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Welcome back to the blog! In this review, we’ll be looking at one of the new polymer range of rifles from none other than KWA - the KWA Originals EVE-9 from Extreme Airsoft

The KO: EVE-9 AEG, the longest variant in the KO EVE line of replicas, was intended to rival the KWA T10 but without the kickback of KWA’s recoil system. Externally, at the front of the rifle, we have a KWA SOCOM Muzzle Brake and a K.O.R.E 9 MLOK rail that has plenty of space for attachments such as torches, lasers, the upper and lower receiver are both polymer and have all the controls we would expect to see on a typical M4 system including the mag release and the ambidextrous fire selector that has safe, semi and full-auto modes. It also has the new KO’s slimline pistol grip. At the back of the rifle, we have a PTS EPS (Enhanced Polymer Stock) that houses the battery (and it has plenty of space which we love to see!) 

Internally, it features the AEG 2.5+ Gearbox (that we have seen in the TK45C, the Ronin T6, the Ronin 47 and the QRF Mod series), the KWA High Torque Motor and an adjustable hop-up. It is Electronic Trigger ready and is wired to Deans or T-Plug. It also features the Variable Performance System (or VPS for short) which lets the user adjust the FPS using a tool that’s included in the box. In the specs, it states that the FPS can range from 330-380 FPS with a ROF of 18+ and it is recommended that you use an 11.1v Lipo. 

Now you know I’m a hoe for nice packaging and the KWA Originals range come in a sleek, black branded box. On removing the replica from the box you get a feel for just how lightweight it is thanks to its polymer construction but the material doesn’t feel cheap and it feels sturdy - no wobbles, or rattles - always a good sign! It is easy to battery up thanks to the PTS EPS and there is plenty of room for even Titan batteries. It works just like any other M4 so if you are familiar with the platform anyway it is a seamless transition. I think aesthetically it is a little plain looking, but with the pop of blue on the included mag, it’s far from boring. 

So how does it shoot? It was consistent on both semi and full-auto - and I was pleasantly surprised. It sounds great and is really fun to shoot. It chrono’d at 342 FPS (but this of course can be adjusted) with a decent rate of fire (you can check out my TikTok range test here!). It is comfortable to shoulder and easy to manipulate because of its compact size and I think it would be comfortable to use all day as it’s really lightweight. 

Included in the box, you get the KO: EVE-9 AEG replica, a set of PTS Flip-Up Iron Sights, a KWA Front Grip, a VPS Tool and a KWA MS120 Midcap magazine. The KO: EVE-9 retails for £254.99 from Extreme Airsoft and you can use my code ‘femmefatale21’ for 5% off!

Post sponsored by Extreme Airsoft.

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