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So next up in our IWA 2017 Show Reports is the G&G G2 Gearbox which will be available in their Top Tech line AEGs within the next couple of months - let's take a look!

So the new G2 Gearbox has a double O-ring air nozzle and a thicker padded cylinder head (50% thicker when compared the the previous V2 Gearbox)

It features an ETU and MOSFET with a burst control feature. The size of the MOSFET has been reduced by 50% to give the user more room in the stock tube for batteries. One cool feature of the new MOSFET is that it will have a tiny micro speaker to alert the player that their battery is low! The ETU has also been improved for a better trigger response and to help avoid over-press damage.

It has a redesigned bevel gear engagements for better performance and with a lower power consumption means less heat generated and a longer unit life.

It has a power cut-off when the magazine is removed from the receiver which will work with hi-cap and compatible magazines that fit into the magwell. There will be a specific mag for this feature - the G2 propriety mid-cap magazine that will activate the power cut off when the mag is empty. 

It also has a bunch of other features including a quick change spring and ambidextrous fire selector, bolt release and mag release buttons!

Check out Gru&G Armament Charlie giving us the n down of the new G2 Gearbox in this short and sweet YouTube video below:

*P.S sorry for the poor audio - mic issues and a hella noisy show environment doesn't make for the greatest audio recordings!

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