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Welcome back to the blog! Today I’m back with another review. I know we’ve been waiting for a while for this but it was worth the wait! In this review, we’re going to be looking at the new AKM by BOLT from Extreme Airsoft! BOLT has said they’ve utilised a brand new internal design to improve on past imperfections that we saw previously in the BOLT range, but let’s see for ourselves! 

Photoshoot image - replica is unloaded with no power source.

BOLT’s new AKM has been designed to have the strongest recoil simulation system in the world - their patent-pending BOLT Recoil Shock System or the B.R.S.S for short. This AEG is mostly constructed from stamped Steel, Aluminium, Zinc, with a real wood handguard and fixed stock, and a bakelite grip to make it more realistic and give it a good weight. It weighs in at around 3.4KG so she is a hefty gal! As for length, she’s also packing - she measures in at 91cm! There isn’t that much information available on the internet for this AEG so I can’t give you a full rundown of the internals, but we know it has the B.R.S.S system to give a realistic blowback, it has an adjustable hop-up to aid in accuracy, has 3 firing modes (safe, semi and automatic) and it is recommended that it runs on an 11.1V Li-Po. 

Upon opening the box, we are presented with a bright red inner, and the AKM is there in all her glory alongside a boxed mid-cap magazine, an unjamming rod, and the all-important manual. The replica is secured down but is easily released. As soon as you have the AKM in your hands it feels high quality and durable - this isn’t a flimsy, cheap polymer airsoft gun. The real wood handguard and stock give it a feeling of authenticity. The Bakelite grip is textured to give the user more grip even when using gloves and in wet/cold conditions. Due to the weight and the length of this AEG, it’s not the ideal replica for CQB, and would definitely be more suited to an urban or woodland environment. 

In terms of usability, it is pretty easy to get set up. The battery is housed in the stock and all you have to do is swivel the butt plate and the compartment is revealed. Included in the box is a 130 round mid-cap magazine which is what I used for the fire test - it is pretty nice that this comes with a mid-cap rather than the usual high capacity magazines that are usually included with airsoft guns. It is also compatible with high-cap magazines. As I have quite a small frame (5”4 for context), it was a little awkward for me to shoulder at first but this wouldn’t be a problem for someone taller. It chronos pretty consistently at 340 FPS which is more than enough for most sites in the UK. It fires with no issues on both semi-auto and full-auto (and has a good rate of fire too). You can check out my fire test on TikTok here! The recoil is pretty impressive, it gives a good solid kick to the shoulder with each cycle of the piston and is much more realistic than the kick you would get from an electric recoil gun. So I think this is definitely something to take a look at if you’re looking for a replica that will add a little more realism to your gameplay. The recoil definitely adds another element of fun to your game as well. In some previous BOLT models, they had a tendency to sound like they were literally shaking themselves apart but this sounds and feels solid. 

Long gal in the hands of a short gal 😂

One thing I did notice about the AKM however after recording a slo-mo video of the recoil system, the force of the recoil is so violent that it makes the rear sight jump up and down. This isn’t really noticeable to the naked eye, but it is there. I don’t think this impacts the use of the sight, it just looks pretty funny. 

This isn’t on the Extreme Airsoft website just yet, but is available in-store! As I’ve said, in the box you get the BOLT AKM AEG, a midcap magazine, an unjamming rod and the manual. It is pretty pricey - which isn’t surprising given the technology within it. It retails for just shy of £600. I think this AEG will be perfect for a collector or someone who was to add a hint of realism to their game 

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