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Welcome back to the blog! I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far. In this post, we’re continuing our series on the VORSK range of gas blowback pistols by taking an in-depth look at the VORSK Hi-Capa 4.3 in purple from Extreme Airsoft - one of my favourite colours! 

The VORSK Hi-Capa 4.3 is a Hi-Capa airsoft pistol that is made from high-quality and durable polymers and alloys. The pistol features an alloy vented slide, frame, sights, outer barrel, sight mount, compensator/rail, and flared mag well combined with a polymer grip and internal parts. 

Externally, the VORSK Hi-Capa 4.3 has everything we would expect from a hi-capa build including the slide lock and beaver-tail safety, and a large grip. Although it does have some upgrades such as the custom textured grip which makes it easier to manipulate and operate when wearing gloves and whilst in wet/cold conditions. The flared mag well also aids with the operation of the pistol, by making it easier to insert magazines by guiding them into place. If you haven’t used a Hi-Capa before, this will also help you get used to the platform. On the underside of the frame, there is a 20mm rail allowing for the attachment of accessories such as pistol torches or lasers and on the top of the slide there are light-enhancing ironsights which help with aiming during low light and to top it all off the outer barrel is threaded so you can add silencers, mock suppressors and of course tracer units. The pistol comes with a male-to-male thread adaptor supplied so 14mm CCW threaded attachments can be used. 

Internally, it comes with a range of pre-installed upgrades such as a 6.03 mm tight bore barrel for greater accuracy, which works alongside the adjustable hop-up unit to improve range. There is also a replacement nozzle and o-ring kit for when the internal parts start to wear which is awesome. 

The VORSK Hi-Capa 4.3 comes presented in a sturdy, fully branded box. My only complaint, as with the VORSK TITAN 7 about the packaging, is that it’s hard to get the pistol and the magazine out of the box as the foam is cut snugly to the pistol. On getting the pistol out of the box it has a comfortable weight to it and it feels nice in hand. The colour is absolutely striking and really sets it apart from other sidearms. Obviously, if you wanted something subtle and more realistic, this isn’t the pistol for you but if you want something that will make you stand out from the crowd, it ticks that box. The finish is nice and the textured grip is comfortable in the hand too. 

So it’s ergonomic and looks visually striking but how does it shoot? It shoots consistently and has a pretty good kick to it. It is comfortable to wield, and easy to operate/manipulate. You can check out my TikTok range test here! It shoots at around 295 FPS (with green gas at around 10 degrees). I haven’t tried this with red gas but in temps such as those that we’re experiencing in the UK right now red gas would be a great option to keep the pistol functioning as it should. 

It is compatible with a range of hi-capa aftermarket parts and accessories including the Deadly Customs Signature Hi Capa Kydex DC1 Series Holster.

In the box, you get the VORSK Hi-Capa 4.3, a 28-round VORSK Hi-Capa magazine, a 12mm to 14mm Thread Adapter Flash Hider, Barrel Bushing Tool, Spare Gas Nozzle, a manual, Exploded parts diagram and a VORSK PVC patch so the box is fully loaded. At Extreme Airsoft it retails for £129.99 and you can use my code ‘femmefatale21’ for 5% off! 

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Welcome back to the blog and back to our Christmas posts!

In this post, we’re going to be looking at some great stocking fillers and Christmas gift ideas from my friends over at Extreme Airsoft. So even if you don’t know anything about airsoft but your girlfriend, boyfriend, relative or teammate is into it and you need some guidance or if you're an airsofter yourself and you just need some ideas - I’ve got you, there's something on this list for every budget!


The Acetech Bifrost Tracer Unit is a tracer unit that is unlike any other tracer we’ve seen in airsoft so far. We’ve all seen red and green tracers, but until now, we’d not seen a tracer unit capable of giving us a rainbow! Yes, you did just read that correctly! The Bifrost from Acetech is designed to not only simulate muzzle flash with a multi-colour flame effect but also provide us with a rainbow BB flight path. Check out my full review here!

The Neutron from Tectonic Innovations is a single-shot impact grenade designed for airsoft. It is crafted from Stainless steel and aircraft-grade Aluminium for longevity and durability. Like its big brother, it also uses a 209 primer as its munition. It has a ‘twist to safe’ mechanism and locking pins for the fire and safe positions. The new Neutron can be holstered in any 40mm pouch or a Deadly Customs holster. The new version of the Neutron is available in the same colours as the original - black, red, orange, blue and purple but instead of having a grey base, it has a colour-matched base. You can check out my full review here

This is the AIM-O RD-2 Red Dot with QD Mount Black. It is a T2-style Red Dot Sight. The T2 is the successor of the T1 and has the same look and feel. The main change compared to the T1 is that especially the lenses are protected by 2 caps when the scope is not used. The strength of the reticle can be adjusted in 11 steps. This Version comes attached to a CQ high riser and can be adjusted easily for windage and elevation. The T2 can also be mounted onto a tall mount by using the 4 screws located on the bottom of the low mount. 

The PTS® Enhanced Polymer Magazine, or EPM for short, is a new type of Mid-capacity Polymer Magazine for AEGs. The EPM is a truly unique AEG mag, inside and out. Externally it features a Dupont Zytel Polymer shell, with recessed panels for better grip, and unique magazine well guides that reduce snagging when the mag is drawn from and reinserted into pouches.

The bullet window with the fake 556 rounds isn’t just for show. When the mag is fully loaded, at the base of the see-through bullet window, an orange follower comes into view. This is a remarkable design feature unique to the EPM as it allows the end user to pick up any EPM magazine and immediately know if the mag is filled to capacity and ready to go. It also acts as a visual indicator for the user to know when to stop loading the mag.

Another notable feature of the EPM 150RDS AEG ENHANCED POLYMER MAGAZINE BLACK – PTS is the base plate. The bottom of the base plate has been designed with an angled surface and a rubber overmold on the lower face. This combination of features allows the end user to rest the gun on any flat shooting platform and have more surface contact with better traction and therefore greater stability. The angled surface is minimized to the point that it is functional, yet still comfortable in the hand when drawn from pouches and also not inhibit the closure of flaps on closed-top mag pouches. The base plate has also been designed with a ribbed ledge which promotes easier extraction of the mag from deep mag pouches and can help the end user with correctly indexing the mag.

Nuprol speedloaders aid to quickly fill Mid-Cap magazines, GBB pistol & rifle magazines, moscarts, shotgun shells and more. Simply fill up the reservoir and push down on the plunger to feed the BB’s.


The KO: EVE-9 AEG, the longest variant in the KO EVE line of replicas, was intended to rival the KWA T10 but without the kickback of KWA’s recoil system. Externally, at the front of the rifle, we have a KWA SOCOM Muzzle Brake and a K.O.R.E 9 MLOK rail that has plenty of space for attachments such as torches, lasers, the upper and lower receiver are both polymer and have all the controls we would expect to see on a typical M4 system including the mag release and the ambidextrous fire selector that has safe, semi and full-auto modes. It also has the new KO’s slimline pistol grip. At the back of the rifle, we have a PTS EPS (Enhanced Polymer Stock) that houses the battery (and it has plenty of space which we love to see!). Read the full review here

The pre-order for the SILENCERCO MAXIM 9 GBB is live! it is a faithful representation of its real steel counterpart and includes fully licensed SILENCERCO furnishings and trademarks.

Premium materials feature throughout the Krytac Maxim 9 GBB Airsoft Pistol design, such as 6061-T6 aluminium and reinforced polymers, lend to a robust and lightweight GBB, that is manoeuvrable in close quarters and can also withstand the abuse of uptempo gameplay.

Due to it’s modular design, the gun allows the user to customise the length to their own individual preferences as well as the ability to utilise a Tracer unit. The tracer unit available end of December.

The Nuprol Large Hard Case is exactly what it says on the tin - a large, hard rifle case designed to carry (or store) and transport Airsoft guns to and from games safely. Feel free to check out the full review here

The Pirahna SL from G&G is an in-house pistol design, built and made by G&G to feature their new Gas System to increase gas efficiency. 

The SL has a full alloy slide that is ported that reveals a silver-fluted outer barrel that sits on top of the polymer frame. The frame has a wide trigger guard and a textured pistol grip to make it more comfortable for the end-user and there is also a lower front rail that can be used for attachments such as torches or lasers. The split slide design, where only the rear half of the slide moves backwards, means less force is required to cycle the pistol as the weight of the moving parts has been heavily reduced. Other features include a large magazine release, an ambidextrous slide release and a trigger lock push-button safety on the trigger itself. 

The KWA RONIN 47 is KWA’s answer to the tactical AK. It has a 7″ MLOK handguard, a Gen. 2 PDW ‘Tanker’ stock, the new “Cutter” muzzle brake and a paddle-style magazine release. The rail and upper receiver are metal, and the lower receiver is an Aluminium mix. It also has the PTS Enhanced Polymer Grip and the Enhanced Back-Up Ironsights. It looks sleek in all black. Read the full review here!

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Welcome back to the blog! It's my favourite time of year - Christmas! 🎄

 So I'm looking at Christmas gifts for the airsofters in your life! Even if you don’t know anything about airsoft but your lady, fella, relative or teammate is into it and you need some guidance or if you're an airsofter yourself and you just need some ideas on what your nearest and dearest can get you, there's something on this list for every budget! So in this post, we'll look at great gift ideas from my friends over at Evike Europe!

An AEG replica of the SCAR-SC under FN Herstal license by Cybergun. This replica of the last born from the FN, a PDW variant of the SCAR is ideal for CQB. It includes a rigid transport case which contains the FN SCAR®-SC, an extra magazine and accessories. Internal features include a programmable mosfet* and electronic trigger, V2 gear compatible with aftermarket parts, a quick change spring system, wired to DEANs and has silver wiring optimize the rate of fire. Externally it has the official markings and is made from materials that are designed to be as similar as possible to the original weapon, it has a a long Picatinny rail allows you to mount different accessories such as sights and lasers etc and you can even personalise your scar with a suppressor or a tracer thanks to its 14 mm CCW thread.

This weapon torch is a reproduction of the compact combat lamp X300V by Night Evolution. Night Evolution is a Chinese brand owned by Element. Its speciality lies within flashlights and laser designators. This torch in particular has a Picatinny mount so can be easily attached and needs a CR123a battery.

This GBB replica of the BLU, made under Salient Arms licensing, by EMG is a replica based on a Glock pistol but it has been optimised for direct action and ergonomics. It has serrations on the slide to help with manipulation but also serves as an interesting focal point. The stippled grip helps with grip during cold/wet weather and when the user is wearing gloves. It also features a Picatinny rail to attach a torch or a laser. A solid pistol for any airsofter who appreciates the Glock platform.

It is worth noting that this product is shipped from the USA. As required by US Laws it has an orange flash hider, however. a black flash hider is included at the discretion of the manufacturer.

This is the Magnifier 3x22 Maverick-III by Vector Optics. A high-quality sight designed to keep up with you. Perfect for those who want to invest in a durable lens but not break the bank.

This AEG replica of M4 RECCE under Falkor Defense license, by EMG is a SPORT AR-15 replica with an M-LOK handguard, and internally features an eSilverEdge Gearbox, which gives it increased performance. 

It has a Billet-type AR-15 receiver and has been treated with a firearm-grade external finish for realism. It features the FALKOR Free-Float 14.6 MLOK Handguard with 16-inch barrel. Ambidextrous mirrored controls short throw safety selector, ambidextrous charging handle, and ambidextrous magazine catch. It also has the Super Dynamic 3-Gun style trigger making a great out-of-the-box replica for the airsofter who wants something a little special.

Mantis X GBB CO2 replica by APS. This is a Glock 34-inspired replica optimized for intense combat, with many custom features such as a lightweight slide with serrations, and stippled grip with magwell. It features an adjustable hop-up for accuracy. It also has patented ACP mechanics that offer great performances out of the box.

The Reaper Plate Carrier by Invader Gear is a lightweight and comfortable carrier that is jam-packed with all the features of the Crye Precision JPC.

The Taran Tactical Innovations licensed 2011 Combat Master CO2 GBB replica with Custom Island barrel, by EMG is a superb Hi-Capa with open breech to see the bronze barrel, adapted to the requirements of today's airsoft field. 

This is the officially licensed replica that has been authorized by TTI, with full after-sales support. It has a highly detailed CNC machined aluminium slide w/ officially licensed TTI laser engraved markings, a CNC machined aluminum frame w/moulded reinforced polymer grips. The moulded stippling pattern provides a comfortable, slip-resistant grip. It has a CNC precision barrel w/ rose gold (imitation Bronze BLC) coating. Other noteworthy features include the TTI professional slide lightening cuts that helps the slide cycle faster with less felt muzzle flip, a flared mag well that aids in quick reloads, target style sights w/ Island barrel and fibre optic front sight and an extended magazine release.

The M12 Sidewinder BB Loader by PTS and Odin Innovations has a 1600 BB capacity that allows you to load your M4 magazines in seconds. Its compact size allows the M12 to fit in a standard double-stack M4/M16 magazine pouch. Each rotation of the crank loads 12 BBs and it has an integrated winding clutch that prevents the magazine from being overfilled. With the M12 Sound Dampening Buffer pre-installed this is ready to go!

Evike Europe has a collection of over 900 patches, and they start at just €0.99. These make the perfect stocking fillers for any airsofter. This is one of my personal favourites - the "WHAT HAPPENS IN MILSIM STAYS IN MILSIM" PATCH that retails for €2.99

The Space Invader AEG is under license by Noveske by EMG. It is a replica of the PDW in 9mm from Noveske based on the AR-15 platform; which has ambidextrous function and great modularity.

The Space Invader has an 8.5" outer barrel, an EMG Alpha pistol grip and EMG / Noveske pistol stock that all come pre-installed for improved ergonomics and rifle handling. The Space Invader rail system features 20mm Picatinny rails on top and bottom, and M-LOK on the sides for a wide range of accessory mounts and solutions. Like the FALKOR on our list, this also features the eSilverEdge gearbox featuring advanced S.D.U. 2.0 chipset to manage shot-to-shot amperage draw for improved consistency, performance, and instantaneous trigger response making this one of the most efficient stock gearboxes on the market.

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Welcome back to the blog! Today we’re back with another review, and in this one, we’ll be taking a look at the VORSK Titan 7 in complete grey from Extreme Airsoft

The VORSK Titan 7 is based on the Hi-Capa airsoft pistol design and is made from high-quality and durable polymers and alloys. The pistol features an alloy vented style split slide, frame, sights, outer barrel, sight mount, compensator/rail extension and internals combined with a polymer grip, flared magazine well and internal parts. 

The pistol grip is textured to give the user more grip, especially when wearing gloves and in cold/wet environments. 

Like the traditional Hi-Capa, it has a slide lock and beaver-tail safety to prevent accidental discharges, and a large grip - which is textured to give the user more grip, especially when wearing gloves and in cold/wet environments. The VORSK Titan 7 does have some upgrades to the standard Hi-Capa design that sets it apart: such as a flared mag well which helps guide the mag into place making for easier reloads. It has a 20mm RIS/RAS rail on the underside of the pistol for attachments such as torches or lasers. Another feature worth mentioning is the light-enhancing front and rear ironsights which helps with aim in low-light conditions. 

Internally, it has an adjustable hop-up unit and a threaded extended outer barrel. It is also compatible with a wide range of pre-existing Hi-Capa parts and accessories. 

The VORSK Titan 7 comes presented in a sturdy, fully branded box. My only complaint about the packaging is that it’s actually really hard to get the pistol and the magazine out of the box as the foam is cut really snugly to the pistol. Once it’s out though, you get a feel of its weight of it (just under a kilo) and it feels sturdy. There is a slight slide wobble but it is really negligible. Another thing I noticed when getting it out of the box is that it’s so long! Measuring in at 290mm, it’s longer than my forearm! Aesthetically, it’s not a bad-looking pistol at all, I like it more in the complete grey than any of the other colours but that is just a personal preference. I also think the build quality I think is pretty spot on. The materials don’t feel cheap despite the affordable price point and there’s no awful slide rattle. 

How does it shoot? It shoots consistently and has an excellent kick to it. It is comfortable to wield, and easy to operate/manipulate too despite the extended length. You can check out my TikTok range test here! The pistol features an ambidextrous slide lock safety and an extended slide release for ease of access so it is really user-friendly. 

One question I anticipate is how would you holster this? As it’s a lot longer than the traditional Hi-Capa design. Deadly Customs (a UK-based Kydex holster manufacturer) makes a holster for every VORSK pistol. As this is a really similar design to the RAVEN 7, the Hi Capa 7.0 Dragon Kydex DC1 Series Holster from Deadly Customs would be a great option. 

In the box, you get the VORSK Titan 7 Gas Blowback pistol, a 28-round VORSK Hi-Capa magazine, 12mm to 14mm Thread Adapter Flash Hider, Barrel Bushing Tool, Spare Gas Nozzle, a manual, Exploded parts diagram and a VORSK PVC patch so the box is fully loaded. Extreme Airsoft it retails for £129.99 and you can use my code ‘femmefatale21’ for 5% off!.

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