactical fanny packs and drop pouches I have, so I thought it would be a cool post to compare them all! In this post, we're going to look at drop pouches from brands such as Ferro Concepts, Viper, Haley Strategic Partners and OPS.

First up, is the Ferro Concepts 'The Dangler' pouch, which is one of the OGs (it may be THE OG). I first purchased one of these in Multicam in 2016 and loved it so much that when I started building a Ranger Green kit I got one in RG too! (Although the RG pouch I found on eBay for £20! Barg!)

The Dangler drop pouch was designed by Ferro Concepts as a ‘fanny pack’ add-on to a plate carrier or chest rig. The pouch is designed to be lightweight, durable (made from Genuine Multicam fabric) and flexible tool organiser. It allows important tools/items to be carried in a convenient location. On the inside of the pouch there are a mix of 1.5" elastic and 3" loop lining to keep your tools/items secure when you are on the move. It also features a large Velcro square on the front so for patches.

The Dangler can be mounted either under the front flap and cummerbund or inserted into a plate pocket. I mount mine under the front flap and cummerbund on my plate carrier or between the backing velcro (I'm not sure what that bit is actually called, don't roast me!) on a chest rig.

At $48.50, it is one of the more expensive drop pouches on this list but it is made from genuine Multicam and made in the USA. At the current exchange rate (5/06/2020) that's £38.40 but remember  you will need to pay customs fees when it arrives in the UK. They're well constructed and have a good carrying capacity. This is my favourite drop pouch out of the bunch.

It's available in MC, MCB, RG, Black and Coyote. 

Next up is the Viper SCROTE pouch, a tactical fanny-pack pouch Velcro attachment for plate carriers and chest rigs that has webbing straps on each side and a Velcro ID panel on the front for all of your favourite patches, the SCROTE pouch I have is one of the first version, the latest version of this pouch has been updated slightly (hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on one when the 'Rona is gone). Inside the pouch, it has elasticated internal loop holders and a Velcro front internal pouch to keep all your bits and bobs safe during gameplay. It has a Viper firm draw zip puller to give the user more grip whilst unzipping/zipping the pouch closed especially when wearing gloves or when your hands are wet/cold. 

It is available in a great range of colours including VCam, black, green, coyote and titanium so there is a colour to suit most loadouts. It is stocked at most Viper retailers in the UK and the best part? It retails for around £11! This is fantastic news for those who want the look of Gucci kit on a budget or have multiple loadouts to fill with pouches.

Next up, is the HSP Multi Mission Hanger, which is a drop down pouch to store tools that is lined with loop velcro to secure additional pouch organisers. What makes this pouch different to the previous two is the fact it can be fully opened and lay flat. It was designed to attach to the Velcro rear panel on the D3CR Chest Rig or under the front flap / cummerbund of many plate carriers. As I have this in RG I usually wear it with my MAS Grey LBX 0300S to expand its carrying capacity.

Whilst I do like this pouch, it isn't my favourite on the list. Whilst it has a huge carrying capacity and the fact you can stick organisers in it is really cool, the zip is quite hard to open in a hurry (it takes a few tugs and I've often opened the whole thing and then had to pick everything up) and without the organisers if the pouch opens fully, everything falls out. I think I'm definitely going to have to get some organisers for it.

In the UK the Coyote and Multicam variants are available from Tactical Clothing for £44.99, which is a little cheaper than other online retailers but they do not have all of the camos/colourways. The HSP website does, but again you'll be paying import taxes.

Last in the list is the OPS Modular Fanny Pocket from Hueys MTO. It can either be used as a drop pouch by attaching it under the front flap/cummerbund, it can be mounted on a belt as a fanny pocket or by adding 2 ITW Grimloc D-Rings it can be attached to any MOLLE platform. It has a cord zip puller which is really handy when you're wearing gloves or the weather is poor.

Inside the pouch, like the others it has elastic loops to organise tools and accessories. It has a good capacity and I really like the shape of this one - it sets it apart from the others.

It's available in ATACS iX, Multicam, Multicam Black and Multicam Tropic. It is also very reasonably priced!

This post contains affiliate links, as I am a member of the Amazon Associates Program - an affiliate advertising program that provides a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com to products I have used, tested, trust and recommend.


Hey everyone! 

Welcome back to the blog! Over the last few months, I’ve swapped my Lithium Polymer batteries for the Titan Lithium iOn batteries. But, what’s the difference between LiPo and the Titan Power batteries? And are they over-hyped? Now I’ve used them for a few months, I feel I’m ready to give you my thoughts on them. 

Firstly, let’s chat about what makes them different to LiPos. Unlike LiPos, the Titan batteries do not puff and become unsafe even if they’ve been neglected (think accidentally leaving them in your kit bag for weeks on end after game day) or simply when they’ve aged. The Titan Power batteries can also be charged from empty or nearly full without damaging the battery. Even if your battery gets low and your device cannot cycle, the battery is still within safe operating ranges and can be charged safely back to 100%. Their batteries can also store on average 2-5 times the energy of other airsoft batteries, meaning you don’t have to swap out batteries as often to keep you in the game longer.

The Titan website states that ‘beginning in 2020 the Titan Power product line outperforms ALL airsoft batteries, with the same or higher rate of fire, and the same or greater trigger response, when comparing like voltage and similar size’ and boasts that ‘Titan Power batteries can hold a charge for months and still be ready to use on game day. An extreme example is a pack used for testing, charged in 2012, which still holds 88% of its life in 2018. These packs can also be charged over 300 times and still store 80% of its original capacity.’

Titan Power are also the ONLY batteries that come with a 1-year warranty and guarantee that they will beat your old battery, or they’ll offer you your money back as long as the battery hasn’t been tampered with. Which honestly does sound too good to be true but they’ve put it on their website so no going back now!

The Titan Power battery I have is the 3000mAh 11.1v Nunchuck wired to deans. Each battery comes nicely packaged in an individual plastic sleeve, on opening the sleeve, the battery is shrink-wrapped in the distinctive Titan packaging. All the relevant information, including the version, is printed on it. I opted for a deans connector (sometimes called a T-Plug) because it is a more reliable connection. They can be charged on either the Titan Digital Charger (available from their website separately) or on a smart charger which many of us have at home.

It fits in most of the Airsoft AEGs that I own as I’ve pretty much ripped the original stocks off and replaced them with the PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock which gives me plenty of space. The only AEGs this battery isn’t particularly suitable for are my Krytac PDW, custom G&G Black Rose, Ares Amoeba and Scorpion Evo due to them either being front wired or having very small stocks. When I use it with the Specna Arms SA-H20 Edge, it will fit in this model but I need to have the stock fully extended which isn’t comfortable to run, I will more than likely replace it with a PTS stock in the future.

I decided to test my battery to its limit. I received my battery at SHOT Show 2020 and charged it up ready for my first game after SHOT - DesertFox Events: Battle for Lost Angeles 2020 in Victorville, California. This event lasted a total of 2 days and the battery performed flawlessly for the entire event. 

I flew home with the battery in my hand luggage and put it in my kit bag until the next weekend when I would play airsoft again. That weekend I played CQB at West Midlands Airsoft High Command on Saturday and their woodland site the FOB on Sunday. The performance over those two days was also fantastic. That night I decided to forgo charging the pack to see if it would work the next time I played airsoft, in 2 weeks! This was a first for me - I’m usually very particular about my batteries being balance charged if I know they won’t be used for a while so it was pretty nerve-wracking, but those 2 weeks passed pretty quickly and it was soon time to play again - the battery wasn’t puffed up and still had charge left in it! These batteries really do hold a lot of charge for a long time!

Overall, I think the performance of the 3000mAh 11.1v Nunchuck battery from Titan Power over the last few months has been second to none.
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