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Welcome back to the blog. I get a lot of questions about my helmet and night-vision set-up so in this post, we're going to be breaking it down piece by piece.

For the helmet, I'm running the Team Wendy EXFIL LTP in Black. The EXFIL LTP is a lightweight polymer bump helmet that gives great impact protection and a stable, comfortable platform for mounting night-vision devices (and other accessories). It features a built-in NVG shroud, a Zorbium foam liner along with a CAM FIT Retention System that has easily adjustable Cam Lock sliders, and a micro-adjustable BOA Fit System. I've tried a lot of different helmets in my time, from my very first Nuprol FAST helmet to an FMA Airframe and my most recent PTS MTEK FLUX. The Team Wendy EXFIL LTP is by far the most expensive helmet I've used during my time airsofting, but it is also the most comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and the protection it offers is second to none.

I've accessorised it with the TW EXFIL Carbon & LTP 2.0 Rails and the TW EXFIL Peltor Headset Adapters which hold my Howard Leight Honeywell Impact Sport headset which I use for comms and hearing protection. As I haven't yet scored an affordable set of Peltors, I had to do a little bit of jimmying to get these off their band and to fit on the Peltor mounts, they are by no means perfect (they pop off from time to time) but they work whilst I'm still on the lookout for a set of Peltors.

I have the EXFIL LTP in black but as I run mostly green, I have the EXFIL LTP Rail 2.0 Ranger Green Cover to match it to my BDU's and also to give it some texture - I'm not a fan of smooth, shiny helmets (that innuendo). To help offset the weight of my Night-Vision, I have the EXFIL Counterweight Kit in Black, of which I'm currently using 2 of the lead weights included in the kit.

To accessorise the cover, I have a Mantra Strobe which has a red light function and an IR light function - this is super helpful during night ops - using the red light to signify being a dead player and using the IR to help teammates with NV know where I am. We love a patch or two so I've added the Afraid Of The Dark Gucci patch and an Afraid Of The Dark 'Gang Shit' patch.

To attach my NV to the helmet, I have a clone Wilcox G24 Mount and an FW-Solutions 3D Printed Articulating J-Arm. I also have a piece of bungee cord that is attached to my NV housing for safety, this is threaded through the vents in my helmet and attached to one of the rails to ensure that if the mount and arm break or fail for any reason, the unit won't come crashing to the ground.

As for the NV itself, I have an NVM14 Housing (which is a little smaller and lighter than the well-known PVS14) that has a Photonis BASIC WP tube installed. I chose WP over the traditional green as it is a little easier on the eyes (at least for me) when I wear it for extended periods of time. 

To protect it during airsoft games I have a Butler Creek Scope Cap with a piece of perspex behind it.



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Welcome back to the blog and the last in my series of Golden Eagle Type 870 Gas Shotgun reviews! In this review, we’ll be looking at 2 of the range - the Golden Eagle M870M and the GE M870L as they are very similar apart from a few aesthetic changes!

The Golden Eagle M870M is a railed version of the full-length M870. This gas-powered, tri-burst design shotgun is constructed from mostly alloy with a textured polymer stock, polymer pistol grip, and features a 20mm rail on the receiver which allows players to mount their favourite optics. The rail system has a ghost ring rear ironsight installed to help with aim. Like some of the others in the Golden Eagle Type 870 range, the Magazine tube for the shotgun can act as a shell holder and is accessed by unscrewing the front cover with an Allen Key. It has a thumb-through safety which is located near the trigger - this blocks the trigger and stops the shotgun from firing. On the stock, there is a textured diamond design just like the real thing, and the pump handle is also textured to improve grip, especially when wearing gloves or when used in wet weather. The pump handle locks in place at each stage. It also has a rear sling loop.

In this model, there is a removable gas tank in the stock (which is included) and it accepts standard airsoft shotgun shells. Like the others in the range, it can be set to fire either a 3rnd or 6rnd burst of BBs with each pump. To change the firing mode, all you have to do is pull back on the pump and move the slider behind the mock bolt. It’s worth noting that this model also accepts shotgun drum mags.

Now we’ve chatted about the features of the M870M, let’s talk about the M870L. The only difference that I can tell between the M and L models is the magazine tube. The Magazine tube on the L model is a lot longer and spans the length of the barrel.

Now let’s talk about usability - it is relatively easy to get this started - you simply need to fill the removable gas reservoir in the stock and load up the shotgun shells with BBs, pop a shell into the breech and get racking. They are both easy to rack and produce the satisfying shotgun sound we all know and love. They are both full length so they have a nice weight to them and feel sturdy. As the pump handle and pistol grip are both textured for extra grip, they are still easy to operate even you’re wearing gloves and in cold/wet weather. The range is comparable to the others in Type 870 range. The length is the only challenging aspect of this gun for me - if you were using it in CQB you’d need more space than you would with the other, more compact models in the range.

In the box for the Golden Eagle M870M, you get the M870M, 3 airsoft shotgun shells, a speedloader, the refillable gas tank and of course the user manual. In the box of the M870L, you receive the same but with the M870L. At Extreme Airsoft the M870M retails for £169 and the M870L retails for £169.99.

You can use my code ‘femmefatale21’ to save 5% on your purchases (not an affiliate - just trying to save you dollar!)

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Welcome back to the blog! It's been a hot minute since we've done a belt set-up blog and since the last, I've of course added to the collection! M81 is one of my favourite camo patterns of all time so it seemed only right that, for my Rigger's belt build, it should be in God's plaid.

The base of my belt setup is the Rigger's Belt from Deadly Customs! It is made from MILSPEC webbing and features a dual-layer construction for strength and durability. At the front of the belt, there is a genuine 45mm AustriaAlpin Cobra Buckle that has a built-in D-Ring which you can use to attach a load of items. The inside of the belt is lined with an extra-strong hook Velcro to attach it to the inner belt. The inner goes through your trouser loops just like a normal belt and has an extra ridged construction so that when the two are paired together it creates a solid platform that airsofters and kit enthusiats can rely on. The inner belt has been designed intentionally with loop Velcro so it can be worn alone and won’t damage clothes or car seats. On the buckle, the DC logo has been laser etched which is a great touch. The Rigger's Belt is available in 7 different colours/camouflages so no matter what your loadout/syle is, you're covered. From the DC website, it retails for £114.99.

Now we've discussed the base of the build, let's chat about what I've fleshed it out with. First up, we have 2   Deadly Customs Glock Shooters Style Magazine Holsters!

The Glock shooters style mag holsters are constructed from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex and are a redesign of their larger big brother. They're shorter, lighter and have more aggressive styling but still offer the same retention. They fit all Airsoft Glock 17, 18, 19, 22 and 34 magazines - I use mine for my Redwolf Airsoft X Agency Arms EXA. Each mag holster has 2 adjustable retention screws so you can adjust it to your play style and environment. They also have the ability to be canted forward or backwards by 10 or 20° using the mounting holes.

As my belt is M81 I've accessorised it with green holsters but they are available in tan and black too, and cost £19.99 each.

The M4 shooter's style mag holsters are also made from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex and have the aggressive Shooters styling. They are manufactured to fit all M4 mags. Like the Glock holster, each Mag holster has 2 adjustable retention screws to customise it to the user. These have been designed so they can be stacked on top of each other and mounted either way to suit different players. They are also available in tan and black, and retail for £19.99.

Made from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex this radio holster for the Baofeng UV5R has been designed with players like myself in mind. I am a nightmare for pressing buttons by mistake but as this encompasses the whole radio, all buttons are safe from this mishap. This holster is made using a one-piece construction method, so it is also durable. Like the other holsters in the DC range it has 2 adjustable retention screws.

They are also available in black and tan, and retail for £24.99.

The 40mm Grenade Holster from Deadly Customs is a Kydex carrying system made from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex that is compatible with any MOLLE system. Designed primarily to carry a variety of airsoft impact grenades, these holsters can also accomodate moscart shells and EG WP40 smoke grenades. There’s not really a great deal to talk about in terms of features as they are a super simple bit of kit – just moulded thermoplastic with an attachment system, this simply means there’s less to go wrong. One of the main selling points of Kydex carriers is that they are really lightweight so are perfect for low drag loadouts. You can check out my full review here.

They are avaiable in a multitude of colours and retail from £16.99.

My newest holster from the DC range is the new signature Glock DC1! Like the others it is made from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex and is confirmed to fit all standard airsoft Glock 17, 18, 19, 22 and 34 on the market. In the photo I am using my EXA! It is worth noting this is a right hand only holster.

It has 3 points of adjustment to enable you to set your draw. The Holster uses the trigger and lower frame for retention, this enables it to fit a variety of Glocks! This holster is avialable in different colours and starts at £39.99 and goes up to £80.96 (which is the variation I have).

For this set-up, the cost is £244.98 from the Rigger's Belt Building service at Deadly Customs, so she is a pricey gal but buying it through the belt building service saves a huge chunk of change as opposed to buying it separately. You can also save 10% on your order using my code 'femmefatale' - this isn't an affiliate, just saving you money.



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Welcome back to Femme Fatale Airsoft! Following on in our series of shotgun reviews from the Golden Eagle range we will be looking at the Type 870 M8871 Railed Gas Shotgun from Extreme Airsoft. (Please note, this one isn't on their website yet, but I'll update the post when it goes live!)

Like the others in the Golden Eagle Type 870 range, the M8871 is also mostly constructed from alloy, using polymer only for the pistol grip and stock just like the real thing! The M8871 is a replica of the sawn-off M870 with the addition of an AR pistol grip, adjustable stock, and a 20mm rail on the receiver, capable of firing either 3rnds or 6! The rail system has a ghost ring rear ironsight to assist with aim. At the front of the shotgun, the magazine tube for the shotgun can be found and can be used as a shell holder by unscrewing the front cover. Like the others in the range, it also has a thumb-through safety located next to the trigger. At the rear, it has a QD sling loop and adjustable six-point stock that also conceals the internal gas tank. Other features include a quick-release sling loop and a front sling lug.

Now we know its features, let’s chat about the important things - usability and what it’s like to skirmish! The gas reservoir is located in the buffer tube and to access it all you need to do is slide the stock forward and it can be filled by the valve that is revealed. In the box, there are 3 airsoft shotgun shells included, and these can be loaded by either hand (which is a really slow process) or with a speedloader. Each shell holds 30 rounds which works out to be 10 pumps per shell in 3rnd mode. To insert a shell, players need to press the release lever that is near the trigger and this will open the breach cover. The shell is then inserted into the slot until it clicks and locks in place, the door can then be closed and you’re ready to rock and roll. To remove an empty shell, just press the breach cover release and pull back the pump handle. Inside the breach is also where you can change the firing mode, there is a small switch that will let you select three or six-shot mode.

It has a nice weight to it, being made from mostly alloy and feels pretty durable. The pump handle and pistol grip are both textured for extra grip, which is super useful when you’re wearing gloves and in cold/wet weather. The range is comparable to the others in Type 870 range and great for how compact the weapon is. This would be a great choice of primary for those who love to get up close and personal in CQB or a secondary for a sniper/DMR/LMG loadout for when the opposition is too close for comfort or you need to swap from long range to close quarters quickly thanks to the sling points which are compatible with 1 point slings. This is one of my favorites from the range, as it has a stock it is easy to shoulder. The only thing I would change about this is ironically the stock - I’m not a huge fan of this style so I would probably swap it for a PTS EPS.

In the box, you get the Golden Eagle Type 870 M8871 Railed Gas Shotgun, 3 x airsoft shotgun shells, an unjamming rod and a speedloader. From Extreme Airsoft it retails for £159.99. You can save 5% using my code ‘femmefatale21’ at the checkout on this price to make it even more affordable.

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