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Welcome back to the blog! Today I’m back with another review - of a product that many of you will have seen on the internet! In this post, we’re going to look at the Acetech Bifrost Tracer Unit from Extreme Airsoft and find out if it really is all that or just a gimmick.

The Acetech Bifrost Tracer Unit is a tracer unit that is unlike any other tracer we’ve seen in airsoft so far. We’ve all seen red and green tracers, but until now, we’d not seen a tracer unit capable of giving us a rainbow! Yes, you did just read that correctly! The Bifrost from Acetech is designed to not only simulate muzzle flash with a multi-colour flame effect but also provides us with a rainbow BB flight path.

For those that are unfamiliar with tracer units and tracer BBs, let me give you a quick rundown of what they are and how they work! An airsoft tracer unit is a device that uses airsoft tracer BBs (the kind of BBs that glow in the dark) to enable players to see the BB's flight path by causing the BBs to glow in the dark. These units come in a few different forms but the flash hider/threaded tracer units are the most popular. Inside the tracer unit is a sensor that detects when a BB passes through and when one is detected, a flash of light is triggered that illuminates tracer BBs as they pass through the unit. Special tracer BBs are required. Tracer BBs differ from regular BBs because they are coated in Phosphor. The flash from the rows of lights in the tracer unit “excites/charges” the Phosphor making the BBs glow meaning we can see where the BBs travel.

Now that we’re familiar with how they work. Let’s chat about the features of the Bifrost! The Bifrost simulates muzzle flash with a multi-colour flame effect, coloured flight path function which can be achieved by using standard BBs with the built-in RGB Flame LED, two tracer modes available - Standard/Sniper, 11 different colour modes and intelligent power control - power on by shaking, and it enters sleep mode while idle for over 5 minutes. It has a rechargeable Li-Poly battery that charges via a USB-C cable which is included in the box. It functions with regular BBs and green tracer BBs and can tolerate a rate of fire of up to 35RPS. It has a 14mm counterclockwise thread and does come with an adapter.

Aesthetically, it is a mix between a tracer unit and a flash hider. It is super compact and lightweight, weighing in at just 61g without the adapter so it doesn’t add that much extra weight to your rifle set-up. As it looks like a flash hider, it is more aesthetically pleasing than other units I’ve tried in the past and it doesn’t look out of place on my rifle set-up.

Before the first use, the manual says to charge the unit, which I did with the USB-C cable that came in the box with it. I put it on charge for 3 hours as the manual suggested and it was good to go with a green light to indicate it was fully charged. The controls are located in the same place as the charging port and whilst they took me a minute to master, the instructions are easy to work through. It has 2 buttons - flame and mode. The mode button is the on/off button, although it does have sleep mode so don’t panic too much if you forget to turn it off after a skirmish. The mode button controls the tracer function: Standard - which illuminates every shot, Sniper - which illuminates every third shot and doesn’t have the ‘flame’ effect and the tracer off function. The flame button controls the colour of the ‘flame’ and it has the following colours/functions: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, RGB (where the flame flashed red, green and blue), rainbow and dynamic rainbow.

I went straight to rainbow because if I’m honest that’s the only mode I was REALLY excited about and do you know what? It works! Now the BB still glows green but for the first few feet, there is a rainbow flash so it does look like a rainbow BB. That description isn’t the best so I’ve taken some stills from my product tests and you can check the videos out for yourselves here! As you can see from the picture, the BBs flight path appears red, yellow, green, blue and then green again as it travels.

Next, I tried a couple of the single colour modes - blue and purple. As you can see from these screenshots when I tested the single colour modes with white BBs, the blue has a much brighter flash than the purple, but both BBs did glow the designated colour for the same distance.

From Extreme Airsoft, the Bifrost Tracer Unit by Acetech retails for £89.99. This is a very fair price for a tracer unit, as you would usually expect to spend anywhere between £60-£120 on a good unit and this has a few more features than you would find on other units, it is also rechargeable eliminating the need to buy batteries. You can use the code ‘femmefatale21’ at the checkout to save 5% off your purchase!

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