Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog!

Welcome back to the blog! You guys and girls will have seen my SHOT Show 2020 coverage on YouTube but for those of you who don't want to check out the new stuff from our favourite manufacturers on the 'Tube, we have a written report right here! And today we'll be looking at what is new for 2020 from PTS Syndicate!

At SHOT Show this year, PTS had the first prototype of the licensed MAWL. This airsoft version is going to be more affordable than the real steel counterpart and it is thought that it will retail at around the same price point as the G&P DBAL. It will have a visible laser, an IR laser and another IR feature. The B.E Meyers MAWL comes apart and is ambidextrous in the sense that it can be set up to be used on either side of the rifle, the PTS version will also have this feature. There are 2 buttons for firing the laser, and you adjust the settings by rotating the headpiece. Hopefully, we will have a release date later in the year.

At SHOT Show 2019, the EPM1 was announced and this year we saw the final production model and it was announced that they were available for retailer pre-order, meaning consumers would be getting them in their hands pretty sharpish! I've been testing the EPM1 silently over the last couple of months (you may have seen them sneakily in my IG posts!). They will be available in both black and tan, the capacity is 250 BBs and it also has an ammo counter that is at the top of the mag when empty and at the bottom when full which means you know exactly how much ammo you have before entering a firefight.

We also saw the release of the MTEK FLUX! It was announced last year at SHOT Show 2019 but it is now available for purchase!

You can check out my PTS SHOT Show 2020 coverage here:

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