Welcome back to the blog! If you follow me on social media you will have seen that on the 1st, a new issue of 6MM ACTUAL was released, the very first of 2020!

6MM ACTUAL is all about giving you - the readers of FFA - more value from Femme Fatale Airsoft. I've designed 6MM ACTUAL so you can read the best of the monthly blogs and also get bonus content exclusive to our monthly downloadable. Online or offline, and for free! Whilst I love writing the blog, creating IG & YouTube content and writing for publications, I felt like something was missing and this is where our monthly downloadable bridges the gap. Truly International airsoft, from guns to gear, to events, it’s in 6MM ACTUAL.

In the first issue of 2020, I let you guys and girls know what my favourites of 2019 were - from favourite gear to favourite replicas, events and airsoft sites, they're all in here.




Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the blog and the last of our 2019 round-ups! SHOT Show 2020 is right around the corner and today I'm looking back on the airsoft replicas I've enjoyed using the most over the last year. Again, these are just my personal favourites (yours probably will be different) that I have used in 2019 - meaning they more than likely aren't groundbreaking or the newest releases, simply the ones I've enjoyed using the most.

At number 5 is the Specna Arms Edge AEG from Gunfire that has been manufactured under the license of Rock River Arms. Rock River Arms is a well known American firearms manufacturer and what makes the Edge special is not only the RRA license but that it is also equipped with GATE technology.

The SA Edge has an Orion Gearbox, which is based on a reinforced shell and is equipped with a mainspring release function. Out of the box, it has a reinforced piston with full steel teeth, an Aluminium seal nozzle & double sealed cylinder head, steel gears, 8mm ball bearings, a rotary hop-up chamber, a 6.03mm precision barrel, a quick change spring system and a QD pistol grip which gives the player quick access to the AEG’s engine without the use of tools. All these features make this one of the best Specna's yet - durable and ready to get to work.

One of the Edge’s most notable features is the GATE X-ASR MOSFET as standard! The MOSFET X-ASR unit will ensure the safety of the components, increase the trigger response and extend the life of the electronics and battery. It has been a fun and reliable gun to use during airsoft skirmishes and its aesthetics are on point. Great work Specna!

Read my full review here

At number 4 is the PTS X Centurion Arms CM4, which is an Electric Recoil Gun system that is based on the latest generation KWA AEG 3 system from PTS Syndicate that features a Centurion Arms rail! The ERG simulates recoil via a proprietary Kinetic Feedback System. When used with the proprietary ERG magazine, it has a cut off to make it even more realistic. However when I used this awesome GAT at DFE: Battle for Lost Angeles 2 I decided to use the original PTS EPM for AEGs and I used it as a regular AEG - which is one of the awesome features of the CM4. It has a quick change spring system and included as standard equipment for the CM4 ERG, are PTS’ highly popular proprietary design Enhanced Polymer Grip, Enhanced Back-Up Sight, Enhanced Polymer Magazine and Enhanced Polymer Stock.

The CM4 has one of the most realistic recoils of any AEG that I've used which made it a really fun replica to use during the event - it definitely added an extra element to my game, it has a great weight to it and looks awesome.

RWA Agency Arms Urban Combat Slide Kit for the TM G17

The Agency Arms Urban Combat Slide Kit for the TM G17 from RWA isn't necessarily a replica per se, but it has improved my experience with the Tokyo Marui G17 so I'm going to include it! The Urban Combat Slide Kit is a return to the classic Agency Arms styling but is designed with serious gamers in mind.

This Urban Combat slide comes in a rich back anodized finish and features all the windows, serrations, and attention to detail known from an RWA Agency Arms offering,  It's lightweight and made from CNC aluminium. In the box, the slide kit comes with the RWA Agency Arms Urban Combat 17 Slide Set 2.0, a stainless steel outer barrel, recoil spring and a fibre optic front sight. It comes with a scannable QR code for installation instructions and is easy to install. 

Once installed it takes the boring look of the TM G17 and elevates it to a more curated look, but it's not all about aesthetics - in my experience, it has improved the performance of the pistol, making it more snappy.ar sight 


The GBLS DAS GDR-15 CQB AEG takes the number 2 spot this year. The DAS is one of the most controversial airsoft replicas to hit the market because of its £1600 price tag. Why does it have this price tag though? It comes with a hefty price tag because of its most notable feature - the functioning Bolt Carrier Group which allows 100% realistic action from loading and charging to stoppage and reloading drills, making it a perfect training weapon. The cycling of the functioning Bolt Carrier Group generates the recoil and it genuinely is nothing like I’ve ever experienced with an AEG before. The Bolt locks back when the magazine runs out of BBs and will fire upon hitting bolt release when a fresh mag is inserted. Inside the D.A.S is a WA style hop-up chamber, a steel-toothed bolt and at the very centre of the system is a proprietary gearbox.

It also comes with a PTS EPS as standard.

Read my full review here


My LEOTEK'd Krytac MKII CRB from Landwarrior in Dalkeith, Scotland takes the number one spot because it is STILL my favourite AEG to use. The techs at LWA took a standard Krytac MKII CRB (which is a great AEG out of the box anyway) and gave it a full upgrade service which included a Laylax barrel, flat hop, ultimate piston, ultimate 40K motor and a GATE Titan MOSFET which gives you the option to adjust trigger sensitivity, pre-cocking boost, fire selector mode, burst mode, rate of fire and it also provides a low battery warning and battery protection.

It's snappy and fires like a dream. It also looks the tits.

Although this isn't a 'standard' AEG, it isn't completely custom. The LEOTEK option is available to all of LWA's customers.



Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the blog! Following on from my last favourites post, today I'll be looking at my favourite bits of gear that I used in 2019! Now, this is a new addition to my yearly roundups, but let me clarify - these are MY personal favourite pieces of gear (yours probably will be different) that I used in 2019 -  meaning they may not be new or innovative but they are products that have elevated my kit.

First on the list is the HSGI Triple Taco Modular Panel, this panel has been modded for use with LBT/LBX Carriers. It has 3 adjustable M4 mag pockets and 3 adjustable accessory pockets that are perfect for pistol mags. It attaches to modular webbing via tuck tabs. I use this with my LBX 0300S and it has been a great addition to my kit - it has enough mag pouches for most airsoft skirmishes and the accessory pouches are multi-use. I've been using this for over a year, and it has stood up well to being used almost every weekend (depending on my game day loadout).

PC: Stacey Hardwick

Haley Strategic Multi-Mission Hanger

Whilst I was at Land Warrior in Dalkeith, Scotland for their open day in May I realised I had forgotten my Ferro Concepts Dangler Pouch and borrowed a Multi-Mission Hanger V1 from the MD, Scott Alan. This tactical fanny pack is made from 500 Denier Cordura and features a 4-Way Stretch Tweave for additional room and ease of closing. It has loop Velcro front and rear interior panels and reversed zippers with cord zipper pulls. It is a really large fanny pack so it fits a great number of bits and bobs in and has a lot of room on the front for patches. It is really well constructed and the material has held up well.

The LBX Tactical Armatus II is a low profile plate carrier made of 500D Cordura. As standard, the carrier has a fast clip front panel and comes with a Triple M4 Panel from LBX and also a removable back modular panel that is compatible with MAP components (I’ve accessorised my MAS Grey Armatus II with the Banger Back Panel). It is a comfortable carrier that has sound construction and does the job intended. The range of colour/camo options is varied enough for there to be an option for most loadouts.

Read my full review here

PC: Stuart Manks

In 2019, Viper Tactical released their Gen 2 Elite Trousers which made huge improvements on the originals and boasted a bunch of new features, including improved removable ABS knee pads! These new Elite trousers are a dupe of a very popular style of trousers/pants but are super affordable.

The ripstop poly-cotton blend fabric feels really durable and has performed well in both indoor environments and outdoor skirmishes - from being caught on branches, dragged through the mud etc the material has held up really well. The stretch areas are all rip-resistant which definitely gives players peace of mind. The material also dries quite quickly which is much appreciated in the dreary British weather.

Viper has done an awesome job with these trousers. They fit well, are comfortable even in uncomfortable positions thanks to the stretch fabric, have ample storage, made of good quality material and have that high-end look at a fraction of the cost

Read my full review here

In 2019, Viper also released the Buckle Up Utility Chest Rig as part of their new VX range, and what drew me to this product is that it closely resembles a high-end load carrying system - the Spiritus Systems MK4, but for a fraction of the cost. It works in a modular system with the VX range of inserts to suit your weapon magazines (if required) in the main pouch that is located at the rear of the rig to completely customise your rig to your playing needs. Both compartments are Velcro-lined to be used with these inserts too and the front lid is removable for easy access to inserts placed in the front compartment. It has front and rear Velcro ID panels that are quite sizeable meaning plenty of spaces for patches or adding extra VX inserts/holsters. It is also VX Buckle Up compatible meaning it can be used with the new VX plate carrier and has quick-release buckles throughout. It is also fully adjustable and compatible with other bits of kit.

Read my full review here

PC: Stuart Manks



Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the blog! Now the new year is upon us, it's time for me to look back on a year of airsoft and pick my favourite airsoft events of 2019! Now, this post causes outrage every year, so let me clarify something straight off the bat - these are MY personal favourite events (yours probably will be different) that I have played in 2019 - meaning I have not played every event in the world and nor am I proclaiming that they are the best but simply saying that these are the ones I have most enjoyed playing.

Desert Fox Events: Battle for Lost Angeles 2

In January, I returned to the USA for the second instalment of DesertFox Events: Battle for Lost Angeles! Once again held at George Airforce Base in Victorville, California - one of the coolest AO's I've played in the USA. In the DFE universe, two sides - Southern Syndicate and Eastern Royal Trading fight to dominate this post-apocalyptic wasteland.

What gives the DFE events a cool twist is the Blue Fox Tracker app. The app is downloadable from the App Store/Google Play Store and works on a 3/4G connection. Players download the app and create their own profile within the app, once they are at a DFE event they can scan the events QR code to get in the game! The app is essentially a mini-map that shows players their location, their alive/wounded/killed team-mates locations, the objectives and has features such as the app chat and medic function. The DFE games can be played if you don’t have the app or a data connection but it definitely adds another element to gameplay.

It's a great weekend, with intense urban gameplay. The costumes are really cool and it's a great opportunity to hang out with friends!

PC: Greg Wong

PC: Greg Wong

Check out my DFE: BLAR 2 gameplay here:

The Depot Charity Weekender

On the 16th of August 2019, myself, Unicorn Leah and Jet Desertfox drove to Scotland to attend The Depot in Glasgow for the first time for their Charity weekender. We arrived on Friday 16th after a hellish 7.5-hour drive from my home in the East Midlands and settled into our Airbnb in Paisley ready for 2 days of intense CQB action at one of the UK's best CQB sites. The Depot is a site that I’d heard and seen a fair bit about from both the internet and my friends beyond the wall and it did not disappoint! You can read my full review of the Depot here

The weekender was held to raise funds for their two chosen charities The Coming Home Centre which helps local armed forces veterans, and The SAS Regimental Association. Along with 2 days of intense CQB, they also had Landwarrior down to showcase the latest Umarex rifles and Valken was also on-site to show their range of AEGs, protection and other accessories.

The first day of the event ran like a standard skirmish with different game modes such as team deathmatch, attack/defend etc and the second day was more objective-based and had a lot of characters/props and a storyline. The weekend was an absolute blast and raised funds for very worthy charitable causes - a win in my book!

PC: Acarius Photography

PC: Piszczykdd4

Check out mine and Jet's Depot videos here:

AirsoftCon 2019

At the number 3 spot for 2019 is Evike.com AirsoftCon! Held on Saturday 19th October 2019, AirsoftCon is a celebration and gathering of the US airsoft community that is held in Los Angeles that started as an annual sale event but over the years has become a giant event of over 5000 attendees.

I love AirsoftCon because it gives me a chance to meet/chat with a large portion of the American airsoft community and I also get to catch up and hang out with my friends across the pond. There's tonnes of giveaways, raffles and of course bargains to be had. I wish the UK had something like this!

You can read my full event report here

Check out Leah's Airsoftcon 2019 vlog here:

National Airsoft Festival 2019

Every year, I and my Airsoft team Project Cerberus make the drive to Ringwood in Hampshire for Zero One Airsoft’s annual event - the National Airsoft Festival! The National Airsoft Festival is, without a doubt the biggest airsoft weekender in the UK. On the bank holiday weekend in August up to 3,000 airsofters descend on Ground Zero – Zero One's skirmish site located in a small market town in the south-west to enjoy a huge festival dedicated to EVERYTHING airsoft, and this year I had two special guests with me - Unicorn Leah and Jet Desertfox, all the way over from the USA! I have harped on and on about this festival for the last 3 years so it was awesome to finally be able to show J&L exactly what I love about the NAF.

It is always a great opportunity to meet/chat with my followers here in the UK, hang out and crack a cold one open with my team and catch up with many industry friends. Usually, I go for the social side however in 2019 I did actually make it out on the field - it was a great experience and I cannot wait for 2020!

You can read my full event report here

Check out my NAF vlog here:

Check out Leah & Jet's NAF videos here:

Operation Breakpoint

At the number 1 spot for 2019? The infamous Operation Breakpoint ran by my home site West Midlands Airsoft at Swynnerton MOD Camp near Leek in Staffordshire. Although it was WMA's first milsim style event it ran well and was an overall great weekend (for anyone that wasn't NATO).

 As part of the Rebel Militia, I had 24 hrs to cause complete unrest in the region along with my comrades and complete the tasks. Finish manufacturing, arming and distributing the remaining WMD’s, transport the sold munitions from the area, destroy whatever infrastructure we could, and when the time is right to detonate the remaining WMD’s to remove all trace of our presence, all whilst being at risk due to being a high-value target for NATO.

You can read my full event report here

My video from Op Breakpoint ruffled a LOT of feathers but serves as an awesome learning point: listen to the game brief, or risk being merked by a tiny woman with pink hair and get made into a thumbnail ;)

PC: Joe Beardsmore

PC: Joe Beardsmore

PC: Joe Beardsmore

You can check out the infamous van video, here:

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