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Welcome back to the blog and the last in my series of Golden Eagle Type 870 Gas Shotgun reviews! In this review, we’ll be looking at 2 of the range - the Golden Eagle M870M and the GE M870L as they are very similar apart from a few aesthetic changes!

The Golden Eagle M870M is a railed version of the full-length M870. This gas-powered, tri-burst design shotgun is constructed from mostly alloy with a textured polymer stock, polymer pistol grip, and features a 20mm rail on the receiver which allows players to mount their favourite optics. The rail system has a ghost ring rear ironsight installed to help with aim. Like some of the others in the Golden Eagle Type 870 range, the Magazine tube for the shotgun can act as a shell holder and is accessed by unscrewing the front cover with an Allen Key. It has a thumb-through safety which is located near the trigger - this blocks the trigger and stops the shotgun from firing. On the stock, there is a textured diamond design just like the real thing, and the pump handle is also textured to improve grip, especially when wearing gloves or when used in wet weather. The pump handle locks in place at each stage. It also has a rear sling loop.

In this model, there is a removable gas tank in the stock (which is included) and it accepts standard airsoft shotgun shells. Like the others in the range, it can be set to fire either a 3rnd or 6rnd burst of BBs with each pump. To change the firing mode, all you have to do is pull back on the pump and move the slider behind the mock bolt. It’s worth noting that this model also accepts shotgun drum mags.

Now we’ve chatted about the features of the M870M, let’s talk about the M870L. The only difference that I can tell between the M and L models is the magazine tube. The Magazine tube on the L model is a lot longer and spans the length of the barrel.

Now let’s talk about usability - it is relatively easy to get this started - you simply need to fill the removable gas reservoir in the stock and load up the shotgun shells with BBs, pop a shell into the breech and get racking. They are both easy to rack and produce the satisfying shotgun sound we all know and love. They are both full length so they have a nice weight to them and feel sturdy. As the pump handle and pistol grip are both textured for extra grip, they are still easy to operate even you’re wearing gloves and in cold/wet weather. The range is comparable to the others in Type 870 range. The length is the only challenging aspect of this gun for me - if you were using it in CQB you’d need more space than you would with the other, more compact models in the range.

In the box for the Golden Eagle M870M, you get the M870M, 3 airsoft shotgun shells, a speedloader, the refillable gas tank and of course the user manual. In the box of the M870L, you receive the same but with the M870L. At Extreme Airsoft the M870M retails for £169 and the M870L retails for £169.99.

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