My gun - G&G Combat Machine AEG with Blowback FF26 Pink Storm

My weapon of choice, for both CQB and for woodland skirmishes is the G&G Armament Combat Machine AEG with Blowback FF26 Pink Storm. It is by far my favourite airsoft weapon, I love this gun so much, I'm planning to get it in black and hot pink after the Christmas rush is over with!

Unfortunately my camera was playing up the day I wrote this post so I've had to borrow some images from the awesome guys at Red Wolf Airsoft! Here's the link to their site:

Now the Femme Fatale range by G&G in my opinion are the best looking out of the box guns, but I love pink. I love anything that isn't subtle and this is exactly the statement this gun is out to make 'I'm here. Come get some!'

It features a retractable 6 point stock with a rubber cheek rest, semi & fully auto firing options, rear iron sights, front flip up sights, tactical rail, tight bore barrel, pneumatic blowback, a hi cap mag and a healthy dose of humiliation when you take down the biggest guy on the field with your bright bubble gum pink machine of death!

The FF26 weighs a tiny 2.5kg so it's an ideal tough lightweight weapon to carry around both woodland and CQB terrains. It measures in at 688mm, making it perfectly compact to go raging round indoor matches with ease.

The hi cap mag holds 300 rounds, which on semi for CQB will last me on average 2 hour long games when we're playing 10 a side! On full auto in woodland, it will last me about half an hour depending on the game scenario!

I use the 6 point retractable stock on it's 3rd point which is the most comfortable for me, I am really impressed with the chin rest which makes for really comfortable shooting. It has a small pull out storage part - perfect for keeping extra batteries for sights etc!

The iron sights and flip up sight mean you can shoot this right out of the box without the need for buying extra sights, it's also so accurate that it is literally point and shoot.

Internals - the gun features an easy to adjust hop up to give you the perfect shot. The pneumatic blowback system which blows the dust cover open when the gun is fired gives a little kick and mimics that action of a real gun. The pneumatic blowback from G&G is considered as one of the best on the current market! The gun fires between 340-355 FPS which makes it legal for UK indoor and outdoor sites.

Overall, I am very happy with the FF26, it's tough and sturdy with an excellent build quality, which if cared for correctly will grace skirmish grounds for years. It's accuracy is on point and the FPS is perfect for the matches and games that I play. It's also beyond cute and the new range of G&G accessories is definitely on my Christmas list!

- Kelly xo


What is 'Airsoft'?

I get a lot of my friends (female and male) ask me what exactly airsoft is, so I'm going to give you a quick insight to what we do. Airsoft is a sport where players 'eliminate' each other by shooting plastic ball bearings from replica firearms. The sport originated in Japan in the late 70's, and it soon caught on in the UK in the 80's. It is now a global hobby enjoyed by people of all ages.
Each weapon is different, they have different velocities or FPS (Feet Per Second that the BB travels at), different rates of fire, different attachments and accessories and you can get them in a multitude of colours! Mine is baby pink with metallic pink accents :D It sounds incredibly ridiculous and you may laugh, but you won't be laughing when you get hit between the eyes with it ;)
Now I know what a lot of you may be thinking - 'Is it safe?', 'Does it hurt?' and 'Why would you want to do that?'
Firstly, as long as you wear ample protection, it is safe. To protect myself I wear under armour, combat trousers, a smock and a chest rig on my body to deflect as much as the BBs power as possible. I also wear walking boots to protect my ankles and feet during a game - especially if you're playing outdoors! It's really important to have a good pair of boots just in case you fall or catch your ankle in a tree root or rabbit warren. My face is the most protected part of my body - after all eyes can't be replaced! I wear goggles, a mesh half face protector, a hat to protect the back of my head and a shemagh to protect my neck. Wearing this protection, I have never had an injury.
'Does it hurt?' - I personally think it depends on where the BB hits you and how close you were to the weapon to whether it hurts. With my protective gear, getting hit in the chest, back and face do not hurt at all. However where there is less protection, such as inner thighs, shoulders and hands, it can sting quite a bit. However, this has not deterred me from playing a game.
'Why would you want to do that?' - It's fun, it brings people together, it keeps me fit and active, I've made great friends doing it. The reasons are endless! I know getting shot at by BBs doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun but with great sportsmanship and good spirit, it is a really enjoyable sport that can be played by anyone!
Kelly xo


Welcome to my Airsoft blog! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy producing it. Let me introduce myself!

My name is Kelly and I am an amateur airsofter from Derbyshire. I first started airsofting in early 2012 but due to circumstances had to discontinue this hobby. I recently rediscovered my passion for the sport this August when I attended a private airsoft game at Wild Park Derbyshire for my boyfriends & his friends birthday. I am now a regular player at Combat Ready Airsoft in Derby. I am part of a private airsoft team with a group of my close friends which we hope to develop into a competition team, my call sign is Rabbit Actual and I am the girls team leader.
 This blog is where you can read all about my adventures as a female airsofter. I will also be posting videos of our skirmishes along with reviews on weapons, airsoft products stores and of course, airsoft venues!

Enjoy! xo
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