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Welcome back to the blog! You guys and girls will have seen my SHOT Show 2020 coverage on YouTube but for those of you who don't want to check out the new stuff from our favourite manufacturers on the 'Tube, we have a written report right here! And today we'll be looking at the newest announcements from RWA!

Last year, RWA announced the Battle Arms Development (B.A.D) range of GBBRs and the prototype of the AEG. This year we get more details of what the final production model will feature. Internally the BAD AEG will have a GATE ASTER MOSFET and a binary trigger. It has the FORTIS SHIFT Rail which allows a quick detach from the rifle. It will also feature an extended battery tube but you can remove it if you would like a flush fit. The expected release date for this new AEG is September. 

Check out my SHOT Show 2020 Redwolf Airsoft coverage here:

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