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Today I have another review for you and in this post, we’ll be looking at the EPM1 from PTS Syndicate! At SHOT Show 2019 PTS announced the next generation in the EPM magazine range - a 250 round mid-cap and the internet quickly lost its collective shit! Some were happy their favourite magazines would be able to hold even more ammo and some were hella offended at the concept that it was a mid-cap with such a high capacity. I’ve been testing this new mag since December last year and now it’s finally released, it’s time to tell you my thoughts!

The new PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine 1, or EPM1 for short, is the newest Mid-capacity Polymer Magazine for AEGs. Like the original EPM, it has a Dupont Zytel Polymer shell, with recessed panels for better grip, and unique magazine well guides that reduce snagging when the magazine is drawn from and reinserted into pouches. 

However, unlike the EPM it doesn’t have a bullet window with the fake 556 rounds. Instead, it has an orange ammo counter that helps users know when the mag needs reloading. When the magazine is fully loaded, the orange ammo counter is at the very top of the window, and when the mag is empty it will be at the bottom of the window. What’s great about this is, you can just pick up a mag and immediately know how much ammo is in it.

What also sets it apart from the original EPM, is how much ammo it can hold. Its predecessor had an ammo limit of 120 rounds, the new EPM1 holds an enormous 250 rds! This did get some mixed reactions, my own personal reaction was ‘250 rds AND NO RATTLING HIGH CAP YASSSS’ because if I’m honest, using a tactical bitch maraca isn’t my jam. But understandably there were a few grumbles about it not being a ‘true mid-cap’ because of the capacity but, as it still has a spring under tension rather than a reservoir of BBs that needs to be wound on, it technically works like a mid-cap.

Aesthetically I like the new design, it’s sleek and it still has the recessed panels that promote grip and the slightly over-moulded base plate that acts as a stabiliser by allowing the end-user to rest the gun on any flat surface and have more surface contact for better traction and greater stability. I’m not even mad about the lack of fake 556 rounds.

How do they perform though? As expected, they perform just as well as the original EPMs and the BB counter is really helpful, flipping the rifle on its side and immediately knowing how many BBs is in the mag is awesome. The capacity is also a win in my books. 

Nice one PTS!

Photography thanks to Frostwolf Airsoft


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In case you missed it, another issue of 6MM ACTUAL is live! Here you can read the best of the monthly 'Femme Fatale Airsoft' blogs and get bonus content exclusive to our monthly downloadable. Online or offline, you can get your airsoft media fix! In the second issue of 2020, we travel to Las Vegas, Nevada for SHOT Show 2020 and I've rounded up my favourites from the show for you lovely lot! Check it out here!



Hey everyone! And welcome back to the blog!

As many of you will know I have a YouTube channel -! Although YouTube isn't my main platform, I do try to upload weekly vids so you guys and girls can get your airsoft fix - my channel is a mix of airsoft content from gameplay, to first impressions, unboxings, reviews and set-ups! In January, I visited SHOT Show 2020 and here's what's new from some of the biggest names in the airsoft industry:



Hey everyone, and welcome back to the blog!

Today I have another review for you, and in this post, we’ll be looking at the Viper Tactical Mesh Tech Armour Top. I recently wore this for DesertFox Events Battle for Lost Angeles 2020 in Victorville, California. The perfect op/location for testing a top of this material.

The Viper Mesh Tech Armour Top is made of a high-performance (sports) Polyester material that is meant to provide long-lasting comfort and durability. Upon getting the shirt out of the package, the material itself feels very lightweight, looks to be breathable and quick-wicking. It is a standard under armour shirt look/design and has flatlock seams which reduce friction when moving, and raglan sleeves for an improved range of motion. It has a high collar with a 1/4 length front zipper.

I first wore this for a photo shoot in December and was impressed with the feel/fit of the garment but it wasn’t until DFE last month that I really got to give this a good field test. I wore it for the Sunday of DFE (after realising my mistake the day before of playing in thick flannel in 30+ degrees) and it helped me out a great deal that day, the inside of the shirt is soft and comfortable. It’s lightweight so is awesome to wear when you’re running up and down sand dunes at George Airforce Base in and when I took my chest rig off during the breaks, I wasn’t sat in a warm, damp shirt for too long because of its moisture-wicking properties. It dried out quickly and kept my body cool which was a welcome relief. The 1/4 zip also helped me cool down, without exposing half my chest (and that was very much welcome! I HATE shirts that claim to have a 1/4 zip and my bra ends up hanging out of my top).

Despite being such a lightweight top, it did offer me a great deal of protection - for any of you that have played at George Airforce Base you’ll know it is essentially a death trap! Nails are sticking out of walls, broken glass everywhere and dry walls caved in. There were a couple of occasions where I lent on or brushed against walls that were missing chunks or had nails sticking out of them and the shirt held up well against the stress, protecting my skin.

It is available in sizes small to 3XL, and comes in the following colours/camo patterns: Titanium, VCAM Black, Coyote, Black, OD and VCAM. I opted for my Mesh Tech Armour Top in the smallest size that Viper does - the small and although it was a little baggy around the chest and the top of the arms, it was comfortable and I had a great range of movement whilst playing. I would love to see this in an extra small!

It currently retails for around £14.50 from Viper retailers which are SO affordable compared to other similar products. I think overall they’ve done a terrific job with the Mesh Tech Armour Top and I’m looking forward to grabbing more of these in different colours!

Post sponsored by Viper Tactical
Photography thanks to Matt Estlea and Rob Harris


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Welcome back to the blog! You guys and girls will have seen my SHOT Show 2020 coverage on YouTube but for those of you who don't want to check out the new stuff from our favourite manufacturers on the 'Tube, we have a written report right here! And today we'll be looking at what is new for 2020 from PTS Syndicate!

At SHOT Show this year, PTS had the first prototype of the licensed MAWL. This airsoft version is going to be more affordable than the real steel counterpart and it is thought that it will retail at around the same price point as the G&P DBAL. It will have a visible laser, an IR laser and another IR feature. The B.E Meyers MAWL comes apart and is ambidextrous in the sense that it can be set up to be used on either side of the rifle, the PTS version will also have this feature. There are 2 buttons for firing the laser, and you adjust the settings by rotating the headpiece. Hopefully, we will have a release date later in the year.

At SHOT Show 2019, the EPM1 was announced and this year we saw the final production model and it was announced that they were available for retailer pre-order, meaning consumers would be getting them in their hands pretty sharpish! I've been testing the EPM1 silently over the last couple of months (you may have seen them sneakily in my IG posts!). They will be available in both black and tan, the capacity is 250 BBs and it also has an ammo counter that is at the top of the mag when empty and at the bottom when full which means you know exactly how much ammo you have before entering a firefight.

We also saw the release of the MTEK FLUX! It was announced last year at SHOT Show 2019 but it is now available for purchase!

You can check out my PTS SHOT Show 2020 coverage here:



Hey guys!

Welcome back to the blog! You guys and girls will have seen my SHOT Show 2020 coverage on YouTube but for those of you who don't want to check out the new stuff from our favourite manufacturers on the 'Tube, we have a written report right here! In this write-up, we'll be looking at what's new from LBX!

As many of you know, for the last couple of years, I've been rocking the LBX Tactical 0300S and it has consistently been one of my favourites.  This system is based on the 6094 from LBT and was all MOLLE, LBX are now trying to move everything over to the MAP system and in turn, they will be offering the MAP system for the new 0300S. On the newest evolution of this plate carrier they've added a couple of extra loops to allow users to utilise some of the many panels available from LBX. We don't know whether these will come with the clips or if it'll be something you'll need to purchase separately. This new edition should be available by mid-2020 in all colours.  They also showed the 0300S in M81 Woodland for the first time, and all I can say is, I NEED IT!

Another product that caught my eye at SHOT Show 2020. The Armatus has been a staple for LBX for a couple of years, and at this years show there was an Armatus that had laser-cut MOLLE and more solutions for cable management and comms hooks. This Armatus also had a prototype panel attached that is exploring ways to carry more mags into the field. Most of the LBX panels have the capability of carrying just 3 mags so LBX went back to the drawing board to start designing the heavy. This panel is going to clip in at the front and velcro on the side and it gives users the ability to carry 8 mags between the sides and the top and the front pouch for pistol mags, phones, trauma kits etc. There's no solid date for this yet, but it's looking like it'll be available end of the year.

The MGP - Minimalist Gear Pack is getting a makeover! They're adding loops and clips so users can expand the carry capacity of this bag by adding the panels. It is also getting a velcro flap so the GRP panel can be used with the MGP too!

You can check out my YouTube video on LBX at SHOT Show 2020 here:



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Welcome back to the blog! You guys and girls will have seen my SHOT Show 2020 coverage on YouTube but for those of you who don't want to check out the new stuff from our favourite manufacturers on the 'Tube, we have a written report right here! And today we'll be looking at the newest announcements from RWA!

Last year, RWA announced the Battle Arms Development (B.A.D) range of GBBRs and the prototype of the AEG. This year we get more details of what the final production model will feature. Internally the BAD AEG will have a GATE ASTER MOSFET and a binary trigger. It has the FORTIS SHIFT Rail which allows a quick detach from the rifle. It will also feature an extended battery tube but you can remove it if you would like a flush fit. The expected release date for this new AEG is September. 

Check out my SHOT Show 2020 Redwolf Airsoft coverage here:



Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog!

Welcome back to the blog! You guys and girls will have seen my SHOT Show 2020 coverage on YouTube but for those of you who don't want to check out the new stuff from our favourite manufacturers on the 'Tube, we have a written report right here! And today we'll be looking at what is new for 2020 from G&G!

What really caught my eye this year is the teeny tiny tracer unit - the UVT 106 Tracer Unit. It is smaller than it's leading competitor and what's unique about it is that the on/off switch is a twist on the top rather than a button. It has a shut-off time of one minute and a 14mm CCW thread.

The Type 64BR - this new AEG from G&G features a full metal receiver, real wood furniture, and comes with a bi-pod straight out of the box. The Type 64BR is similar to the SR series in the regard that it has a programmable 3 round burst. It will also have a 5 round burst as well but it will be programmable via remote control. It has a two-stage trigger, meaning you can pull the trigger back just slightly and get semi-auto, and when you pull it fully back you get 3 round burst or a 5 round burst depending on how you choose to programme your rifle. It features a hop-up adjustment that is located at the front of the gun near the gas block. There's currently no ETA on the release, but we hope to find out more at IWA 2020 next month,

Check out my SHOT Show 2020 coverage of G&G Armament here:



Hey guys!

Welcome back to the blog! You guys and girls will have seen my SHOT Show 2020 coverage on YouTube but for those of you who don't want to check out the new stuff from our favourite manufacturers on the 'Tube, we have a written report right here! And we'll be starting with ASG!

The B&T Universal Service Weapon (USW) from ASG is definitely what caught my eye this year at SHOT Show. The real steel version of the USW was designed by B&T to help Police Officers reach targets up to 100m by adding a stock and a Picatinny mount for red dot system (that isn't compromised by recoil) and now ASG have created the fully licensed airsoft version. 

The licensed airsoft version out of the box will come with a green gas magazine but C02 mags will be available. It has serrations and a bevelled edge on the slide for better grip when racking the weapon. It has a picatinny mount that isn't affected by the recoil meaning any RDS you have on there will be more effective when shooting on target. The stock is also foldable and locks into place. Internally, we're looking at the internals of the ASG CZ Shadow/Shadow 2. It will have a matte black finish and a rubberised grip.

Check out my YouTube video coverage on all the new products from ASG at SHOT Show 2020 here:



Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another player spotlight for you and this time we'll be chatting to James AKA kickingmustang.

Hey James! Thanks for taking part in the FFA player spotlights! How long have you been playing Airsoft? What originally got you into it?

10 years, I was originally introduced to it by a friend who ran the fund I was trading for in The City. I was a Trader for 15 years before I’d ever heard of airsoft. His son had had a nerf party and his friends had turned up with BB guns, which we confiscated, and realised we could shoot each other with them. Which we did. And loved it. I was hooked.

What’s your playing style?

I’ve evolved a lot over the years, I quickly became frustrated with the randomness of CQB, which I played a lot of when I first started. I learnt about concealment, ghillie suits and having had a love for hide and seek since I was a kid, I began to understand how I was able to control the environment and use stealth as my weapon. When you are aware of what your opponents can see, or not see, and you figure out how you fit into the environment you are playing in, you are in control of the situation. I like to pick when I engage. A lot of people will call me a ‘ghillie sniper’, but I think my style is more like a ninja. I love getting very close to opponents, silent takedowns, one shot at close range, unseen and unheard.

Are you a woodland player? CQB fan? Or do you like to mix it up?

I find it easiest to play in woodland, I’m able to vanish in plain sight when I need to, and can move silently when others make noise. I have an edge there. But I do like to mix it up a bit. I love mountain terrain, there’s a field I play in France, The Bear’s Head. It’s the toughest field in the world, they don’t allow night games there because it’s too dangerous, but it is the best place to stalk. An overgrown WW1 fortress on a forested mountain with a labyrinth of tunnels through the mountain.

What can we see you running on the field? (Favourite pieces of kit)

My favourite piece of kit is, of course, my Kicking Mustang Concealment System (KMCS) Ghillie Suit which I am very proud to have brought to market in 2019 and is what I believe to be the best ghillie suit available today. In terms of weapons, I’ve always believed my MK23 pistol is my primary and my bolt action rifles are my back up for when I can’t get close enough to use them. To be honest, if I wasn’t making YouTube videos I’d probably run just an MK23 every game, with a fun GBB gun  and some sort of occasional challenge weapons. I love fun challenge weapons, you know like sawn-off shotguns or bonkers Mac10 machine pistols with a crazy rate of fire but mags that only hold 40 BBs, and my friend’s at Swit Airsoft are amazing at supporting that. I love their passion for vintage airsoft that they upgrade into usable platforms. They let me have free pick of all their guns that they have in stock, and they often send me crazy guns as a surprise. Years ago the airsoft community seemed to love weird and wonderful guns. Now everyone wants the longest range, the highest rate of fire, quietest… I’d love to see more fun guns and unique loadouts.

What’s your most memorable event?

Tough one, I’ve had so many. The first time I went to the Ciudad in southern Spain, which is an abandoned town with a supermarket, gardens, houses, disco, petrol station, working street lights, was mind-blowing. It’s like a Call of Duty or Counter-Strike map. Just wow. Playing with two elite milsim teams in Texas at a US Army base last year was intense. The event was ok, the field was good, but the players I was with, their dedication, their teamwork and ethic of wanting to improve themselves as players were on a different level to anything I had experienced before. It was amazing to be a part of. But the events run by my friend Sascha at The Bear’s Head in 2018 are probably the best. I went there with a team of 8 Sniper Ops, including Airsoft Camman and Cleanshot, and we dominated that place. We had so much fun. It was our mountain and nobody was going to take it from us. And the videos we put together from that were pretty special as well. The Bear’s Head is the ultimate airsoft arena, nowhere else like it in the world.

Is there any advice you can give to other players out there?

Get together with some friends, grab a ferry or get on the channel tunnel, and get over to Europe for the weekend, some of the fields over there are well worth visiting.

Where can my readers find you on social media?

On YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. I love Instagram stories and sharing teching, ghillie crafting and live streams there. On Facebook, I have a community group for ghillie snipers at, but please make sure to read the rules when you join, they are a bit different to all other airsoft community groups and are the reason it is quite possibly the only positive and troll-free airsoft community group out there. But if you want the fun gameplay videos,

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