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Welcome back to the blog! Today I’ve got a review you've been waiting for! I'll be testing and reviewing the Viper VX Buckle Up Utility Chest Rig. A lot of you saw this on my Instagram feed during IWA 2019 and I’ve finally got my hands on one to field test.

This new chest utility rig from Viper is apart of their new VX range, and what drew me to this product is that it closely resembles another high end load carrying system - the Spiritus Systems MK4, but for a fraction of the cost. It works in a modular system with the VX range of inserts to suit your weapon magazines (if required) in the main pouch that is located at the rear of the rig to completely customise your rig to your playing needs. Both compartments are Velcro lined to be used with these inserts too and the front lid is removable for easy access to inserts placed in the front compartment. It has front and rear Velcro ID panels that are quite sizeable meaning plenty of spaces for patches or adding extra VX inserts/holsters. It is also VX Buckle Up compatible meaning it can be used with the new VX plate carrier and has quick release buckles throughout. 

The rig is completely adjustable via the sizing adjustment side and shoulder straps and ‘fits most’. I found it was easy to adjust and fit my frame well on one of the smallest strap configurations (if you’re extra tiny, you may need a hand in adjusting it so it’s nice and tight to your form). The buckle tidy systems throughout are really handy to all the excess straps squared away - meaning they don’t get caught and your kit admin looks in check, if like me you’re quite small, there’s always a fair bit of extra strap that needs to be usually taped up if there is no tidy system but these little elasticated fixings help with that!

The interchangeable inserts mean I can use this with my AR platforms, ARP9, Scorpion Evo and AKs by just swapping the insert being used, and in turn hold 40mm grenades, med kits etc in the pouches. Even when the rig is loaded up it is super lightweight making it awesome for woodland games, MilSim ops and other long games where you don’t want to be weighed down by a tonne of kit. It’s low profile to so it can be worn under a jacket for covert ops. For the price it is hella versatile and I can’t find any faults with the construction - the material feels durable and the stitching it straight and tidy.

It also has a reverse Velcro panel so it can also be used as a below pouch attachment for those that don’t want to use it as a chest rig.

What about price? The Viper VX chest rig retails for around £31.95 at most gear retailers in the UK meaning players who don’t have the budget to or who don’t want to drop serious cash on their kit can get that high end look on a budget. I think Viper have done a great job on the VX range - all the pieces work well together and are affordable for airsofters of all budgets.

Photography: Stuart Manks

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