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Next in our IWA 2017 Show Reports is: Viper Tactical! Viper Tactical are a Tactical clothing and kit manufacturer who have over 10 years experience in military and outdoor kit markets who are a well known brand amongst Airsofters. We caught up with them at IWA 2017 to see what is new for the coming year!

At IWA 2017 we saw tonnes of new products from Viper including their new Flexi-Fit Hat, Hoodies and Fleeces, the new 'Expandables' Backpack range and the redesigned gloves in all new colours!  Check out our video interview with Gav from Viper to get the low down on the redesigned gloves and 'Expandables' Backpack range:

Next up is the new Special Ops Fleece Jacket and the Tactical Zipped Hoodie

First up is the Special Ops Fleece Jacket which can be seen in Tan on the torso form and Titanium on the full mannequin. So this new fleece jacket is made from 250 gms polyester fleece -  the material is very smooth and doesn't feel like regular 'bobbly' fleece which is usually what puts me off in regards to fleece. It has 2 x zipped sleeve pockets with velcro panels, a zipped chest pocket, 2 x zipped lower front pockets, elasticated cuffs and an elasticated waist draw string. It is available in sizes S-XXXL and comes in V-Cam, Titanium, Coyote, Black and Green. Retail price will be around £29.95 but will vary between retailers. It feels great and looks like a warm and cosy layer for those cold game days!

Next up is the Tactical Zipped Hoodie. Now, before I get any comments of people crying saying 'but you said a hoodie isn't tactical!' in reference to one of my Facebook posts earlier in the year - what I actually said is that a hoodie that has no features to distinguish itself from a standard hoodie means it's JUST a hoodie - and there's nothing wrong with that, just call it 'Tactical Inspired Clothing' or simply stick some velcro on it or make it in camo!

And that's exactly what the team at Viper have done, the hoodie is made of 100% Polyester, has a full length zip, 2 x front pockets and velcro on the sleeves. It will be available in sizes S-XXXL and in a variety of colourways from V-Cam, Coyote, Green, Titanium and black. It feels pretty comfy and is a great shout for players who love playing in a hoodie but want them in camo colours with velcro so they can show off their favourite patches! Retail will be around £31.95.

Viper has also brought out a Fleece Hoodie! Again this is made from 250 gms Polyester Fleece so is really cosy and comfy. It has a front pocket, a drawstring hood, velcro panels and is available in V-Cam, Coyote, Green, Titanium and Black. Sizes S - XXXL and it will be priced around £23.95. It's great to see Viper catering for players who prefer playing in more casual kit but have

In the above image we can also see their new Flexi-Fit Baseball Cap made from Rip-Stop Polycotton with a polyester mesh back that has a velcro patch space on the front and top. It's available in V-Cam, Black, Titanium, Green and Coyote. The difference between this and their Elite Basball cap is that there is no adjustable velcro strap on the back of the cap as the cap is elasticated to fit multiple sizes.

Last but not least onto the gloves. This style is the 'Recon' glove, a hard wearing glove that features reinforced rubber on the back of the hand and knuckles. It is available in 5 colours including V-Cam, Titanium, Coyote, Green and Black,

The next style is the 'Venom' Glove which is a development of the Elite Glove, instead of having one solid knuckle piece, the Venom features a split knuckle. It also has the reinforced rubber along the fingers to protect against finger shots! These are available in 4 colours.

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