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Today I have another review for you, and in this post, we’ll be looking at the Viper Tactical Mesh Tech Armour Top. I recently wore this for DesertFox Events Battle for Lost Angeles 2020 in Victorville, California. The perfect op/location for testing a top of this material.

The Viper Mesh Tech Armour Top is made of a high-performance (sports) Polyester material that is meant to provide long-lasting comfort and durability. Upon getting the shirt out of the package, the material itself feels very lightweight, looks to be breathable and quick-wicking. It is a standard under armour shirt look/design and has flatlock seams which reduce friction when moving, and raglan sleeves for an improved range of motion. It has a high collar with a 1/4 length front zipper.

I first wore this for a photo shoot in December and was impressed with the feel/fit of the garment but it wasn’t until DFE last month that I really got to give this a good field test. I wore it for the Sunday of DFE (after realising my mistake the day before of playing in thick flannel in 30+ degrees) and it helped me out a great deal that day, the inside of the shirt is soft and comfortable. It’s lightweight so is awesome to wear when you’re running up and down sand dunes at George Airforce Base in and when I took my chest rig off during the breaks, I wasn’t sat in a warm, damp shirt for too long because of its moisture-wicking properties. It dried out quickly and kept my body cool which was a welcome relief. The 1/4 zip also helped me cool down, without exposing half my chest (and that was very much welcome! I HATE shirts that claim to have a 1/4 zip and my bra ends up hanging out of my top).

Despite being such a lightweight top, it did offer me a great deal of protection - for any of you that have played at George Airforce Base you’ll know it is essentially a death trap! Nails are sticking out of walls, broken glass everywhere and dry walls caved in. There were a couple of occasions where I lent on or brushed against walls that were missing chunks or had nails sticking out of them and the shirt held up well against the stress, protecting my skin.

It is available in sizes small to 3XL, and comes in the following colours/camo patterns: Titanium, VCAM Black, Coyote, Black, OD and VCAM. I opted for my Mesh Tech Armour Top in the smallest size that Viper does - the small and although it was a little baggy around the chest and the top of the arms, it was comfortable and I had a great range of movement whilst playing. I would love to see this in an extra small!

It currently retails for around £14.50 from Viper retailers which are SO affordable compared to other similar products. I think overall they’ve done a terrific job with the Mesh Tech Armour Top and I’m looking forward to grabbing more of these in different colours!

Post sponsored by Viper Tactical
Photography thanks to Matt Estlea and Rob Harris

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