Player Spotlight: Ian Tennant/callsign_ironman

For my next player spotlight I have chosen: Ian Tennant or better known to the Instagram community as Callsign Ironman, a player I believe is pushing the international Airsoft community forward with his great attitude and core beliefs which translate into his integrity and quality as a player. Hear what he has to say!

Thank you for taking part in my player spotlights Ian! What is your Airsoft background?

I remember seeing Airsoft hit the states many years ago. I have been a paintballer and in the paintball industry for over 20 years and I remember thinking 'Why is this a thing? No one will call their hits!' Lol. As the paintball industry grew from backyards, to renegade games, to proper fields and the evolution of the markers and equipment evolved, I see airsoft doing the same… just 10 years later.

How long have you been in the sport?

I’ve been playing for about 5(ish) years now. Back then, I worked for Spyder Paintball (now owned by KEE) and I started messing around with a clear shotty springer at the office. I then got talked into playing one game at SC Village, Viper. Not to long after that I started playing airsoft all the time and eventually became a founding member of RedCell.

After the buyout of Spyder, I started at KWA Performance Industries, Inc. During my time there I was lucky enough to go many of the big events hosted by American MilSim and Lion Claws. This is where I met lots of milsim players and of course, the industry people. After leaving KWA, I was picked up by Valken as a Valken Pro Staff member. Even though I'm not an AirSplat employee, I’m sponsored by them and get sent to these awesome events to represent them.

What originally got you into Airsoft and what do you love about it?

I was dragged into playing my first airsoft game 'kicking and screaming' by my best friend. I thought airsoft was nonsense with inability to see if your opponent was hit, unlike in paintball. Well after playing a few times, I was converted to the dark side known as Airsoft! What I love about the game, that paintball doesn't have, is all the gear. You can replicate an actual loadout of any military around the world from replica guns and accessories to the kit from head to toe. Another thing I love about airsoft is the range of the BB vs a paintball. It dramatically changes the tactics used.

Where is your home site?

For outdoor play, my home field (site) is SC Viper at SC Village, Chino CA. If you haven’t played Viper, it’s definitely worth a visit! For indoor play, I’m a fan of TacCity Airsoft, North and South locations. These indoor fields are fast paced!

What are the most memorable sites you’ve played?

Wow… This is a tough one! I’m definately a fan of Milsim games as that’s my background. I would have to say American Milsim IronCald, Lion Claws Red Storm East… really any location that is unique or is an actual training facility used by the military and LE.

What's your playing style?

I’m proficient at CQB, mid field and back field. However, I prefer mid to control the situation. If we are talking Speedsoft or walk-on games, I typically hang back on game start and then fill in any of the gaps. If we’re talking Milsim, put me on QRF and get me into the fight or put me on a sneaky mission. At the end of the day, I just want to pull triggers and pop red rags!

What is your weapon of choice? And what load out do you normally run?

I tried a lot of brands of airsoft replicas when I first started playing and found that I liked KWA products. I started with the ERG and ATP Auto, then I picked up an SR10. I still run them stock and they perform great.

However, now my primary is the M27 IAR with Valken V12 engine, HPA system. I went with the M27 because I didn’t want something falling apart after a few months of play. Maybe it’s because I’m used to running a remote line from paintball, but I’m absolutely in love with this V12 rig!!! It shoots like a laser, easily programmable, great air efficiency and have never had any issues with it!

My load out depends on the Op I’m attending. AMS games I’m a CoST player (#CoSTLife #CoSTPride) so I run my LBX Tactical 0094 Speed Draw PC and Assaulter top and bottom all in PHC (Project Honor Camo). However, I’ve just switched out my Assaulter top and bottoms to the Ranger Green.

For OLCMSS games I typically run the desert or M81 BDUs depending on what side I end up on and use my 0094 for green team or my Condor MOPC for tan team.

Is there anything you would like to say to other players out there?


1) This is airsoft. It’s a game. Whether you Speedsoft, Recsoft or Milsim, if you find yourself getting frustrated or angry, take a break. This is supposed to be fun!!!

2) Don’t take yourself too seriously. We are guys and girls running around with replicas and shooting each other with BBs. We are all basically larpsofting! It’s all nonsense!

3) Have integrity on AND off the field. Who you are as a person translates into all aspects of your life. How you conduct yourself on the field is more than likely how you conduct yourself in the “real world” and vice versa.

4) Train on and off the airsoft field to improve more than just your physique and endurance, training improves your mental and emotional state as well...
Not very many people know this but I have severe arthritis through out my body. I don't let that stop me from doing what it takes to improve myself.

5) You're not your sponsors, you're not how much money you spent on your kit. You're not the gun you run. You're not the contents of your mag. You're not your f’n Crye's.

Where can we find you on social media?

You can find my airsoft nonsense on Instagram with @Callsign_IronMan and on Facebook with Callsign IronMan… I’m sure I have a Twitter and Tumblr but, really? Lol

As for a YouTube, I send all my footage to my sponsors for them to use. They are AirSplat, Valken Airsoft, Enola Gaye and TacCity Airsoft.

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