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Sorry for not getting this up yesterday as planned, I unfortunately had a poorly house rabbit :( He's now on the mend and is back to being his mischievous self so thank you for all the well wishes! This is a little run through of the specs of a few of the new AEGs that G&G will be releasing in 2017! 

So the first AEG we'll be looking at is the fully licensed Seekins Precision AEG, this is a prototype that we saw at IWA 2017. It is a collaboration between G&G and AMG. Details aren't exact atm but G&G have told us it will most likely have the preinstalled MOSFET and Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU) We'll see more about this gun later in 2017!

Next up is the TR16 380WH (they are also bringing out a TR16 380SR).
This new Airsoft Gun is apart of their new flagship line of Top Techs. It will have the G2 gearbox, ambidextrous controls and bolt lock system. This gun will also come with a pretty cool mid cap magazine that looks like it has bullets inside - awesome! It also has a retractable stock which has loads of room for batteries - the stock is similar to the one on my custom CM16 SRL!

Last but not least is the ARP 9 (which will also come out as a 556 version)
This is a cute PDW style Airsoft gun. The 9 will have a polymer body and the 556 a metal body, but the only main difference between the two is the magazine style and capacity. It comes with a crown amplifier, milspec rail system, ambidextrous controls, a vertical trigger, the new style of pistol grip and a PDW style stock! G&G have crammed so many features into this tiny AEG! 

You can check out our YouTube video on the new line below:

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