Tacticool Imaging MYMAGS mag wrap review

Last week I got a care package from an awesome company in the U.S called Tacticool Imaging who are the creators of MYMAGS magazine wraps –  so I thought I’d do a little review of them. They kindly sent me a sample pack of three designs, which was enough to cover 3 of my M4 mags. The designs consisted of a purple/pink skull motif - my absolute favourite which I'm saving for my new G&G pink mag, a Punisher-esque skull motif and a camouflaged wrap with a skeletal frog.
Tacticool Imaging have plenty of stock designs to choose from which you can see on their website or Instagram (linked at the bottom of the page) but you can also have any design you want printed on them, such as your team logo etc via their custom MYMAGs service. Prices start at $20 for a pack of 3 of stock designs or you can have your own custom MYMAGs wraps for $25 for 3 so they’re a really affordable way of customising your mags, now the sample pack Tacticool Imaging sent are the first to come to the UK but these are available to UK customers and I don't think it will be long before we more of them!
The wraps are relatively easy to apply, with clear instructions printed alongside the designs. I made sure to clean and dry the surface of my mags thoroughly to ensure there wouldn’t be any foreign objects trapped underneath the wrap, ensuring the best grip and also best finish possible. The wraps are simply peel off and stick on, and are best applied to smooth, flat mags.

 Once applied correctly, the mag wraps look great! They’re a great way to customise your mags and add something a little different to your load out. It’s all about standing out! They feel smooth and well printed. They also look durable but only time will tell!


You can find Tacticool Imaging on Instagram at www.Instagram.com/tacticool_imaging. On their website at www.tacticoolimaging.com or for custom orders, email tacticoolimaging@gmail.com

Slaydies Series: Christine Holthus/milsimmedic5

So next up in my Slaydies Series is none other than Christine Holthus or better known as milsimmedic5! Christine is one of the amazing supportive female Airsofters that I have met through Instagram, hear what she has to say!

Thank you for taking part in my Slaydies Series Christine! Can you tell my readers about your Airsoft background? What originally got you into Airsoft? Where is your home site? What are the most memorable sites you've played?

I have been Airsofting for 4-5 years as a member of the Nemesis Milsim Airsoft Team based in the Chicagoland area of Illinois.  It was my fiancé, and Nemesis Team Captain, who originally got me into the sport. At the time, I was playing softball in College and had almost no interest in the sport. I felt that Airsoft was his hobby and I didn’t want to intrude on what I perceived to be his “guy time.” In addition, I’d never heard of any girls that played airsoft and stepping onto an airsoft field as the only girl felt very intimidating. However, my fiancé continued to ask me to come to team practices with him and when I finally gave in, I discovered I loved the sport!
One of the most memorable sites I have played at was the Las Playas Training Center in New Mexico at American Milsim’s Operation Copperhead I. Las Playas was a copper mining town, which was opened during the 1970’s in the middle of the desert, close to Mexico’s boarder.  The site was deserted in 1999 and has since been used for training by the armed forces.  In fact, some parts of the town have been reconstructed to mimic Afghan villages. We even discovered that Warner Brothers Studios filmed part of the new Batman vs. Superman movie there. It was truly a one of a kind experience that not many people can say that they’ve had.  The second most memorable site I’ve played at would have to be the Government Training Institute facility in South Carolina at American Milsim’s Operation Faded Giant III. The site was a uranium enrichment facility for nuclear warheads and the buildings themselves have so many levels, twists, and turns that it is veryyyyy easy to get lost and disoriented if you’re not careful.  This also means that you can never say with confidence that your team has control of any part of the AO and you always have to be on your guard no matter what room or corridor you’re in.
My home site is at Promisedland Paintball field in Trevor, Wisconsin. My Team hosts events, practices, and sometimes just hangs out at this field. The terrain of this field is very challenging because it has several steep hills and is a great place to play if you’re looking for a fun woodsball game. There is also a spring-fed swimming hole onsite with a private beach, which is a great feature to have on hot summer days.
The thing that I love most about airsoft, besides the game play and intense firefights, are the friendships I’ve made and the people I’ve been able to meet because of the sport.  Every time I go to a game, I feel like I’m going to a family reunion and I love that airsoft has allowed me to connect with people who love the sport as much as I do.  
How would you describe your playing style?

 My favourite game play style is definitely CQB. I love how fast-paced and intense it is. I’m the type of player that thrives in high-stress games that test athleticism. In fact, I am usually so active on the field that there aren’t many times where you won’t see me running during an Op. Which is probably why the Medic role suits me.
Tell us about your favourite weapons and Loadouts!

 My weapons of choice would be my Krytac CRB and my KWA M9.  Since I’m a Medic and am usually really active on the field, my loadout is built to emphasize speed over firepower. I run an LBT 6094 plate carrier with a Blue Force Gear 10 Speed and Mini-Map. I wear Propper Pants, a 5.11 Combat Shirt, and a pair of Vasque 2.0 GTX Breeze boots. However, my favourite piece of equipment is my hot pink kydex holster for my KWA M9 pistol.  Before I had my holster made, most players didn’t even realize I was a girl because my bump helmet covers my hair. However, the holster is so noticeable that it has definitely become my signature and also how a lot of people recognize me on the field.
Being a woman in Airsoft: Do you feel you are treated differently because of your gender? If so, how do you deal with this? 

I don’t feel that I’m treated differently because of my gender, but I do feel that guys are surprised when I perform well on the field.  Its true, that women are definitely in the minority of the airsoft world, but I feel that this is slowly starting to change as women gain more visibility in the sport.
And finally! Your thoughts - do you have any advice or anything you want to say to other Airsofters out there?

 One of the questions that guys ask me all the time is “how can I get my fiancé, girlfriend, or wife to play airsoft?” When I think about my answer, I remember the time when I was first starting to get into the sport. My fiancé didn’t take “no” for an answer and continued to ask me to come to team practices. Lesson #1; persistence pays off! He also took on the role of being both a coach and a mentor to me when I was on the field and didn’t just leave me to my own devices right away. Lesson #2; gaining confidence on the field and being comfortable as an individual player takes time and is not something that typically occurs right away. And finally when it came to gear, my fiancé provided me with suggestions, truly thought about what would work for ME, and connected me with a lot of players who agreed to let me try out their gear so that I could find what I liked best. Lesson #3; the gear that works for male Airsofters, will not always work for female Airsofters.  I’ve seen so many girls on the field who are new to the sport that look almost identical to their boyfriends/husbands/fiancés. I think a lot of male players inadvertently make mini versions of themselves by outfitting their female counterparts in gear that they use, mostly because its familiar and what they know. Thus, I’ll conclude with challenging all the men in the hobby and even airsoft companies to find and make gear that is better suited to women.

You can find Christine on a variety of social media!: 

Her Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/MilsimMedic and her Instagram account https://instagram.com/milsimmedic5/.  If you’re interested in learning more about her team, Nemesis Milsim, you can find us at https://www.facebook.com/nmairsoft?fref=ts&ref=br_tf.  


Nuprol Glock Series Retention Paddle Holster and Drop Leg Platform Review.

A couple of Sundays ago, I popped into my local Airsoft shop – JD Airsoft, to pick up a few last minute bits and bobs ready for my weekend of Airsofting in the South for Ironsight’s Second Birthday Game, and whilst I was there I picked up a Nuprol EU Glock Series Retention Paddle Holster and Drop Leg Platform for my WE Glock 18c to replace my existing Holster. I had previously worn a Viper adjustable fabric holster but as many of you will have seen in my bloopers video – my holster game with that particular one was not too strong! Haha.

The Nurpol Holster and Drop Leg Platform set up I run are purchased separately – the Retention Paddle holster at £19.99 and the Drop Leg Platform at £34.99 – which is easily the most I have ever spent on a Holster, but after using it I have decided it was definitely a worthwhile purchase!
So let’s start with the Retention Paddle Holster, it’s made from durable black polymer for a right handed player, which is designed to be attached to the players belt via the paddle system. It can accommodate belts up to 5.6cm wide and 0.5cm thick, although I have ran mine on just my trousers and it was comfortable and secure. The angle of holster can be changed to whatever the player requires and It features a retention system and a push button release system so the pistol is secure but can still be drawn quickly. What I really like about the push button release system is that it covers the trigger which means the chance of accidental and negligent discharge is reduced drastically – there is nothing pleasant about shooting yourself in the foot by accident due to a holster malfunction! It comes with an Allen key to enable the user to adjust the angle or remove the paddle so it can be used with the Nuprol Drop Leg Platform.
The Drop Leg Platform is made out of the same black polymer as the holster and is completely adjustable to the wearer. Now being quite petite, I was a little worried that the drop leg could have been too big. However, once I had removed the top buckle section and adjusted the straps, it was ready to go. The holster is easily attached to the drop leg using an Allen key, and again, can be placed at any angle.
I have ran my holster with and without the Nuprol Drop Leg Platform, and I am definitely a fan of both. The drop leg platform fits securely and has zero movement, it was comfortable enough to wear for a full day of airsoft. It’s also easy to reach and the push button release means there’s no chance of it falling out whilst running about, which I have found with other drop leg holsters. Although I think it looks better attached to the drop leg, running just the holster is also pretty comfortable - like I said, I ran mine on just my trousers and it was comfortable against the contours of my hip and had very no movement. It was also easy to draw at hip height.
Overall, I'm really happy with the product, it is aesthetically pleasing, the quality is excellent and is really good value for the price! It offers a secure retention of the pistol and quick, easy deployment for those moments when you need to react. The holster is also available for other types of pistols such as 1911 and they are even cross compatible with other brands such as TM, which is fab.
- Kelly xo


Player Spotlight: Ian Tennant/callsign_ironman

For my next player spotlight I have chosen: Ian Tennant or better known to the Instagram community as Callsign Ironman, a player I believe is pushing the international Airsoft community forward with his great attitude and core beliefs which translate into his integrity and quality as a player. Hear what he has to say!

Thank you for taking part in my player spotlights Ian! What is your Airsoft background?

I remember seeing Airsoft hit the states many years ago. I have been a paintballer and in the paintball industry for over 20 years and I remember thinking 'Why is this a thing? No one will call their hits!' Lol. As the paintball industry grew from backyards, to renegade games, to proper fields and the evolution of the markers and equipment evolved, I see airsoft doing the same… just 10 years later.

How long have you been in the sport?

I’ve been playing for about 5(ish) years now. Back then, I worked for Spyder Paintball (now owned by KEE) and I started messing around with a clear shotty springer at the office. I then got talked into playing one game at SC Village, Viper. Not to long after that I started playing airsoft all the time and eventually became a founding member of RedCell.

After the buyout of Spyder, I started at KWA Performance Industries, Inc. During my time there I was lucky enough to go many of the big events hosted by American MilSim and Lion Claws. This is where I met lots of milsim players and of course, the industry people. After leaving KWA, I was picked up by Valken as a Valken Pro Staff member. Even though I'm not an AirSplat employee, I’m sponsored by them and get sent to these awesome events to represent them.

What originally got you into Airsoft and what do you love about it?

I was dragged into playing my first airsoft game 'kicking and screaming' by my best friend. I thought airsoft was nonsense with inability to see if your opponent was hit, unlike in paintball. Well after playing a few times, I was converted to the dark side known as Airsoft! What I love about the game, that paintball doesn't have, is all the gear. You can replicate an actual loadout of any military around the world from replica guns and accessories to the kit from head to toe. Another thing I love about airsoft is the range of the BB vs a paintball. It dramatically changes the tactics used.

Where is your home site?

For outdoor play, my home field (site) is SC Viper at SC Village, Chino CA. If you haven’t played Viper, it’s definitely worth a visit! For indoor play, I’m a fan of TacCity Airsoft, North and South locations. These indoor fields are fast paced!

What are the most memorable sites you’ve played?

Wow… This is a tough one! I’m definately a fan of Milsim games as that’s my background. I would have to say American Milsim IronCald, Lion Claws Red Storm East… really any location that is unique or is an actual training facility used by the military and LE.

What's your playing style?

I’m proficient at CQB, mid field and back field. However, I prefer mid to control the situation. If we are talking Speedsoft or walk-on games, I typically hang back on game start and then fill in any of the gaps. If we’re talking Milsim, put me on QRF and get me into the fight or put me on a sneaky mission. At the end of the day, I just want to pull triggers and pop red rags!

What is your weapon of choice? And what load out do you normally run?

I tried a lot of brands of airsoft replicas when I first started playing and found that I liked KWA products. I started with the ERG and ATP Auto, then I picked up an SR10. I still run them stock and they perform great.

However, now my primary is the M27 IAR with Valken V12 engine, HPA system. I went with the M27 because I didn’t want something falling apart after a few months of play. Maybe it’s because I’m used to running a remote line from paintball, but I’m absolutely in love with this V12 rig!!! It shoots like a laser, easily programmable, great air efficiency and have never had any issues with it!

My load out depends on the Op I’m attending. AMS games I’m a CoST player (#CoSTLife #CoSTPride) so I run my LBX Tactical 0094 Speed Draw PC and Assaulter top and bottom all in PHC (Project Honor Camo). However, I’ve just switched out my Assaulter top and bottoms to the Ranger Green.

For OLCMSS games I typically run the desert or M81 BDUs depending on what side I end up on and use my 0094 for green team or my Condor MOPC for tan team.

Is there anything you would like to say to other players out there?


1) This is airsoft. It’s a game. Whether you Speedsoft, Recsoft or Milsim, if you find yourself getting frustrated or angry, take a break. This is supposed to be fun!!!

2) Don’t take yourself too seriously. We are guys and girls running around with replicas and shooting each other with BBs. We are all basically larpsofting! It’s all nonsense!

3) Have integrity on AND off the field. Who you are as a person translates into all aspects of your life. How you conduct yourself on the field is more than likely how you conduct yourself in the “real world” and vice versa.

4) Train on and off the airsoft field to improve more than just your physique and endurance, training improves your mental and emotional state as well...
Not very many people know this but I have severe arthritis through out my body. I don't let that stop me from doing what it takes to improve myself.

5) You're not your sponsors, you're not how much money you spent on your kit. You're not the gun you run. You're not the contents of your mag. You're not your f’n Crye's.

Where can we find you on social media?

You can find my airsoft nonsense on Instagram with @Callsign_IronMan and on Facebook with Callsign IronMan… I’m sure I have a Twitter and Tumblr but, really? Lol

As for a YouTube, I send all my footage to my sponsors for them to use. They are AirSplat, Valken Airsoft, Enola Gaye and TacCity Airsoft.

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