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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another review for you in partnership with gunfire.com and we’re going to be looking at a new AEG carbine within the Specna Arms brand: the Edge series! This new AEG has been manufactured under the license of Rock River Arms. Rock River Arms is a well known American firearms manufacturer and it is equipped with GATE technology.

First, let’s chat about the features of the Edge models! The SA Edge has an Orion Gearbox, which is based on a reinforced shell and is equipped with a mainspring release function. Out of the box it has a reinforced piston with full steel teeth, an Aluminium seal nozzle & double sealed cylinder head, steel gears, 8mm ball bearings, a rotary hop-up chamber, a 6.03mm precision barrel, a quick change spring system (which means you can quickly change the spring in the system to adjust the FPS without the use of any specialised tools) and a QD pistol grip which gives the player quick access to the AEG’s engine without the use of tools. All these features make this one of the best Specna's yet - durable and ready to get to work.

One of the Edge’s most notable features is the GATE X-ASR MOSFET as standard! The MOSFET X-ASR unit will ensure the safety of the components, increase the trigger response and extend the life of the electronics and battery.

The aesthetics of the Edge are that of a classic M4 Carbine in a black/tan colourway. The only things I don’t like about the aesthetics of the Edge model is the fixed front sight and carry handle - but these are purely aesthetic and can be changed, I swapped my carry handle for a flip to zoom and a red dot sight. I really like the Rock River Arms trademarks on the body and think it adds a nice touch of authenticity to the rifle.

So the aesthetics are cool, but how does it shoot? I totally didn’t expect the GATE logo on the box when I took it out of the outer box so seeing that it had a GATE MOSFET as standard, I had really high hopes for it! I decided to take the Edge to my local woodland airsoft site to see how it ran. GF very kindly downgraded my Edge to below 350 FPS (322 FPS to be exact), which a player could easily do themselves thanks to the quick change spring system! On semi, the trigger response is pretty snappy, it feeds well and is generally satisfying to use. On full auto, I had a lot of fun! Using it during the course of the day it was a fun AEG to use, it has a nice weight to it and functions well. The price is still to be released however I have a feeling it will still be affordable, but a little more pricey than the other Specna models because of the internals. This particular AEG would be a great choice for a player who wants a gun that has excellent internals straight out of the box.

Another nice touch, is in the box there is a front grip and 2 x 125 BB Mid-cap magazines that have a stippled effect on them - meaning the gun can be accessorised and ran straight out of the box.

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