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We're slowly but surely getting through all the IWA 2017 Show Reports! Next up is my good friends at Nuprol, they have been absolutely smashing the industry lately, bringing out so many new affordable products for Airsofters! 101 Tech USA have also become to official distributors for Nuprol in the US so American Airsofters will soon be able to get their hands on Nuprol Kit. Here's what we saw at IWA 2017!

So first of all it's worth mentioning that the Nuprol stand this year was huuuuge, and it had to be to fit on all the existing and new products!

First up is the Nuprol 2.0 mini gas bottle. It has been out for a little while but I think this will be a big hit amongst Airsofters who want to carry gas on them but not a full sized bottle, these mini 2.0 bottles are perfect for carrying a good amount of gas in pouches without the bulk and weight of a standard bottle.

Next up is the range of Nuprol BBs, you can check out our review of them here. The Nuprol line of BBs come in 0.2g all the way up 0.4g and are also available in most weights as biodegradable and tracer rounds.

During IWA 2017 we got our first look at the Nuprol line of AEGs! More on the specs in a follow up review post!

The Freedom Fighter, tan.

Pioneer Defender, tan.

Recon Alpha, tan.

Sopmod, Recon Alpha, Pioneer Defender, Freedom Fighter and AK21 in tan.

Recon Alpha, black.

Pioneer Defender, black.

Freedom Fighter, black.

Freedom fighter and AK21 in black.

New products

This year we also a tonne of new products! One of my favourites was definitely the Nuprol hardcase in grey! You can check out our review of the hard case here. I absolutely love this new colour and think it will be a big hit with Airsofters. They are also giving the option of either egg shell foam or their new pluck and pull foam which will be available this year! The egg shell foam option is perfect is you have more than one gun and you like to switch things up and the pluck and pull is ideal if you are only going to use your case for one gun with specific accessories.

Another new product that caught my eye are the new pistol cases, these are a pretty neat size and have an overall feel of sturdiness.

The new Nuprol 1.0 gas is another new product that caught our eye! This is new to the range of gases and completes it. It is perfect for pistols with plastic slides and really hot weather days.

Another new product that caught our attention is the new chronograph. The deep red colour is a great choice and definitely an eye catcher! It will retail for around £60 so it is super affordable for Airsofters who want to chrono their guns at home or sites that want to have more chronos but not spend an arm and a leg.

Last but not least is the new Delta Spec Ops Amoeba Honey Badger! The box includes the Nuprol Amoeba AEG, 3 x Keymod rail pieces, a 300rd M4 Hi-Cap magazine, a cleaning rod and the instruction manual. Specs to follow in another review post!

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