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Welcome back to the blog and the last of our 2019 round-ups! SHOT Show 2020 is right around the corner and today I'm looking back on the airsoft replicas I've enjoyed using the most over the last year. Again, these are just my personal favourites (yours probably will be different) that I have used in 2019 - meaning they more than likely aren't groundbreaking or the newest releases, simply the ones I've enjoyed using the most.

At number 5 is the Specna Arms Edge AEG from Gunfire that has been manufactured under the license of Rock River Arms. Rock River Arms is a well known American firearms manufacturer and what makes the Edge special is not only the RRA license but that it is also equipped with GATE technology.

The SA Edge has an Orion Gearbox, which is based on a reinforced shell and is equipped with a mainspring release function. Out of the box, it has a reinforced piston with full steel teeth, an Aluminium seal nozzle & double sealed cylinder head, steel gears, 8mm ball bearings, a rotary hop-up chamber, a 6.03mm precision barrel, a quick change spring system and a QD pistol grip which gives the player quick access to the AEG’s engine without the use of tools. All these features make this one of the best Specna's yet - durable and ready to get to work.

One of the Edge’s most notable features is the GATE X-ASR MOSFET as standard! The MOSFET X-ASR unit will ensure the safety of the components, increase the trigger response and extend the life of the electronics and battery. It has been a fun and reliable gun to use during airsoft skirmishes and its aesthetics are on point. Great work Specna!

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At number 4 is the PTS X Centurion Arms CM4, which is an Electric Recoil Gun system that is based on the latest generation KWA AEG 3 system from PTS Syndicate that features a Centurion Arms rail! The ERG simulates recoil via a proprietary Kinetic Feedback System. When used with the proprietary ERG magazine, it has a cut off to make it even more realistic. However when I used this awesome GAT at DFE: Battle for Lost Angeles 2 I decided to use the original PTS EPM for AEGs and I used it as a regular AEG - which is one of the awesome features of the CM4. It has a quick change spring system and included as standard equipment for the CM4 ERG, are PTS’ highly popular proprietary design Enhanced Polymer Grip, Enhanced Back-Up Sight, Enhanced Polymer Magazine and Enhanced Polymer Stock.

The CM4 has one of the most realistic recoils of any AEG that I've used which made it a really fun replica to use during the event - it definitely added an extra element to my game, it has a great weight to it and looks awesome.

RWA Agency Arms Urban Combat Slide Kit for the TM G17

The Agency Arms Urban Combat Slide Kit for the TM G17 from RWA isn't necessarily a replica per se, but it has improved my experience with the Tokyo Marui G17 so I'm going to include it! The Urban Combat Slide Kit is a return to the classic Agency Arms styling but is designed with serious gamers in mind.

This Urban Combat slide comes in a rich back anodized finish and features all the windows, serrations, and attention to detail known from an RWA Agency Arms offering,  It's lightweight and made from CNC aluminium. In the box, the slide kit comes with the RWA Agency Arms Urban Combat 17 Slide Set 2.0, a stainless steel outer barrel, recoil spring and a fibre optic front sight. It comes with a scannable QR code for installation instructions and is easy to install. 

Once installed it takes the boring look of the TM G17 and elevates it to a more curated look, but it's not all about aesthetics - in my experience, it has improved the performance of the pistol, making it more snappy.ar sight 


The GBLS DAS GDR-15 CQB AEG takes the number 2 spot this year. The DAS is one of the most controversial airsoft replicas to hit the market because of its £1600 price tag. Why does it have this price tag though? It comes with a hefty price tag because of its most notable feature - the functioning Bolt Carrier Group which allows 100% realistic action from loading and charging to stoppage and reloading drills, making it a perfect training weapon. The cycling of the functioning Bolt Carrier Group generates the recoil and it genuinely is nothing like I’ve ever experienced with an AEG before. The Bolt locks back when the magazine runs out of BBs and will fire upon hitting bolt release when a fresh mag is inserted. Inside the D.A.S is a WA style hop-up chamber, a steel-toothed bolt and at the very centre of the system is a proprietary gearbox.

It also comes with a PTS EPS as standard.

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My LEOTEK'd Krytac MKII CRB from Landwarrior in Dalkeith, Scotland takes the number one spot because it is STILL my favourite AEG to use. The techs at LWA took a standard Krytac MKII CRB (which is a great AEG out of the box anyway) and gave it a full upgrade service which included a Laylax barrel, flat hop, ultimate piston, ultimate 40K motor and a GATE Titan MOSFET which gives you the option to adjust trigger sensitivity, pre-cocking boost, fire selector mode, burst mode, rate of fire and it also provides a low battery warning and battery protection.

It's snappy and fires like a dream. It also looks the tits.

Although this isn't a 'standard' AEG, it isn't completely custom. The LEOTEK option is available to all of LWA's customers.

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