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 So the next post in our IWA 2017 Show Reports is RWA and their new Fortis and Battle Arms Development GBBR kit for the Tokyo Marui MWS!

This new kit comes with the Fortis 556 Keymod Rail 12", the BAD 14.5" outer barrel, BAD Lightweight gas block, gas tube, the upper and lower receiver from Battle Arms Development and the BAD vert Kydex stock! The kit will retail at around $900 so it is a little pricey but it is a sexy GBBR kit for a TM M4!

Check out our interview with Marck from RedWolf TV below (it's a funny one!):



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One thing I was really excited for at IWA 2017 was checking out the companies that offer tactical clothing for women. With women being the biggest growing demographic in shooting sports more and more companies are recognising the need for female specific gear which is great to see. In this post I take a look at the range of ladies wear from brands such as Pentagon, Helikon Tex and 5.11!

So first on our list is Pentagon Tactical. Pentagon are an affordable brand that offer a substantial range of high quality tactical clothing. Although their current range is unisex, there are a few items that I have found from my own trial and error whilst building loadouts that really work for me - the Pentagon Artaxes Soft Shell which are in a lot of my CQB pics and the Pentagon BDU 2.0 Pants (you can view my review of the BDU 2.0 trousers here) - now I have the ranger green pants for my civvi loadout looks and wear a 34" waist which is the smallest they do, despite the unisex cut they aren't too baggy or loose but still give me a fair bit of movement making them super comfy to wear for Airsoft.

Whilst at IWA 2017 I spoke to one of the Pentagon team about if there were any plans in the future for a women's line and I'm super happy to report that they will be rolling out a women's line in the summer of 2017! At the show they had their first piece of women's clothing on display and it was the ladies T-shirt which had a really cool Spartan head print with 'A-FEMALE' in a black/pink colourway. Although it doesn't seem like much, I think it's a great step in the right direction and I'm super looking forward to the rest of their women's line!

Net up is Helikon Tex. Helikon have been slowly rolling out a women's line which is constantly expanding. I have already tried the Women's UTP (Urban Tactical Pants) and Classic Army T-Shirts - the review for them can be found here and I was really impressed with them and it turns out they have a tonne of new products for women hitting the market this year.

A lot of the new items Helikon Tex are bringing out for women were not at IWA because they haven't been released yet so unfortunately I didn't get any images in person but I've imported a few snippets from their 2017 catalogue so you guys can see just what they're coming out with. We'll be reviewing these items as soon as they're available.

The Women's Cumulus Heavy Fleece  is an outdoor fleece jacket that has been designed to fit the curves of the female form - no more baggy fleeces! Yay!
The Urban Tactical Skirt is something we did get to see at IWA, however I feel that this product would be better suited to a range day than an actual Airsoft game (can you imagine your knees?!) but I think this gives female shooters more of a variety of what they wear on the range. It has loads of pocket space and the material feels super durable.

Last up from Helikon is the Women's UTL Polo Shirt, it's made to fit the contours of women's bodies, gives the shooter plenty of room to manoeuvre and is made from a quick wicking fabric. I am really looking forward to testing the Polo Shirt as it looks like it would be great to wear on a hot Airsoft game day! 

Lastly, we have 5.11! 5.11 Tactical are a very well known brand that have a huge line of clothing for women. With their women's line they don't do much in camo and this is because they are moving away from clothing with a Military feel and in a direction of a fashion brand with all the functionality that a female shooter would need, like pockets that fit AR15/M4 magazines. I spent some time with 5.11 going through the clothing they offer for women.

Raven Capri Range Pant

So the Raven Capri and Raven Range Pant is made of an antimicrobial, moisture wicking double layer stretch fabric which makes it super comfortable to wear and gives the shooter plenty of room to move. It has wide belt loops and abrasion panels for belt/holster wear. Although it may be more suited to wear on the range rather than an Airsoft site, I think these would be a super comfortable pair of trousers to wear.

Raven Range Pant

Wyldcat Pant

The Wyldcat pant is made from a stretch fabric with a sateen finish that is available in black, khaki, blush and grenade, it has low profile magazine pockets on the back, and with double knee construction and zippered leg gussets (so the shooter can wear the trousers tucked in or over boots) these are a great pair of practical trousers that have a slim fit and are available in colours suitable for loadouts.

Ladies Stryke Pant

The last product in our ladies tactical clothing post is the Ladies Stryke Pant! I have a pair of these in black which I wear for my Police MilSim loadout, they are a super comfy pair of trousers that have loads of pocket space, discreet knee pad pockets and is made from a 2-way Flex Tac Mechanical stretch fabric that features a Teflon finish for stain and soil resistance and it also features rip stop making these a practical pair of trousers for Airsoft or everyday wear. These also come in a range of tactical colours!

5.11 have loads more in their Women's range including the Cirrus Pant, the Rapid Half Zip, the Glacier Half Zip, a great selection of shirts, the Athena belt and the Kella belt.

I'm really looking forward to seeing these products hit the market and to get my hands on them to test and review!


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We're slowly but surely getting through all the IWA 2017 Show Reports! Next up is my good friends at Nuprol, they have been absolutely smashing the industry lately, bringing out so many new affordable products for Airsofters! 101 Tech USA have also become to official distributors for Nuprol in the US so American Airsofters will soon be able to get their hands on Nuprol Kit. Here's what we saw at IWA 2017!

So first of all it's worth mentioning that the Nuprol stand this year was huuuuge, and it had to be to fit on all the existing and new products!

First up is the Nuprol 2.0 mini gas bottle. It has been out for a little while but I think this will be a big hit amongst Airsofters who want to carry gas on them but not a full sized bottle, these mini 2.0 bottles are perfect for carrying a good amount of gas in pouches without the bulk and weight of a standard bottle.

Next up is the range of Nuprol BBs, you can check out our review of them here. The Nuprol line of BBs come in 0.2g all the way up 0.4g and are also available in most weights as biodegradable and tracer rounds.

During IWA 2017 we got our first look at the Nuprol line of AEGs! More on the specs in a follow up review post!

The Freedom Fighter, tan.

Pioneer Defender, tan.

Recon Alpha, tan.

Sopmod, Recon Alpha, Pioneer Defender, Freedom Fighter and AK21 in tan.

Recon Alpha, black.

Pioneer Defender, black.

Freedom Fighter, black.

Freedom fighter and AK21 in black.

New products

This year we also a tonne of new products! One of my favourites was definitely the Nuprol hardcase in grey! You can check out our review of the hard case here. I absolutely love this new colour and think it will be a big hit with Airsofters. They are also giving the option of either egg shell foam or their new pluck and pull foam which will be available this year! The egg shell foam option is perfect is you have more than one gun and you like to switch things up and the pluck and pull is ideal if you are only going to use your case for one gun with specific accessories.

Another new product that caught my eye are the new pistol cases, these are a pretty neat size and have an overall feel of sturdiness.

The new Nuprol 1.0 gas is another new product that caught our eye! This is new to the range of gases and completes it. It is perfect for pistols with plastic slides and really hot weather days.

Another new product that caught our attention is the new chronograph. The deep red colour is a great choice and definitely an eye catcher! It will retail for around £60 so it is super affordable for Airsofters who want to chrono their guns at home or sites that want to have more chronos but not spend an arm and a leg.

Last but not least is the new Delta Spec Ops Amoeba Honey Badger! The box includes the Nuprol Amoeba AEG, 3 x Keymod rail pieces, a 300rd M4 Hi-Cap magazine, a cleaning rod and the instruction manual. Specs to follow in another review post!



Hey everyone!

So as many of you will know on Thursday 23rd of March I flew from London to Los Angeles, USA to spend 6 weeks with Unicorn Leah and Jet Desertfox to see the states and to play some American Airsoft! This is the first time I've travelled on my own so as you can imagine its been quite the rollercoaster so far! I arrived safely in Los Angeles at around 6pm local time and was met at the Airport by Leah and Jet! On the first evening after I arrived we visited Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles then went for a Korean BBQ in the city with D from NODE. It was great to try new food!

Waiting in Departures at Gatwick Airport, London, U.K

Me and my girl Leah at Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles!

Eating Korean BBQ food in LA! Spare Rib and Bugogli, yummy!

On Saturday we played Wildlands Airsoft at Jungle Island, Lake Elsinore which was my first experience of American Airsoft! We took an awesome drive through the Californian mountains, which believe it or not had snow on them! We arrived at Jungle Island and set up our prep area with a big gazebo because it was a super hot, sunny day - very different to the UK at this time of year! The site was huge and was separated into different fields and each field had a different theme and included a lot of buildings, vehicles and other cover to fight behind. The main differences between UK and US Airsoft that I have noticed is FPS limits - our sites back home are limited to 350 FPS for AEGs whilst this sites limit was 410 FPS and the loadouts are very diverse here so I have barely seen any MultiCam but a lot of speedsoft loadouts! We had a really good gameday but there were a few small issues which I think were expected as the site had just changed owners and it was their first game day, the staff were on top of it during the day. The other players were all really friendly! After our game day we went to a traditional American Sports bar for wine and chicken wings - perfect end to a great day. I also discovered that I really like Ranch dressing!

My loadout for this game courtesy of the #DesertUnicornArmoury.

Emerson Tactical AOR2 combat shirt and combat trousers
S&S Precision Plate Frame
Dye Paintball Dye i4 
SDK Tactical PIG Delta gloves
Thunderkiss North West Custom Unicorn Slayer
Aimsport 1-4x zoom optic
PTS Syndicate Enhance Polymer Stock
Elite Force QRS midcap magazines
I also wore my Pentagon Tactical Archilles 6" Trekker Boots

Whilst I was at the field I got to meet some awesome people including The Brain Exploder and DickButt Airsoft along with many others! It was a super fun first game day and I'm really looking forward to my next game day at SS Airsoft this weekend!

Check out Leah's vlog here:

I'll be posting a lot of blogs and vlogs during my trip so be sure to keep following the blog and our YouTube and Instagram to keep up with everything that's happening! It's going to be an epic trip here's a list of what we have planned for the next few weeks:

31st March - 1st April: SS Airsoft's 7 year Anniversary Game, Altanta, GA
7th - 9th April: Uprising 3, Hill 559, Clovis, CA
23rd April: Operation Takedown, Hollywood Sports Park, CA
27th April - May 2nd: MSW: Objective Stavropol in Washington.



Hey everyone!
So for this post I’ve partnered up with the awesome team at Military 1st to look at some of the high end real steel rifle cases on the market that are suitable for Airsoft use. As many of you know I am a massive fan of hard rifle cases but as I’m planning on taking on more realistic games where all my kit needs to be carried on me at all times I need a case that is lightweight, folds down, can be worn as a backpack and has multiple uses. This is where the Wisport Rifle Case 120+ MultiCam comes in.

Let me introduce you to Wisport – they are a well-known manufacturer of high quality outdoor equipment for outdoor and firearm enthusiasts ranging from backpacks, rifle cases and, would you believe it, even socks! They have extensive ranges in multiple camo patterns which I think makes them a great choice for Airsofters (we all love matching gear, don’t lie!). The Wisport Rifle Case 120 + is made of an extremely durable and easy to clean Cordura material that is available in a tonne of camo options including Olive Drab, Ranger Green, A-TACS FG, Black, Pencott Snowdrift, A-TACS IX, A-TACS AU, A-TACS LE, Brown and MultiCam. Of course I chose the MultiCam option so the case would match all my Tac Gear, especially for when I play NATO during a MilSim. I think that is one of the best things about this case – the sheer variety of camo patterns that Wisport have made it available in means that it can suit any loadout!

One of my complaints in the past about soft cases is the lack of space but I was pleasantly surprised with the Wisport 120+! The case has a roomy zipped and buckled main compartment with two large zipped outer pockets and with the adjustable system of straps it enables the user to wear the case as a backpack or alternatively over the shoulder or simply as a handbag by its handle (check out my Instagram for more images of the case being used!) The adjustable shoulder straps are SUPER useful, as they allow for a really quick adjustment and they can be set to the height of the shooter - lucky for me as I’m quite small, measuring in at just 5”4! It’s also pretty awesome to see more and more companies offering products that can be adjusted to accept a smaller shooter. Although admittedly the case does dwarf me a bit when worn as a backpack – you’ll see what I mean when you see the photos at the end of this review!
Let’s chat about the storage capabilities this has! So each of the individual front pockets has a large compartment with additional sleeve pocket on the inside, a zipped pocket on the outside and a set of two straps with quick-release buckles so you can mount extra equipment. The extra sleeves in these pockets ensure that you can keep things separate when needs be. The bottom pocket has space for a Velcro patch and inner meshed organizer with zip closure which I think adds a really nice touch and gives the user the option to tag it with their favourite patch!

One of the things that make me somewhat nervous about using a soft case is the security it offers the RIF during transportation, but inside of the main compartment the case, it has elastic bands to secure the RIF, Nylon straps with buckles, D-Rings and most importantly 1.1" soft removable sponge padding to keep everything safe. One really cool feature of this case is that because of the padding, it can also be folded out and used a comfortable shooting mat – making it a great option not only for Airsoft but also Air Rifle shooters who not only need a case but a comfy, easy to clean shooting mat.
In terms of size the case is really generous and measures 49.2" (125cm) long, making it a comfortable fit for most guns, but in the case of transporting extremely long-barrelled guns, the case is also equipped with additional hidden inside pull-out pocket which is located at the top and secured with zip closure. The pull-out pocket extends the overall length of the cover by an extremely generous 9.8" (25cm) and this means that the case can provide comfortable transportation of weapons that have a maximum length of 57.1" (145cm). I was able to fit both my ASG Scorpion EVO and G&G CM16 SRL. The case itself only weighs in at 2150g it is super lightweight and therefore perfect for wearing on your back as a backpack.
Let’s chat about the price, the Wisport Rifle Case 120+ comes in at £109.95 from Military 1st so it is in the higher price bracket, but if you’re an Airsofter who also enjoys other shooting activities then this offers you a shooting mat as well as a case to store your RIFS in. The quality of the material and construction of the product is nothing short of the standard you would expect from Wisport – very high.

I took this case to a skirmish at one of my local sites in the Midlands and was thoroughly impressed, to my surprise! The case fit snugly in the back of my car, it fit everything I needed inside including 2 RIFs, batteries, magazines, speedloaders and sights without being heavy to carry which means this will be a good option for me to take to games where I need to keep all of my kit on me, the shoulder straps evenly distribute the weight to make the case easier to wear as a backpack. Overall, I am pretty impressed with the Wisport Rifle Case 120+, even though it is a soft case it still offers a great level of security for RIFs during transportation and storage. It’s packed with features and the fact it folds out into a super comfy shooting mat is awesome! Although it is a little pricey I think the quality of the product the price is justified. 

Photography thanks to the awesome Silent Kitty Photography!
Post sponsored by Military 1st.
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